Why I decided to submit?

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I accept that I cannot control the events that occur in my life or in the lives of others.

Islam is the only religion that communicates total submission to our Creator, the Creator of all people and of all things. As a Muslim I know that everything I do first begins with an intention and then I must transform that intention into an effort in order to carry out what has already been decreed. This wisdom defines my path to be a better person to myself, my family, my community and to all of my brothers and sisters here on earth. 

In essence Allah (the one God) opened my heart, Islam gave me the direction, and now I live to serve out the guidance lent by my Creator for happiness here on earth and if Allah wills, in the hereafter. 

While religion is a resource to help guide ourselves to good behavior through our spirituality, there is no prerequisite that it should be far fetched in mental comprehension. I am a recent convert. Catholicism is the religion followed by my forefathers. At the age of 14, I refused the trinity concept and narrowed what I saw as a complicated tale of 'three in one' down to 'two in one' and started attending a Baptist church. Throughout my life, I have searched for understanding, but when it came to my faith I truly was confused about why God would come as a human being and would allow himself to die for the sins of only those privileged enough to believe in his (or his son's) crucifixion. I found this explanation extravagant and shared my doubts with pastors and scholars who gave every effort to communicate the Christian belief to my understanding. I asked myself: "Why would my religion need to be so complex?" When I reached adulthood, I decided to make it very simple. There was just one, our Creator and that was it. No other explanation could rationally make sense.

I see Islam as a religion that came to clarify the errors of human beings who changed the original word of God to fit their interests. Islam is simple: God is God. God created us and we worship God and God alone. God sent Moses , Jesus , and Mohammed to deliver his message to guide all people. In Islam, Jesus is the only prophet who never died which is why he is the only messenger who will come back before the Day of Judgment to lead the people of the books: [the Torah, the Injeel (Bible) the book of Psalms and the Quran]. The Quran is the final book that has never been altered to fit the changing interest of people throughout history.

Islam confirms that you are not awarded passage into heaven just because you say you are Muslim. And you may not go straight to heaven just because you believe that God is monotheistic. You go to heaven based on your intentions and actions following the message taught to us by the messengers themselves and confirmed by the original books of God. Heaven is not an exclusive club for those who merely follow what their fathers taught them. Instead it is your responsibility, especially as a Muslim, to constantly search for truth, understanding and to read and think. After reading every chapter in the Quran twice and taking detailed notes, I believe that this masterpiece could only have come from my Creator. Without a doubt the author of this book knows more about me than I know about myself. 

It is no secret that Islam is seriously misunderstood and disliked by many here in my homeland, the United States. My conversion to this "controversial" religion has my family and friends puzzled. It is my sincere belief that Allah led me to Islam by enhancing my passion in exploring unfamiliar perspectives through foreign travel. I have a genuine interest in building bridges with all people everywhere rather than promoting my own ideology as the only system that can work for all people. 

While culture shock is a mild term to express the drastically different life styles of Muslims in the Middle East, I saw great beauty in the generosity of people, the cohesiveness of families and the immediate acceptance of a girl so foreign in her ways. Even so, in the present I face a culture shock within my own predominantly Middle Eastern Muslim community. I do understand the challenges a Muslim born into their religion faces to dissect their own culture within it. After finding myself in Islam, I am able to adhere to the teachings supported by the Quran and Hadiths while also managing to bypass the cultural manifestations taught by Muslims born into their religion. Islam is multi-cultural and is a system that can be adopted in any environment at any point in time. 

I can confidently say that if Allah had not breathed Islam into my soul, I would have never found Angela. Well, today, here I am: Angela, a Muslim American: the soul who persistently searched for her Creator and has found the Creator of all that is in the universe and beyond, in Islam.

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  1. Nafiu Uba Bunkure. from Nigeria.

    Alhamdulillah, sister i am welcoming u 2 d great religion and d only religion beside Allah(God) that is ISLAM. I hope u will keep practice of what u wil learn from this religion base on Qur'an and Hadith.

  2. mussa from tanzania

    i have read and listened to what Angela is talking about. Her words are too educative. For sure she talks the truth of what Islsm is.May Allah enable her post more educative articles

  3. Mubtadi Jasim Iman from Indonesia

    Assalaamu'alaikum Wr Wb.

    I say to Allah swt (subkhanahu wata'alaa), that miss Angela collin enter to Islam, so she is my sister in faith, this more than sister in blood.

    Many statement in Al-Qur'qn "that brotherhood in Islam is like a building part of the building suport each other, if one part broken the otyer are follow. Wss Wr Wb.

  4. imran from sri lanka

    salam, can i have angelas e.mail address please, i would luv to talk with her about islam, if she has any questions regarding islam, i advice her refer to dr zakir nayik, he can logically answer any question on islam.

  5. faisal sahar from Saudi Arabia

    I want to personally communicate with her and ask from her the reason she converted to islam. There must be a solid reason to convert her to Islam. Please if you assist me by giving me her email the i will be thankfull because i have to know the actual reason plus i have to post the reason to my website so more will come to islam.

  6. Lynn from America

    What English version of the Quran do you read? I would really like to read about Islam. When I married my husband in 2005 he told me that he was a Muslim and now (at the moment) I am living in the Middle East. With all of my in-laws talking about Islam, they said that it is very hard for them to translate the Quran to me because they know very little English. My husband knows English very well, but sometimes struggles to translate the Quran to me. I would really love to read it and understand it. Would you mind telling me what English version you are reading? Also I have a question...How did you find the courage to tell your family? Weren't you afraid that they would disown you or they would think that you turned your back on God? How did you explain to them in a way they could understand why you did what you did? Anything you can tell me would be great. I hope I can hear back from you. God bless you.

  7. Lynn from USA

    What English version of the Quran do you read? I would really like to read about Islam. When I married my husband in 2005 he told me that he was a Muslim and now (at the moment) I am living in the Middle East. With all of my in-laws talking about Islam, they said that it is very hard for them to translate the Quran to me because they know very little English. My husband knows English very well, but sometimes struggles to translate the Quran to me. I would really love to read it and understand it. Would you mind telling me what English version you are reading? Also I have a question...How did you find the courage to tell your family? Weren't you afraid that they would disown you or they would think that you turned your back on God? How did you explain to them in a way they could understand why you did what you did? Anything you can tell me would be great. I hope I can hear back from you. God bless you.

  8. Araman Amru from Malaysia


    A very brave move spreading da'wah to all your fellow

    non-Muslim & Muslim around the world on television. Especially after the devastating 9/11.

    Must have gone through tough time since your convert. But I can see you're a strong American woman. Judging by your article, it shows your level of intellect.

    What I can possibly see, is that you will go through a jihad to correct the misconception of Islam, even to the Muslim.

    May Allah help you along the journey.

    Islam has a new sword (like Khalid ibn Al-Walid). And she is as beautiful as a Muslim woman can be.

    Allah is great.

  9. Roland van Brugge from Netherlands

    The ways people come to Islam ..amazing..yet so extremely confusing.

    Why would anyone convert to Islam knowing right from wrong as you do/did?

    Did you just feel that because you have difficulty in understanding the Holy Trinity or Christian theology that you also felt the need to abandon basic teachings of human dignity,civilization,love and compassion?

    I won't deny i am as anti-Islam as they get. (which should not translate as anti-Muslim because Muslims come in different shapes and sizes)

    But supposedly we started out somewhere similar, picking up the Qu'ran and reading and yet we come to completely different conclusions about this religion.

    How do you feel about men marrying multiple or underage wives? How do you feel about not being allowed to refuse sex to your husband?That he is allowed to beat you? How do you feel about segration of the sexes in society? How do you feel about not being allowed to travel alone without a male being present?

    How do you feel about your testimony being worth half that of a man in court? How do you feel about hacking people hands off for stealing? How do you feel about lashing or stoning people who commit zina or adultery? What about the discrimination towards Christians and Jews (Jizya tax/humiliation) ? Not to even mention people who believe there is no God at all or multiple Gods or whatever.How do you feel about the fact you can never abandon or convert out of Islam now that you are in? How do you feel about the genocide of Jewish men and boys of Banu Qurayza and the enslavement of there woman? How do you feel about slavery in general? How is it possible you believe that right hand possesions can be raped?

    I clearly get a sense that you are a very spiritual person, but i have difficulty in understanding how one can suggest the things i mention are from a All Mighty creator when they are all so clearly unjust and evil and also in clear contradiction with all previous religious scripture supposedly from the same

  10. sajid abdullah from U..A..E


    Dear Sister Angella

    Praise be to ALLAH, the Creator of the Universe, and all that contains in it, the Sustainer of live, the Provider, and the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate.

    I cannot find words to explain how I am feeling about my great religion Islam, about you, your courage to convet to islam facing many challenges of society and your own religin in the way.All I can say that you will inspire many other seeking truth to come to the fold of Islam and pray to ALLAH that you may continue to receive HIS Blessings, Guidance and HIS Rahmah and Baraqah. May god Reward you Jannatulfirdaus


    Your Brother in Islam,


  11. SARA from USA


  12. STZ from USA

    Another testimoy to the fact that:

    If anybody search for truth, he/she will eventually find it and Allah will guide them. How true is the promise of Allah!

  13. abdurrahman shakur from america

    angela, your posting is very affective on any peron muslim or non muslim, i felt as if i had personally written that, but as a muslim we are to belive in all books of scripture, and that which is verified by the quran is not to be argued. in the bible there are numerous nabi's mentioned to have ben taken up to ALLAH (swt) without death outside of isaa (pbuh). the old testament mentions 3 for sure , at the very start of the bible "ALLAH" brings to himself one of his nabi's also to mention later elisha, and elija. as a muslim you have to believe this to be treu due to you believe that HE brouht isa unto HIMSELF. i truely am blessed to see that young converts are educating themselves to islam for i myself am a convert and may ALLAH continue to bless you, RAMADAHN MUBARAK

  14. Shafie from USA

    MashAllah. What a beautiful story and a beautiful sister. We need more young Americans like her to come up ,share their stories and make a big difference.

  15. Norlinda from Malaysia

    I've always loved reading stories about reverts. They are so inspiring, they are touching and, at the same time, they make you feel embarrased and envious, such that they make you want to strive into becoming a better Muslim. Alhamdulillah.

  16. Jamshed (khalid) Akbar from Australia

    May Allah(swt) reward you for you good deeds and May Allah (swt) reward you for inspiring a born muslim like me. We as born muslims sometimes take our beutiful deen for granted. And when we hear an inspiring story like our sister's, we realise that truly ALLAH(swt) has blessed us with this beautiful deen. Truly our success is in Islam.

    JazakAllah Khair sister.

    May ALLAH grant all of us entry into Jannat Firdaus.

  17. abdul El Alaoui from Morocco

    Dear sisters and brothers,

    I read your article as well as I watched an interview of you.I really being impressed.You do really choose the right path.I beseech my Allah to bless us all.Islam is so so a very great faith because it's the truth .

  18. Shishani from Jordan

    Be for last night I didn't know who is Angela Collins!

    But after I saw her on Al Jazeera Tv, she looked like an angel with

    The Islamic (hejab) !

    Today I searched her name by Google and here I am !

    I am trying to say that I was in USA be for and you don't know how

    The American people so kind with open mind and believe me there many

    Of like Angela Collins searching for the truth and Angela was so lucky

    To hear (Al Azan ) and from there she got the line! And hope from Allah

    To let the others find that line and to know how great is Islam !for us the Chechen

    People we came from Chechnya and left our heaven lands only to be feel and live

    With that great religion !

    For you Angela Allah protect you and give you more and more inspiration

    And faith to let you tell the other's there about the real Islam!

    Issam Shishani

  19. Basil Al-Nakeeb from Iraqi Resident in Kuwait

    I saw an interview of Angella Collins tonight on Al-Jazzira. She was inspiring. I was taken by her inner peace. I pray that we would all be similarly blessed and find ourselves.

  20. Kris from Malaysia

    Assalamualaikum wrbt.

    Praise be to ALLAH, the Creator of the Universe, and all that contains in it, the Sustainer of live, the Provider, and the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate.

    To sister Angela, I pray to ALLAH that you may continue to receive HIS Blessings, Guidance and HIS Rahmah and Baraqah.


    Your Brother in Islam,


  21. Hyat Ghadban from Canada

    Spoken like a true believer. I got to tell you I was born a Muslim but did not follow it until my mom died thats when God opened my heart and with his beautiful grace I am a better person now I look at others differently and I see the world from a different window. Islam is really a misunderstood religion. May Allah shine his grace on all humanity so they too can see Islam as we do.

  22. Rubina Munir from New York

    Salaam, i read your article and all i want to say is that you have choosed the right path and Welcome to the islamic world and i pray that Allah bless us all with his blessings

  23. ahmed asgher from bahrain

    There is only One God and when a person understands this concept then all else falls into place. We come here to be close to each other and thus by doing so, we fulfil God's promise to love one another, thereby acknowledging His divine gift given to all of mankind through His chosen Prophets and Messengers. Question is then: Can we all accept each other for the glory of One God or forevet carry on this childish banal and stubborn streak that my God is better than yours. Read my words: There is only One God and He is the God of ALL Creation. Now we can refer to OT, NT and Quran and even all other religious books to find the common bond between us. This is the age to let go of hard core beliefs and think with the heart that knows the language of love for that is what ALL prophets did to communicate with God.

  24. Manna from Canada

    Sister Angela. Welcome. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. You have a good spirit and as long as it remains so, Allah will continue to guide it closer and closer to the Ultimate Truth and to Him. Somehow, your soul has made a distinction between Islam and muslims and this is the path to Truth. As muslims, we are human too and we make mistakes and unfortunately, sometimes, we do so in the name of our religion. Stay close to God, He will never let you down. I am inspired by your story and thank you very much for sharing it. Be strong and hold on to your faith. You have indeed grasped the firm handhold that will never break. Peace....

  25. Auliya from Canada

    AsSalaam alykum Sisters and Brothers

    i sit as tears run down my cheeks Al Hamdu LiLah ;

    i pray Allah cause us be guided a right unto Him amidst the company of His Holy Prophet Muhammad swas in our lives to come . In sha Allah Sub han Allah

  26. Fatima from London

    Assalam Aleikum dear

    May Allah bestow his mercy and guidiance to all of us.Angela please follow strictly the Quran-Worlds of Almighty,the hadith and the Sunnah of our beloved prophet and dont follow what other muslim do and with that nothing can make you doubt your religion. Welcome to the only guided religion of GOD.


  27. Lila from Indonesia

    Mash'Allah...Mash'Allah, Allah blessed you sist. As i knew there are so many American muslims that in some hard times in U.S. Let Allah guides you and follow the path of our prophet Muhammad SAW.

  28. Zinedine from Morocco

    Salaamu alaikum,

    Kudos to Angela for her bravery and good choice!

    To Steven: Yes the articles of faith must be simple because they are meant primarilly to address issue that concern common men & women more than the elite & the philophers.

    In fact I have a simple question for you : If Jesus is son of God why did he call himself son of man???

  29. muhamed bkh from USA

    Asalam Angela,

    Your piece was great,and i like it.Infact i have watched some of your interviews and they are great too........congratulations.well done in writting this educative piece of work,I wish u all the best,and great success in all ya endeavours.


  30. Saeed Khan from USA

    Welcome to Islam My dear Sister.May Allah continue to guide you on your journey towards Him.

  31. Um Sarah from USA

    Alhamdulillah and SubhanAllah!! and congratulations to you. you have found the truth and you are so very fortunate. We welcome you with open arms. Islam is a way of life. Those who submit to the will of Alalh it brings peace into their hearts.

  32. shittu from nigeria

    thanks 4 d emminent work that u are doing up there,may Allah in his infinite mercy continue to add more powertour elbow [amen]i wamttoextend my warth greetings to d convert and also tell them that,they should try and disseminate d message[islam] to thier relative,bcos the prophet[saw]said ,,the best among those who talk,is d one who calls to the golden part of Allah.i wouldnt mind to be an e=mail friend toany of them, [email protected] maaa salam

  33. Ashraf from Philippines

    Alhamdulillah! Masha-Allah!

    I just love reading your piece, very sound and so true...Shukran.

    May Allah Bless us more, Insha-Allah.



  34. swdr from usa

    Allah swt has invited you to the religion of clarity and common sense, Welcome. I raise my hands in prayer for you to have the best in this life and in paradise, Ameen. You are a winner!

  35. Sadiq

    Al-Hamdulillah sister Angela for embracing Islam. What a great awakening for you, Al-Hamdulillah! I am very happy for you that you have experienced and are trying to maintain the peace within by establishing a connection with your Creator.

  36. maryah from usa

    Asalaam alaikum sister:

    Jazakallah khair sister, for the Breath of fresh air!

  37. Rais Ahmed Farooqui from Bombay (INDIA)

    Dear Sister Angela,


    I am highly pleased to read your article "Why I decided to submit" and thank you for bringing your experiences to IslamiCity. Alhamd-u-lillah, you have set an example to those who are seeking guidance, researching and changing their lives as per the frames laid down by the Creator Allah subhana-w-ta'ala (the Manufacturer), the Quran (Booklet) and the Prophet Mohammed SAW (the Enginner), who are responsible for delivering Deen (the product) to the total satisfaction of Ummah (the customers).


    Your Brother,

    Rais Ahmed Farooqui

  38. Omar from USA

    Barak Allahu Feek, ya Sister Angela. Jazakum Allahu Khairan for the excellent article and sharing your thoughts and life experience with us. I hope that insha'Allah you will write more! All praise and glory to our Creator Allah (SWT) who guides whom He will to the truth of Islam.

  39. Rashilah Ismail from USA

    Dear Angela, May Allah bless you. I am so happy for you. You found what you have been searching for. I am sad about my friend who was born muslim but that had become history. She changed her name to Angela and now is a chiristian. her reason: she wants a carefree life. I wish she reads your article. May Allah open her heart to Islam again, Insha Allah.


    Alhamdu lillah for accepting the religion of Allah and the only religion as described in the Holy Quran

  41. shettima kyari barma from nigeria

    A very good write up by our dear sister Angela.Its a good understanding of what Islam is all about.Iwish other non muslim sister will read this article and understnd the true meaning of Islam.Sister may GOD bless you.Amin.

  42. Abdul Rahim from Singapore

    Alhamdullillah, to sister Angela who has found what most of us even the born-muslims are looking for.

  43. Sabrina from USA

    Angela, what an inspiration you are to me. I'm so glad that you have found Islam and am proud of the commitment that you've made to study Islam. I was born a Muslim and am living in US. I've been very frustrated with the misconceptions prevalent in this country and am hoping that there are more people like you who are willing to put aside all the prejudices and find the truth in Islam. Like you I'm an avid student of the religion and am always learning new things. All the best to you and Assalam mualaikum.

  44. Steven from USA

    This is a response to Kamran Ansari's statement about the "Son of God". The reason Jesus is referred to as "Son of God" is because he is a part of God Himself. While Adam was created by god from nothing, he was made apart from God, not a part of God. He was made completely 100 percent Human. He did not have healing powers or could walk on water. Christ on the other hand, was a part of God sent down to save us and restore a relationship between us and our Father. John 17:24 says :"Father, I want these who you've given me to be with me, so they can see my glory. You gave me the glory because you loved me even before the world began." Christ is basically making it known that He was with God before the beginning of the world. If its hard to understand what I'm saying then i would suggest going to http://www.CRI.com and asking them for more information. Also I noticed that lots of Muslims try to push the fact that Islam is right because its simple. Truth is not always simple otherwise we wouldn't be debating it all the time. Don't base your beliefs on which religion is simple base it on which on has the most evidence for believing. Thank you. Feel free to contact me if you wish to have a proper conversation about it.

  45. Emi from USA

    Dear Angela

    I am very happy for you.You will find so much more in Isliam as you go.Allah and the quran will be with you in time that you will need them most.(thay were there for me and still are) I have a friend who wants to convert and I wiil help her to find the way like you did and find the peace in isliam love Emi

  46. Inayat Ullah from Japan

    To my sister Angela Collins

    I am so glad to hear that you have found

    Tha Right Path of Eman. I congradulate you.

    All Mighty All may bless you and strenthen your


    I will recommend you one website for your Islamic learning .Please visit this site, you will find a great treasure of knowledge here in English. http://www.minhaj.org

    Thank you.

  47. Kamran Ansari from United States

    To Raghunath Dahal: Dear Raghunath, I am quoting from your post -

    "The other sons who are born by the will of the flesh from the lineage of Adam cannot be called begotten of God... Y'Shuah the Messiah is the only man begotten of God and called the only begotten Son of God"

    If your criteria for a person to be called the "son of God" is the miraculous birth like that of Jesus, who was born without any male intervention, then here are a couple of points you might want to consider.

    1. God created Eve from Adam (we Muslims believe that Eve was created from the backbone of Adam). That's like creating a being from a male, without any female intervention! Is the creation of a being without male intervention more miraculous, or without female intervention more miraculous? Anyone with a little common sense would agree that birth without female intervention is more miraculous. Then doesn't that make Eve more worthy of being a child of God than Jesus?

    2. God created Adam OUT OF NOTHING!!! No male or female intervention. Now that's even more miraculous than the creation of Eve and Jesus. Doesn't that make Adam more worthy of being called the "Son of God"??

    Simple argument, but if this doesn't get you thinking, then you just have a blind faith in the religion you profess my friend! I implore you to read Qur'an at least once, and see the simplicity and beauty of its arguments. Most of the Christian reverts to Islam have come to accept it because they don't have to trade Jesus with Muhammad - rather, they come to find the truth about Jesus who they love so dearly in the Holy Qur'an.

    I have looked into many religious scriptures, without the fear of losing my Hereafter. If one is indeed in search of truth, there is no doubt that God will guide him to it if indeed he is sincere. It won't help to keep levelling charges against Islam and Muslims without first educating yourself as to what their scripture says. So why not read it once, may be just for academ

  48. cassim from uk

    My heartfelt congratulations to Angela on her enlightenment. I was born a muslim and have no idea if I could have waded through all the lies and deceit to accept Islam. You are a better person than I am.

    The point that is made regarding the differences between the cultural and Islamic influences in Muslim countries is an important one. There are many muslims and non-muslims who are justly repelled by the actions of some muslims who claim that there practices are part of Islam, e.g honour killings, forced arranged marriages, depriving a daughter of educational fulfillment, mistreatment of wives and children by muslim men, dictatorial regimes, censorship of different political ideas and of scientific developments, banning of contraception and so on. The list almost seems endless.

    It is heartbreaking that so many muslims fail to make even a notional attempt to understand their own religion. How many muslims are there who have never read the Qur'an in a language that they understand?

    Angela makes a very important point about not accepting the belief system that you were brought up in and not taking everything at face value. Wasn't it Imam Ghazali who said that true faith starts with doubt? Each muslim should question his or her belief in Islam. Is it true? Why is it true? These questions should not be feared. It is only by this path that we can appreciate how great a religion Islam is; its profound beauty is awe inspiring. We have the greatest book as our guide, the Qur'an. We have the greatest human being as our example, Muhammad. What more do we need?

    Let the rest of the world keep their money, we have the truth.

  49. Khuram from Pakistan

    Angela u have said soo many good and reall things that i cant even find a word from my mind to say anything..

    just would say that may Allah bless u happiness in and after of ur life and may Allah bless u a good health.. and may Allah keep u on the right path of islam..

    Allah Hafiz.

  50. Yahya Bergum from USA

    As Allah willed! Surely, all those who in are submission to God (Allah) worship God alone. Also, within the Gospel, Jesus (upon whom be peace) plainly stated that God alone is good.

    And what part did God's mortal messengers (upon whom be peace) have in creating the universe? By the will of God, the Creator, we exist. To God we return.

    May peace be upon you. Ameen.

  51. najia from Afghanistan

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah this article was so good. Subhan'Allah that such a person was guided to the right religion by Allah(swt).

  52. Peter from USA

    While I am a Catholic myself (and teeter on the edge, so to speak) I would like to applaud Angela's article and her spiritual quest. You are a brave person. I think that having a strong belief and relationship with God is much more important than adhering to a religion that does not speak or work for you. I hope that some day I can find my way as you have.

  53. Ja'afar Othman from Nigeria

    Assalamu alaikum,

    I find Sister Angela's article not only an expression of my thoughts for a very long time, but very educating, infact it helps me expain my own conviction to the religion of Islam eventhough I am a born Muslim.May Allah continue to guide us to the truth.

  54. Anam from U.S

    Asalaam o alaikum, sister this was an amazing article...it makes a person think how lucky we are to have islam to guide us..and we should pray for the misguided ones to wake up b4 its too late...e-mail me if u can...asalaam o alaikum

  55. Amina from Germany

    I really like this article because it speaks right out of my soul. I myself am a recent convert and face some difficulties with family and friends due to my decission to submit to our one God. My reasons for converting are simular to Angela's and i find it fascinating that so many of us are following the call of Allah to find Him and to find ourselfs in the process. I love Islam because of its unchanged simplicity to worship and to follow Gods will in every way. There is no confusion about what is written in the Quran and that is why i have chosen this path, even though I encounter great hostilities and pain along the way. Thank you Angela for a great artikle that encouraged me and surly many others as well.

  56. Ash from Canada

    When I read such stories I wonder to myself: how proud must our Al-Mighty Creator be of people such as Angela Collins. In my short life and with my feeble brain I have tried so desperately and passionately to convince certain individuals of the Truth. Not just Christians or Jews but some of my own family members. It is not a miracle that a Catholic surrounded by Catholics finds Islam, it is logically deductible.

    Once all prejudice, impatience and ego are put aside, I've realized, the true journey begins-- the journey towards Truth. Although I was born into a Muslim family, I have only within the last few years begun to understand and appreciate the underlying ideals and values of Islam. I have always believed in God, but I have not always worshipped Him in the precise manner by which He demands. This is really the point because the issue of transgression is the issue of people worshipping Allah as they see fit, not in His disbelief.

    If I could chat with sister Collins I would congratulate her for manifesting a high level of truth within her life. But she does not need me to acknowledge her righteousness nor her purity, after all, her gift is with her Lord, and I rejoice in what inshallah lies ahead of her in the next life for it not only confirms my own beliefs but it inspires me to act for the sake of inshallah sharing a potentially similar fate.


  57. Abdul khabir kakar from Afghanistan

    Sister Angela assalamulaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    welcome to islam u have really chosen the right oath for ur salvation keep it up u will never be sorry hope u try to encourage ur family and other colleagues as well.

    once again welcome Allah bless u

  58. fazal ghani kakar from Afghanistan

    Respected sister in Islam assalamualikum wa rahmatullah

    Actually i myself and other brothers and sisters who are conacted to alfajr islamic center congratulate you for ur courageous decision to join the holy religion of islam, yes of course you have chosen the path that u will never regret.

    may Allah (swt) accept this from u and keep u alife for the service of islam with honored life for so long and bless u with his mercy in hereafter.

    the story of u will be translated to pashto and dari languages and published in our monthly magazine.

    wassalm alikum

    ur bro. fazal ghani kakar

  59. Elma Muratovic from USA

    Dear Angela, I am from Bosnia and am a muslim too.I have absolutely enjoyed reading your column on how you found yourself.I am happy that your soul has found it's place in religion.As I can see through your description of things you are a wonderful person.Through your story i have begun to look up to you.More kinda of like a older sister or idol.Thank you very much for sharing your story ,I will make sure to pass it to others in school to read about such an inspiring person as you are.I wish you the best and may ALLAH be with you!

  60. Jaris from singapore

    Angela, I am glad you saw thru the purity of Islam void of all the negative cultural attachments that you normally see in the media. It is unfortunate that Islam is portrayed in the media as associated with many of the cultural negatives in many Islamic countries. These countries mixed their negative cultural norms with Islam and allowed the world to view it as one. Sometimes growing up as a Muslim in a non Islamic country brings purity in the understanding of our religion.

    May Allah be with you always.

  61. Mohammad Haris Syed from England

    salam-u-alaikum. I have a question for the italian sister, frederica. how is Islam growing in Italy? Italy is perhaps the world center of christianity, so I am interested in knowing how italians feel about Islam. Salam!

  62. amina adam awad from Somalia

    assalaamu alaykum sister. Alhamdulillah you found the truth while you still have a chance. I hope and pray that your family and all others find it before it is too late. One point I would like to raise is that even borne muslims some of them need to look for the truth the way I did by reading the Quran. May Allah's mercy be upon you sister Angela.

  63. Raghunath Dahal from Bhutan

    I am posting the last para of my previous comments as it went incomplete then.

    Dear Angela, you are bold to question why God needs different forms and representations when He is All-powerful and able to do everything Himself. How do you understand the need for the services of Moses to lead Israelites from Egypt to Palestine (then called Canaan)? The people were not lead by the power of Moses but of God Himself who cannot be seen by any natural man. Y'Shuah (Jesus) is like unto Moses (visible representation of invisible God) leading people at present to the Father's House - much, much, incomprehensibly better than rich and self-sufficient physical Canaan. ....

  64. leojie paba from Indonesia

    Masya Allah, Subhanallah, only for Him we must prostration and to him we will back.

    after read your article, i'm proud and impression that you have to come round for your self.

    may Allah bless you and given direction to yr self and yr family.

    Wass, Leojie PABA

  65. Imran Alam from USA

    An "Intellectual Transformaton"

    Welcome Sister Angela and others to Islam (Your natural birth right)

    Conversion word is used for people who changed their religion by means of proseltizing. After reading your article, sounds like you have searched, thought and comtemplated at a great deal.

    In the words of Maulana Wahidudding Khan, a world renowned and respected Muslim scholar and thinker from India, your coming to Islam is an "Intellectual Transformation."

    See another great website http://www.alrisala.org for his thought provoking articles.

  66. Rayan Al-Labban from Lebanon

    I would like to congratulate you sister Angela for your conversion. I am a muslim from Lebanon and I was born one and it is pitiful to see other born Muslims not taking advantage of that great gift and learning more about their religion. While others (non-muslims) are looking for the truth many muslims in my community are taken with this life and its fantasies. I pray to Allah (3azza wa jal) to lead Umet Seyuduna Mohammad Salla Allah 3leyh wa Salem to the right path and to guide and help every person searching for the truth in finding what is right and that is Islam. Al7amdulilah Rabil3alameen and please do not forget me in your prayers.

  67. Cely Salgado from Philippines

    This is for Angela-the muslim American

    Dear Angela,

    I also converted to Islam about just a year ago,and all u have said was all like whats on my mind that I always want to express whenever my christian family and friends asked me why I converted to Islam. The time I was reading your msge I feel very much touch to all your words,u express whats inside me.I am so proud of you my sister.I wish you good luck.

  68. Ahmed Asgher from Bahrain

    This is for Raghunath Dahal and anyone else who cares to search for the truth.

    Firstly you call us 'Mohammadans'. This is very wrong because no Muslim worth his name calls himself a "Mohammedan" - please stop repeating that and lean to show some respect and knowledge because by calling us 'Mohammedan' you show your own ignorance.

    Mohammad pbuh, was only a man who was chosen by God to become a prophet, just like Jesus pbuh was. The reason we do not take to being called Mohammedan is exactly because we do not wish to worship a human being like you do. If Jesus was not of flesh, how come he was born of flesh. Did he not eat, sleep, etc. all the stuff that a flesh needs. Besides if Jesus is the only path to God then you have to throw away your own Torah (Old Testament) because, by such logic, all the previous prophets will not go to Heaven. We are talking about Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Issac, and the rest. How can you account for that?

    Abraham's first born was Ismael. In the Jewish tradition/religion the first born receives ALL. therefore the Convenant God made with Abraham should be bestwoed on Ismael according to Jewish Law. Still, why argue with such nonesense, becuase as Muslims we believe the Convenant was for all of Abrahams children BUT on condition that they obeyed God and remained pious, otherwise no logical person would accept that reward is for all. Take any faculty in life, the ones who get rewarded are the ones who pass the test. We even put the bad ones in prison. In some countries they even kill the bad ones!!

    As for Jesus v. Mohammad, please try reading this website:


    There is only ONE GOD - the ship with three captain will assuredly sink!

    GOD belss us all and may HE lead us to HIS true path, "not the path of those who are accursed nor of those who went stray."

  69. Steven

    First of all, I applaud your decision to find the truth, we all need the truth but there are two questions I wish to pose to you. Number one the first reason you give for believing in Islam is because it is simple. One God, that's it. We all wish to know the truth of God, but does that mean that the truth will be easy. Please do not except a belief because its simple. The second question is this. You claim that Christ will come and take up followers of the Bible and the Qu'ran, but that cannot happen if the Bible and Qu'ran teach different messages. The Bible is very exclusive in its teachings and there is nothing in it that says there will be another book that you need to study as well. The Bible that all the truth is in it and so does the Qu'ran. So how can it be that both books will lead to the right God. It has to be one or the other please think about this and respond to me if you wish. I pray that you will discover the truth.

  70. Idris Bankston from USA

    As salaamu alaikum,

    I too am a newcomer to Islam.

    It has been 4 years since I took my shahadah.

    Some people view Islam as complex.....I

    view Islam as a way of life. This article really

    says a lot that I have trouble with verbalizing.

    Sometimes I'll feel un-Islamic. At those times

    I'll open my Quran to any given page.....and it

    seems that I am guided by Allah.....the page

    that I open to is consistent with what my

    thoughts are at that particular time. I find

    answers to questions that I have, without

    asking them. Alhamdulilah! May Allah bless

    you, Angela and all those who are faithful.

    Peace and Blessings

  71. L Alahem from USA

    Mash Allah sister. You hit many nails on the head. Being the daughter of a catholic and pentacolstal christian, I made the same journey as you, and came to the same end. La illaha il allah, there is only one God.

    The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, Jesus, it is the same. The message is the same, over and over and over again, be we refuse to see.

    May Allah continue to guide you.

  72. Zinedine from Morocco

    Salaamu alaikum,

    Maasha Allah, bravo & Allahu akbar for every wind that blows, for every bird that flies & for every rain that drops...& for every leaf that falls...

    Dear Laurie Burgess, if you only felt the beauty of Imaan & the Truth of Islam, the kings & queens & the billionaires of this planet will envy you.

    If you only knew that Islam is planet earth's first religion & that God commanded Adam to follow it. If you only knew that Ibrahim aka Ibraham addressed the ancestors of monotheism & their descendants -what we call today Jews & Christians -by their original name MUSLIMS then you will uncover what may seem like a hidden secret & is not; that's what sister Angela uncovered.

    Laurie, if you only do your search well, you will find that prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did not start Islam but completed it.

    Like you said earlier "the Truth is within you" but you still have to do your (real)homework Laurie!!!

    Wa salaam

  73. federica from italia

    I'm an italian muslim, i'm 21 and submitted myself to Allah about 3 years ago.Reading the Quran,it gave me corrections for life and knoledges about the graetness of God.Then the knowledge arrived directily from God to me and as time passes i receive and receive ,and i feel lucky because of this gift that God chose to give me.Alhamduklillah rabby al alamina. Salam!

  74. abdur-rahman from united states

    i am a muslim american and i agree with what was written, even though i have neve believed in the trinity, i have never understood why no one can except the oneness of god

  75. khan from s'pore

    Alhamdulliallah, welcome to Islam sister Angela.

    I'm very embarrassed with myself after reading

    about your effort to find Allah. Even a born

    Muslim we do not put enough effort like you do

    before knowing our Creator. I'm really amazed at your understanding of truth. I will pray to Allah

    for his guidance to all mankind especially for our loved ones. Welcome to Islam.

  76. abdul latiff mohd ibrahim from malaysia

    alhamdulillah, all praise be to AlLah for having given Guidance to Angela. May AlLah strengthen your faith in Him. Its truly angelic.

  77. Raghunath Dahal from Bhutan

    And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

    No man hath seen God at any time, the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him. (The other sons who are born by the will of the flesh from the lineage of Adam cannot be called begotten of God as they are alien to God by inherited fallen nature of the natural man of earth that show affinity to the seductions of the flesh, the world and Satan. Y'Shuah the Messiah is the only man begotten of God and called the only begotten Son of God. The Mohammedans deny him to be the Son of God, one of the main reasons being the genealogical dispute that began between Ishmael and Isaac - the natural and promised descent from the same father - Abraham. It is to be understood that God works through the lineage of promised descent and makes people know that God's cause shall stand howsoever weak it may look before man's cause howsoever strong it may seem. Although Ishmael was firstborn and blessed for the sake of Abraham, the covenant of redemption was carried out through the lineage of Isaac)

    All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

    No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

    And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

    Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

    Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

    Dear Angela, you are bold to question why God needs different forms and representations when He is All-powerful and able to do everything Himself. How do you understand the need for the services of Moses to lead I

  78. Scott Shields from United States

    I had wrote after reading your post and finding the beautiful honesty of your story, I had made a comment that I had submitted to Allah,

    for the first time in my life I had felt the first time of peace in an overached confused heart. Thank You sister once again.

    Scott Shields

    [email protected]

  79. Adil Imtiaz Khan from USA


    Great effort sister. May Allah SWT give us all the courage and sabr to remain on the straight path. Ameen.

  80. adele devalcourt from United States

    bypassing the cultural manifestations is definatly a

    challenge when you are born and raised here in the

    U.S. I absolutely can relate to this because i

    converted also into Islam five years ago. I am

    american/french, female and single. The daily

    struggle/jihad is rough. al-Hamdullilah, thank you.

  81. rahshee abdul from u.s.a.

    as salaam wu alaikum wah rahmtullah wa barakahtu

    well written and passionately expressed.

    al humdu il Allah

    all the best to you and yours ya' anisa.

    fi amen Allah

  82. rahshee abdul from united states of america

    as salaam wu alaikum wa rahmtulaah wa barakahtu

    well written ya 'anisa. al humdu ila Allah

  83. Lahcen Bourhim from USA

    Allhamdou lilah wa ALLAH AKBAR..May ALLAH Bless you sister Angela and guide us all to the sraight path.

    "Innaka la tahdi man ahbabt wa lakinna ALLAH yuhdi man ya chaa" Sadaka AllAH al AADIM

  84. neelum parvez from usa

    thanks allah bliss u and marcy on u to enter heaven inshallah.because your mind is fill with allah.allah give these thoughts to all muslim ameen.i liked your openion .

  85. Asgar Ansari from India

    Barak Allah feek sister Angela. May you succeed in your endeavours Insha Allah

  86. S. shaikh from usa

    Assalamo Alaykum

    Dear Brothers n Sisters

    Hats off to you Angela, everyday I try to talk my fellow american people to convince to accept the message of Quran as the message of our Creator, The one and only Allah (the lord of everything in the universe.

    My words are enough to explain to them but I try my best. But you know what helps me communicating the message of god to the fellow american people, is the message from you new muslims posted on Islamicity.com. I give them your message n they are shocked out their mind this what an american people are saying n accepting ISLAM then they want to take a look at Islam.

    See, do not worry as Shaitan is trying plot something against the mankind but Allah has his own plan and Allah is the msater n creater of all the plans and Allah's plan is the one will prevail.

    Allah says in the Quran close meaning of which, If muslim to follow Islam Allah can bring another who will worship him and follow him, so lets work for Allah and insa-allah he will glorify ISLAM. ISLAM is here to stay in this universe and all other ideologies will fail with the grace of almighty Allah.

    Again Assalamo Alaykum

    A Servant of Allah

  87. Ahmed Asgher from Bahrain

    Sister Angela

    You have read the Quran twice and taken notes. Your sincere words show that and it is pure beauty that has touched your being.

    Such is the power of the All-Encampassing Creator of this Universe and the Next World.

    The whole intention of Islam was and is to unify mankind in worshipping One and Only God. The Creator of all of us. Blessed be your soul for finding its final abode at peace with the One Lord.

    May Allah keep that faith strong in your heart and may HE lead us all to HIS true path, Insha'Allah. Ameen.

  88. Adam Ibrahim Muhammad from Nigeria

    Salamu Alaikum,

    I salute your courage, Angela. And I pray that almighty Allah keeps you and all those that believe in Him, in Islam. And that He guide us unto that path that is straight to Himself, Ameen.


  89. Aliyyu Ibn Garba from Nigeria

    What a great achiavenment to our Religion!!(Islam)by this Sincere talk from Angela.I pray that Allah to bless us with more of her type as He promise to make Islam to triumph over other Religions of the universe.Finally i do hope that Allah will maintened her "Iman" through out her life time Amin suma Amin.

  90. boushra from morocco

    Welcome to Islam sister

    We have so many other family members missing still, but inshaallah they'll be guided as you.

  91. Mohammad Mobin from Pakistan

    There is a verse in the Holy Quran which says that when Allah loves a person He gives him/her the understanding of the Quran. Sister Angela has understood the gist of the Quran and therefore, I can say that Allah loves her.And Angela should take steps to always say her Islamic prayers timely with devotion and extreme sincerity with great concentration towards Allah and refrain herself from all the dont's and practice all the do's as enshrined in the Holy Quran and follow the sunnah of our beloved Prophet. That all should be with intentions backed by solid actions which shall pave the way for her to Jannah as she has rightly mentioned in her essay. May Allah bless her accordingly. Ameen !!

  92. niken putri from Indonesia


    af fushshilat:30 to encourage yourself everytime you feel down

    may Allah lead us to His path..

    hope that we could be together in Heaven


  93. Zarqui from Australia

    The simplistic notion of God outlined in this post is one that defies understanding.

    Jesus said "He who denies me, denies Him that sent me."

    The Name "God" unqualified means "Allah, our Father in Heaven."

    There are many Attributes of God which people deny. To deny the Creator Son of God of this Universe, or to deny the Daughter Spirit of God, is NO different to denying your own mother and father.

    So long as people deny or reject Personality Elements of God, those same people are denying God Himself.

    The Urantia Book available at http://www.urantia.com will enable you to find a more Complete Truth.


  94. mohammad qasem from usa

    May Allah Almighty guide you through life and protect you from all evil souls including those who claim to be muslims. Seek the truth, use your brain as there is no contradiction in islam between the brain the heart and the faith.

    Islam is clear, clean and truthful. Do not follow any twisted way to analyze things, stick with those who are true and honest with their faith. Do not disconnect with your blood relationship. EEven if they are not Muslims. Seek Allah and He will prevail and show you the way.

    May Allah keep yopu on the straight path

  95. Viola Gary from USA

    As Salaamul Alaykum, Ukhti, May Allah (awj) continue to guide you and keep you searching for truth and wisdom in this religion of Islam, Ameen. You can email me at [email protected].

  96. g.l. from u.s.a.

    her view of christianity is very skewed. i wonder if she even understands the religion at all?

  97. abdulsalam from Nigeria

    salamu-llahi warahmatuhu alaek,

    sister Angela Collins it is now obvious that whoever Allah find a genuine and sincere quest to know Him, He opens such person breast to al-islam.

    Praise and adoration be absolutely to Allah who guides whoever He wills to the plain untainted truth of Himself.

    Dear Favoured Angela welcome to the ocean of the core truth of your guidain Lord-(creator) who teaches by his sacred qalam. My sister i have many things to say but i advise you continue to focus on your soul and watch your step as you move in the ocean of knowledge.therefore if you must do this sucessfully let the Prophet's last sermon be your guide. till i here from you ma-a-salam.

  98. Azgher from South Africa

    As salaamu alaikum. MAASHAALLAH sister Angela - may the Almighty always guide and bless you. It is my opinion that even Mulims fortunate enough to be born into Islam need to revert at some stage to shake off the unnecessary and often overemphasized cultural trimmings that we see attached. These trimmings often have no other basis than 'the old people did it so it must be right'. This I have found especially prominent in my own Indian community. I highly respect reverts to Islam as they have made a conscious decision to accept Islam and as sister Angela intimates, they are not burdened with these cultural trimmings which have no Islamic basis.Growing up in Muslim home may also lead to taking our religion for granted and not really thinking about one's actions. So that is why I believe that we should all 'revert' at some stage and one way to do this is through Islamic education and reading the Holy Quraan and Hadith.

  99. Belayet Hossain from Australia

    Sister- Angela

    Assalamu Alaikum O'rahmatullah-

    May Allah bless you manyfold. I am a born Muslim Insa... but I think I have to born again through your endless and very deep beliefs and feeling on ISLAM. May Allah guide me/us matching your wisdom and moral strength- AMIN


    One of your to be brother amongst million

  100. Abdul-mumin from Ghana

    May Allah bless Sis.Angela and all those who have found islam as the true and only path to the Creator(Allah). And to those of us born into Islam, may Allah give us the wisdom to discern true-Islam from our own cultures.

    May Allah lift Islam above all false hood and disbelief. AMEN

  101. ibn Mustafa from USA

    Bismillah arRahman arRahim

    Asalaam wa alaikom wa rahmatallahi wa barakatu

    I liked this article "Why I decided to submit?", however I would like to share a few thoughts that came to mind while reading it. First, in Islam, we believe that we as Muslims will enter heaven by the Mercy and Grace of Allah (swt) and not by works alone. Even if we accomplish good intentions and deeds in this life, this is seen as being due to the Mercy of Allah (swt). As Muslims, we believe in predestination, so one should not take credit for the good they do. Instead, we should always pray for guidance, and praise and thank Allah (swt) for continually showing us the Straight Path. Secondly, all Muslims will need the intercessionship of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) on the Day of Judgement, because all of us will be coming up short of Allah (swt) absolute Justice with our good deeds alone.

    That said, belief in and testification to the kalima of Islam "There is no diety except Allah (the God) and Muhammad is His Messenger ," is what is absoutely imperative for someone to do while alive here on earth, in order to receive salvation from Allah (swt) and enter heaven.

    Finally, in finding Islam and becoming a Muslim one should be extremely humble before their Creator in accepting His Religion (Islam). For however much we strove and searched for the truth, Allah (swt) is ultimately the One who guides and saves us from unbelief and ignorance.

  102. Scott Shields from United States

    I had been confused by a great many things that seemed to confuse me in my search for God. I discovered that every answer I searched for led by others that presented great portraits of possiblity, but did not answer the deeper yearnings of my heart and aloneness I had felt for

    most of my life.

    I have been reading Islamic Literature the last yea, and much to my surprise and

    wonder I felt a powerful feeling of redemption in reading the Holy Koran. But Ive been afraid to speak my truth and become a Muslim. One as a Caucasian Male in the United States with all the wrongness that is going through my country, I cant hide my heart from Allah anymore. And so tonight Im Submitting myself.

    THank you Angela for sharing you message and helping me to find myself as well.

    Scott Shields

    [email protected]

  103. Laurie Burgess from Australia

    You forgot to ask yourself one question. If there is only one God and he is in no other Religion, why do we need the confines of another Religion, to wit, Islam to find him. Can't you meditate, pray and behave as a holy person outside a Mosque. Does not God live inside each and every one of us? Why seek external rules and corrections from a male dominated, power based Religion. I am not against Islam or any other Religion I just do not believe it has taken God this long and that many Religions to get it finally right with Islam. Do yourself a favour young Angela and find God within yourself and stop looking "out there" for others to find your peace, love and happiness for you.

  104. HARTINI BINTI OSMAN from Malaysia

    Dear Angela,

    I congarulate you of your new findings in faith towards your life.Just remember the hadiths of Rasullallah saw BE A HUMAN THAT IS BENEFICIAL TO OTHER HUMAN.

    MAY ALLAH swt BLESS YOU AND you must remember what ever that comes in our lives by ALLAH willings and just have faith INSYAALLAH you will be guided and protected.

  105. Hala from Australia

    Angela,you took the words out of my mouth. My experiences have been so similar to yours, and I too thank Allah for breathing faith and hope into my life.

  106. Rizwana from United states

    Thank you for your inspiring journey into Islam, Inshallah by sharing your experience with us you are opening doors for others and encourging those who are still searching for the truth to be guided to Islam.

  107. Marie from states

    Angela, May God Bless You.. i'm soooo happy for you and I as a muslim sister I welcome you to this beautiful faith and hope that you will sink even more deeper into the beauty of Islam, especially that of the spiritual side and of the Rememberance of God:) good luck and plz consider me a sister whom u can come to anytime for questions or just to talk:) also please assist us through our struggle to teach people more about Islam, that it is a religion of peace and submission not violence:) take care my dear:)

  108. Fadi Hammami, M.D. from USA

    To Angela I say: Many Muslim converts have thanked God that He made them know Islam before getting to know the current Muslims. I can understand the cultural shock you are facing. Unfortunately, in many cases, Muslims nowadays are sitting in the bottom of all cultures. This is the results of years of despair and hopelessness in addition to distancing themselves from their own religion in a false attempt to become "cevilised." There is always hope that Muslims will rise again, regaining their high ranks among the world's nations. People like you, Angela, are signs of hope that this is possible. May Allah bless you.

  109. Safia from USA

    May Allah bless our sister Angela for providing us with her sincere thoughts about her conversion to Islam. May Allah guide us all to the right path, amen. I hope this will help non-muslims inunderstanding our wonderful religion, islam. Amen

  110. Ivan Vardiansah from Indonesia

    subhanallah,walhamdulillah,walaa ilaa ha illahhu allahuakbar.... god bless to you ... amiin

  111. Ismail Shah Taimur from India

    Kudos to you Angela,

    May Allah bless you and your Family,You have proved the ways of Allah, Your simple and elegant ways of searching truth reminds me of Abraham Alai Salam's(PBUH) sunnah, Now i wonder why a muslim revert is high in Allah's and his Prophet's(swas) eyes .Bravo to you lady and may Allah grant you every thing you have wished for.


  112. Yashmin from USA

    Angela, Asalam Alaikum

    I am very impressed with your article and very please to hear about your experience. You have definitely chosen the right path and may Allah keep you guided on the right path. Welcome to Islam sister. Being a Muslim is the best thing in ones life and you have given yourself the best gift of all - true faith which is Islam.