Senator tables anti-Muslim petition

Humphries presented a petition calling for a 10-year suspension of Muslim immigration into Australia

ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries says he tabled a petition in Federal Parliament questioning Muslim immigration because of his belief in the right to free speech.

The petition, signed by three people in Sydney, calls for a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

It seeks a review of immigration policy be undertaken to ensure priority is given to Christians.

Senator Humphries says he disagrees with the petition and will meet local Muslims to allay their concerns.

"Many Muslims are my friends and I hope they'll remain my friends," he said.

"But I hope that they'll also understand that as a member of the Federal Parliament I have an obligation to fulfill or place before the Parliament points of view of citizens if they're on matters that affect the powers and the role of the Federal Parliament," he said.

A leading member of the Muslim community has questioned Senator Humphries' decision to table the petition.

Australian Federation of Islamic Council president Ikebal Patel says if Senator Humphries does not agree with the views expressed then he should not have tabled the petition.

"You either put it in and back it or you take Senator Kate Lundy's view that.. she chose not to put it forward because it was an abhorrent position," he said.

Source: ABC News

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Older Comments:
Petitions like Aussie Senator Humphries should not surprise us
knowing very well that behind all those empty talks of human rights
and equal opportunity for all, he and his kind are nothing but
hateful xenophobes. And in this age there is nothing better than
Islamophobia to show their dirty ugly self. After all, with support
of the active Likudnik Zionists that want full annexation of the
occupied Palestine, no one will complain in the media. It is an Axis
of Evil that runs from Tel Aviv to many centers in the western
world, including Australia, once a homeland for the hard-core
British criminals.
No, Humphries you don't disappoint me with your true self, that
showed the courage to come of the closet, but you disgust me with
your crusading mentality that has not come to terms with the
progressive 21st century.