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Peace and dignity was the theme of President Obama's inaugural speech.

He didn't mince his words when he said that principles and not expediency would determine and define his presidency. He talked of the rule of law and he assured the world that America is not their enemy but a friend. He also warned those who want to harm America, economically, politically and socially not to take America's resolve to live in peace lightly. 

Although he did not mention the recent carnage inflicted on Gaza but the Palestinians can have hope in his words that the United States would stand for peace and dignity for every man, woman and child would apply to them also.

Full transcript of President Obama's inaugural speech

Everyone has a right to live in peace and dignity, he declared, obviously referring to millions of those who live under subjugation.

Old guard politicians, media pundits and lobbyists should take heed to his reference to "the time has come to set aside childish things". The time has come for America's law makers to work on issues that will reclaim the spirit of the founding principals of our country.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer tried to give his own spin when he said that the President Obama sent two messages to the Muslim world. According to Mr. Blitzer, one message was that we will not tolerate their violent behavior, and second was that we will work with the Muslim world with respect and peace.

Mr. Blitzer in putting his spin on President Obama's speech did not take note of the Presidents message "We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - and non-believers." Unlike the politics of the past President Obama's words never made any veiled or unveiled threat to the Muslim world. President Obama talked about the enemies of the United States in general without any reference to any nation or religion. Obviously, enemies of the United States include those also who seek to bring harm to our country physically, economically, socially and spiritually.

President Obama's speech was a sharp departure from most of the mundane inaugural speeches of past presidents. He made it known to everyone that he is in control of the United States and he intends to make a difference.

He challenged the nation to achieve new heights of service and he reiterated his commitment to the supremacy of the constitution. That means that Guantanamo Bay prison facility will be closed down soon. That means that the US army will withdraw from Iraq. That means torture will not be repeated. That means that people who manipulated the law for their personal gain and agendas will not be able to do that in his administration.

President Obama's speech was unique as he reminded the people that a nation is built on sacrifices and taking care of its poor and the needy. He asked every American to stand for those who are unable to take care of themselves.

President Obama was echoing every thing that Islam stands for in terms of social justice, peace, fiscal responsibility and political stability. It would not be uncommon to find Mosques around the United States spreading a similar message of social justice, equality, peace, freedom and social justice on a weekly basis in their Friday sermons.

In his reference to the United States as a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and he invited each to participate in the rebuilding of a new nation. Obama is giving a new vision of America, an America that is humble and more tuned to the welfare of its own people rather than imposing its will upon others.

President Obama, your words remind this nation what it had forgotten during the most turbulent times of the last president who was playing with the lives of people on a whim and destroyed their hopes and future.

President Obama, you have restored our confidence in government once again and you have reminded us that if we are vigilant our democracy and constitution would not be exploited by those who act fanatically.

President Obama, we hope that your words would be taken seriously by law enforcement officials in their relations with Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and other minorities in this country and those who have been subject to all kinds of slurs and humiliations for centuries because of their color or religion would not be targeted.

We have reason to believe that we are in a new era. However, we must be clear that new era would have meaning for us only when we join others in building this nation for a prosperous world.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is editor of the Detroit based English weekly, Muslim Observer, director of the Islamic Society of Nevada, Las Vegas and the recently elected General Secretary of the World Council of Muslims for Interfaith Relation.

  Category: Americas, Life & Society
Views: 4800
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Salam all,

whilst its good to be positive & hopeful, & sure enough Muslims have renewed hope that Obama's election will mean an end to Guantanomo & the war on Iraq, it remains to be seen if the US govt. will offer a real change from the mindset of the previous administration. Unfortunately, Obama's inaugaration speech lacked the very qualities he preaches in being Bold, Honest & truthful etc.. please read this excellent article by Robert Fisk http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/fisk/robert-fisk-so-far-obamas-missed-the-point-on-gaza-1488632.html & you will know exactly what I mean.


Very well said mister Aslam Abdullah, congratulation. I wish people can understand what you wrote. Many people have to understand what Obama actually want from the world as a President of USA and not only this, as a human first.


Al Hamdullilah Brother President. We are blessed to have a President who sees the world thru a different set of lenses than those who held this office before him. That alone is hopeful for not only America but for the world. I pray that my brothers and sisters abroad will embrace our President, our hopes and our dreams so that we can finally achieve world harmony and cure some of the ills that we all face. Ameen.

Thanks for the article. Just as you have said my heart is full of
hope and joy as I watch and listen to our new president. We are
truely blessed to have him at this critical point in history. I shell
pray for his success.

Assalamualaikum wrbt.

My Dearest Brother Babandi, I apologise if my manner of expression in my post are offending. Let it be known that ALLAH knows my intentions, it was just to highlights what I and most Muslims were outrage and furious with what had happened the past one month, the slaughter of our Gazan brothers and sisters. Can any true Muslims eat properly at night while knowing his Gazan brothers were hungry, straving ? Can any Muslim sit tight with comfort while knowing that thousands Gazans had been massacred, brutally and wounded by yahweh's murderous children ? Can any Muslims who embraced his child feel not guilty when one see a picture of a Gazan child embracing his dead mother ? What can we tell the Gazans who were digging the rubbles, only to find the dead bodies of their loved ones, what can we say to them ? That we let yahweh's murderous children destroy them while we sit and watch ?

Brother, I believe on matters of Islam, you stand more learned than myself. If I publish my views with no sense of wisdom then I'm sorry. ALLAH is the ever knower of the pain and anguish that I felt and I'm sure that many more millions ( 1.4 billion of Muslims ) worldwide felt. In Malaysia we had sent already 7 peace corps comprising of doctors and volunteer workers to Gaza. And from there we knew what was it like, to see a land which the Zionist had destroyed. There we see children made orphans by the Zionist F-16s and tanks.

Damn the Zionist. I'll pray for their destruction towards the end of my prayers. And every Muslim should.

I agree! Alhamdulillah!

I know my dearest Brother Kris Mcpherson is always sincere and stands by what he says straight to the point not changing but this time I call on my brother to reconsider his forceful stand and hope for the better bright future.We should all of us pray to Allah together at the same time give President Obama benefit of doubt due to sign of jutice and fairness coming.We all hope he would not betray the American voters and the whole world including the Muslim World.We sincerely pray he would do something more constructive and better than his predecessors for our Palestinian brothers and sisters who have been refugess all their lives .This is the first time we feel justice sincerely coming.It is time for change and real change with the help of Allah and Dua i.e our supplication for justice and fairness would Inshallah be answered by Allah the Knower .Remember some Jews came to the Prophet and said Assamu Alaika which means death be upon you and Aisha became so angry and used insultive word against them and told Rasulullah what they said.The Prophet replied yes he heard what they said but instead said Wa Alaikum and asked Aisha to be kind and lenient.So I know my Brother Kris on this Forum as sincere lenient and kind always using good words not angry.I am sure he was pushed to the wall but as I said let us hope for a bright and better future for our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world especially the Palestinians who have been suffering all their lives.Someone somewhere has to do something and we hope Obama is the right and the best choice not only for America but the whole Muslim World and the entire world.Allah will not change condition of people until they change what is in their hearts let us all change from the core of our hearts and hope for good and better prosperous future for all as you can sense hope within days of inauguration.Hope things will get better but Obama has inherited lots of many problems but with collective dua hope changes come InshaAlla

Sadly, I was wrong in my previous post about my
interpretation of Obama's speech. All he said in
his campaign that I watched in full admiration,
turn out to be just all about a politician who is
so good at phrasing his words. Now, under your
administration Mr. Obama: we suppose to respect
the occupation? Guess what, you are only drawing
more hatred toward your country and the one you
supported. Poor good citizen of America... They
have freedom but they live in fear wherever they

Wolf Blitzer tried to give his own spin because that is what he and CNN and other main stream media did for Mr. Bush, Cheney and their Administration. That is why that wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and the recent war in Palestine. I also believe with my heart that the trouble in Pakistan was because Bush planed it. They are a bunch of mongers' greedy group that made a mess of the whole world.
CNN and Wolf Blitzer; are pro Bush, and pro Israeli and they still want to stereotype Islam and Muslims that's what they do. I am certain that Wolf Blitzer was hopping that Mr. McCain would be the American President not Mr. Oboma. While I watched the voting count down I was very interested in Mr. Blitzer disposition you could hear it in his voice and see it on his face he was not cheering for Mr. Oboma. It looked like he had no choice but to professionally cover the election. I am sure he was burning inside with furry. People like him do not care for peace in the Middle East for the world. They just want Israel to stay in control of the Palestine. The world is better off now that Bush and his cancerous broad are not in charge any more. We should all pray to Allah to guide and help Mr. Oboma, his administration and the world to work together for peace.

At the time of the Prophet two persons a Muslim and a Jew quarreled.The Muslim said "By Him who gave Muhammad superiority over all the people.The Jew said By Him who gave Musa (Moses)superirity over all the people.At that the Muslim raised his hand and slapped the Jew on the face.The Jew went to the Prophet and complained at what tranpired between him and the Muslim. The Prophet sent for the Muslim and asked him about the matter to which he clarified.The Prophet said "Do not give me superiority over Musa for on the Day of Resurrection all the people would be unconcious and I will be one of them,but I will be the first to gain conciousness, and will see Musa standing and holding the side of the Throne.So I will not know whether (he) Musa has also fallen uncncious or got up before me or Allah has exempted him from that stroke.This Hadith was narrated and quoted in Bukhari in the Chapter about Quarrels (Khusumah). If we sincerely mean what we say we can achieve peace with the cooperation of all parties concerned.Its high time we achieve peace in the Middle East as war brings nothing but total destruction and making the two contenders far apart.So let us give President Obama a chance to reconcile the Palestinians and the Jews and bring peace to the whole world with the help of Allah and our collective supplication dua.

Bush "The Father" was a warmonger-so was Bush "The Son" .I am sure Obama will complete the trinity of the warmongers??? Why else was he elected- he visted churches, synagogues but snubbed the millions of Muslim Americans by not going to mosques fore his campaign. Needless to say that he will complete his "trinity" he was elected for-to be a Crusader.As Bush The Son said " God has inspired him to declare on all of the MUSLIM WORLD!

I don't understand why IslamiCity chosed not to publish my post. I sent an opinion and with disappointment I don't see them publish.

Is it because I'm too critical of the author and his misguided analysis ? Am I not voicing the truth here ? This obsession with Obama, just be listening to his inaguration speech is mind boggling. Why and what on earth for ? Do you think he'll make a difference ? It was just yesterday at CNN that he reiterated US commitment to Israel's existence and security without any reservations. And US will protect Israel at all cost. And he too blamed Hamas for the Gazan conflict.

Please forget that he had a Muslim father. That has no bearing in his actions and policies.

So was I not right, in my post which was unpublished by the Editorial of IslamiCity. I say this and I say this again, those who heaped praises on Obama will soon be joining ranks in condemnations of him. Please get real and take the reality as what they are, and not what you hope it will be.

Well we had 2 warmongers in a row..Bush-The Father; Bush -The Son; Obama who will he be ?? maybe the biggest war monger in the form of the "Holy ghost"?

its shure gonna be interesting to see how he is gonna manage

in the name of ALLAH almighty
first of all let me say that we as muslims should allways abide by the concepts and laws of islam in all af lifes affairs. islam is a complete way of life and therefore in it consist og thougts and laws regarding all issues. with regards to president Obama it is of outmost importance that we as muslims apply the islamic conpets regarding political issues and solely base our attitude towards him upon those conpets. there are a number of critical issues regarding Obama that must be recognized and thus we should not have any optimism regarding his presidency.
1 he is a non muslim and therefor he is not intitled the our support- quran(4:141)(4:59)
futhermore based on greater reason(min bab awla) which is a well know rule in fiqh the leader of the muslims should be just(adl) based on the fact that witnesses should be just- quran, surah talaq vers 2 "and seek the witness of two just men amongst you" so if the witness shold be just then from greater reason its haram that the leader og the people should be unjust or rebellious in terms af not adhering to islam. and in the the case of Obama he is neither just nor a beliver.
2 he is not implementing the laws of islam quran 5,(48-49) 4,(59) (5,44) (5,45) (5,47)
3: he acknowlegdes israels right to exist.
4: he is engaged in to wars against muslims.

Peace in Palestine? Obama supports the Zionist regime. Its only through the peaceful dismanteling of this regime that there can be peace in palestine. Zionism was created by atheist who sought to have a national identity by any means necessary and one of these means did not include Peace!!!

I have been trying to digest what Mr. Obama
really means in his speech. I was afraid if I
might have misunderstood it or perhaps it sounded
to good to be coming from an American President
after 8 years of war after war. But, you have
helped me translating his speech and now I have
it again in my heart "hope over fear.". Thank

Yes of course the period of Pharaoh has gone, the period of the American evil times, the period of super-terrorist and that is Bush, the most enemy not only to Muslims but also to the world in general. but I could not put my trust in Obama very soon, let us see the stylistic walk of the new born child before we should praise him. However, if what Dr. Assalam assumed in Obams's speech is right (i.e Obama calls to build his nation for his own people rather imposing its wills on others) then I can welcome his presidency and also the world can have hope for peace and stability in Obama's time. Bush must be the unluckiest president ever seen in the American democratic history and therefore he must now live in his abrupt life of instability of mind. About 8yrs White house has turned to Black one until now when we hope it will regain its whiteness. We hope that the Unlucky man has gone and the lucky one has come.

Obama cannot control Biblical Christianity, which will continue to be spread with or without his approval. If he tries he will face the warth of Christian Fundamentalism.

PLEASE, let "Mosques around the United States" BEGIN "spreading a
similar message of social justice, equality, peace, freedom and
social justice on a weekly basis in their Friday sermons"! And let
them open their doors and invite a new generation of women and
men from all faiths to hear this message.

How come Palestanians can have peace, when Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan are the partners with Zionism. What Obama or Omama can do for Palestanians, nothing! By rejecting a democratically elected government, Obama has already taken a wrong step forward. Who are these leaders and people to tell the Gaza people that you cannot elect certain group!!! Obama cannot do much here.

A well deserved and true analysis of the the intelligent speech by president Barak Obama