Transforming Concept of One God

Tawhid is a transforming concept that constitutes the essence of the teachings of Islam. It means that there is only one supreme Lord of the universe. He is omnipotent, omnipresent and the sustainer of the world and of mankind. 

Now can one observe the inexhaustible creativity of nature, its purposefulness, its preservation of that which is morally useful and destruction of that which is socially injurious, and yet fail to draw the conclusion that behind nature there is an all-pervading mind of whose incessant creative activity the processes of nature are but outward manifestations? The stars scattered through infinite space, the vast panorama of nature with its charm and beauty, the regular waxing and waning of the moon, the astonishing harmony of the seasons - all of these point towards one fact: there is a God. We witness a superbly flawless plan in the universe - can it be without a planner? We see great enchanting beauty and harmony in its working can they be without a creator? We observe wonderful design in nature can't be without a designer? We feel a lofty purpose in physical and human existence - can it be without a will working behind it? We find that the universe is like a superbly written, fascinating book - can it be without an author? Truly, God said: 

O, Mankind: worship your Lord, Who created you and those before you, so that you may ward off evil; Who has made the earth a resting place for you, the sky a canopy and Who causes water to pour down from the heavens, thereby producing fruits as food for you. So do not set up rivals to God, when you know better. (Quran 2:21-22) 

This is the basic tenet to which Muhammad asked humanity to adhere. It is an important metaphysical concept and answers the riddles of the universe. It points to the supremacy of law in the cosmos and the all-pervading unity behind the manifest diversity. It presents a unified view of the world and offers the vision of an integrated universe. It is a mighty contrast to the piecemeal views of the scientists and the philosophers and unveils the truth before the human eye. After centuries of groping in the dark, man is now coming to realize the truth of this concept, and modern scientific thought is moving in this direction. 

But it is not merely a metaphysical concept: it is a dynamic belief and a revolutionary doctrine. It means that all men are the creatures of one God and that they are therefore all equal. Any discrimination based on color, class, race, or territory is unfounded and illusory. It is a remnant of the days of ignorance that chained men down to servitude. Humanity is one single family under God, and there can be no sanction for those barriers. Men are one - and not bourgeois or proletarian, white or black, Aryan or non-Aryan, westerner or easterner. Islam gives us a revolutionary concept of the unity of mankind. The Prophet came to unite humanity on the word of God, which says: 

Cling firmly together by means of God's rope, and do not be divided. Remember God's favor towards you when you were enemies; He united your hearts so that you became brothers because of His favor. (Quran 3:103) 

This concept also defines the true position of man in the universe. It says that God is the Creator and the Sovereign, while man is His vicegerent on the earth. This exalts man to the noble and dignified position of being God's deputy on earth and endows his life with a lofty purpose: to fulfill the will of God on earth. This will solve all the perplexing problems of human society and establish a new order wherein equity and justice, as well as peace and prosperity, will reign supreme. 

The starting point of Islam is the belief in the oneness of God (tawhid).

Excerpted from Islam Basic Principles & Characteristics by Professor Khurshid Ahmad

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Older Comments:
Good question Sofia. But you know what? They won't answer you cos this cancer has eaten deep inside of us, that it seems we have reach the point of no return. Wal 'iyazu bil-Allah. Even me comment is not an answer to this question i was just saying something for the sake of sayin something. But i will still ask the question this time shouting WHY DIVIDE INTO SHI'A, SUNNI, SUFI, etc WHILE ALLAH admonished clearly ..wala tafarraqu...DO NOT DIVIDE INTO SECTS.. WHY?

For as long as this divisions will continue for as long the schisms will continue and we will never unite.


" And hold fast all together, by the rope of Allah and be not divided amongst yourselves;......"


"Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputes after recieving clear signs; for them is a grevious penalty"


"Verily this is my way leading straight follow it and follow not (other) paths; they will scatter you about from His path, thus does He command you that ye may be righteous"

And Prophet (SAW) summed it up and gave us what Allah is asking us to hold on to by clearly stating in one of his authentic traditions reported in Bukhari. Paraphrasing; the Prophet said those who followed what he and his sahaba (the companions) are on are the ones on true guidance!

In another hadith he (the Prophet (SAW)) equally said that the best of his umma are his generation and the two subsequent generations after. So we follow (and copy) the way they do islam we follow the rope of Allah and thereby attain the felicitations Allah promised His obedient servants. And it is a well known fact even to the dumbest of the dumb that those generations did nothing like sufism, shi'ism, sunnism etc what they did was islam in its purest form and they left their teachings for us to copy so that we may prosper. May allah guide and help us to reflect and turn around to that path that is straight unto Him, ameen.

My hats off to Simon for being honest and frank in his view. We
Muslims are no better than this. We are divided all over the world
instead of being united for any just cause. Why blame others?
Nevertheless Allah will bring the world to justice when we will fail.
This blasphemy has been going since dawn of human era but truth
will prevail that is ONE God/Allah

The critical questions that we Muslims --who believe in Tawheed as the most fundamental concept and essence of our Deen--should ask ourselves:

When we fragment the Muslim Ummah, that is the concept of Oneness of Humanity(which is, in fact, an extension of the concept of Oneness of the Creator) and label ourselves as Sunni, Shia, Salafi, Wahabi, Sufi, or as Saudi, Kuwaiti, Iranian, Pakistani, Indian, etc., have we not violated Tawheed? And, if we are violating Tawheed, can we call ourselves Muslims?


You know, Simon Frey, I am only suppose to post comment on the article in this `Post your comment' column. I could not help my self, but use this section, to congratulate you on your comments.

In fact your comment applies to people from all religion. Unfortunately, we live in a such materialistic world, that Money has become prime object of worship. It does not matter how one earns the money, so long it fills & over fills one's bank account.

I did not have good laugh today until I read your comment. Thanks again, Simon.

The shaitan believes in dividing and conquering. Aren't we letting him?

Our Christian-Judeo culture is richer in that we have many Gods, you only have one. We worship money, land, oil and our easy lives. We would die before we allow anything to disrupt this easy way of life. Can we imagine ourselves not being able to afford at least 2 gas guzzling cars, nice homes, vacations, kids in good schools and stocked supermarkets, barbeque and beer and football on weekends. You see these comforts are our Gods. You have to understand this. When Bush talks about national security, this is what he means, threat to our easy way of life. Can you imagine any of the government officials peddling a bike to work ? Or survive on 1 or 2 meals a day and good grief! what no snacks in between ? For us this is heaven, because we sort of doubt if there is another. Even if there is a heaven and hell, I don't think we are exactly prime candidates for heaven. Our brothers the Jews, in their devoted worship of their zion Gods, Money and Power, have ensured that the Christian lives we lead here in the US and Europe are firmly entrenched in credit and borrowing - and the lender in every case, directly or indirectly is a Jew. You see this is a win-win situation. We Christians keep on consuming and buying on credit which the Jews extend us through the many banks and services and investments. Then we also take some of this money and donate it to Israel to help our poor wretched hungry victimized Jewish brothers in Israel who have been starving and living in poverty while the rich bad Palestinians are living in luxuary like kings. And Hizbollah's horrible 3000 foot rockets have completely destroyed Israel so we must donate more to Israel and hence we must borrow more from our Jewish credit benefactors. So when you see the teary eyed bawling Jewish commercials begging for money, please give with open hearts. God forbid the world stops accepting US dollars for oil, the money tap financing our many wars would be turned OFF. Oh God ! there go our Gods, down the drain.