18 Days That Blessed the World!

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Congratulations, Egypt!

Men and women of Egypt!

Innocent tiny little tots of Egypt!

Young and old youth of Egypt!

Muslims and Christians of Egypt!

Congratulations to you all!

And may God shower you all with his love and grace!

And he has done so already, indeed. For, you are the blessed of our time!

And what you have done will bless our world.

For, you laid your lives on the line, so the world can breathe a whiff of liberty and sip a taste of justice in these perverse times dominated by Injustice and marked by Tyranny.

Otherwise, there is no earthly way that what you did could have been done.

Not a doubt that it was done in Heaven before it was done on earth.

For, the fact is that what you did nothing on earth could have done.

Before you did it, no one would have thought what you did was possible or doable or even imaginable.

But you did it anyway.

And you made it happen with your quite dignity and resolve of steel, beneath the velvet of your politeness and good manners.

What you did was seemingly human, but totally divine.

You made 30 years of Tyranny turn tail and run. No human can do that!

And you did that without guns and without bombs!

And without all the mayhem and gore, and without all the death and destruction that humanity today is heir to!

Those milling shadows in Tahrir Square did look like people, but who is to be sure they were?

Who could tell they were not in reality battalions of angels in divine armor, come down to earth from heaven, to give benighted humanity a lesson in its long forgotten humanity.

No one messes with a Middle Eastern Tyrant and lives to tell the story.

But you did.

And you locked horns with probably the worst of them all: the corrupt and cruel regime of Husni Mubarak and his henchmen.

Not just one or two of you but millions upon endless millions of you. Not just in Cairo but all over Egypt.

You sat, slept, walked, ate and prayed on a patch of earth God had stamped the word Tahrir - Liberation - on its head.

And the Liberators came in the form of mighty little children riding on the shoulders of their fathers, holding high their national flags.

Tahrir Square Cairo Egypt - a land soaked in the blood of a myriad martyrs for generations.

And now God drew the noble blood of your own Martyrs - your dead and your injured - to paint that inscription upon the forehead of your destiny: Free!

As Martin Luther King said: Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

Thank God Almighty, Egypt is free at last!

After 30 long years of oppression, Egypt is free at last!

Even if it is only a beginning! And quite possibly an uncertain and precarious beginning!

For, the hand of the Oppressor is ever extended to smite. And the blood-thirsty sword of the Tyrant is ever drawn to shed more innocent blood.

But it is a good beginning. And not just for Egypt.

As President Obama said - or meant to say: Egypt today is an inspiration to the whole world.

And you did all this without resorting to violence.

And as peacefully as it is possible for anyone to imagine.

And you remained imperturbable, even when you were confronted with the gravest of provocations.

You stayed your hand and held your peace even when you were set upon and brutally beaten by hired goons mobilized by a regime without a shred of human decency or common morality.

If what you did were not so tangible and real, unfolding in all its majesty in real time, right before our eyes, it would have made such a grand dream.

A dream from which humanity would never want to wake up.

These were the 18 days that blessed a benighted world.

Congratulations, Egypt!

Congratulations, World!

Congratulation, Powerful Politicians! You did allow this one to slip away from you. At least for the time being.

Who knows, next time around, maybe you will be helping, supporting and guiding change, rather than conspiring and working to crush it in the cradle.

God Be With You! His mercy is not strained.

As Shakespeare's Portia says:

"It drops as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath.
It is twice blessed:
It blesses him that gives and him that takes."


Dr. Pasha is an educator and a media specialist. To contact Dr. Pasha please visit www.islamicsolutions.com.

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  Topics: Egypt  Channel: Opinion
Views: 3417

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