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Wide angle view of Muslim pilgrims circumambulate the Kaaba counter-clockwise at Masjidil Haram in Mecca (photo: iStock by Getty Images)
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O Hujjaaj, May I ask ?

Glory be to Allah for making the Ka'bah the rendezvous of the ummah, for making hajj the key  expression of solidarity among Believers  and as a manifestation of the bond of fraternity and mutual affinity, writes Sadullah Khan ...

Drop in the Ocean

The hajj is that largest annual Convention of Faith where millions of Muslims gather in the holy land, merging as streams of devotees from every corner of the earth to become part of the sea of Believers swirling in spiritually dancing waves around the Ka'bah in tawaaf. Each individual pilgrim, a drop in that ocean; a drop that always yearns to be part of that ocean. An ocean that knows no race, no language, no color, no gender, nor time. All praise is due to Allah for making this unique, international gathering of hajj an inexhaustible source for spiritual rejuvenation and as a perennial re-affirmation of faith.

Beyond the Ritual

The performance of prescribed rites, at specified times, at particular places in a recommended manner is aimed at reflecting a wholesome demonstration of Muslim fraternity. It acquaints the pilgrim with the historic, spiritual and physical environment of Adam and Hawa, of Ibrahim, Isma'il and Hajirah and of  the final messenger of Allah (peace be upon all of them). By re-enacting some of the fundamental aspects of the best of our history (Hajirah's running in search for water, Prophet Ibrahim's preparedness to sacrifice his willing and obedient son or his pelting of the shaytaan ), all these identifies us with the best of our past and the lessons we need to learn from our great legacy.

O HUJJAAJ! You have visited the "house of Allah" in Makkah,

that city which is dearest to Allah, that city where the greatest of all creation was born, where he lived, where he received revelation, where he preached his message, where he was mocked and ostracized; that city which he was forced to leave and on the occasion of leaving he said;

"I swear by Allah, O Makkah, you are the best of cities and most loved city on earth by Allah; if I was not made to leave you I would never have left." That very city which he returned to 8 years later with an army of 120 000 and yet forgave his  persecutors.

O HUJJAAJ! When you walked through the streets of Makkah,

did you recall the torments and hardship our Prophet had to go through to deliver Allah's message? Did you look at the hills and wonder where he shepherded the sheep of the rich Makkans as a teenager? Did you look towards Jabal an-Noor and consider how the Prophet sought solitude in those hills until he received revelation from Allah?

O HUJJAAJ! When you removed your designer clothes and put on your ihraam,

did you also cast of your arrogance, racism and chauvinism ? When you made tawaaf did you truly feel part of that ocean of faithful going in waves around the ka'bah? Did you consider the majesty of the One Allah and realize that you too are part of the infinity of zeroes that is totally dependant on Him? When you prayed at the station of Ibrahim (maqami Ibrahim) did you wonder about his status, impact and influence on world history? When you ran between the hills of Safaa and Marwah, did you realize that you were re-enacting the running of a slave woman (Hajirah) whose selfless search for water for her son was considered worthy enough by Allah to be incorporated as part of the hajj? When you drank of zam-zam did you reflect on how this once water served to quench the thirst of baby Isma'il who was later to become the forefather of our Prophet (pbut)?

O HUJJAAJ! When you stood on Arafah,

did you contemplate your insignificance amidst the multitude? Did you realize that you were truly part of a global community of faith that has promised to perpetuate the mission of prophets? Did you accept the fact that race, colour, gender or nationality means nothing if you are truly a Muslim? Did you remember to ask Allah for forgiveness and did you promise to be forgiving? Did you realize that you were symbolically close to death in the two pieces of white cloth? Did you understand that Arafah is a reflection of qiyaamah

O HUJJAAH! When you gathered your stones at Muzdalifah,

did you prepare to equip yourself  for the challenges and tribulations of the world? When you pelted the "shaytaan" in Mina was that a permanent declaration of war against all forms of internal and external evils? When you sacrificed on the day of Eid did you slaughter your ego and selfishness as well? When you buried the bones of the sacrifice did you bury with it the bad habits, attitudes and behavior of your old self? ( Was it not our beloved Prophet who said;" Whosoever performs hajj without impropriety and vulgarity returns as a new born baby.")

O HUJJAAJ! When you visited the Prophet in Madinah,

did you convey our salutations to that most beloved of Allah? Did you inform him of the state of his ummah, of the oppression in Palestine, of the suppression of Muslims in Iraq, of the starvation of Muslims in Somalia and Afghanistan, of the poverty in Bangladesh, the massacres in Kosova, Chechnya and Kashmir? With what face did you stand at his grave?

Did you then reflect on the plight of the kids dying,...

dying of lack of medication in Baghdad, of massive bombs in Kabul, of hunger in Mogadishu, of deprivation in Pristina, still from of the pain of separation from their murdered parents in Mostar and of a lack of hope in concentration camps of the West Bank. With what conscience did you visit the Prophet?

O HUJJAAJ! Ensure that your hajj has made you

more conscious of your Creator, more conscious of yourself, of your ummah, of your duties and your eventual accountability to Allah for your existence here on earth.

O Allah! Shower Your inexhaustible grace and infinite mercy on all those who have traveled to your holy open court, illuminate their hearts with insight, bestow upon them Your guidance; grant them the strength of the highest moral conscience, arm them with sincerity and a dedicated determination to improve the lot of the universal community of Believers.

Hajj Ode (in Arabic) by Sadullah Khan

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  1. Moin from India

    Dear Sir,

    I request your to please include Darfur also in the list of the places where Muslims are being persecuted. killed, raped and destroyed.

    Till now approx 400,000 innocent non Arab Mulims have been massacred by Arab Muslims in Sudan and 2 million displaed from their homeland.

    Thank you

    Moin Sattar

  2. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    We feel sorry for those people who have no true guidance we can only pray for the guidance of the whole mankind. Hajj is a real guidance for all those who sincerely want true guidance as they would be given their record of good deeds on their right hand on the Day of Judgement which is equal to fifty thousand years. So also exactly if a person gets the best result he will be eager to show to his other friends his achievements.Similarly the one who receives his record on the right hand he wil say Here read my record; sure I did believe that I shall meet my Account so he shall be in a life well pleasing In lofty Paradise the fruits in bunches whereof will be low and near at hand.Eat and drink at ease for that which you have sent on before you in days past.But unfortunately for those who have no hidayah would be given their books on the left hand( a sign of failure) wishing that he had not been given his record.He is not sure of his fate on that Day therefore he would wish for death but alas that Day there is no death which he wishes becoming rather a wuishful thinking.This is what he will be saying as quoted by the Quran" My wealth has not availed me;My power (and argument to defend myself)have gone from me.In the end it will be said to the Angels "seize him and fetter him then throw him in the blazing fire (May Allah through His Mercy save us) then fasten him with a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits.Verily he used not to believe in Allah the Greatest.So such is the sorry state of those who have no guidance which cannot be purchased with any wealth or any other materials.May Allah all guide us Amen.

  3. fauziakhalid from canada

    salam brother .its a wonderfull approach to the dead souls like me .this article brought tears and i really said tauba from the core of my heart . hope it really worked on every soul . jazak ALLAH.

  4. S Muhammad from US

    As-salaam alaykum.

    I love Islam! Brother Sadullah's article and the audio are sooo beautiful.

    All praise is Due to Allah (swt) that Islamicity has been able to make information like this available.

  5. Yasheerah from South Africa

    I found your article to be informative and simplistic and very apt in capturing the essence of the Hajj. An excellent article worth reading.

  6. nm

    Thank you for these beautiful words. Forces the soul to face upto its reflection in the mirror...

    would anyone know where I can get hold of the recitation by Sadullah Khan, and any of his other works please?

  7. Rahmat Oladipo from Nigeria

    Asalam Alaekum

    I really enjoy the Bullentin you sent to me, I will you the best and pray that Islam will be having upper hand in the universal.

    Maa Salam


  8. ASHRAF from india

    it was nice to go through ur article and it was also very informative.i wish u could send me more of this sort of information so that i can keep in touch with my islam

  9. Fatima Abubakar from u.s.a

    Asalaam Alaikum. The article touched my heart so deep and I hope inshaallah it is going to touch others too. Asalaam Alaikum.

  10. dearest Shaaz(did)heheehe! from Pakistan

    I like the way they have discussed HAJJ-give it a reading!

  11. Dearest bhai from USA

    I really like the way they have talked about the significance of give it a reading if you have the time!

  12. as khan from india

    Thanks for your article. Do comunicate your e-mail adress. Thanking you sir

  13. H.Anis Ahmed from India

    sir,we are luckily able to get the reception of saudi tv .and see live mecca and medina mosque prayers.please contact them and ask them to give subtitels in english and urdu as many muslims all over world dont understand arabic.quran clearly says it was revealed in arabic so that it can be understood.and it will be very useful to all of us.who dont understand arabic.thank you

  14. Soubhi Haddad

    It time for the Muslims to come together, and no better time than now starting from Hajj, when we all call the name of Allah in one voice and as loud as we can. The time is now...

  15. Ja'Far As Sadique from USA

    Alhamduilah for the beauty and thought provoking words, feelings and suppliations for our ummah. Especially those whom ALLAH has blessed to perform one of his most and most spiritually rewarding duties.

    May Allah be pleased with your efforts and ocntinue to bless you with rahma.

    Ma Salaams, JAS

  16. Shams Hegab from USA

    Thank you for a great article which brought tears to the eyes of the faithful.May God's blessings surround all Muslims every where and all humanity.

  17. EBRIMA SUWAREH from The Gambia

    Thank you for enlighting me more about islam. I have now seen the importance of Araf. iam bit doubtful of the day we in the Gambia should observe Araf, this is because we don't obsever Tobaki the same day but we observe Friday the same day. I would like to ask if there is any strong reason for this? Even for the start of ramadan we don't fast the same day even though when Mecca sees the new moon ,we still wait until we hear that some one in the Gambia has seen it

  18. hadijah sa'at from singapore


    thank you for writing this article. It is good to remind us especially from the land of plenty to forget abt the plights of our other Muslim brothers & sisters, to be too absorbed in the rites required in the Hajj & yet fail to appreciate the underlying messages behind them.

    May all those who are performing the Hajj be in their best health and ability. I miss being there and hope to be given the chance to revisit the Holy Land, insyallah.

  19. shaatirah baboo from south africa


    i am very proud to be a muslim and after reading this article i feel even more inspired and the belief that we are the most fortunate of people is once again strengthened.may Allah grant you to continue your good work Insha -Allah

  20. Leen (USA Revert) from USA

    Wow! I want so much to hear the Adaan coming from every corner of the Kaaba. I want to stand in that place closest to Allah. Just reading these wonderful words from this writer makes me want more than anything in the world to go and experience this for myself. Insha Allah one day soon I will be able to go. I hope and pray that every muslim gets this opportunity especially the reverts who have suffered so much for the sake of Allah. This would truly be the ultimate blessing in this life outside of the Quran. May Allah bless us all so much .... ameen.

  21. Mina from germany

    i love islam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loe allah! hes the only one god! and nobody is behind or in front of him! faith is a present for us and we have to be happy! salam!!!!!!

    your faithfull afghan sister *MINA*

  22. Charles Holcomb (Jackson) from USA

    Please provide a glossery

    of terms as many are unfamiliar.

    May we be enlightened!

    Thank you,


  23. shakir jamal from india


    please islamicity .com convert into URDU

    language also because idont know more english and i am want to read HADIT.PLEASE SEND ME MAIL ABOUT THIS TOPIC


  24. Faiz Anwar from India

    Is it correct to do this When one visits the Prophet in Madinah:

    "did you convey our salutations to that most beloved of Allah? Did you inform him of the state of his ummah, of the starvation of Muslims in Somalia and Afghanistan, of the poverty in Bangladesh, of the oppression in Palestine at the hands of the Zionists, of the suppression of Muslims in Iraq by the Ba'thists, the massacres in Kosova, Chechnya and Kashmir? With what face did you stand at his grave?"

    Please clarify. JazakAllah khair.

  25. Rudy Muhammad

    As-Salaam-Alaikum my Brother,

    This ode to Hajj was most beautiful. I can definitely relate to what he was saying, it brought back many wonderful memories. Thank you very much! Jazakuma Allahu Khairan! Muhammad

  26. Tauseef Ahmed Ansari from India

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    It was really nice to read the article, Although i have not performed Hajj yet, it felt like i was all there. I have been thinking of writing to you people for a long time.... anyways keep up the good work. May Allah give his blessings to all...Ameen.

  27. Maqusood Ahmed Ansari from India

    In the name of Allah the most benificent and meciful.

    Dear Editor!

    Assalamo Alaikum!

    I became very emotionalto while going through the qutation regarding the message addressed to Hujjaj. My tear rolled down when I was reading it. My the Allah blessed all of us and guide us and award a chance to see all those which have defined.

    Fi Aman-Allah

    Maqusood Ahmed Ansari

  28. Lisa Hashem from USA

    Allahumdulilah what a beautiful written piece on the thoughts on Hajj. I really like the way the author emphasized all the important events at each site that a pilgrim must visit durin Hajj. Events that unfortunately most of the Ummah does not contemplate about. Jazak Allah Khair to Imam Khan. May Allah (Subbhana Wa Ta'ala) reward him greatly for this. Ameen.

  29. Dr A. M. Chaudri from England

    Dear Sister Maryam Jennah bent Abdulkarim (comment No. 2741)

    Asalamuilakum wa rahmatulah wa barakatu

    Alhumdulillah, you are absolutely right in what you say in your comments. The Prophet (peace be upon him) can only be conveyed and receive our salaam. He (PBUH) is not aware (and never has been since his death), of the ummah's situation. Also, he (PBUH) can neither give us anything nor take anything from us, nor intercede for us whilst in his grave. This is why we are only allowed to give him our Salaam when standing in front of his (PBUH) grave and the graves of Abu Bakr and Umar bin Khattab (RA) in that place known as the home of the Muslim Ummah- Meddina. Anything else would be tantamount to shirk-e-akbar (big shirk), and Allah (SWT) will never forgive shirk if one dies upon it. However, the Prophet (PBUH) will be given the right by Allah (SWT) on the Day of Judgment to intercede on behalf of the rightly guided Muslim Ummah.

    The above article is written in a metaphorical way to wake up the Muslim Ummah as to its plight for the last two hundred years or so. But, I agree with you that it can quiet easily be construed to mean something it is not intended to say. The Prophet (PBUH) said the Ummah will break up in to 73 sects and that 72 will be in hell and one in paradise. The one in paradise will be the one following the Qur'aan, the Prophet's (PBUH) Sunnah, and what the three rightly guided generations that come after the Prophet (PBUH) were upon. So, insha-Allah, let us all hold fast to the Qur'aan, the Prophet's (PBUH) Sunnah and what the three rightly guided generations that come after him (PBUH) were upon and we will never go wrong.


    Your brother in Islam in the United Kingdom.

  30. maryam jennah bent abdulkarim from usa

    asalamuilakum wa rahmatulah wa barakatu

    i wanted to ask for clarification. when the imam says "and inform him" speaking of the prophet(sas), i was taught that the prophet (sas) can only be told of the salams that have been given to him. the angel that is in the grave relates this. he cannot be told of worldly occurances. because this may cause confusion, i would ask that it be clarified. shirk even minor can be very dangerous. and misinformation can lead to it. jozokallah kiren for your enlightenment and reminder of the mercy allah has bestowed by giving us deen. the reminder benefits the believer.

  31. Sam from USA

    Please, provide guidance and information regarding for Eid prayer to include date and place in Washington DC

  32. kunhuty abdul raheem from saudi arabia

    very fantastic and well prepared and worthy report

    keep it up and thank you







  34. Zakir Mohamed from USA


    Thank you for the news letter's. All the team at IslamiCity are doing a great job reminding us every moment of the mission of a muslim. Thank you for all the efforts. May allah bless you all and help me be a better person with the extensive knowledge you provide us.

    -Jazaikallah Khair.


  35. Sonia Muhammad from USA


    The Commentary on the Hajj was very beautiful.

    It touched my heart and filled my eyes with tears.

    If it is Allah's will I will be able to make Hajj

    one day.

    May Allah continue to Bless you.

  36. Mehbooblal from Uk, london


    Prayer on Hajj is real good, I appriciate the person who wrote it. Probabaly this message has not reached those who are already left for Hajj and this message is bit late on the web site i think.



  37. tanushree from india

    the islamic news bulletien is a boon for me though not a muslim by birth but I believe that I am a believer and thankful to Allahtalla to have shown me the way .your efforts regarding Hajj are remarkably appreciable.I have this querey regards "zawaal" perhaps you could fill me in with some information regards the same.

    thanking you in anticipation.

  38. L. A. H. KHAN from INDIA

    It is an excellent write-up which should difinately open the eyes of Ummah if read.

    Please keep it up

  39. Aqsa Syed from USA

    I would like to subscribe to the weekly newsletter. Please add my email to your subscription list. Thank You.

  40. Dr A. M. Chaudri from England

    Brilliant article! Absolutely Brilliant! The tyrannical rulers in the Muslim Lands should read this article and weep with repentance, for a surety as the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, they will meet Allah (the Most High, without partners, Lord of the Universe) on the day of Judgement and be accountable for all they did whilst on this earth. Indeed, for having take the mantle of ruler (self appointed or appointed by the West, of course) they will be held accountable a million times more than any ordinary human beings. These fools, if only they understood, they would not sell the Muslim Ummah to its enemies as they do now, nor would they crave for and lust after power as they do now.

  41. Lokman from Malaysia

    My dear brothers in Islam,

    I would like to tell you I'm very deeply moved by your article on Echoes of the Heart - Hajj..

    When I read this article, I did not realize that my tears run down my cheeks.. the tears keeps on flowing..

    I feel like I'm there.. & I feel like going there.. SubhanAllah!

    I pray to Allah that He makes it easy for me to perform Hajj..

    I pray to Allah that He helps you to continue to wake people up to bring back the light of Islam..

    I pray to Allah that He guide us in this world & put us in Jannah in the hereafter..

    Insya Allah!!

    Your brother in Islam

  42. firdausshah from malaysia

    let us help and support the muslim in singapore.they are still trying to cancelled the ban of headcovers for muslim student in school.

  43. G. Habib from United States of America

    You know when you write editorials saying," HOW MUCH "distress muslims are in other countries it's ridiculous and redundant. It's not that I don't feel bad. They are my examples for my children and to try and bring humility in them. But the bottom line is those countries NEED a functional government. There are no if's or but's about it. We need to be more sincere and organized and show people of authority of the good intentions and how it benefits for a more peaceful world. Writing about other people's griefs time and time again. Once again the common man cannot get the ball rolling. Their is strength in numbers and more organization. There is a proper and decent way of helping these people than to be asking for free handouts and charity. Tha countries needs rights that money can't buy.

    Assalam Alaykum

  44. Shahid Mahmood from United Kingdom

    Excellent, it is a deep hearted expression of every Muslim in the world, May Allah change our hearts to feel our Muslim brothers and sisters feeling who has nothing to eat, they sleep hungry, they have not place to live to call that place 'Home', who are sick and dying by bombs of 'Kuffar', May Allah stand us up agaist every evil who doesn't leave us to live in peace and impose upon us the situations and blame upon us as well!!!!

  45. Azmal khan from India(assam)

    Alhamdulilah,it is great pleasure for e-islamic nations whole over the is the way of learing about religion in modern e-world.thanks for publish on net.

  46. Brian D, Lawlor from Canada

    Very good my friends. To walk the walk that goes with the talk is a part of our failure as a peoples who are all religions. We are led by ignorance because of that lack in understanding of each other and the part each plays within this forming global body . There is a prayer I say six times a day which is called the "Lords Prayer", five for Islam and one for all others. On earth as it is in heaven must be taken seriously and like kindling a people will be used to build a fire against Israel for they have broken their first convenent with GoD but they will honor the next. Pray for those who some say are terrorist for they are a part of the sword that is Islam weilded by God to protect all that is holy and sacred. This is what you have been waiting for end to oppression and a Palestinian state. This crumbling within continues for governments, finance, and industry like one cleaning house and we know who guides that cleaning..wake up Islam..form together in the oneness you are to be and the rest will follow..this is the final battle make no mistake but the final battle on this level for we are to move up another level soon with the guidence of one all will honore including ISLAM....I am the prophet sent by God and I prepare for the arrival of one Islam doubts.. There is only one God and Muhammad was, is, and will always be Gods Prophet. As a global peoples have we done onto others as we would have others do onto us?..I love my God..I only fear the consequences of failing our God. Thoughts and prayers from this Roman Catholic are with you and it is with them and theirs

  47. The Portal

    Every act has it's respective value, in that it adds or subtracts from the quality of life a person has with The Lord.

    A wise man will hear, and increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.

    Who is the better one to counsel with - The Lord or the many who perform the rituals of men?

  48. Shaikh Kaleemullah from U.S.

    Alhamdolillah, it is praiseworthy for Islamicity to publish on its website Imam Saadullah Khan's. While Muslims are scared even to mention the plight of Palestinians, Afghanis, and Kashmiris lest they be labeled as traitors, kudos for this article. Keep it up. May Allah Almighty bring relief to suffering Muslims and give courage to moderate Muslims and punishment to those who are causing the sufferings.