Thank God, it was no 'Mideasterner'

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Thank God. These were the words uttered by many here as the FBI announced the involvement of two white Americans in the Oklahoma bombing case.

For days we were apprehensive. Immediately after the blast, the media pundits began to sit and pontificate.

The first to come into the minds of these self-appointed "terror analysts" was Middle Eastern involvement. Announcers, talk-show hosts and others spoke of two Middle Eastern looking gentlemen in the vicinity of the blast. These experts using the World Trade Center bombing as a meter spoke of the myth of U.S. immunity against terrorist attacks. For the first two days they kept their viewers on edge. They added new dimensions and perspectives.

Anti-Arab hysteria was translated into screaming headlines. The Daily Telegraph's was of three Arabs seen fleeing the scene. Other newspapers described bearded men of Middle Eastern appearance. There was repeated mention of a wave of Middle Eastern terrorism. Islamic fundamentalism was nominated as the more likely candidate.

Television showed pictures of the hulking concrete and steel shreds of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building while journalists spoke of Lebanon and Algeria. At the same time there was talk of monitoring immigrants. The Middle East and fundamentalism loomed over all discussion which included evaluations of risks and dangers from these terrorists.

And, of course, the Zionist Prime Minister Rabin also took advantage of the situation. He wrote to President Clinton saying Israel shared "the sorrow and pain" at the explosion in Oklahoma. The terror must be cut before it hits again. Israel is ready to give all assistance if needed, due to our large and sad experience in such cases!!

His message was highlighted by the U.S. media while those of Arafat and Lebanese prime minister Hariri were relegated to the background.

Poor Rabin was viewed on CNN speaking about the children. But he forgot what his troops and fellow terrorists are doing to Arab children in the occupied lands. Over ten thousand of them are imprisoned. Hundreds died during the Intifada.

But that is not the point. Maybe it is our lot to die at the hands of Israelis firing from freely supplied M-1 assault rifles.

The thing that comes to mind is the insidious campaign and the orchestration by this media to make the gullible American public believe that the perpetrators of this heinous crime could be Arabs or Muslims. In one instance a terrorism expert was explaining his viewpoint and telling the audience that it could be the work of anyone. Yet the interviewer would go back to the World Trade Center blast and speak of similarities.

Even newspapers went on the rampage. All their analysis pointed towards the specter of fundamentalist terror. Hardly any space was given to the fact that there are so many 'nuts' in America who are capable of committing such a deadly act.

I believe that security officials and the federal authorities were intimidated by the media and gave them the powerful answers they wanted to hear. As for the suspects responsible for this carnage, Clinton has promised swift justice for them. They will be made to pay. Oklahomans jeered one of them as he was led away. The New York tabloids used words like "damn" and "evil".

And indeed, it was very fortunate that an arrest was made soon. I doubt if we all would have had the nerves of steel to go through it for some more days.

Pictures of the hulk of the building and the mutilated bodies of children were flashing across the screens all over America and the world. The Zionist groups in America were sharpening their knives. It was a matter of time before attacks on Arabs would have commenced.

No one who heard of the incident could discuss it except with a heart heavy with grief. The loss of so many lives, especially of those innocent children, had brought tears to many eyes. That was only a natural, only what any decent human being should feel.

Nevertheless, at the same time, we thank God that the evil-doers have been recognized and will pay for their horrible crime.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Life & Society
  Topics: Allah
Views: 1054

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