The Design in Nature

Let's think of an aspirin pill for a moment; you will immediately recall the mark in the middle of it. This mark is designed in order to help those who intake half a dose. Every product that we see around us is of a certain design even though not as simple as the aspirin pill. Everything from vehicles we use to go to work, to TV remotes.

"Design", briefly, means a harmonious assembling of various parts into an orderly form towards a common goal. Going by this definition, one would have no difficulty in guessing that a car is a design. This is because there is a certain goal, which is to transport people and cargo. In realization of this goal various parts such as the engine, tires and body are planned and assembled in the plant.

However, what about a living creature? Can a bird and mechanics of its flying be a design as well? Before giving an answer, let us repeat the evaluation we did for the example of a car. The goal at hand, in this case, is to fly. For this purpose, hollowed bones, strong muscles that move these bones are utilized together with feathers capable of suspending in the air. Wings are formed aerodynamically, and metabolism is in tune with the bird's need for high levels of energy. It is obvious that the bird is product of a certain design.

 If one explores other creatures besides a bird, similar facts are attained. There are examples of a certain meticulous design in every creature. If one continues further on this quest, one would discover that our selves are also a part of this certain design. Your hands that hold these pages are functional as no robot hands could ever be. Your eyes that read these lines are making vision possible with such focus that the best camera on earth simply cannot. 

Hence one arrives at this important conclusion; all creatures in Nature, including us, are of a Design. This, in turn, shows the existence of a Creator Who designs all creatures at will, sustains the entire nature and holds absolute power and wisdom.

 However, this truth is rejected by the theory of evolution that was formed in the middle of 19th century. The theory set forth in Charles Darwin's book "On The Origin of Species" asserts that all creatures evolved within a chain of coincidences and essentially mutated from one another. 

According to the fundamental assertion of this theory all living things go through minute and coincidental changes. If these coincidental changes help the creature then it gains advantage over the others, which in turn is carried onto following generations.

This scenario has been passed around as if it is a very scientific and convincing one for 140 years. When scrutinized under a bigger microscope and when compared against the examples of the Design in creatures Darwin's theory paints a very different picture i.e. Darwinism's explanation of creation is nothing more than a self-conflicting vicious circle .

Let us first focus on the "coincidental changes". Darwin could not provide a comprehensive definition to this concept due to lack of genealogical knowledge in his time. The evolutionists who followed him put forth the concept of "mutation" on this subject. Mutation is arbitrary disconnections, dislocation or shifts of genes in living things. Most important point is that there is not one single mutation in history that is shown to improve the condition of genetic information of a creature. Nearly all the known cases of mutations disable or harm these creatures and the rest are neutral in effect. Therefore, to think that a creature can improve through mutation is same as shooting at a crowd of people and hope that the injuries will result in healthier and improved individuals. This would clearly be nonsense.

As importantly, on contrary to all the scientific data, even if one assumes that a certain mutation could actually improve a being's condition, Darwinism still cannot be delivered from inevitable collapse. The reason for this is a concept called "irreducible complexity". 

The implication of this concept is that majority of systems and organs in living things function as a result of various independent parts working together, elimination or disabling of even one of which would be enough to disable the entire system or organ.

For example, an ear perceives sounds only through a chain reaction of a series of smaller organs. Take out or deform one of these, e.g. one of the bones of the middle ear, and there would be no hearing whatsoever. In order for an ear to perceive a variety of components such as auditory meatus, malleous, incus and stapes bones, tympanic membrane, cochlea and fluid, sensory cells, vibration sensor extensions of these cells, net of nerves that connect to brain and hearing center in the brain have to work together without exception. 

The system could not have developed in segments because none of the segments could possibly function alone at all.

Hence the concept of irreducible complexity demolishes the theory of evolution from its foundations. What is really interesting is the fact that Darwin also worried about these very prospects. He wrote in On The Origin of Species:

"If the impossibility of formation of a complex organ through a series of small changes was ever to be proven my theory would have certainly collapsed. However I could not find such an organ..." (Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species: A Facsimile of the First Edition, Harvard University Press, 1964, page 189.)

Darwin could not or might not have wanted to find such an organ at the premature levels of 19th century science. However the science of 20th century did study the nature down to minute details and proved that majority of living structures embody irreducible complexity. Therefore, Darwin's theory has most "certainly collapsed" just as he feared.

As we examine the living beings we will not only see an immense error Darwinism makes but also witness the greatness of wisdom that these systems were created with. These mechanisms will be found anywhere from the wings of a bird to inside a bat's skull. Hence we will see the indisputable evidences of God's creation without error. Likewise, the power and faculty of God to create without error is expressed in a surah of Qur'an as follows:

"He is God - the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise." (Qur'an, Al-Hashr, 59:24)

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  1. ahmed asgher from bahrain


    You ask valid questions. I had very similar questions when I was young. Belief in God must be total, in a sense that ALL Creation is created by ONE God. There is nothing that exists outside this Creation. If , say, we believe that bad/hell/satan/evil/disease is contradictory to this Creation, then we entertain the idea they are not of God's Creation, but as Muslims, we believe in ONE GOD and therefore there can not be anything in existence that is not commanded by Allah. Now, if our minds can not understand the stuff, it is because we lack the wisdom to see the Perfection in all creation.

    One thing I know is that negatives are there so that we appreciate the positive. Ill-health make us appreciate wellness. War make us appreciate peace. Yet appreciation is not enough by itself so, the purpose is to leave the negative and move back to ALL that is positive for that is indeed what God wants for us: to move from darkness to light after we tasted the darkness and found it was not something to cherish.

    Yet another higher level of understanding is to believe there is no negative or positive, hell or heaven but accept ALL as from the Creator without questioning the outcome. Islam gives us this gift to believe in the unseen, which in effect means submission to the will of God. Which means we do not question outcomes but accept them as they are from God.

    This acceptance is not blind acceptance. It comes after dwelling in our Higher Self and realising at first that it is our hearts that must accept Allah not our minds for the mind has many questions. As we become closer to Allah in our hearts, we eventually find that our mind has no choice but to give up questioning and follow our heart. We become One with God. No longer we have questions. A state of true bliss where everything is seen as Perfection as it comes from One who is Absolutely Perfect.

  2. Dr Edriss from US

    Assalam Alaikom,

    I disagree with darwin brought anything to humanity...

    In it's concept of change depending on time and location, evolution is a phenomena observed by early cavemen... too many books wrote before darwin spoke about changes according to time and location. matter fact, the life itself of anything, is a change in time and location.

    why darwin caught all this attention??? it is the European way of managing their societies: they create reputation to some people just to fullfill some tasks in managing their societies. and darwin was created to get rid from the blindness of the false 'holy men' mentality in his time. beside that, darwin brought ZERO new idea to humanity...maybe he was the first one to write and GET ATTENTION about a phenomena (not theory) already observed...

    as moslems, we are not the attorney general of the Almighty. we have no business to say about the Almighty more than what He said in His last authentic message: AL Qur'aan Al Kareem.

    This is why a True Moslem will not say I know how God Created everything outside what Allah mentioned in the Qur'aan. a True Moslem leaves always a margin to mistakes in human's discoveries thru scientific evidences. a True Moslem knows well he is just a tiny creation of very high unknown number of God's creations, then he will stay away from challenging the Almighty about the way He did or why He did things...

    a True Moslem doesn't live his life blaming Allah for anything he fails to understand. it is enough for a True Moslem to understand few challenges given by the last message Al Qur'aan to fear Allah in everything he does for his whole life.

    according to what Allah said in the Qur'aan, this life is for a test. and this test is given to us(created with fabulous free will). the last chance for satan to missguide us is to require to seek answers to, a chain of unlimited questions, before submiting ourselves to Allah.

  3. AS from United Kingdom

    Sayed, Muslims believe NOT just in this the temporary world, BUT the Akhirah as well. This temporary world is a test & everything is balanced in TOTALITY, as opposed to momentary snapshots e.g. The blind will go straight into Jannah unlike you or I. Allahu'Alim.

  4. sayed from usa

    I agree with most of your opponion.My question is

    if the creater is perfect , why , mankind are made to strugling with genetic deffects such as cancer,altzheimer.... I don't believe that he

    made mistakes when he created mankind.Or are the natural dissaters such as floods and earth quakes part of the harmonical design?

  5. ahmed asgher from bahrain

    23:12 Man We did create from a quintessence (of clay)

    Could this be a chain-link event, thus have a creation from creation to its final form of a human. Yet if Darwin were right we should be able to see the various stages of his theory even to this day.i.e. monkey/man in various percentages of both. Yet some say that we have found such creatures but it seems that such progress stopped abruptly at some stage. Yet there is no account of such progression historically for we would still be physically evolving. Some might say we are!

    In the end this is subject to our beliefs and that is where it should rest. Man is truly evolving in his understanding of this Creation. That much we all agree.

    However, something comes to mind: That to believe there is no Creator behind this Creation is to believe that a huge hurricane went through a junk yard and supersonic jumbo jet came out the other side as an aftermath.

  6. Kashif Shaikh from Canada


    Wonderfully presented if more of us aware of this design and its implications. The better our day to day societal behaviours. Looking forward to more articles of this nature :o)


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