Things to do in Ramadan

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During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk for the entire month, an act that brings joy and contentment to every Muslim who experiences the practice. We pray that this blessed month brings divine blessings to all of us.

This year, Muslims celebrate the month of fasting during some very challenging times. Islam and Muslims are under microscopic investigation. Every day new terms are coined to describe Islam. Sometimes, the believing Muslims are described as radical Islamists and Islamo-fascists. Often, our faith is linked with terror and we are accused of crimes that we ourselves discover when we open the front page of newspapers.

In times of difficulty, our only source of strength is our faith in the absolute power of God. We know that if we have His protection and guidance, we will be able to overcome all the challenges that surround us.

This month of Ramadan is giving us yet one more opportunity to re-dedicate ourselves to the absolute power of the divine and refocus our lives to worshipping Him and Him alone. Each of us can develop an individual plan to benefit from and we can all do something extra to earn some additional grace from God, the Almighty.

Here are a few suggestions that we can look into:

1. Let us make it a habit to visit the mosque as often as possible but atlas once a day with our families.

2. Let us make it a habit to break fast with fellow Muslims in the mosque at least once a week.

3. Let us invite our non-Muslim friends and neighbors to join us in the breaking of our fasts.

4. Let us pool our efforts and resources to feeding the homeless.

5. Let us be extra-generous and donate our money to worthy causes.

6. Let us encourage our children to offer taraweeh prayers with us at the mosque.

7. Let us at least try to complete reading the Quran with meaning once.

8. Let us ensure that we mend our relations with everyone regardless of the mistakes on the part of others.

9. Let us spend some time in seclusion at night praying to the Almighty.

10. Let us ensure that we will not hurt anyone and control our anger in all situations

12. Let us spend more time with our families especially in breaking the fast.

13. Let us make sure that we don't miss our Fajr prayer and pray all the other prayers on time.

14. Let us donate at least one book on Islam to a local library.

15. Let us ensure that we offer Zakat ul Fitr ahead of Eid prayers so that the poor and the needy can make use of it in an appropriate manner.

Let us place our trust in Allah in everything that we do. May Allah accept our ibada.


Dr. Aslam Abdullah is Editor-in-Chief of the Muslim Observer, director of the Islamic society of Nevada, Las Vegas and acting president of the Muslim Council of America, a Washington-based newly formed groups of Muslim activists.

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  1. ikram from KENYA

    Assalami aleikum my muslim brothers and sister .wish Ramadan kareem may ALLAH (SW) be with us in everything we do IN-SHA-ALLAH

  2. ZURAJUDEEN from Nigeria


  3. zaina from kenya

    lets unite like brothers and sisters we share what we have..we just temporary in this duniya so lets love each other life is really too short.wish you all RAMADHAN MUBARAK

  4. Fatima zahara from Nigeria

    Assalam wa alaikum wishin all my fellow muslim brothers&sisters ramadan kareem

  5. Fatima from jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    This is an excellent part of our life this month is the most blessed

    month.... This all points r so important parts of ramadan!!


  6. fatima from karachi

    this is a very good article due to ramadam.He who is fasting is in

    worship even though he is asleep in his bed, unless he backbites a


    The Almighty says, "fasting is for Me, and I reward by it. For he who

    fasts, there are two joys: when he breaks his fast and when he meets

    His Lord, the Mighty and Glorious.



  8. Mirza Al Mahmood from Bangladesh

    I agree with this writings absolutely. May Allah help you.

  9. Zenab from Philipines

    To All my Brothers & Sisters In Allah,

    I'm wishing each and everyone & all the muslim in all over the world A Happy Ramadan... May you all be blessed by Allah our creator that our fasting Inshallah will be acceptable...Remember that whatever has guided us to correct path will not lead mislead us.Ramadan Kareem!! to All

    Best regards,

    Zenab's family

  10. mohamed from EGYPT

    ASLAM ALUKOM WA RAHMAT ALLAH. THANK YOU DR. ASLAM FOR THIS ARTICLE, ASKED ALLAL TO FORGIVE YOU . We must begin this blessed month with repetence to our GOD , then more vocation to ALLAH to fogive us about our mistakes,afterthatwe should mend our relation with all people according to HADITH (ALLAH FORGIVE EVERYONE EXCEPT WHOSE QUARRELING PEOPLE),FINALLY WE MUST RECITE MORE AND MORE "QUR'AN" , MORE PRAYERS"TARAWEH"

  11. Zahro from american

    happy Ramadan to all muslims around the world. I urge you all take full responsibility of your sorroundings. be very carefull of your actions,words,time, money and so on. May allah bless and protect all of you,and may allah honour all of us with jannah. wishing you all much happiness and love and sopport each other as a brother and sister

  12. Kantz from Singapore

    A good reminder...Pt. # 9/ let us spend more time in seclusion at night praying to the Almighty,..Jazakallah khair.

  13. amina from atlanta

    Ramadan moubarak to everyone around the world. May Allah bless you.

  14. mona ali from Pakistan

    being muslims we all should try to take full advantage of this blessed month. we should pray for the progress and prosperity of our country and unity among the muslims. may almighty releive us from our sins. ramadan mubarik to all the viewers

  15. Sharif Ahmed from Bangladesh

    Ramadan Karim to everyone from near and far. Let us ensure that we mend our relations with everyone regardless of the mistakes on the part of others.

  16. Marcus X from USA

    I agree with Iram. We should be ever mindful of our surroundings. This includes that of our environment which we choose to consume. Turn off the radio; pick and choose your music. Insturmentals, classical and sounds that are conducive to thought. Challenging as it may be, we must also refrain from watching the news. Tune out the world.

  17. Iram from England

    In Ramadhan I Think No One Should Listen To Music Because Music Is Misleading A Person And Creating More Sins For Them.

    And This Is A Month To Recitify Your Mistakes.

  18. Tasneem Ali from USA

    Loved your articles..pls print all the time articles to follow our religion as written in your article not just in Ramdan but 24/7 which is the true form.

    I request all the people to understand the teachings of Islam and dont kill your own brothers and sisters whether they are muslim or non muslim. It is up to God to punish them and not us.

  19. yasmin el-rufai from nigeria

    this was a wonderful piece. Simple and concise but really touched my heart.

  20. Sis. Habibah I. Abdul-Shaheed from U.S.A.

    Ramadan Mubarak! I find some of the youth don't understand much of the Arabic when making salat. Saying our salat in English (or other native tongue) helps in weaving the bond necessary to make them, and other friends and family members comfortable, and gives them a sense of wanting to learn & absorb more. It's a challenge, and takes time, but isn't that part of our own growing process? It's our responsibility to bring about mutual understanding!

  21. Babandi A.Gumel from U.K.

    We live our lives only to please Allah and no one else.So this is why Allah says in Hadisi Qudusi " Fasting is for Me and is Me(Allah) that would give the reward".All other actions the Angels write and a person would be given reward accordingly but fasting is exclusively meant for Allah alone and He alone and no one else.He is the one who sees every body.A person can pretend that he is fasting he can deceive people but he cannot deceive his Creator Allah.So this is why I said we do our worship sincerely not for any human being like us but exclusively to the Creator only.May Allah give us taufiq to follow His commandments according to the teachings of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) and accept our Ibadah and all other good deeds including Fasting meant exclusively for Him. Ameen