UN chief denounces Islamophobia

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A Muslim family in Teesside, UK come home from holiday to find their house smeared with anti-Muslim graffiti.

The UN General Assembly convened a high-level meeting in November 2008 aimed at promoting a global dialogue about religions, cultures and common values, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon describing Islamophobia as "new term for an old and terrible form of prejudice." In a speech at the start of a two-day High-Level Meeting on Culture of Peace, he called for ensuring human dignity for all. 

"Living together in peace has proved tragically difficult. We must try harder to bring shared values to life," he told heads of state/government and other delegates in the blue-and-gold hall of the assembly. 

Opening his speech with "Asalamu alaykum", the secretary said, "Anti-Semitism remains a scourage. Islamophobia has emerged as a new term for an old and terrible form of prejudice. "And other kinds of faith-based discrimination and racism show a dismaying persistence. Sometimes it seems as if none of history's awful lessons have been learned. 

"With knowledge and and leadership, we can live up to the best of all our traditions, and ensure human dignity for all", Ban added. 

"One of the greatest challenges of our time must now surely be to ensure that our rich cultural diversity makes us more secure-not less." He said globalization could be a great force for progress, but as economies merge, as cultural boundaries disappear, as new media bring our societies closer together than ever before, new fault lines can emerge. As a result, he said, "Communal strife is intensifying. Extremist ideologies are on the rise. Societies are more polarized". 

Traditionally, the secretary-general said peace involves balancing the interests of different States. "But we have learned that lasting peace requires more than a competitive equilibrium. For peace to endure, individuals, groups and nations must come to respect and understand each other. "Interfaith initiatives are addressing this need with ever greater frequency and force. 

"One of the most respected of these initiatives was the World Conference on Dialogue, held in Madrid this past July 2008 at the invitation of King Abdullah. "That landmark meeting brought together followers of the world's religions, eminent scholars, intellectuals and others. The participants affirmed their belief in the fundamental equality of human beings, "irrespective of their color, ethnicity, race, religion or culture. And they pledged to act within their spheres of influence to foster dialogue and cooperation." 

Opening the historic meeting, the President of the U.N. General Assembly, Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann hoped that the meeting will hasten action on such global obstacles as hunger and poverty. "We are not gathered here to talk about religion and theology. We are here to pledge to place our reserves of moral strength at the service of the goals of the United Nations." 

"Although social responsibility is a basic law in each of the world's religions and in all ethical and philosophical traditions, we have allowed our selves to become contaminated by the spirit of selfishness and individualism, which are the principal values, or rather, anti-values of the globally dominated culture," he said. "This is the reason why wealthy nations have not been able to muster the political will to comply with even the minimal commitment to give 0.7 percent for their GDP to help eradicate hunger and poverty from the world". 

Therefore, he said the world must return to the values that are "based on our faith and on our ethical-philosophical traditions." 

He further urged global leaders to use their "moral strength" to find solutions to some of the greatest problems plaguing the planet, including poverty, hunger and climate change.

Old Racism

New Racism

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Islamophobia
Views: 7801

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U.N. itself is base on prejudice. Since it inception, no real peace int he entire planet. Humanitarian crisis in Palestine and the rest of the middle east never seen rest for a second. Yet it condems others for inciting violence. All long as we believe in U.N to solve world problems, we will never survive. It has always side on certain countries and deny others their right. I dont believe in U.N, it is a terrorist organisation.

Biblical Christianity will continue to be spread as an alternative to Islam whether the UN or Islam likes it or not.

Title of the article is "UN Denounces Islamophobia".

But there is no mention of the exact wording of the resolution and definition of Islamophobia, and no mention of any vote in General Assembly to do any such denunciation; who voted, who was against, who abstained and who was absent, etc. Speeches by member nations don't count for much, voting does. Member nations must be on record. If US votes against, does that mean americans are free to be Islamophobic?. If US votes for it, does that prohibit americans to be Islamophobic? Good luck. Will that stop me from saying anything against muslims or even against Islam? Good luck.

Does that mean that Switzerland can be Islamophobic?; Switzerland is not member of UN.

Resolutions are meanigless. Why do muslims fall for such ineffectiveness. To be blunt about it, the whole thing is a silly excercise in futility and does not achieve anything.

Usual shoddy job of journalism.