Should we fear Islam?

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At a time when our nation is seeing a rise in intolerant behavior, crossing every cultural line, whether based on race, religion or sexual orientation, we seem simultaneously stuck with a national news media that is preoccupied with conflict and controversy when we desperately need one that weighs facts and reports fairly. A recent national news program reinforced these concerns. Let me explain what I mean. 

Imagine a respected TV show or news magazine article with the title, "Should Americans Fear Black People?" 

Imagine staccato hip-hop music for the teaser, with clips of black gang members toting guns, hanging around urban scenes, looking scary. Imagine the zoom-in close up of a shoulder tattoo, proclaiming "Thug for Life." 

As the host (some household name) opens the show, imagine that the white expert opining about the root causes of urban decay is a nationally recognized racist, like for instance, David Duke. With a straight face, and no sense of irony, the host solicits Duke's views, who proceeds to declare, "when the American people saw the LA riots, they received a peek into their future." 

Imagine the television cameras going in search of voices of 'real' black people. Where do they go? The 'hood of course! I mean, where else do black people live? 

The intrepid host invites regular Americans to ask the experts to explain black pathology: "Why is their rap music so degrading to women?" Cynthia from Wyoming wonders. "Why are so many blacks at the bottom of the economic and educational ladder?" Chuck from New York State muses.

Is this starting to get a little uncomfortable? Of course, it is. Just ask Don Imus about the wisdom of indulging in racial stereotyping against blacks. Add Jews, Catholics, gays and others as well. Not a good idea. 

Now replace black with Muslim, and that's just about how ABC News treated Islam and Muslims this past weekend, on 20/20 and This Week with Christiane Amanpour. 

There were the obligatory clips of terrorist training camps, the planes flying into the twin towers, the victims of so-called 'honor killings.' The Muslim experts - looking officially 'Islamic' in their long beards and hats - included one declaring that one day the flag of Islam would fly over the White House. The non-Muslim experts - Robert Spencer (leading anti-Muslim advocate in the Park51 Project controversy), Ayaan Hirsi Ali (prolific anti-Muslim writer), and Franklin Graham (said Islam "is a very evil and wicked religion") - are well known, even famous, for spewing anti-Muslim hate. Of course, these characters emphatically agreed with the caricatures with long beards and white hats, repeating the propaganda that Islam requires its adherents to dominate people. Among the 'normal' Muslims interviewed were a woman in niqab (fewer than 1% of Muslim women in America wear the full face veil and accompanying robes), and Muslims in the Muslim 'hood', cities, like Dearborn, MI, and Patterson, NJ. 

Do some Americans fear black people? For sure. But we don't validate those fears by allowing them to be expressed with fake innocence on respected news shows. Why are fears of Muslims validated by television airings? 

Are there criminals in America who are African-American? Yes, again. But they're not presented as representative figures of the community by reputable news programs. Why do such shows go out of their way to find the scariest, most cartoonish Muslims possible and present them as spokespeople for Muslims? 

No serious journalist would ask a random black guy with a briefcase on the street to explain the pathology of an African American criminal because of the coincidence of shared skin color. But serious journalists called on ordinary Muslim Americans to explain the behavior of homicidal maniacs and extremists, thereby making the link between the crazies and the mainstream community. 

Are there people willing to offer all sorts of racist theories about black crime, from problems in black genes to deficiencies in black culture? Plenty. But the only time they show up on mainstream news shows are as examples of racism, not as experts on race.

We are having a national conversation about belonging. The threatened Qur'an burning in Florida and the controversy over the proposed Islamic Center in lower Manhattan are examples of this national conversation about whether America can stretch her arms wide enough to embrace Muslims too. Irresponsible and sensational depictions of Muslims in the popular media are not the cause of Islamophobia, but they certainly can make it worse. Recent news shows and media reports do nothing to shed light or understanding on this national conversation, which is too bad. 

But the conversation must continue. And I hope it continues in our mosques, churches, synagogues and other holy places, with Americans of all faiths talking face to face about differences and about our shared humanity - free of the stereotypes that, lately, are so prominent in our TV shows and magazines.

Source: The Washington Post

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
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Views: 4262

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Older Comments:
We should not fear Islam. We should fear people like Kam & Suresh (Romesh)

Yes, remember, do not shoot the messenger!!!


Kam and Ramesh, you need to do more research. In most Muslim majority country they celebrate Christmas, you can visit Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. They even have Christmas and other religious holiday as national holiday. For example Indonesia has Christmas, Good Friday, Ascension Day, Nyepi (Hindu Holiday), Waisak (Budhist Holiday), Chinese new year as official national holiday. In Jakarta there are over 1400 churches, perhaps more churches in Jakarta than Los Angles, definitely the Jakarta churches more visitor and more active than in Los Angeles.

In that sense Indonesia is much tolerance than USA or other Christian majority country.

KAM FROM - said:
I believe Romesh has made his points admirably clear. US in particular has given all its citizens the right to practice their own faith and also granted the freedom of speech. This is unthinkable in most Muslim countries. There are always few cases of embarassing instances. New comers like Jews, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists etc. have faced a bit of alienation and criticism in the past.

Muslims appear to be unique in wallowing in this culture of victim-hood more than any one else. There are wonderful freethinking Muslims who have taken steps to correct this problem by explaining to the general public about good and the ugly in Islam. ( Am I expected to say there is nothing ugly in Islam!!) There are many reformers who like to open the door of 'Islamic world' but too many like to keep it shut.

So I suggest all Muslims take the trouble of examining the strength and weakness of Islam to start with and stop crying loud and blame rest of the world for this exaggerated picture of Islamophobia.

All Muslims need is deep reflection to begin with. They should thank Romesh for initiating many insightful questions. Remember don't shoot the messenger.

Wa Salaam


Excellent points raised. Islamophobia needs to be stopped on media level and live&let live peace prevail or ALLAH will do it for you whether you like it or not

Should we fear Islam? Wrong question. Islam is not the problem, Jihadi actions of muslims and vowing to continue those Jihadi actions is the problem. Muslim community have been of little or no help. Just watch the speeches of Mullahs from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UK, etc and even some from US on Utube, you will get the point. People like Masri (UK), Abu Qatada (UK), Anjam Choudhry (UK), Qardawi (Qatar) and others are responsible for creating an atmosphere which makes people fear 'Islam'; after all, they cite Koran all the time in justification of their speeches and the actions of Jihadis.

Muslims are their own worst enemies, but they are always quick to blame others. Unfortunately, muslims refuse to change or learn anything from their mistakes or listen to anybody else either. They consider them as too self-righteous.

So don't blame if general public becomes fearful of 'islam'.

What is Higher than us is better to fear than what is lower than us. The ego (worldly) is for satan (deception). Humility is for Allah (The Truth). Allah is Most Truthful, Just, and Wise. Alhamdulilah.