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"This mortifying war", as a columnist in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz describes it, was supposed to destroy Hezbollah quickly. But it has now entered its fourth week and far from being destroyed Hezbollah is proving more than a match for the Israeli army.

This is something totally new, no Arab army has been able to withstand the Israeli might for so long. While the Arab street has been electrified, Arab leaders, clients of the United States, look on despondently. For nothing has made them look more impotent. Even in that citadel of silence, Saudi Arabia, there have been small demonstrations in support of Hezbollah.

On Wednesday the Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, in a stern TV broadcast (shades of Churchill?) said that Hezbollah had been crippled. The same day Hezbollah fired more than 200 rockets into Israel, the highest number since this war began, giving a new meaning to the idea of crippling.

Hezbollah knows how to fight. Even though the Israeli army, desperate to salvage something from this conflict, has launched a massive assault across the Lebanese border, and its air force is carrying out round-the-clock bombings, Hezbollah is standing its ground. No Arab army has successfully done this except once before when Hezbollah forced the Israeli army to withdraw from South Lebanon in 2000, and now again when Hezbollah is giving the Israeli army its toughest time since the founding of the state of Israel. And this is a guerrilla organization whose hardcore fighting strength is no more than 5-6000.

There is talk of the Israeli army wanting to advance up to the Litani River. Nothing would suit Hezbollah better because the more the Israeli army is extended the more vulnerable it becomes to Hezbollah guerrilla attacks.

And so, not surprisingly, we are seeing subtle changes of mood and atmosphere. Even the tenor of western reporting is beginning to change. Until a few days ago BBC and CNN were sounding no better than mouthpieces of the Israeli foreign ministry (not to mention Fox News which always sounds like the mouthpiece of the Israeli army.) They were simply unwatchable. Now when Israeli claims and propaganda are measured against the actual performance of the Israeli army on the ground, we can detect the first stirrings of skepticism.

In the Security Council we are now hearing the first reports of progress towards some kind of a ceasefire resolution. The US and Israel wanted it differently: the smashing of Hezbollah before any ceasefire was put in place. But with Hezbollah refusing to crack and international condemnation of Israeli atrocities growing, even the US is being compelled to modify its position.

Even that most hardline neocon, the United States UN ambassador John Bolton, has had to soften his utterances about Hezbollah. (On Wednesday, the BBC's UN correspondent could scarcely hide his astonishment when he was reporting Bolton's "almost emollient" remarks about Hezbollah. For someone like Bolton this is little short of heresy.)

All this is part of something larger happening across the broad sweep of the Muslim world. I can do no better than quote Robert Fisk, widely respected across the region for his outstanding reporting:

"You heard Sharon, before he suffered his massive stroke, he used this phrase in the Knesset, you know, 'The Palestinians must feel pain.' This was during one of the intifadas.

"The idea that if you continue to beat and beat and beat the Arabs, they will submit, that eventually they'll go on their knees and give you what you want. And this is totally, utterly self-delusional, because it doesn't apply anymore. It used to apply 30 years ago, when I first arrived in the Middle East. If the Israelis crossed the Lebanese border, the Palestinians jumped in their cars and drove to Beirut and went to the cinema. Now when the Israelis cross the Lebanese border, the Hezbollah jump in their cars in Beirut and race to the south to join battle with them.

"...the key thing now is that Arabs are not afraid any more. Their leaders are afraid, the Mubaraks of this world, the president of Egypt, King Abdullah II of Jordan. They're afraid. They shake and tremble in their golden mosques, because they were supported by us. But the people are no longer afraid. Whether this is because they've grown tired of being afraid - you know, they say once you lose your fear you cannot be re-injected with fear, you can't start being frightened again - or whether it's because our western forces are now at war with 'Islamists', not with nationalists."

Mark this distinction. Nationalist and secular forces, including the PLO, have been discredited. They were not up to the task before them. They became corrupt and soft. And so their place was taken by 'Islamist' forces which are now the only elements in the entire Muslim world struggling against Israel and the US (two sides, sadly, of the same coin).

'Islamists' are battling Israel in Gaza, 'Islamists' engaging Israel in Lebanon, 'Islamists' fighting the US occupation in Iraq, 'Islamists' battling the American-propped Karzai puppet government in Afghanistan, 'Islamist' guerrillas fighting the Pakistan army to a standstill in North and South Waziristan and an 'Islamist' regime in Iran standing up to the US and providing support to Hamas and Hezbollah. Syria which is secular alone bucks this trend. But even Syria finds itself in alliance with 'Islamist' forces.

So note the spreading arc of turbulence: from the shores of the Mediterranean to the borders of Pakistan this entire region in ferment, the arrogance and stupidity of American policy fanning the flames of unrest and revolt.

Hezbollah already is a symbol of defiance far beyond the confines of Lebanon, its leader, Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah, arguably the most popular figure in the Islamic world today. So what will the Israeli aggression against Lebanon, and American policy supporting it, achieve? Hezbollah will still be around. But with the one big difference that more young men and women will be ready to join the 'Islamist' cause, more people holding up Hasan Nasrallah as an icon of resistance. 

Personally I find myself in a strange position. I am as secular in my thinking, if not more than most other people. I was born a Muslim but as is not uncommon in any religion, I count myself among those who have never been very particular about observing the rituals of the faith. Indeed, some of my personal habits are such as not to accord with anyone's definition of correct Muslim behaviour. I also don't like the intrusion of religion into politics and find the average maulvi's ready stock of pomposity and hypocrisy amusing.

My secularism, however, collides with an unpleasant reality: the picture of the Islamic world in thrall to American power, Muslim elites dancing to America's tune, Muslim countries little better than satellites orbiting around the US. I see this in my own country where there is too much American influence, much of it of the wrong kind. If the Muslim world is to progress, this bondage has to be broken.

Even democracy won't come to the Muslim world unless this influence is overthrown. It's one of the biggest myths of our time that America wants democracy to flourish in the lands of Islam. How can it when democracy doesn't suit its interests? If we have popular governments in Muslim countries the first thing they will demand is an end to American hegemony.

The Americans were happy with the Shah, they can't abide democratic Iran. They can't abide Hamas which is the elected representative of the Palestinian people. They can't abide Hezbollah which has a representative status in Lebanese politics. Democracy in the Muslim world and the interests of American foreign policy just do not mix. That is why any kind of popular movement in the Muslim world finds itself on a collision course with US interests.

Now if we take it as correct that American domination of the Islamic world is not a good thing and deserves to be resisted, it becomes hard for so-called secularists like myself to close their eyes to the uncomfortable fact that the only forces resisting this domination, often successfully, are those which, in some form or the other, draw their inspiration from Islam.

Savour then the irony of it. The "war on terror" was meant to fight and contain radical Islam. Instead, the Bush administration has turned out to be its biggest supporter, through its arrogance, lies and blind support of Israel giving radical Islam an impetus it could never have hoped to achieve on its own.

Ayaz Amir writes for the Dawn newspaper from Pakistan

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Lebanon, Occupation
Views: 7019

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Older Comments:
Asalam Alaikum,

By Jihad I meant "Kittal". Jihad is a broad term and Kittal comes under it.

Kittal is a word used in Quran for fighting of an army which involves killing the opponent.

For a detail study of Jihad (and Kittal), its overview and directives of Islam regarding Jihad I invite you (Kris) and others to read the following link.


Assalamualaikum wrbt and greetings to all.

I stand by what I've said, what is of utmost importance is the consequence of the Balfour Treaty. If Azam says that it reduces the state of Israel into half, then tell by by showing me the evidence. in substance who gets the best land ? Who controls the sea routes and ports ?

Tell me even if those land were given for a creation of the Palestinian state, but what kind of land were those alienated to the Palestinians and Israelis ? And everyone knows the militant group supported by Israel or any intelligence agencies. Only a fool would deny it's existence. what does it matter whether it is done openly or secretly ? The aims are the same.

And he gave a very narrow interpretation of the jihad, he suggest that it could only be done by an organised Muslim state. And what the Palestinians are doing now he suggested is friutless because they were still trapped in poverty, misery, etc.

Well then, let's here from the authentic Muslim scholars, the others on what jihad actually means. Look, I am not suggesting that jihad simply means war, because it includes every thing done in the path of GOD. But narrowing it's meaning and definition is wrong and misleading. That's what some orientalist and some new born Muslim orientalist will want us to think.

I have nothing against you Azam, and I hope that you'll find the light to the truth....

If you are a Muslim brother, you would feel the sentiments of Muslims all over the globe.

is a very good article and hoping to read from job weldone keep it up.

Dear Kris,

This is my last response to your frustration.

Looks like your are leading this conversation into personal attacks. Atleast that is what I understood from your previous post. For your knowledge ( although looks like you get "Wahi" from God) I am a masters student.

The Balfour declaration was in 1917 and not in 1948 for your poor information !!

For you information Israel came into being in 1947 and at that time the land allocated to Israel was much much less that what it has today. Also the area given to Palestine was much much more than what is offered to it now.

After the creation of Israel, the Arab league in December of 1947 opted for a military solution to the division they did not accept. This result is as under:

After more than 50 years thousands of palestinians men, women and children have been killed. Infact whole generations have fallen to war, poverty and illitracy.

Here is what was achieved:
Nothing!! Also the land for which they were fighting is also reduced to half now.

Yor have given me names of South Lebanon Army and Maronites. Here is a short description.
SLA was created in 1976 and got power by Israel help when it occupied Lebanon 1982 due to PLO being stationed in Lebanon. THis was a time of war these things happen during was and anarchy.

Maronites is a christian sect. and have nothing to do with millitant groups.

Sabra and Shatilla massacre was done at the end of the war in the 1980's -- as a Muslim and Human who will favour it ??

Looks like you did not understand my question again. Here it is.

Do you see any openly declared millitant groups in any organized Islamic state where muslims are ruling ? And does the Muslim rulers allow them to exist ?

If some one performs atrocities and does terrorist acts does this mean the being Muslims we can also do the same ? It does not.

I can see the hate and personal attacks in your writings but I leave it to God.

Assalamualaikum wrbt and greetings to all.

I am putting up another observation from history so that people like Amina and M Azam will get their facts straight.

Yes, let me ask this to them ; Do you know about the Balfour Treaty in 1948 ? Was there any occurrence of what you perceive as violence before then ? Who were leaving in refugee camps ever since ?

I am not anti Jews or anti Christains of any kind. I have amny Christian friends, and a Jew school mate.

But I can distinguish between ordinary Americans and some of their administration foreign policies. Ordinary Americans are like any other human being, they have the human potentials to excell in life.

As I said many times, I had good American lecturers in my university days. Yet I was not blind to embrace everything.

M. Azam challenged me to name any forces openly supported by Israel in a Muslim country. I'll just do it here. what about the South Lebanon Army, the maronites in the 1980s' ? And the massacre in Sabra and Shatilla ?

I can't stand pretentious acts that I see in both of you. I am certain that M Azam is pretending not to know what the Balfour Treaty is all about. Okay then, he must certainly come from a modest elementary educational background. Yet he is now shouting the rhetorics of meeting me in the Day of Judgment.

Let me say this again, I am not afraid of meeting a lackey of foreign power on that day. What I fear only is meeting AL MIGHTY GOD, for I may not have the answers if HE ask me why did I do when I watched genocides of my Muslim brothers and sisters on all corners of the globe.

And why have I not refer to Azam with his full name ? Because he uses the name " Muhamad " .

Muhammad means the " Praise Worthy " a virtue which is not befitiing to M. Azam who goes many extra miles to please his foreign political master.

Mohammad Azam,what is that to you if an organization or more as well as several countries don't recognize Israel? Israel is a terroristic entity supported by USA in spite of the international comunity. By electing Hamas,irregardless what their agenda was as an armed wing, would change by the politicization due to a ruling government. Hamas was deemed a terroristic organization by Israel and USA only,and under their tremendous pressure the international community agreed not to help hamas but rather boycot it. Now who are the terrorists? If you didn't know, Israel and USA are.

Israel is solely responsible for her killing of hundreds of civilians, not Hamas or Hizballah. Hamas or Hizballah didn't kidnap the Knesset,savvy?

Your comment about USA and German and Japanese servitude is the most .. motive ever brought forth for an eventual relationship between Muslims and USA. Our heroes are not -..slaves of the free world like Germany and Japan! Our heroes are North Korea,Iran,China,Syria,Indonesia,Cuba,Columbia,
etc. What's wrong with you Mohammad?

What means prosperity for you Mohammad? Definitely means different things than for the Mu8slims. The Jews created a culture for money and material profit. We Muslims are for spiritual and godly realitiea. We die in the service of God. Man is just a passing shadow,how do you want us to serve him? God is eternal,absolute,He is our Lord. To us our way to you yours!

Amina,whatever! There is no point in any discussion with you. You don't listen. You just say your piece like a broken tape-recorder over and over again in your futile attempt to convince us Muslims that we were wrong,bad,uncivilized,terrorists and the least of the human family. Good luck with that. From my part I cannot be more proud of being Muslim and that pride is transmitted to my children as well,who naturally are loving the Resistance Hamas and Hizballah and wish for more fractions like this to appear on the horizon.

Let's get something straight,Amina,and that is the following:

Who are the terrorists? Israel,USA and the Judeo-Christian Fascists of the New World.

Who are Hamas and Hizballah? They are the heroes and the freedom fighters against the Western Imperialism and Zionist colonization of the ME.

Uhud Olmert is a war criminal,a killer of children and women.

Nasrallah is the Robin Hood of the region,the righteous leader of the most courageous Muslims on earth that fight a war machine of fascist proportions.

As long as you can't see these fundamental truths,you are with the terrorists and as such there is nothing you and us could share. What is left is only war. And war will be untill the end of time.


AMINA said:
my apologees. my last to comments refered to "all of you" quite a bit. There have been a couple against the violence, but I figured it was clear I didn't mean them. Nonethless, for the rest of you that appear to be supporting hezbollah, some of my statements still weren't fair and I should have said "many/some of you" in several places.

Salam Alaikum,
I totally do agree with the author of this article. The Muslim nations must return back to Allah, and stop having so much western influences. I cannot understand why some Muslims cannot see that the West only wants to control the East. As the brother stated so nicely, the Arab leaders like Hussein and Mubarak are so scared. Many of them are puppets. Until we call on Allah, and turn to him, and to him only, the Muslim world will always be in a fitna. Afterall, that is the goal.

AMINA said:
I'm curious. Do you all, since you support violence as a response to any wrong, do you support shiite attacks in iraq on retribution for what the sunni minority has done to shiites over the years? And also, since you think muslim violence is always justified, even against civilians, are you some of the ones arguing Israel should use "proprtionate force"? Certainly our response to cartoons wasn't proportionate. I know you'll argue it was, but killing all those people going to work on 911 and 7/7, etc etc wasn't proportionate, was it? I guess it's only retaliation against muslims that must be "proportionate" (if not non-existent).
SHould the US and europe lock up all muslims since we're clearly a threat as you all have said supporting hezbollah and fighting the jihad is our duty? especially if all muslims think muslim violence is justified, other coutries would naturally have no choice but to conclude we're a threat, right? i mean you've all made it clear you support violence even against civilians, arguing someone else did it first doesn't change the fact that you have declared us a threat. so should we all be monitored and arrested?

AMINA said:
First of all Hudd, a) I've had comments deleted as well (not sure why as they seemed benign), b) based on some of what you said in your last comment, I wonder if yours were deleted becuase they were threatening.
Second, just becuase you "elect" terrorists, that refuse to denounce it, doesn't mean anyone has to deal with them. Nonethe;ess, I agree that it would have been better for the world to talk to hamas rather than cut all dialogue.
Third, I'm not saying I don't have a problem with many of Israel's actions, but as I've said, hezbullah is not helping anyone, it's all simple vengeance (not sanctioned in Islam). Just becuase you are angry with someone doesn't mean you kill them and worse civilians and according to most of you on this website anything anyone does to muslims justifies violence....even cartoons. Yet god forbid someone even look at a Muslim funny. According to you all, any violence committed by muslms should be "understood" by all, yet the response to such muslim violence never is. Also according to all of you, and frankly to most Muslims, it's ALWAYS "someone else's fault", "someone else started it".
In the end, we'll all have to answer for our crimes -- I'm prepared to answer to "not supporting muslim violence", I hope you all are prepared to answer to supporting and promoting it.

Dear Hudd,
I already know all the events you mentioned. But I am discussing a different point here.

All I am saying is that no country in the world can allow militant organizations to operate in their country openly or covertly. This is true now and it has been true in all times in history-- may it be an Islamic state or non-Islamic.

Exsitance of millitant groups is against civilized norms and leads to anarchy and is not allowed in Islam and the Quran and the Sunnah is very clear about it.

Now let us turn to your other arguments regarding Hamas and Hizbullah.
Hamas as you know does not recognize Israel and has been openly admitting to suicide bombings inside Israel. This action of killing innocent civilians by a group or individual is a crime against humanity and is not only severly condemed by our religion Islam but also is considered to be a sin to be severly punished in the hereafter. This is not a place to go in details about the Islamic law but if you want I can provide you the details by sending you the appropriate links.

Israel is doing a wrong thing by killing innocent people but who made it do that ??

The people who let Israel do this massacre are also equally responsible for it.

We need to condemn both Israel and Hizbullah and Hammas since they are all responsible for this killing of innocent people.

Kidnapping soldeiers of a powerful neighbour country does not solve problems in civilized world my friend it make matters worse as it has already shown to be and already proves that this thinking is totally wrong and dangerous.


amina... you should be getting you facts right, otherwise it will be useless to discuss with you.. learn the history right, do more research and get them from truly reliable sources, not from the zionist-controlled media/propaganda. ythe hizbollah didnt start it all... kindly check out these links:


Amina and Mohammad Azam,you both are .. acting the concerned Muslims to us in order to influence our opinions by reminding us that we were Muslims? How whack is that? First of all,the administration of this website is rather favouring you than the rest of the true Muslims. They tailor and cut my comments insomuch that the message I wanted to forward is completely obscured. I praised VoR for his exquisite insight,the editors deleted it. I wonder how much they would allow me this time.

How it started: Palestinian authority had a free democratic election during which the people of Palestine chose Hamas as their representative. This was unacceptable for Israel and USA who unilaterally declared both Hamas and Hizballah as 2 terroristic organizations. Therefore,the people of Palestine by electing Hamas they became a nation of terrorists in the eyes of Israel and USA. Where is the freedom of the people to choose their own means of governace? There is no freedom or democrecy. Freedom and democracy stands in the followings,choose what Israel and USA chooses for you,serve Israel,recognize Israel and thus you gave up your right to a state since the occupied territories are all interwined with Israeli filthy settlements. What happens? Israel decides to put an end to militant Islam. Although Hamas is a legitimate,people elected, government, Israel desides to kidnap the most important Hamas representatives in the Palestinian cabinet. The Palestinians got horrified at this crime when nobody expressed any indignation from the international comunity. As such, Palestinians in their frustration kidnapped an Israel soldier to keep him for a bargaining chip in exchange for the Hamas kidnapped cabinet. Isreal's answer to that? Re-envasion of Ghaza and mass massacres of innocent civilians,especially children. Hizballh came to the rescue of the Palestinian onslaught by kidnapping another 2 soldiers in an effort to convince Israel to give up terrorism!

AMINA said:
I know I'm wasting my time with you people, but you should really think about what you're doing. Likely from the comfort of your own lives (as I'm accused of the same) you are encouraging support for hizbullah, who did start this, which will only result in more death among palestinians and lebanese -- I believe one of you actually said they should not only be willing to sacrifice themselves, but also their children (haraam). You believe I am Islamically wrong for not supporting such ridiculous vengeance, but if I am (which I'm not) I will be guilty of being a coward at worst, whereas you all will be guilty of promoting murder. And as I said, this violence is not helping the middle east, only hurting it.

Thank you for calling me naive and non-Muslim!!

However I am sorry to say that by declaring someone naive or non Muslim does not weaken the arguments.

So my friend, can you pl. let us know the names of those groups which are operating in Iran and Syria for our naive information!! I would be very greatful to you.

Matter of fact is that in every country there are induviduals or groups of people who try to go against the law and government but this does not happen openly. Since if it happens openly these people are brought to justice.

There is no comparison at all between these groups and Hizboullah which openly has shown to be a state within the state. What do you think -- If the Labanese prime minister wants to capture or put the Hizboullah head to jail, will he be able to do so ??

Does same conditions exist in Iran and Syria or any other country ?

Let me give you example of Iran.
After the Shah of Iran, when the Khomeni took over, there were two parties -- The Khomeni block and the communists.
After coming to power Khomeni practically assinated all his oponents and specially the communists party members.

Look at most of the Arab countries. They donot even allow pure political parties opposed to the government to exist !! let alone millitant groups like Hamas or Hizboullah.

As per you comments that I am a non Muslim I only have to say that a day will come when every one of us will be standing in front of God and He will decide on that day who is a true Muslim or not and his Judgement on that day will be final for he truly knows what is in every ones heart.

So my friend donot play God for He is the only One Who knows what is in our heart -- both mine and yours !

Assalamualaikum wbrt and greetings to the rest.

I intend to reply to M. Azam and Amina's e-mail, I am shocked at their so called naive attitude and obliviousness to what is happening in our world today.

M. Azam's reply is short of everything, even his anology shows how naive he is. Or is he another writer using a Muslim name but pretending to be naive ?

He said ..." what if states like Iran and Syria have those group like Jihadis sponsored by Israel in their countries ?....

Look here you and your .. naive attitude. Yes, those groups had long existed, in Syria, Iran or any where sponsored by many countries which are against Islam. What about the spies and intelligence agencies of some countries ? There are already there ...

And they have their camps, they do support insurgents, sabotage, coup de tats, rebellions almost at every nation which is deemed as a rouge state.

When I say these, that doesn't mean I am a fan of Syria or Iran. ...

This is an eye opener for all who think might is right. But Right is always the might if followed in accordandce to the rights of humanity. "Life is a leaf of paper white in which a word or two you may write and then comes the night". So why not write something to awaken the humanity and stop the human catastrophy in Labonan. Please for GOD sake stop killing civilians and children they are the assets of this world.

JOHN said:

I agree with you that Hezbollah is the hero to many people in the Islaimc world. However Lebanon will no know peace until the Israel is not threated by Hezobollah.

What was Isreal supposed to do? Everyone is suprised that Isreal defends themselves after Hezbollah kills a few soilders and takes 2 other soilders as prisioners. After all Hezbollah never consulted the Lebanese army or Lebabese Prime Minister of its plan prior to the kidnappings.

Most poeple here would think that Hezbollah started it but Hezbollah brougth the war upon itself.

AMINA said:
Thank you Mohammad Azam -- you've given me some much needed hope! And your questions are great ones (that will fall on deaf ears).

AMINA said:
VoR -- couldn't have said it better -- it sure is interesting that I am "probably one of two people in here who have opted to condemn Hizbullah as a terrorist movement" -- interesting, sad, frustrating, maddening. And it goes back to my original point that this article and this board all appear to be saying we are at war with the west while of course simulataneously saying no one should lump all muslims including terrorists into one bucket.

And so you know, VoR, I am not worried about what my "western friends" are thinking of me - I'm trying to prevent the violence that has lead to 25 of my inlaws' close friends and collegues dying in the trade towers, possibly those that jumped to their death??, and a good friend's first boyfriend as well as members of our mosque dying on the planes. ..

I feel really sorry for all the comments pointing at Amina.

The matter of fact is that the current bad condition of the muslims in the world is because of these kind of people who support terrorism.

you were asking for logic ?? right ?
Then here is a question to the Jihadis!! --

Would any of the countries like Iran and Syria like to have group like Hizbollah exist in their countries and supported by Israel?? Moreover if that group is Sunni and controls some cities and also has large weapons store and occasionally abducts citizens and army personals ???

Let me know your response !! Would be happy to hear it.

I am not even sure why I am continuing this 'debate' with you Amina, you clearly have no practical workable alternative solution to the global 'jihad' that the west has been perpetuating against Muslims. You love to castigate and blame Muslims for wanting to stand up against tyranny, so you can look better to your western friends. The centuries of 'violence against women' has not been just an Islamic phenomenon, every culture and people on this planet has seen women as second class human beings through out their history, and a 'jihad' against such a thing as violence against women is absurd. It's a complex problem that reflects traditional and social customs and mentality of people in different regions of the Islamic world. Only time and education can remedy such issues and not a jihad of any kind, and for you to compare unequal rights of women to the global genocide of Muslims is outrageous. Interesting how you're probably one of two people in here who have opted to condemn Hizbullah as a terrorist movement, when clearly they are heroes and an inspiration to millions of oppressed Muslims around the world

AMINA said:
Also, it's interesting you are all so for rising up against opression, but don't recall Muslims telling their brothers and sisters to stand firm against sadaam hussein, or against all the horrific crimes that have been commited against women in the muslim world for centuries. i guess it only counts when it makes you all feel better. again, good luck with your jihad.

AMINA said:
Mohd Hussain -- that's right, I'm the one who must damned for condemning the violence while you damn Islam. Good luck to you all, have fun supporting hebollah .... as I said, would hate to be you when it comes time to account in front of Allah.

In joining Hassan Nasarallah the leader of Muslims fighting Israel in Leabanon let us read chapter 48 of the holy book "Al Fateh" and ask Allah for his help and victory in this on-going war and may the likes of Amina be damed - Amin.

I could not have said it better myself. The US loves democracy only when they control the so-called "democratic" governments. They love Mubarak and Abdullah, both of whom hold power in Egypt and Jordan respectively, because of US imperialistic hegemony disguised thinly as economic largesse. Anyone who does not understand the structure of the middle east needs to do some research. They will find that the US and Great Britain have instituted and propped up oppressive and dictatorial regimes whenever it served their economic interests (of course, Saddam Hussein and his government was one of these), and they are just as swift to knock them out and remove them when their interests change. The US hates Syria and Iran, calls them part of the 'evil axis' because they are loose cannons in the area; the West cannot control them. By the same token, the US hates Hamas and Hizbullah, but also because these groups fight back. Hizbullah has my prayers.

I am an Amermican descentant of indian and african ancestors. It is time for more people to begin to shake of the fear of our country leaders oppression of the worlds people because it is our G'd given right to live on this in Al-Islam. If we get to know G'd's way for his creation we will see that each one of us has the to live on this earth with out being oppressed by persons who feel that they are the ones to rule and the rest of us are to be use for their purposes. It is sad that the people who say that our constitution is what we should live by but they do not know it and if they know it they do not live it. We must come to the understanding that all people have the right to live on this earth with out fear of anothers terrorizing them be they us who say that their is no G'd but G'd and Muhammad is a message and ring sealed of the prophets of G'd or the USA and others.
The peace of G'd be on you.

Ameen! This is going to be a huge turn in history, Insha-Allah.



AMINA said:
No, I am saying it's understandable they eye us with suspicion, and we should accept it if we're going to make excuses and support groups like hezbollah...which is what this article and hezbollah are doing. And I'm not at all a fan of hannity or oreilly


Muslims form Indoensia to Mauritiana stand fully behind Hezbollah tody. Looks liek they are the ony men in a Muslim leadership overwhelmed with Eunuch who are powerless to afford protection tot heir citizens against foreign agressors like Israel.

The pesuodo Muslim regimes have power only to opress and brutually supress their civilian poulations against uprisings and popular movements.

Long live Hizbollah. Death to the Opressors and Tyrants.

Just off the point the point to comment about the the UN
Personally i think the israel agression should stop immediately
and its forces should immediately leave Palestinian soil. The
international peace keepng force if needed to be deployed on
the israeli soil.

Salam, The events we are seeing from last few years and right now are more than a factual reminder to us of what Allah said to Believers - Muslims regarding when we can fight and who and clearly we are told for which things. Now that we have westernised in too many ways(crippled ourselves)we tend to on top it fool ourselves by talking ourselves into our self derived aversions from Allah's orders. Hey ! if you will not stand up or fight now that your sisters,daughters and mothers and sons are raped and killed including the cartoons and the intended brain washings of Muslim Faith and Beliefs by the western Culture and their Governments then when and for what will you Muslims stand up for? Are You waiting for direct face to face orders in person by Allah Himself or some prophet or some Angel? Have you not read to understand the Quran ? Just like the American Muslims who have gone into Slavery without a known ceremony of it in public ! Most of us now fear losing our worldly goods ! and we have twisted the message of Allah for our own cheap worldly pleasures ! If we were true Muslims we would not care to lose our LIVES or even our Loved ones. If we go by Quran and Islam then look up in Quran real good and then tell me we are supposed to stand by looking at Muslims being slaughtered by NON Believers. Helpless and clueless we are because we are indeed scared to lose our worldly goods and our Lives ! Afraid to be called Terrorists and labeled as abnormal or something. Didn't they label Jesus and other Prophets too so ? Didn't they try their best and kill the Prophets too ? so what was the result ! the result was they were wiped off the face of the earth by Allah. I say " BRAVO" Jazak Allah to Hezbullah and such Fighters of Islam. They are no Terrorists ! nor they are going against Allah's word. Luxuries of Life has destroyed too many of us and our true Faith as well. Our senses have become senseless and we are today as if we deaf and Blind. Allah demands Sacrifice ! Jihad.

And no I am not advocating senseless violence of any kind, what I am trying to say however, is that it should be of no shock to people why such groups as Hizbullah do exist. Reactionary groups spring up when the need arises, that is the brunt of my argument. Amina has no argument aside of 'we Muslims need to stop the fight because were being eyed with suspicion", please don't insult our intelligence.

Amina I am pleased with your ability to comprehend my point ("you made little sense"). Amina your not providing any substantial and workable alternative to the basic human need to resist oppression. I am still waiting for your detailed and concise redress to the current hell that's being unleashed on the Islamic world. What your doing amounts to nothing more then blaming the Muslims for wanting to not be murdered in cold blood. The most elemental and basic need for humanity is that of survival. Close to 1000 people have died in Lebanon, I am betting you that every single one of them hunger for justice, please go to their houses and tell them 'don't be a terrorist because the west will eye the rest of us with suspicion" . I will speculate that your speaking from your comfortable air conditioned room, and you cannot stomach that tomorrow your western peers will eye you with disdain. You claim that that were not adhering to the message of the prophet and quran because "this fighting is accomplishing nothing". The quran and the prophet made it a duty for Muslims to stand to injustice and oppression. Your myopic views seem to stem from relying too much on the filtered American media, because your echoing the same drivel spewed by the likes of Bill o Riely and Sean Hannity. If standing for ones right as human being to live freely, without a superior power meddling in your ever affair, if standing up for that basic fundamental human instinct to live makes the west 'eye us with suspicion' then let them eye us with suspicion till the cows come home. amina you simply do not what your talking about simple as that.


Amina,... ... I cannot understand where your arrogance is coming from? ... Yes,they started it. The West started it. What was Palestine before being West Bank and Ghaza? She was the British Mandate of Palestine. In other words,Palestine was a British colony. Who occupied whom,brilliant Amina? Did Palestine occupy Britain or Britain occupy Palestine? How come that you cannot perceive a simplistic situation like this which is an easy mental exercise for any four year old? Who created a state for the Zionist entity in the heart of Palestine? From the original land Palestine had,today she's left with 15%,and even this is all scattered with Zionist settlements designed to render a Palestinian state as unfeasible.

Amina,it pains me to see you a slave to the imperialism. ... I'm sorry to disappoint you if Muslims don't want to be anybody's slaves or servants,except that of God. Muslims will not give in to the lusts of the imperialist nations that want to terminate Islam and bring the Muslims to servitude and thus prepare the terrain for greater Israel,from the Nile to Euphratus! Miss,get yourself reliable sources,the enamy won't provide you the truth when the truth doesn't serve their interests. Study and emancipate yourself,learn what Islam is and find out how the Westerners destroyed Africa and the ME and learn for what ends,then come back and opine in an intelligent fashion that you should awe all of us Muslims with your exquisite wisdom. ..Salam!

Mashallah a very good article. But unfortunately it is saddening that some of our own people want to close their eyes to the truth and follow the American propaganda and submit to their will. We first have to understand that no muslin is angst the American people. Jew, Christian, or Hindu... what we oppose is the American government only because of their double standard policy towards Islam and muslins. Bush says he respects muslins and Islam but wants to see "Moderate Islam" that suits American interest. You cant change the basics and keep the same label, Islam with out its principles is not Islam.

AMINA said:
You know, the way we think is so unbelievable. This article, and you people, all basically say Muslims all must stand up and fight ... that basically all Muslims are at war with the west (and of course the zionists). To ARGUE this VoR says 'they started it' (as we all love to say about anything, always someone else's fault), the west is at war with us, as if that somehow changes the fact that we're still saying we are at war with the west. If that's what you all want to do, then accept FOR ONCE that there are consequences to our actions and stop complaining when people so much as look at Muslims with suspicion! You can't have it both ways -- either you declare war as you are all doing saying Muslims ALL must rise up and accept that Muslims will then be profiled, monitored, restricted, etc, or you don't, but you can't have it both ways! children understand this, why can't we

AMINA said:
VoR -- you did illustrate my point (although you made little sense) --that we believe we are at war with the west and are willing to gets lots of people killed so that we can feel better. I'm very well aware of Islamic history, and we are NOT repeating it. We are detroying the message of Islam. Reform doesn't mean change the koran -- we need to reform our thinking. And I'll tell you right now, our current thinking is not at all in line with that of the original Muslims or the prophet. And this fighting is accomplishing nothing except to marginalize Muslims and more importantly, get many of them killed and destroy the message of our faith. If you can live with that on your shoulders, good for you, but I'd hate to be you on the day of judgement. You think you are supporting Muslims, but you're only gettng them killed.


Amina, exactly how do u perceive this apocalyptical theater that's been playing for awhile now? So in your divinely brilliant mind this war is against "al qaida", and not Islam as a whole? Amina think logically and expand your mind further then what your environment has allowed you. The so called militant Islamic groups that people such as yourself believe that the west is at war with, are REACTIONARY movements. They exist solely due to the tyrannical, unmerciful, brutal aggression and treatment of Muslims by the western world. You .. view the world through a tunnel, if you truly believe that such groups as Hizbullah exist because "they hate freedom'. Islam has a history of living in peace with its neighbors, any student of history can relate that to you. Hey I don't even give a rats rear end what the true 'objectives and goals' of the west are, what I am seeing is different western groups in different times attacking Muslims and killing them. If its not the greed of the British empire, it's the join effort by Zionists and Christiofacists-each using the other like parasites-that conquer and divide Muslims, and in the process hundreds of thousands of innocent people lose their homes, their identity and their lives. What the hell is a people to do? They start rebelling, and that is what Hisbullah/Hamas/Islamic Jihad, and other groups are doing. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade Amina, unless the west proves otherwise, for the time being I am inclined to believe that the west is at war with Islam. Why? Because Islam is a threat. Just like communism was a threat. What differs Islamic threat is that it's a much, much grander threat. Greed, the pursuit of power, regional and global dominance is why the west meddles in the affairs of Muslims. Islam in its purest state will not stand for that, so what does the west do? (rest of my rant at the bottom alternative section)

Its not about gettin scared or not.
There are few things different in this war than the previous ones among (Arabs vs Israel), the difference is internet and cell phone technology.

everyone today knows waz goinon on planet earth, and is much much more educated about history and current affairs.

they understand the propoganda machine of the west and the UN security council's agenda. Quite well.
Seems like what the think tanks are thinkin is very precdictable these days.

Both sides know what they are fighting for and who they are fighting very well. And how they are fighting. Not like in WWII, many of the veterans now say that they were very naive then and were too young at the time.

keepin this in mind, i think this is the reason why we see what we see, that is so much accleration in conflicts and wars.

God has told us in the Quran that he does not help a nation until it helps itself !!

They only way Muslims can improve over the current situation is by getting education, getting rid of poverty and terrorism.

We Muslims need to consider the ground realities and also let others the right to live.

No country in the world can allow a organization to exist within its teritory such as a Hizbollah. Is this not state within a state ? What happens to law and order ??

Terrorism and negative thinking has let the Muslim nation to nowhere. Ignorant people have become Muslim leaders.

Just think for a second that 90 percent Muslims in Iraq have been killed by terrorist muslims themselves !! Is this still not an eye opener ?
Do we have any regard for Human life ??

Believe me God is looking at every thing and He is giving every one "EXACTLY WHAT HE DESERVES".

Do not become unjust in fighting oppression and injustice!
I do agree with Karl's comments: the Muslims and their army according to the Islamic rule are never allowed to attack/kill/endanger innocent civilians no matter what the situtation. It is only allow to fight those in self-defense against the enemy soldiers engaged in battle! So it is wrong to throw missiles in civilian populated areas - that is where our Islam makes a difference in the actions of humans! This is the law sent by God Almighty through his Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The Prophet only fought battles after was being attacked or provocated by the enemy in the first place ie in self-defence! The word of God in the Holy Quran proclaims that all plants,
animals and living beings living in peace are to be protected! In order to fight injuistice, we shouldnt deviate from the law of God and become injust ourselves and kill the innocent in the process. That is where we lose our Islam.

Karl,my friend,take the veil off your eyes. If you have such statements then what can I expect from neo-cons? Just listen to yourself:

"I would hardly wish that a movement such as Hezbollah, which intetionally targets innocent civilians, be representing Islam or me for that matter."
Be known to you Karl that Hizballah and Hamas are two political movements that have on their agenda the resistence to the most cruel occupation the region had ever experienced. Do your maths, how many Israelis were killed compared with Muslims? I give you a start, one Israeli for every thousand. Most of the Israelis were soldiers, the great majority of Muslims killed were children. One really needs to be a congenital idiot not to see such an obvious truth or one must be from the other side, the side of the killers of the world, the Zionists and the neo-cons trying to build their evil empire over the whole planet. God kill them all,those that leave their homes to encompass oceans and seas in order to kill a people they are not related to and little they know about them. Amin.

So reading through these comments and the article, what you brilliant people are all basically saying (except Karl) is that the world IS at war with Islam and Muslims. Wonderful! I'll remember that the next time I hear my fellow Muslims saying "don't profile all muslims".

More than at any other period in recent history , now is the time for the formation of a United Nations of Islam better known as UMMA amongst the believers, all inclusive and without borders; to put aside their superficial differences (largely created and maintained by ouside interests i.e. those parties that are more and more hungry for the mineral wealths of the Middle East).
Such united front will without a doubtd deliver a heavy punch to the agents of kufr and taghut that will last for a thousand years.
Remember Salahadin Ayubi, of the crusades. We are all his children and should take heed from his courage and tenacity to fight the kuffar and their criminal agents where ever and whoever they may be.
For moslems around the world there is but one cause. That is their duty to the almighty to fight injustice and oppression in any shape or form anywhere.
This article very aptly addresses the salient points in the global conflict between the oppressors and the oppressed. I truly salute the originator. May allahs blessings be with him, now and forever.

Any problem,attrocity that takes on muslims and islam in any
part of the world has got a clue on how to encounter it and it all
lies in the style in which the prophet(pbuh) handled.Time and
place is the only difference.


GREAT article!Truly giving confidence to all Muslims that we can overcome even the 'mighty' forces of the USA and Israel if we trust in Allah use our intelligence and UNITE AS MUSLIMS.sects do not have arole in Islam .WE DO NOT NEED TO TURN AND RUN AWAY.Islam will be victorious,inshallah!



"The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. The one who kneels to the Almighty can stand up to anything"

In such a critical time, all good people of the world should be united againt evil face of the earth "Isreal". It is our duty to Allah and humanity to fight against "satan". There should be no division among muslims, "shiat", "Sunnie" we all submit to Allah. May Allah protect "Hezballah" and his army and may peace be with those who lost love ones to aggrassion of Isreal, Hitler and vampire of the world.

Although I can agree with most of the statements made, I would hardly wish that a movement such as Hezbollah, which intetionally targets innocent civilians, be representing Islam or me for that matter. You can't say "see they are killing innocents" and use that as an excuse for Muslims to do the same for what ever justification you may wish to make. As Muslims, when faced with such difficult times as these, we cannot lower our moral standards just because the enemies of Islam do so...that is what makes Islam and Muslims better than those others who claim to follow the God of Ibrahim.

Another brilliant article by Mr Amir.
And an equally good comment by brother Abu Jahiz.
We are Shias' and Sunnis. We are Muslim. One in Islam. Believers of one Creator and followers of the greatest man ever that He brought to guide us-Muhammad (pbuh). Over love for each other shall be the victory over the enemy.
It is sad to see the 'leaders' of S.Arabia,Jordan,Kuwait,and Egypt playing the part of a mouse. And shame on the leaders of Pakistan.

Sunni and shia leaders need to sit together and sort out there meaningless differences. We all need to be united and speak with one voice no sunni no shia just muslim

good analysis.we muslims should unite in the face
of these criminal ziontist.i pray that hizbollah will humiliate that filty state.victory will come soon to this ummah brothers & sisters,just unite and come back to allah swt.


I am a MUSLIM. There is no sunni or shiite,only ISLAM. Obey ALLAH and MUHAMMAD(SAW) and we will be victorious.

Allah swt is with the oppressed, the voiceless, the "Daud's"rather than the "Goliath's". True muslims who have faith, are promised victory. Too bad for the diluted, cowards who've forgotten who's world this really belongs to. The ungrateful will perish, no matter who they are. Muslims tend to underestimate their real power. WAKE UP MUSLIMS! REMEMBER YOUR CREATOR AND YOUR PROPHET! ASK FORGIVENESS FOR YOUR ASTRAYAL! BE PROUD! RETURN TO THE GLORIFIED ISLAM! WE ARE THE BEST OF CREATION!

The Almighty All-knowing Allah, did create the rules of the raise and the fall of civilizations and societies, the rules of the success and the defeat in the battle field, it's just matter whether to embrace it (like Hamas and Hezbollah are doing now) or not, then, everyone is responsible and shoulder the consequences for good or for sorrow, herein and in the hereafter.
This is the continuous and non-stop lesson of the muslims history, from the Prophet Mohamed's (pbuH) Badr to Uhud battles, the decolonization wars in the Muslim world, or from 1948 war to Marun Erass and Bint-Jbeil in South Lebanon 2006. This is Something beyond the limited secular thinking definitely more materialistic.
Then we should accept the fact that, The One, The Lord, who did make the rules can change them under certain circumstances, particularly when the muslims are acting from the Islamic background, the support of the Merciful is just ... unlimited.
If the zionist army is powerful, it didn't prevent from the terror balance that Hezbollah succeed to impose on the ground.
... and so will be with US if they continue their defiance to the History lessons apparently Bush and neocon never learnt (which is not a surprise).
We muslims are condemned to fit with our religion for peace and war success, we slipped away from it for long time, we've been paying heavy prices and have been so much weak, as muslims, switched ourselves off from history and with regard to our contribution to the mankind progress, suffering mankind, expecting more than ever a religion ensuring the balance and peace in our personal lives,societies and to the international relatioships.
Changes are coming, no one and nothing will stay as it is, the sunrise happen just after the most darkest hours of the night.
This said, as muslims we continue to be peaceful and better relationships are not impossible when everyone is treated as equal partner, otherwise it's misunderstanding the meaning of the dignity we do have

Excellent word writting from a secularist perspective. I personally don't think that Hezbollah falls under the category of 'Islamist'. Media wants to integrate freedom fighters ideologies like 'Hamas & Hezbollah' with those of Al- Qaida. They have the right to defend themselves, and considering they dont aim solely at the civilians like Al-Qaida & Israel, they have tremendous amount of restraint and mercy for their agenda of peace and Isreal obviously wants war and territory. The reason Hez. succeeds, is because they have faith and they bring faith into the defense of their villages with Excellent tactical Guerrila fighting. So the media tries to exploit this and name them Islamist. May Allah make peace spread on the land/earth, inshallah, AMEEN.

The source and cause of Islamism is Islam, not Bush, not Blair, not Israel, and not the fairy godmother. Why can't Muslims take responsability for their own actions.

Hezbollah has had six years to prepare, and after everything was in place they caused a provocation an act of war. So that is why we are where we are today.

Ultimately it is up to Lebanon to cleanse it self of Hezbollah, or it is not a real government. However Israel can't wait for Hezbollah to run out of rockets, as they are sourced by Iran and Syria. Israel has to clear the area of threats.

Iran is denying the Holocust as it prepares another one.

I agree with every letter, periods and commas of this article. In fact, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah was able to unite all muslims under one banner. No other muslim leader did that before, in the past century at least. As to the Mubaraks, and the kings of Jordan and and Saudi Arabia, well, what really counts are the peoples of these countries. Let's not even consider the "fatwa" that a certain sheikh Jabrin issued. False sheikhs like this work against Islam, though they have a considerable number of followers.
Thank you for the opportunity,
Gilberto Abrao

Now the next great miracle of Allah (SWT) will be an UNITED Islam (both Shias and Sunnis will come together in name of Allah and Islam) and that is a promise for Allah. From then there will be those amongst the Muslim nations that will side with the Western Coalition and those who will unite the Ummah and stay together in all difficulties as United Nations in Islam (UNI). Even more, many Non Muslim Nations will form alliances with UNI and the whole picture of the World Alliances will change in favour of the UNI right in front all those who are against Allah's most loved faith ie Islam. Just look back and what happened to the Roman and Persian Empires - Allah's Plan is Best and Allah knows Best what is to come.