McCain's spiritual guide and Islamophobia

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When Rev. John Hagee, the McCain supporter who said God created Hurricane Katrina to punish New Orleans for its homosexual "sins", not many in the media questioned him and McCain did not feel the need to comment on his statement. Well now Rev. Rod Parsley, the televangelist mega-church pastor from Ohio has been embraced by the Republican nominee. Parsley is promoting hate and  Islamophobia. According to David Corn of Mother Jones, Parsley has called on Christians in America to wage war against Islam, which he considers to be a "false religion." In the past, Parsley has also railed against the separation of church and state, homosexuals, and abortion rights, comparing Planned Parenthood to Nazis. Parsley believes that America was given to white Christians primarily to destroy Islam.

John McCain actively sought and received Parsley's endorsement in the presidential race. McCain has called Parsley "a spiritual guide,". Giving Mr. McCain the benefit of the doubt it is not certain whether he shares Parsley's vicious anti-Islamic views but at the same we cannot be sure  because the mainstream media refuses to ask.

But we cannot tolerate silence in the face of such blatant disregard of the founding principals of this nation. A Presidential candidate is openly embracing a religious figure who is promoting hate against 8 million Muslims in America and Muslims around the world. Many Muslim groups and organizations have not focused on this issue. If this is unchallenged, McCain's election will give strength to Parsley and Hagee and impact the domestic policies towards Muslims and the civil liberties of all Americans.

What Parsley is saying is very clear. Don't let Islam take roots in America. Don't let Muslims be pat of this country. How many other groups of people is Mr. Parsley proposing to exclude from the American fabric?.

Muslim Americans and Interfaith leadership must write to the McCain campaign demanding an explanation of his endorsement of Parsley and Hagee. We have the following questions for McCain and all others who are seeking the office.

1. Do they believe that Islam is a threat to world civilization?

2. Do they believe that Muslim Americans promote violence?

3. Do they believe that Islam is a satanic cult?

4. Do they believe that Muslims are pagans or infidels?

5. Do they believe that America was established to destroy Islam?

6. Would they use their office to promote the agenda of Parsley and Hagee?

7. Would they attend churches that promote these types of ideas?

8. Would they use their office to discriminate against Muslims and other groups?

9. Do they consider Islam a mainstream American religion?

We must send these questions to every candidate running for Presidency, senate and congress and house assembly and senate etc. We should not take this type of attack lightly because it is due to a lack of measurable response against such bigotry that ignorance about Islam has taken hold in our country. The ignorance of the last eight years has led this country to elect a president who has been speaking the language of religious leaders like Falwell and Robertson.

Those Muslim Americans who are part of the Republican party must raise these issues with their party bosses. Additionally, Muslims must be prepared to take these questions to the Republican and Democratic Party conventions to seek clarification from the candidates and their supporters.

Silence is not an option we can afford for the future of our children and the greater wellbeing of our country.

Contact John McCain Campaign

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is Editor-in-Chief of the Muslim Observer, director of the Islamic society of Nevada, Las Vegas and acting president of the Muslim Council of America, a Washington-based newly formed groups of Muslim activists.

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality
  Topics: Christianity, Government And Politics
Views: 5189

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Older Comments:
Assalamualaikum Dear brother kris, if you are reading this (i know you haven't come back here in a while for otherwise you'd have broken down the lame arguments by the likes of psalm and romesh) i just want to share this excellent piece of work by brother Yamin Zakaria:

He always has the capability to give a new dimension to tackling jihad and the west with logic and commom sense that are no so common nowadays. Get hold of his other writings, you'd like it.


To: Kris MacPherson (again)


So, you read about burning of Bibles.

And your point would be what exactly?

Oh, do not worry- we still love Israel and the Jews. We bless them.

And we remember them favourably in our prayers. I assure you, no Christian (as defined in the Bible) is going to reacting in an islamic fashion which includes-

1. calling for the beheadingof those who insult or offend them;

2. Bombing in the name of allah;

3. cheering those who bomb in the name of allah or making excuses for them;

4. bombing some more in the name of allah;

5. bombimg some more

6. bombing

7. killing more.

I think you get the picture. No Christian has called for the "death of Israel" or "holy war".

Our God does not suffer from low-self esteem (ever so easily insulted..)....

Take care.

To: Kris MacPherson

You state: " First of all let us not deny history and the crusade, your Christians forced the Jews to convert."

ANSWER: You make lofty claims. Please show us from the New Testament any claim or assetion that a Christians "converts" anyone- much less with a physical "sword". You claim "Christians" converted Jews. I say prove it from the Scriptures- as the Bible (not History textbooks) defines a "Christian".

So, yes, I am denying you fictitious claim. If you can kindly show me any verse in the Bible that says that a "historian" defines a "Christian", I'd be most grateful.

The BIBLE, Kris, defines a citizen of Heaven- not you, not the Vatican, not the quran and ceratinly not a history textbook.

Pardon me, which "verse" are you referring to??? Which "quote", exactly?

Further, I do not "interpret" anything. If it is the quran your referring to, dear muslim, you disappoint me.

Are you claiming that in islam, muslims are entitled to go around "interpreting" the quran.

My friend, you seem to be walking on thin ice :)

Oh, as for "authentic" translation- you must be confused. Clearly you know less than I do about islam. There is no such thing as an "authentic" transation of the quran. You've made up your own islamism here...

Oh, it is not my "assertion". It is in black and white in the quran... In fact, I've kind by saying allah calls Jews "pigs and apes". Various popular translations use WORSE expressions.


So, dear Kris, please "clarify" your un-islamic slip about "interpretation" and "authentic translations".

And again to Psalm and Romesh,

If you continue to be in self denial, please don't make more presposterous claims. And by the way, last week I watched over the CNN, Israeli police investigating claims over mass burning of the bibles. Good luck to your camaderie mate !

To Romesh and Psalm,

First of all let us not deny history and the crusade, your Christians forced the Jews to convert. Or choose the sword. Are you denying history ? And the authors that I referred to, are you saying that they lied. You are in constant denial and living in your cocoon world, every historian knows that.

Please interpret that verse that you quoted on your post. I would like to see if the interpretation is correct. The burden is for you to interpret, since you brought it up.

Yes, I am ready with the authentic translation but you start first, since it's your assertion. And stop all these bragging of this and bragging of that, a trait that Romesh is known for.

And looking at the manner of language and your poor choice of words, what a good Christian you are.

Note to Kris McPherson: You write in (#48993) "By the way, my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, why not we ask Romesh and Psalm to quote to us that specific verse of the Quran that refers to " pigs " and " apes ". ".

Seems to me that you are either quite ignorant of the world or pretending to be quite ignorant of the world or just naive.

It is immaterial whether Koran says anything about it or not. As far as we infidels are concerned, What counts is what muslims say and do; it is not our job that you follow your Koran; that is your job, the muslims.

Anybody who has listened to Palestinian TV or Saudi TV, or Hamas TV or even Qatari TV or read any statements from various mullahs, you will find them repeating that Jews are 'pigs' and 'apes'. It is not my job to correct them or straighten them up; that is your job. If they misinterpret Koran, that is your problem, not those of infidels.

We infidels are that ignorant what goes on; so stop trying to fool us because you are not going to succeed. Your refusal to answer will be admission of 'guilt'.


Let us start with quran 5:60 and 7:166.

Oh, please do not make a fool of yourself by trying to argue "metaphorical" language.

That's bound to be another hoot!

Oh, before I forget, kindly do not attempt to waste my time with some obscure "sources". If you want to interpret this- please refer me to the relevant authoritative tafsirs. I do not have time to sit and laugh at some modern attempt to clean up <..>.

Thank you immensely!

To: KRIS MACPHERSON (the delusion continues it seems)

You ranted: "If you want to talk about killing and who does more killing, then Christians come in the proud of first place."

ANSWER: your delusion is disturbing. Where did I imply in my response to you that I wanted to "talk about killing"?

Also, your statement is rather oxymoronic. You speaks of "Christians" killing and forceably converting people. Do you even know what a CHRISTIAN is? Your comment is as stupid as it gets. Jesus Christ REBUKED anyone who thought he could live by the sword.

Also, NO CHRISTIAN has ever converted anyone. Read the Bible and get educated. Conversion is by "GRACE through FAITH in Christ Jesus, by the working of the Hly Spirit" (to sum up the Scriptures for you). It is the Shepherd Who calls His sheep (read the Gospel of John).

So, it is IMPOSSIBLE for any CHRISTIAN to convert anyone. Your comment is oxymoronic.

Karen Armstrong is not a Christian. Being a former nun, or a current nun or a priest does NOT make a person a Christian. Oh, and if you get the itch to claim that there are "ex-Christians" who can support you claim- kindly read the Gospel of John (there is no such thing).

You deny Jesus drank wine???? What planet are you from??? Jews DRINK WINE. Alcohol is was also used ceremonially BY MOSES!

Jesus was a...wait for it....JEW (of royal lineage by the way).

LOL! Jesus turned water into...WINE! At the LAST SUPPER He took the CUP OF WINE!

LOL! You're a hoot, muslim. A real hoot!!!

Note to Kris McPherson (#48892):

You write "If you want to talk about killing and who does more killing, then Christians come in the proud of first place.".

I thought Islam was a Religion of Peace!. What happended?.

Don't you think it is silly to get into competitive argument "Who killed more, Christianity or Islam?".

Yes, I ask again, what happened to Islam as a Religion of Peace? Simply, because Christians have done lot of killing, does that Muslims should do it too? Should anybody be really proud of the killings one has done, and especially in the name of religion?

By the way, my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, why not we ask Romesh and Psalm to quote to us that specific verse of the Quran that refers to " pigs " and " apes ". Why do all of you think ?

Psalm might be misquoting something, since he / she seems confident that there is such a verse. Even if it does, why not we have an intellectual approach to it.

So Psalm, please quote the exact text of the Quran which refers to Jews as " pigs " and " apes ". I mean the name of the chapter and surah and verse. And or perhaps Romesh, our self proclaimed atheist can come to Psalm's assistance.

Let's hear them folks!

To Psalm,

If you want to talk about killing and who does more killing, then Christians come in the proud of first place. The German Christians slaightered and gassed millions of Jews, the crusaders were known for their excesses, they forced the Jews to convert to Christianity or die by the sword ( see article of Uri Avnery, a Jew himself and a former member of the Knesset and now a peace activist, see also Karen Armstrong books on history of Islam ).

So what do you think ? Who killed more people now ?

And your claim that Jesus ( Jesus - peace be upon him ) drank wine is your distorted version of Jesus ( J-pbuh ). No Muslims ever accept that distortions.

And yes, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the U.K at least and probably in the U.S. Go and surf the info from the State Departments.

And please, where is your evidence that Christianity is growing in Saudi Arabia ? Of course, with American military advisers there, ( against the will of the people of course ) perhaps that counts for your poor statistics. Please, stop bragging.


You irrationally ranted: "But unlike you and Psalm, I don't sulk or cry foul or wail like a cry baby. And I don't wail to any wall just like Psalm."

ANSWER: Please show me and everyone on this forum where I wrote any complaint about my posts disappearing. Crying "foul", "wailing".

Are you delusional, by any chance?????

Oh, as for the silly comment about "wailing to a wall". Pray tell enlighten me, when did I "wail to a wall".

The extent of your delusion is disturbing.

Your made another ILLOGICAL comment: "Yeah, the glory of drinking wine is his measure of his civilization."

ANSWER: dear confused one, please show me where I say "drinking wine is a measure of civilisation".

Your deluded rantings are a hoot.



My post in the article " The Ahmadiyya and the role of the majority " in response to Brother Zinedine was also deleted due to a technical problem of the data base I suppose. But unlike you and Psalm, I don't sulk or cry foul or wail like a cry baby. And I don't wail to any wall just like Psalm.

Yeah, the glory of drinking wine is his measure of his civilization. That so perceived civilized fluid, any one readily knows that drunkeness brings the worse in any human being. I'll more later.

Psalm (Comment 48897) wrote "Your "god" basically calls Jews "pigs and apes".".

Now I have a question, and I want any musim (scholar or non-scholar) to answer it:

Suppose a Jew converts to Islam. Does he still remain an ape or a pig? What happens to his offspring? Do they also remain apes or pigs? I thought believers are human beings. Can apes or pigs become humsn beings (an entirely different form of specie from apes or pigs).

Please explain>

In order to bash Islam, the demonizers like to pick a word out of context and make a generalized assumption without a basis in argument such as "all Jews alone, past and present, are pigs". The meaning of the words should be explained in the context of the complete verse. Similarly, the verse should be interpreted in the context of the whole chapter, and the whole issue should be understood in the framework of the whole Book (Qur'an) and the message (Islam). One would not be able to grasp the story in a book by only reading selected sentences here and there. No intelligent human read a book like that. The verse is not to be taken as it is. Keep in mind that Quran is a marvellous piece of literature and unique in many senses. Therefore the text has to be analysed properly and to some extent critically.

The Quran was referring to a specific group of jews at the time, who broke the Sabbath and transgressed, NOT every single Jews. They all soon died out without any descendants. That's one of the two opinions. The other is that the curse was metaphorical only to symbolize their mischievous, greedy, stingy, deceptive etc. character. More to express condemnation of their deeds and not to scold or revile the persons. It was never agreed to mean all Jews.

The haters of Islam deliberately hide the facts that there are many verses in the Quran that speak good of the good Jews. The Jews are known as 'the people of the book' and Muslim men can marry Jewish women. A lot of God's prophets were from amongst themselves (Jewish Tribes).

What happened to my post for Psalm (regarding Jews as Pigs) and his reply? Why were both them deleted by the Editors (after publication). What was objectionable in the posts? The question was quite logical and so was reply by Pslam. May be it is the logic which is anethema to muslim community.

Media Control by Islamcity!! And Islamcity and muslims cry about media control from the mainstream newspapers.


Hi H.A

You ask: "If the Quran is so bad, why you all in UK and EUROPE converting/becoming Muslims."

ANSWER: There is no such thing as "all in the UK and Europe converting islam". Your sources are sadly missinformed. But, I might as well ask you this- which is read about in the UK papers: "why is it that muslims shame civilisation by threatening to kill muslims who convert to Christianity- even in the UK? This we know about. That's the true legacy of islam.

BTW, Islam is not the fastest growing religion. It threatens those who leave it with death. Christianity is growing underground in arabia. Check your sources. Your imams are running scared.

If your measure of "civilisation" is not drinking wine, etc- then you might as well drop Jesus. He drank wine. Yet He never committed the barbaric, savage and sinful acts of <..> your fellow muslims today in the name of their god.

It is indeed a depraved religion that measures "righteouness" with "no alcohol" yet happily applauds murders as "martyrs".

Oh, BTW, Israel existed long before islam. So, what "home" are you talking about??? Or are you referring to the "dhimmi" status that islam accords to non-muslims (including Jews)? LOL!

There is no King but YAH. And He rejects the doctrines of islam.

Take care.

To: Fatimah Muhammad

Unfortunately your comment reveals your lack of knowledge of the Bible.

1. Anyone who calls islam anti-Christ is BIBLICAL as the Bible declareas anyone who rejects the Father and the Son to be anti-Christ. Islam does this.

2. Your misuse of Jesus Christ's words is also pointless. Jesus Christ said: "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free". Jesus was speaking to those who placed their faith IN HIM. No politics there.

3. Claiming that Wright's attack on whites is "Truth" is pure blaspheme. Jesus Christ defines the TRUTH as HIMSELF- not an opinion.

4. Wright violated the command from Jesus Christ as he invoked a curse and damnation. The Bible says "Bless those who curse you", "Pray for those who persecute you".

5. the only Truth that Jesus Christ accepts is HIMSELF as Redeemer and the Son of God. So, it would seem that it is ISLAM that can't accept the Truth- not some race (i.e. whites, blacks, etc).

Your comment is wrong on MANY LEVELS.


I am always amazed by muslims, yourself included, who admit that referring to the contents of the koran amounts to "spewing hatred" and "bigotry".

You see, your silly accusations show that you actually missed the fact that I referred to what the koran CONTAINS.

But, I agree with you- it is all "hatred" and "bigotry". Your "god" basically calls Jews "pigs and apes".

Oh, please show me where in the Bible calls upon Christians to slaughter Jews in the last days.

LOL! That's your ahadith, muslim! From your "prophet".

Oh, as for the wars in the Bible- they are called HISTORICAL RECORD. Using your silly "logic", we might as well ban history text books recording wars fought. King David fought wars. Solomon did not lead any army to war. Perhaps you should have actually read the historical account before showing forth your ignorance.

Oh, by the way, spewing insults at people will not add any measure of intelligence or respectability to your nonsensical "comment".

Yes to the first five questions

In summary, Brian Holt = a frog.

He spits out the 1 line "Biblical thing" and runs away... I can sense fear in his heart.

How can you change the world if you are that scared??? This is just a website; it's dead and has NO hands and feet for snatching and hurting anyone...please elaborate and explain yourselves fully here.


What the HELL you talking about? You sounds like Bush jr! You want to fix the world just like Bush. INSTEAD MESS EVERYTHING UP! Please do not mess everything up like BUSH. PLEASE!!!

Here is little advice from me, H.A.,:

STOP Bulls....on the computer. Get a real job. Read the Quran, go to a mosque to clean up your brain.

You sounds like one of those "MODERN" Muslims who has clue about Islam and who don't understand situations in the world.

GET A JOB! STOP DEPENDING ON YOUR PARENTS. Then you will not have time for bulls....

Sir Psalm!

If the Quran is so bad, why you all in UK and EUROPE converting/becoming Muslims.

Don't you know that Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe, US and in the WORLD?

It's time for you stop drinking booze and reading QURAN at the same time.It's not going to make sense that way. MUSLIMS DON'T READ Scriptures and drink the "Civilized Fluid" aka booze/scotch at the same time. SEEK REAL HELP!!! Consult some Muslims for comprehension.

You are like the bubble boy stuck in a little space with the small cap on your head. It's time to come out of the closet, SON!

Your speech sounds like the typical speech of zionists. You should thank Muslims for giving you a home...Say salom! everytime you see a Muslim, instead of complaining.

Remember Europeans wanted to exterminate you/the JEWS. You lived peacefully ONLY with MUSLIMS in EUROPE a long time ago.

Get a history book from a nearest library and educate yourself before someone further reduce the size of your head cap...And don't forget to visit a IMAM soon...You need nourishment. There is no nourishment in the "CIVILIZED FLUID". ALL THE RIGHT NOURISHMENTS ARE IN THE QURAN!!!

You don't have to take my words for it. Just look around how you all converting, even your PRINCE/king is thinking about it.

Salam Alaikum to all my sisters and brothers,
This hate speech is not a new thing to most African-Americans and the Native Americans, etc. Americans have been preaching hate eversince forever. There have been Muslim organizations who have spoken against these folks. They have spoken out against Franklin Graham, Pat Robenson, John Hagee, Ann Culter and others. Now, according to CNN, Mc Cain has dropped John Hagee because of his hateful remarks he has made about others. I think that Muslims in the US are doing the very best that they can. Barack Obama would be the best candidate because he actually knows Muslims and has traveled outside the US. These ministers are afraid that Islam is going to take their members since it IS the fastest growing Religion in the world. Despite what some of these folks have posted, we can see Christianity and the US failing ever single day.
As far as the posting about Barack Obamas preacher, the Bible states, the truth shall set you free. Dr. Wright, told the truth. I forgot, most White Americans cannot handle the truth! As much as Mr. Chander gets on my last nerve, he does make sense and tells the truth some of the time.
I pray for the Muslims in the US that Allah will guide each and everyone of them and protect them against the evil there. I encourage all Muslims to hold tight to the rope of Allah!

Salam Alaikum,

Sister Fatimah

As an ordinary person and according to news if McCain become president of the US then there will be a great war between Islam and Christianity, is it true?

Amen Romesh,

Fellow Muslimeen As Salaam Alaikum, we are experiencing great trials at the present. Allah is our protector and has power over all things. Surely the presidential candidates care nothing about the Muslim voice of this country and our welfare. Do you really think letting McCain know about this Hate monger will make a difference? We must be patience and all learn to come back to Allah and be one under him. No one will help us but Allah and we need to really start believing this. America is NOT going to help the Muslim so stop believing she will.
Giving credence to these hate mongers Parsley, Robertson, and the tens of thousands of other hate mongers in the pulpits of America only strenghtens their cause.
We have have to be patience and trust in Allah and most importantly come back to him and come together.
Hopefully most Americans will learn about Islam and embrace it if Allah wills.

Where is your side by side comparison of Obama's pastor Reverend Wright. Or do you hate America as much as pastor Wright does.

Islam is a threat, and Biblical Christianity and it's spread is the anwer to that threat. Elections will not change that

I agree in a way with Chander's comments on that there are not enough Muslims in the US that are voters for any candidate for office to take us seriously but I dont think we should stick our heads in the sand either. I chose to live outside the US because I am afraid, period. I am the only muslim in my family and although I my family still talks to me, they believe I belong to the most hated religion in the world. I also have been reading, seeing and hearing more and more fear and hate mongering in the US. Maybe, some of what is in this article can not be addressed now but we need to watch and be prepared to act. I would like to come home someday to my country. There are other reasons for me living outside the US but I dont want to live there with the present conditions and what I fear will be worse in the future. A person sees a lot more outside the US about the US than inside. Maybe because inside, we are dealing with day to day life and outside, we keep close watch on our home country like most who are not living in their own country. We watch it more and I believe see more.

Dear Romesh,
I think it's even sillier to just let things go and stay quiet. It's not about getting attention, it's about doing what's right. Doesn't matter if the impact is small. One has to start somewhere. Your comment is not at all surprising, considering your hatred for Muslims and Islam. You like to respond with negative comments to every article, so please spare us your enlightened's getting kinda boring now.

Do Americans, McCain especially practice the teaching of Jesus Christ. I think they don't. I have read the Bible and the American ain't following it. Unlike we Muslim, we try our best to keep to the teaching of Islam. For God sake, Jesus was a prophet of Islam! no son of God.

I am a Muslim but I appeal to my Christian brothers to read your bible and after you have done that please read the Quraan. Then ask yourself whether you believe Islam is a false religion. I believe Christian leaders in America read books on Christianity written by American. As a result their understanding of Christianity is stero type. So please read the bible. If possible
read the original in the language that Jesus himslf spoke. I find out out that Jesus never heard of the name "Christian". This word came out in Rome when Christianity reached the shore of Europe.

Mr.Chander, I always enjoy yr comments...I am grateful to you that your comments help me in understanding what hate is all about..yes we muslims
dont quite get involved but we are all giving you time and when we do get me you will be kissing our feet....

The writer is all emotional and making much about nothing.

If he is SO CONCERNED about "hate speech", he should clean out his house.

1. all those hate preachers and imams calling for "death to America";

2. he should also call for the burning and banning of the koran as it calls Jews "pigs and apes" and frauds, as allah claims they corrupted the Torah- that is HATE SPEECH- from the god of islam;

3. oh, let us not forget hadiths calling for the slaughter of Jews in the ends times- that is INCITEMENT TO VIOLENCE and HATE SPEECH;

4. the writer wants clarity on "infidels"...LOL! he should read the koran- it speaks of "infidels". I suppose we should OUTLAW the koran.

The more I listen to muslims rant and rage about the myth of "islamophobia", the more I believe that Wilders is right...

Ban the koran. It amounts to HATE SPEECH and INCITEMENT TO VOILENCE!

I have merely applied the criteria applied by the author.

I think it is silly to ask the questions raised in the article. There are not enough Muslim voters for any candidate to worry about. There may be 8 million muslims, but I doubt there are more than 1 million voters. Most of the muslims are either recent immigrants or have applied for citizenship/green card or illegal residents or too young to vote.

So do the candidates care for muslim voters? No. All the candidates care for international repercusssions of their discussions, and hence they don't care to discuss anything of importance to muslims lest it offend foreign muslim countries. Moreover, very few of them make any campaign contributions. In any case, why should muslims make any contributions? Both parties don't care for muslims. When muslims become very strong voting minority (like Latinos), then they will worry about. Right now muslims are whistling in the jungle and making unnecssary troubles for themselves. Take it easy. You are acting like children looking for attention at every stage.

Moreover, no sane politician will discuss issues raised in the article.