Where are the Jewish American condemnations?

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For years now, I have heard demands that we Americans Palestinian descent condemn various military actions. And we do because innocents should never pay for the sins of their military forces and government. I'd like to know if the American Jewish community will ever condemn the intentional starvation and collective punishment of an entire Gazan population?

The silence has been deafening at this inhumanity. I've heard that Palestinians have invited these brutal measures after they elected Hamas during internationally-observed elections, since Hamas refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Setting aside that the elections were about corruption, Palestinians said nothing when Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert invited Avigdor Leiberman to his cabinet. Leiberman, once praised by Jewish extremists for supporting the deportation of Palestinians inside Israel, is known as an avid racist.

There were no condemnations from the American Jewish community about this repulsive appointment despite their long history of persecution.

I've also heard that 1.5 million Palestinians are to be collectively punished for the acts of a few militants firing homemade rocket into Sderot. If our government believed that, all of us Michiganian's would have been punished for the indirect role of the Michigan Militia during the Oklahoma City bombing in1995. But that is not what America stands for. People are not expected to pay for the acts of others.

What does the American Jewish community believe?

In February 22, 2006, Israel's Gideon Levy of Haaretz reported on a disturbing story, "Everyone agreed on the need to impose an economic siege on the Palestinian Authority, and Weissglas, as usual, provided the punch line: "It's like an appointment with a dietician. The Palestinians will get a lot thinner, but won't die," the advisor joked, and the participants reportedly rolled with laughter."

That's supposed to be funny?

And now nearly two years later, their "joke" has become a tragic reality with tens of thousands of Palestinians having to forcibly destroy parts of a wall to stream into Egypt to get food, fuel, and other necessities. Where was the American Jewish condemnation for this siege? When Israel prevents Palestinians from getting vital medical care and preventing dozens of Palestinian university students from returning to their studies in Europe., where are the condemnations from the American Jewish community?

When Gazan children go to school hungry and unable to concentrate, where are the American Jewish condemnations?

According to the Defense for Children International (DCI), there were 385 children doing time in Israeli prisons as of July, 2007. The DCI also notes that, "amongst the denial of many other fundamental rights, children do not have the right to a parent, a responsible adult or a lawyer to be present during the interrogation process. On average, Palestinian children are detained before being taken to court from between 8 and 21 days. As with adults, under Military Order 378, a child can be detained and interrogated for up to 90 days without charge."

Where are the American Jewish condemnations?

The list of human rights violations go on and on, whether they are noted by Amnesty International or Israel's own B'tselem. And with so many people having access to information on the internet, there is little excuse to be unfamiliar with at least some of the eye-opening tragedies on the ground. It's important to point out that The Israeli Coalition Against the Siege at least attempted to send a protest convoy to the Gaza border, on January 26, in coordination with the Palestinian Coalition. Parallel actions inside Gaza and in Ramallah, demanding a complete end to the blockade of Gaza, will also take place. Thankfully, there is more coordination between Palestinians and Israelis abroad. Rarely, here in the States.

I am often reminded of a conversation I observed between an Israeli and an American Jew years ago. The American Jew had expressed incredulity that another Israeli in the forum did something not particularly upstanding. The Israeli person responded that "We're human. We have bad people, too" 

I left the forum a short while later but the conversation stayed with me. I was appreciative that the Israeli was more realistic about humanity and utterly disappointed in the star-struck tone of the American Jew. If peace is ever going to prevail, American Jews are going to have to look honestly at the realities on the ground and start speaking up. Staying silent while children starve from an Israeli siege can only be interpreted as approval. Is that the message we're supposed to get?

Sherri Muzher  is a contributing writer and journalist

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Occupation, United States Of America
Views: 3149

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Older Comments:
To Shahat
It must be clearly understood tha my comment certainly had nothing to do with jihad or any teneth of faith . However my point was that we as muslims should stop complaining that everyone should feel sorry and help us, in particular the Jews . That is irresponsible and not needed.
Your comment is extremely worrying considering the extent of your misunderstanding of basic tenths of faith (Your comments of Allah to come down to earth, ???)This is totally inappropriate.
Please do not make the mistake of having emotional outburst of misdirected anger.
Please do more research in quran and hadith and you will find the correct vents of your anger.

to warsama bulhan
isreal was created after usurping somebody elses home . let me come to your home if I am running away from someone and then live for few days then kick you out saying this was my ancestors home 5000yrs ago, would you like it. muslim have to fight this valid jihad in iraq afhghanistan, palsetineand other places it is an oppression and we have to remove oppression adn injustices it is part and pracel of talmudic jewish modern religion to oppress peole thinking they are chosen people like agangster syas he has the right over others prperty and oppresses others with all his might soon you will see that mccain will become presiden tf Us and war will continue inshallah until israel is wiped aout of the world.inshallah very soon . it will happen it has to happen we have no doubt about it. it was promised by the truth ful prophetand is written in the unchagned book of allah for 1400 yrs whcih bird brains ,cannot comprehend. we have 500 5 faith in quran and it is proven tobe useful in our daily lives unlie the bible which is changed many times based on man's need. and the quran is indeed avery powerful arabic speech of allah revealed thru his angel. because if he came down to earth to speak to tpeopl he would face too many insults from kafirs , and idolators, he is deserving of universal respect. when the kafirs ridicule god here on earth itslef and make animal forms out of him , accuse him, you will see not only i near furture to come but also on the day of judegemnt and when you finsh your life cycle on this earth what will happen to you. no wonder kafirs are scared of dying. and people like romesh chander will also no soon.

As long the Arab leader kings and head of State support the US $ THEY! Can do anything to the Arabs and Muslims and no one can stop them.

To end the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslim suffering you must go back to gold standard, Bush Last visit to Arab world was a warning to all Arabs leader do not dump US$ as Petrodollar . THEY know if you do, The US$ is just a piece of paper with number on it with no value.

I can not understand why the Arab world still support the $ that make its own people suffer.

The Talmud says: "Destroy all of the land ; beat down their pillars and break their statues and waste all of their high places, cleaning the land and dwelling in it, for I have given in to you a possession" (Old Testament: Numbers: 33:52-53)

As expected the Zionist murderers have been damaging Palestinian homes and buildings since 1948 and have committed uncountable number of awful massacres against the unarmed innocent civilians of Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt.. And they are still demolishing homes till that day. They have raped the land of Palestine by demolishing homes, killing its dwellers, and establishing their Zionist buildings.

The Quran answers: "And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah. but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practise oppression." (2:193)

Accordingly the Arabs' attack on Israel was never a fault but the mistake lies in their intention as one brother commented below! They fought not for the sake of Allah but for Nationalism which is basically a concept of Jahiliyyah!!! As they have abandoned Shariah and adopted Jahiliyyah, therefore Allah has humiliated them.

The answer lies in Quran: "Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors." (2:190)

I added my honest comments this morning and they never made it online.

Dear Moderator, fear ALLAH (SWT).

When we are told to tell the truth and then have the truth censored we make a mockery of forums like these.

You publish nonsense from this Romesh guy and responses to him that are equally bad....shame on you!


Re: Posted By:nemat
2/3/2008 - 3:03:24 PM - Where are the Jewish American condemnations? - Ref: 47808

nemat, raving and ranting about something is hardly Islamic.

Take a deep breath and see history from the late sixties through to the Afghanistan conflict, how many Muslim countries and their leaders have betrayed the Muslim Ummah.

Jordan killed thousands of Palestinians.

Pakistan played the "jihad" game and encouraged violence in Afghanistan.

Egypt under Sadat thought "peace" was at hand and got fooled.

The Saudis and Turkey supported attacks on Iraq in 1991.

In 2003 the entire Muslim World possibly including Iran were supportive of the attacks on Iraq. Go see how Syria for example voted when different resolutions came up for discussion at the UN.

Today some news reports suggest the Saudis and other Sunni nations are making sounds about Iran and want their influence to be curbed.

And our good friends the Pakistanis are embroiled in killing and more killing this time inside their own nation.

ALLAH (SWT) and HIS Prophet (PBUH) warned us about a time like this.


Why should the jews condemn any action as the muslim leaders do worse to their own people the jews who are in Israel are infact some of the most staunchest opposers to the oppression that is happening .

I am myself as a muslim and an arab feel hurt by the continuous oppression that is happening . However in reality it is the fault of the arab world that the palestinians have been left behind . The arguments of occupation of land is one that flawed and should not be used . Palestinians in Israel are treated as citizens much better than even the treatment that they recieve in the majority of arab countries.
I do implore the author of this article and all arabs and muslims to stop the violence by educating our people and seeking peace real peace by embracing the jews and Israelis with love. Or else this problem will continue and worsen. Why doesn't jordan give part of its land to the palestinians? or syria for instance? or egypt? The solution lies with us .If the arabs never attacked Israel in 1948 they would never have gotten so big .It is because of Arab bullying and stupidity that they have reached where they are.
Stop the Mistakes!!!!

I have seen on Al-Jazeera television, Israeli soldiers and Israelites bulldozing Palestinian olive farms, the trees which bear friuts that have ripen and ready for harvest.

For no good reason at all, with the guns and weapons, Israeli soldiers were ready to inflict harm to the hapless Palestinian farmers. Even the cries from old Palestinian women failed to move the soldiers. Is that civilsed and humane ?

That's a clear act of crime, they denied bread and livelihood for the Palestinians. Is that justifiable ? If the Tel Aviv regime claim that they closed borders of Gaza because of the rocket attacks from within Gaza, why don't they ask themselves whether their actions in destroying Palestinian homes, destroying Palestinian farms rendering Palestinians poor and hungry, whether these acts had perpetuated the attack against Israel itself.


the actual problem ios the rab leaers are all .. chicken heads. except maybe abdullah his predeccsor was ajerk .. and caused all the trouble for Iraq and plaestina instead of resolving the dispute among themsleves they relied more on the disbeliever whom allah has strictly crticised in the quarn that they claim to speak the truth and spread peace but inreality they are not . and muslim only read the quran for worship they dont really analyse its meanig specially the arabic speaking arabs they are bothered about nationl interests when they know that there is o such thing as nationalism in Islam all human race deserves basic rights and islam is religion to make sure they get it. and remove oppresion and injsuticeand create abalanced society. the arab leaders faile in theri commitemnt to allah's warning form his unchanged book and became victims of material desires. and now are paying for it. they evn disregarded the interst of muslim in non arab countries even until recent years. and now they wakle up when the damge is done. and still not alert and wary and go on follwing the enmies of god evn though they may lead them to jump n alizars hoel and they will follow suit. allah is and will raise people who are better than them and who uphold his message respect his messnegers , the christinas and jews dont call theri messengers with respect unlike the muslims who alwasy use the phrase peace be upon him. they give mroe importance to homosexual , childmolester, fornicating priest and rabbis rather than folow the actaul message of god whom the world belongs to not ot isreal or america or the rich and corrupt who are ging to see theri own downfall soon maybe they did not learn alesson form thier friend ariel sharon miserabel death bleeding his brain aain and againwithout end or recovery. each one fo the will soon face worse end. othersiwe justice will nt be established in the worldit is the rule of nature to punish the oppressors.

Here is an informative website for the likes of Romesh, if he can stomach the truth ??? (That means, I doubt it)



This is what you write;
"Nonesense. Gaza Palestinians have their own territory, their own elected government. They have to live within their own resources; the rest of the world does not have to sell them (or buy from) anything to them."

Do you have any understanding of the situation? No one and no cargo, by air, sea or road, can enter into Ghaza without Israeli permission. These guys have lived at the mercy of Israeli check-points and military rule for decades. Electricity and water has been rationed to these people for decades. Its the face of brute military occupation.

By your logic then your village where your lot came from India can be severed from the rest of the world and still be expected to be self sufficient for decades. Agriculture should be done by cows. There should be no need for machinery or parts. The control Israel exerts on Palestinians is beyond barbaric. Innocents die before they are allowed to cross check points to see doctors.

Someone said Saudi should send these people aid. What aid? when Israel has the right to confiscate cargo? Israeli currently witholding millions of excise tax due to Palestinians, as if US billions is not enough? You obviously seem to condone Israeli aggression even though when UN sends relief cargo and Israel stops it.

Perhaps it is you who needs to read the history of that land to see if you would like to be treated like that.

As for Jews not speaking, it is true that they hold allegiance to the state of Israel as part of their religious belief, no matter where they live. Most of their youth do military time in Israel regardless where they are born. Few come to uphold human rights when it applies to Palestinians and thank God for those few.

Perhaps one day we will come to understand that humanity is ONE and we stop hurting each other, since by doing so, we indeed hurt oursleves. For now part of that ONEness is to speak the truth where you see it.

Note to Fatima (UK):

You write " the Palestinian have an elected govt but the rest of the world denies their govt to perform the duties a govt should". Wrong, Fatima. No government has to recognize another government. Lot of countries have no diplomatic relations with other governments. China had no relations with the world for a long time; it survived by its own efforts, not by being a crybaby.

Gaza has border with Israel and Egypt only. Gaza can trade with the rest of the world through the ocean (if it can pay for it). Israel has no responsibility of keeping the border open if it jeopardizes the lives of its people.

You also write "Countries survive because of trade for imports and exports". Yes, but they don't shoot rockets into the other countries too. Does shoot rockets into Ireland or US shoot rockets into Mexico/Canada?

You also write "You don't seem to recognise that Israel is ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING PALESTINE in the eyes of the UN AND THE WORLD!". So what. Your country (UK) still occupies Northern Ireland and Falkland Islands; don't they. When is UK going to relinquish Ireland and Falklands?. Irish are not shooting rockets into UK. Are they?

As usual, people have very limited capability to reason.


Sister Fatima,

In replying to a mentally deranged character like Romesh Chander, you just can't use reason. He has no humane virtues befitting of a civilsed man. He lives in his own cocoon world. How do you argue with an insanity ?

Sufficient is ALLAH (SWT)as the DISPOSER of affairs.

So how come you are looking for support amongst the jewish community?

Do you think well meaning and honest jews are not aware of what is happening in Palestine?

Do you think they care when it comes to the interests of Israel?

Let me be more brutally frank, do you think Hosni Mubarak cares?

Have you thought of turning to ALLAH (SWT) alone and asking him for help?

Lamentations and self pity will get the Palestinians no where, except if ALLAH (SWT) WILLS.


how will they feel bad their own book talmud propogates racism and brutality towards non jews or gentiles if itis for their interest and it also says that jew can lie if it is for thier own benefit and jew is not liable even if he kills anonjew but even if ano jw kills ajew they should be punished , gentiles and hetheans or cutheans is what they refer to onjews in book of sanhedrins. the babylonian talmud, and ion babkeemma . and there are many more only if the media was not in the hands of free masons this would have been publicly shown to the world but it is evident form book and jewish resources. as well as christian leaders who belive in justice. all oppressors have thier end . And allah actually allows them to commit these acts so that he can be justified in sending a severe punishment on them . they have not learnt their lessons from the dictator hitlers aggression. they will at the hands of almighty this time. muslims are sent on earth to establish peace and justice and remove oppression. the word islam itself means that salaam peace.

The Isrealites are the modern day Pharaoh. While they suffered thousands of years ago under the Pharaoh, now they the Israelites are inflicting the same to the Gazans.

Putting history in perspective, the nation of Isreal which existence came to being in 1948 was expanded many more times after the 1967 war. The reason why Arabs failed to defeat it was because the Arab Muslim nations based their struggle on Pan Arab nationalism and not on Islam.

So, Gaza was just one of the territories. And now given to the Palestnians. It would be moral genocide in itself to consider that Gazan problems are just to be borne and suffered by the people of Gaza only. A short sighted man like Romesh Chander would naturally think so.

Who seized the Arab land and let the Palestinians continue to become homeless and live in refuge camps until today ?

Just look and see for yourselves. The Palestinians were given the territories which were surrounded by Israel and the best land still remain with the Jews. That was what the planners of Zion strategised, that even if there is to be an Isreal and Palestine side by side, the boundaries would be drawn out to ensure that Palestine would still be dependant on Israel, economically and politically. That's a fact.

Romesh admitted that he was blunt. I'll go even further. He is narrow minded and inhumane to some extent. He told the Gazans to stop being cry babies when the whole world knows and sympathise with the suffering people.

Alright then. The southern states of India was struck by tsunami in 2004. The world did not leave them alone and told them to stop being cry babies. We really don't need another Romesh Chander on this planet. One is already a burdensome for humanity. Two would be disastrous.
A catastrophic one.

Mr Chander said "Gaza Palestinians have their own territory, their own elected government. The rest of the world does not have to sell them (or buy from) anything to them. If they cannot live within their own resources, that is not the problem of its neighbours or the world" WRONG, the Palestinian have an elected govt but the rest of the world denies their govt to perform the duties a govt should, nor do they have their own territory, you obviously have no idea that the Israeli govt obliterates Palestinian land of olive trees everyday for their settlements and since olive trees are the largest source of income for Palestinians I think they are at a slight disadvantage don't you?!. You don't seem to recognise that Israel is ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING PALESTINE in the eyes of the UN AND THE WORLD!

Also you seem to have a completely new concept of how the world works! Countries survive because of trade for imports and exports and are destitute without this basic right. How long would your country survive if its borders were controlled by another country?!! I wonder what you would say to having a 100 FOOT WALL BEING BUILT IN YOUR COUNTRY?!!.

The GDP of average Palestinians is $28 and $28000 compared to Israelis. More than 2/3 of Palestinians are traumatised emotionally, psychologically and mentally due to daily bombardment by Israel. Palestinians daily see their loved ones murdered in front of their eyes by Israeli soldiers which shows you the harsh cruel reality of life in Palestine.

Another misconception is that the world doesn't owe Palestinians anything! IT DOES!!, due to our negligence Israel has continued to destroy Palestine and narrow minded people like you only think of themselves!. People need to wake up and realise it is our RESPONSIBILITY as well AS THE ISRAELI CITIZENS to create a peaceful co-existing society in ISRAEL and PALESTINE , most Palestinians don't mind living next to Israelis neighbours they just want the same BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS AS THE

The author asks "Where was the American Jewish condemnation for this siege?".

Let me ask the author "Where is the American Muslim /European Muslim/ and other muslim condemnation of Palestinians shooting rockets on Israeli population, making their life miserable?. Israelis are people just like palestinians, too." What is good for the gander is also good for the goose and vice versa. It is quite naive to expect sympathy from your enemies when you cannot show any sympathy for your enemies.

As usual, the arm-chair arab writers sitting in the comforts of the west cannot think anything else other than to condemn others and never guide their people to sel-criticism; nobody is perfect, and that includes Arabas and muslims.

Where are the voices of sanity in the arab world?

I agree with it and see the point she's making. Too often, condemnations are only coming from one side. This is not being a crybaby; this is the reality.

Also, if you read other articles by this author, she is quite critical of the Arab World and Palestinian factions. Read before you complain, "Yousef."

True but sad! Yes, 100%! if some1 does bad,the whole nation shuld not be punished.
similarly when saddam hussain or hitler did bad, why punish the nation for one's action. islam also calls for justice!

Its a pitty that 1.2 billion muslims need to beg to few millions jews for their life! I wonder why the muslim countries do not help palestanian, they are supposed to be nearer to them than the american jews. Why dont we condemn egypt for supporting israel in this siege. Is egypt a non-muslim country? What all the arabian muslims and muslims around the world are doing to help poor palestinian?? All are begging to few american!! Its a shame for muslims. So do not blame others. Are palestanians themselves united? It is ridiculous to think that their misfortune will leave them unless and until they stop doing dirty politics. It seems, muslims from other countires are more concerned about palestanian than palestanian themselves. You cannot help me unless and until I am ready to help myself. We are crying for iraqis, pakistanis, afghans and a part of their people are selling themselves to earn few more dollars. If that is the situation, who can save them?

I agree that everyone should take a stand against wrong but I couldnt agree with the article unfortunately! We cant expect change to come about by others, it should be brought by ourselves! Muslims have the responsibility to act regardless to who doesnt. Gaza is surrounded by Too many Islamic countries to be going through this mess. Regardless to what the American Jewish community thinks.....the real answer is what will the muslims......the whole islamic community worl wide do? With numbers there is strength and there is enough of us to bring about peace and stop injustice. It's more than obvious that we live in a time when unity amongst all muslims is needed to stop the invasion and destruction of our fellow muslim nations and families! The question is what will we do? Who cares about what the Jewish American's think! They will get on board/or not once we (muslims) step up and demand justice and change for our sisters and brothers in the world!

The author writes "I'd like to know if the American Jewish community will ever condemn the intentional starvation and collective punishment of an entire Gazan population?".

Nonesense. Gaza Palestinians have their own territory, their own elected government. They have to live within their own resources; the rest of the world does not have to sell them (or buy from) anything to them. If they cannot live within their own resources, that is not the problem of its neighbours or the world; that is the problem of Gaza Palestinians and their elected government (Hamas). If Saudi Arabia refuses to sell oil to US, should US invade Saudi Arabia? US has the power to invade Saudi Arabia. Should Gaza Palestinians invade Israel? They just don't have the power. (In any case, they have made Israeli life miserable by sendin rockets over them).

So, stop being a cry baby. And stop looking for any sympathies; after all symapthies don't put food on the table. Your crying will embolden your enemies to put higher and higher squeeze. Be realistic. The world does not owe you anything. May be the world enjoys cries of Palestinians.

If you don't have enough resources to live, that is not the problem of the neigbours (Jews or Arab muslims). No love and flowers for cry-babies.

Sorry for being harsh and blunt. But somebody has to say it.

This is an extremely silly and immature response. The author correctly points out that all Arabs and Muslims are given the unrealistic expectation of somehow apologizing or condemning certain actions 'collectively' (as if there is one voice or opinion that has ever spoken for us all). Yet, instead of talking about individual efforts by individuals (Muslim, Christian, Jewish, what have you), not imagined monolithic communities, we resort to the same finger pointing stupidity of "how come the Jews don't speak up?". I know plenty of people who are part of the Jewish community who have their own opinions, many against different things Israel does. Let's stop playing this game of communalizing the problem.