Deep Thinking

Have you ever thought about the fact that you did not exist before you were conceived and then born into the world and that you have come into existence from mere nothingness?

Have you ever thought about how the flowers you see in your living room everyday come out of pitch black, muddy soil with fragrant smells and are as colorful as they are?

Have you ever thought about how mosquitoes, which irritatingly fly around you, move their wings so fast that we are unable to see them?

Have you ever thought about how the peels of fruits such as bananas, watermelons, melons and oranges serve as wrappings of high quality, and how the fruits are packed in these wrappings so that they maintain their taste and fragrance?

Have you ever thought about the possibility that while you are asleep a sudden earthquake could raze your home, your office, and your city to the ground and that in a few seconds you could lose everything of the world you possess?

Have you ever thought of how your life passes away very quickly, and that you will grow old and become weak, and slowly lose your beauty, health and strength?

Have you ever thought about how one day you will find the angels of death appointed by God before you and that you will then leave this world?

Well, have you ever thought about why people are so attached to a world from which they will soon depart when what they basically need is to strive for the hereafter?

Man is a being whom God furnishes with the faculty of thought. Yet, most people do not use this very important faculty as they should. In fact, some people almost never think.

In truth, each person possesses a capacity for thought of which even he himself is unaware. Once man begins to use this capacity, facts he has not been able to realize until that very moment begin to be uncovered for him. The deeper he goes in reflection, the more his capacity to think improves, and this is possible for everyone. One just has to realise that one needs to reflect and then to strive hard.

Someone who does not think will remain totally distant from truths and lead his life in self-deception and error. As a result, he will not grasp the purpose of the creation of the world, and the reason for his existence on the earth. Yet, God has created everything with a purpose. This fact is stated in the Qur'an as follows: 

We did not create the heavens and the earth and everything between them as a game. We did not create them except with truth but most of them do not know it. (Surat ad-Dukhan: 38-39)

Did you suppose that We created you for amusement and that you would not return to Us? (Surat al-Muminun: 115)

Therefore, each person needs to ponder the purpose of creation, first as it concerns him himself, and then as it pertains to everything he sees in the universe and every event he experiences throughout his life. Someone who does not think, will understand the facts only after he dies, when he gives account before God, but then it will be too late. God says in the Qur'an that on the day of account, everybody will think and see the truth:

That day Hell is produced, that day man will remember; but how will the remembrance help him? He will say, "Oh! If only I had prepared in advance for this life of mine!" (Surat al-Fajr: 23-24)

The truth can be told to a person in many different ways; it can be shown by the use of details, pieces of evidence and by every means. Yet, if this person does not think over this truth on his own, sincerely and honestly with the purpose of comprehending the truth, all these efforts are useless. For this reason, when the messengers of God communicated the message to their people, they told them the truth clearly and then summoned them to think.

While God has given us a chance in the life of this world to reflect and derive conclusions from our reflections, to see the truth will bring us great gain in our life in the hereafter. For this reason, God has summoned all people, through His prophets and books, to reflect on their creation and on the creation of the universe:

Have they not reflected within themselves? God did not create the heavens and the earth and everything between them except with truth and for a fixed term. Yet many people reject the meeting with their Lord. (Surat ar-Rum: 8)

A man who reflects grasps the secrets of God's creation, the truth of the life of this world, the existence of hell and paradise, and the inner truth of matters. He gets a deeper understanding of the importance of being a person with whom God is pleased, and so he lives religion as is its due, recognizes God's attributes in everything he sees, and begins to think not according to what the majority of people demand but as God commands. As a result, he takes pleasure from beauty much more than others do, and does not suffer distress from baseless misapprehensions and worldly greed.

These are only a few of the beautiful things a person who thinks will gain in the world. The gain in the hereafter of someone who always finds the truth by thinking, is the love, approval, mercy and the paradise of our Lord, which are above everything else.

Harun Yahya is a pen name used by Mr. Adnan Oktar. Born in Ankara in 1956, Adnan Oktar is a prominent Turkish intellectual. Completely devoted to moral values and dedicated to communicating the sacred values he cherishes to other people, Oktar started his intellectual struggle in 1979 during his education at Mimar Sinan University's Academy of Fine Arts.

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  1. Yohan from Bhutan

    Honourable Idrissi,

    You are in problem trying to defend the defenseless! Over the period of time, the Holy Scriptures have suffered more because of the interpretations. In the process, the interpreters' will are executed and the great religion of Islam has suffered harm as the religion of toothless!! If Islam existed before the advent of several interpreters, then it is the duty of every genuine Muslim to dig to the source and abide therein. Any religion but Islam should not fall as a scourge in the hand of spiritual chauvinists building their religion on the rituals and formalism apart from the essence of the message it carries. Thus was the Papal religion of Rome rejected by the believers and thus shall we continue to stand against the subtle vices of the enemy of mankind, the Devil.

    Honourable Idrissi, you have raised the issue of culture rather than religion or spiritualism or the essence and truth embedded in it when you mentioned "{The "We" is The majestic WE, not to be interpreted as the plural 'we'.}". Yohan can generate tonnes of information from your simple statement. But it does not help any spiritual chauvinist. Every pebble falls on the false interpreters of our Tora and the Gospel, the original Scriptures of the true Muslims that were before the advent of the flood of interpreters that has drowned the world of ungodly in doubting, leading them to trample the holy city under their feet! This is nothing more than the rebellion and mutiny of the unregenerate against the camp of the saints and against their testimony of truth.

    God is everlasting, unchanging, His purpose like Himself abides for ever... It is a mystery when God said "We or Us, or Our etc." This means that every realm belongs to Him and without Him there is none: heaven, earth nor hell or time... He has created the matter and permitted space and time to contain it. We are in the bounds and limit but our Lord is not; for He is above all.

  2. Idrissi reply to Yohan from Maghreb

    Dear Yohan, assalamou aleykoum,

    The "We" is The majestic WE, not to be interpreted as the plural 'we'. I hope this helps

  3. Yohan from Bhutan

    We did not create the heavens and the earth and everything between them as a game. We did not create them except with truth but most of them do not know it. (Surat ad-Dukhan: 38-39)

    Did you suppose that We created you for amusement and that you would not return to Us? (Surat al-Muminun: 115)

    Is not Islam all about following Monotheism? What are this multiple creators in the above verses? Have the authors associated partners with the One and only One Sovereign Lord our God? Or did God send multiple angelic messengers to convey the message that lost authenticity on the way due to them claiming to be creators?

    The apostle of God and Jesus Christ has already pronounced judgment against such trouble makers that would follow after them... The judgment also comes on the followers for their own choice for listening to other unauthentic sources... all shall bear together...

  4. hendon alias from malaysia


    nothing in this world is without a purpose and nothing in this world is by accident.Think about it and you will be the richest person without having to posses anything.

  5. Babandi A.Gumel from U.K

    This is why it is said to contemplate for a time is better than seventy years of Nafl Ibadah.The purpose of the article is a sort of reminder for all of us right from our bodies to the enviroment

    that surrounds us and living and non-living creatures wether in the earth,water the sky and in between.Who created them all? Answer Allah.So is there anybody equal to him? NO! Show me what they have created from mosquito to one of biggest Angels Israfil who is going to blow the trumphet Have you ever imagined that one single shout by this Angel would cause destruction of the strong firmament built by the best Architech Allah who built the Sky without pillars which we see with our naked eyes.In addition the terrible tremor an earthquake which was never experienced before would shake the whole world.Who has given that Angel the power to do this?Tell me is it not Allah the Wahidil Qahhar? Is there any other God beside ALLAH? Tell me HOW MANY gods and goddeses have the human being invented? Due to ignorance

    still many people are in darkness.So who gives guidance? Tell me is it not Allah who guides whomsoever He likes.He guided Ibrahim and gave him Isaac and Jacob.This is why Joseph was one of the noblest people.He was so handsome a Prophet son of Jacob another Prophet who was the son of Isaac another Prophet who was brother of another Prophet Ishamel both sons of the friend of Allah Ibrahim Khalilullah.Have we ever thought of these.Prophet Muhammad was not only Messenger of Allah he was like a king Prime Minister,President,General and Commander,Teacher Preacher,Imam, Doctor,Husband, father neighbour

    Astronaught who travelled to Miraj,visited Jannah and Jahannam and came back conversed with the Creator like Moses near Sidiratul Muntaha,

    the best human being conquerer of both land and the heart.He was rich man without wealth and poor contented educated and uneducated,the only person who will have the gut to plead with Allah on the Day of Judgement.Have you thought about

  6. Said Simpson from USA

    Salam all,

    If all humans were smart enought to realize the truth! The world would have been a much better place, but again one needs to take a look and do deep thinking to realize that there is a self-purifying mechanism in the world which destroys those who do not heed and helps protect those who do heed the wisdom of the Almighty Allah (SWT). Take those who take drugs; obviously, it is just a matter of time for them to self-destruct. This is only one of the many examples which are out there for us to see that the world cleanses itself in such a way as to make it better for the rest of those who deeply think about life and the creation in general. Don't you love it? I do.