US Bombs responsible for Qana massacre

Qana massacre again: Foreign, Domestic enemies of US constitution

It is almost unbelievable that after the US expedited delivery of guided bombs to Israel, Israeli forces shell civilians in Qana killing at least 37 children, the same city in Lebanon were they committed another massacre 10 years earlier (April 18, 1996 shelling of a UN compound killing 106 civilians). 

As in that incident, Western mainstream media, guided by pro-Israeli forces, failed to report the reality of what was happening on the ground before then. 

Only Reuters for example carried the statement nine days before (on April 9, 1996) of Major General Amiram Levine: "The residents in south Lebanon who are under the responsibility of Hizbullah will be hit harder, and the Hizbullah will be hit harder, and we will find the way to act correctly and quickly." 

So indeed residents were hit "harder." Yet, leftwing politician and architect of Israel's nuclear program Shimon Peres stated then with a straight face that the 1996 attack was simply a mistaken target. 

The UN appointed military advisor Major General Franklin van Kappen of the Netherlands to investigate the 1996 incident concluded that facts on the ground were at odds with the Israeli explanations given. 

Amnesty International investigation concluded, without mincing words: "the IDF intentionally attacked the UN compound, although the motives for doing so remain unclear." 

"The IDF have failed to substantiate their claim that the attack was a mistake. Even if they were to do so they would still bear responsibility for killing so many civilians by taking the risk to launch an attack so close to the UN compound," it said. 

Yet, Israel was never punished for that crime in Qana and the hundreds of other massacres going back six decades. Israeli historians now acknowledge for example that some 33 massacres of civilians occurred between November 1947 and May 1949 that helped precipitate the exodus of the Palestinian refugees. 

More crimes ensued since then and today; over two-thirds of the native Palestinians were made refugees and displaced people and Israeli Zionists increased their control of Palestine from 7 percent of the land in 1947 to over 90 percent today. 

Now we are faced with another massacre in the same city of Qana and with a parroting of the same "explanations" used in 1996: "a regrettable mistake." So far 54 are confirmed killed including 37 children. 

Unfortunately these never-ending "mistakes" are perpetuated using US weapons (violating the terms of the US Arms Export Control Act and Foreign Assistance Act). 

In the past two weeks alone over 500 civilians were killed in Gaza and Lebanon. 

Our Congress and media, succumbing to the pro-Israel lobby, chose to close their eyes to the damage done to the US. The damages go beyond public image around the world (a majority of Europeans now think of the US and Israel as the most dangerous countries on earth). 

The damage also includes the foolish attack on Iraq (2,560 US killed, over 25,000 injured, $300 billion of our taxes spent so far). Each day that we remain there over 100 Iraqis are also killed. 

A vast majority of Iraqis and even 70 percent of US servicemen and women want us to bring the troops home. Lest we forget, it was Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, Wurmser, and other neocons who argued (well before 9/11/2001) that an attack on Iraq would serve Israel. 

It was these same neocons who support Israeli extremist political parties who violated constitutional protections with domestic wire taps, attacks on civil rights of Arab and Muslim Americans, infringement on academic freedoms, and allowing torture and imprisonment without trial. 

When defending the constitution, we pledge to defend it against enemies both foreign and domestic. Isn't it time to challenge the domestic enemies of the US constitution? Isn't it time to realize the danger posed not just to the US but to the whole world (as Europeans and Latin Americans are now realizing)? 

Isn't it time to challenge the myth (found among the left and the right) that Israel serves US interests? Isn't it time to stop delivering billions of our tax money to Israel (largest recipient of US foreign aid)? 

Dr. Mazin B. Qumsiyeh is Chair of the Media Committee, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition. Acknowledgement to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from Connecticut, USA

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Older Comments:
i wish to add this that when god gives a people so much wealth and blessing the people are under severe obligation and burden to make good use of such blessing so that when they meet their maker they can stand tall or decend to the lowest darkness. such was the case of amny such nations as described in quran. this responsibility is made heavier (or beautified depending where you come from) by the fact that we acknowledge that such a blessing of wealth bestowed upon our nations IS INDEED from GOD, thus we acknowledge HIS existance. then we trun around and use such a wealth in destruction, or serve our own desires, or help others commit aggression or supress truth, or, or .. and by doing this we are actually denying HIS existance. A heavy penalty is awaiting such people as explained in the quran for such nations who acknlowledged God and His blessings then turned around and used their blessing for their own passions. take heed those who are in places of power for your reponsibility is even heavier than the ordinary person who has no power to change others but you have. may Allah has mercy on us all for we are blessed when we bless others.

fuad, you have said what i truly believe in but our oic and arab govts are spineless. demanding payment in usd is the only way to stop all aggression without spelling further blood yet the risk is that they will continue their devious ways in other ways but such a move if set properly will end all their power. I wuld say all muslim countries should drop their currencies and move to a common currency in two years. set the rate initially to one islamic dinar to one us dollar, then let it float with condition that all islamic goods and services are sold/purchased with the islamic dinar both nationally and internationally. after two no individuals should accept any old local currency and such currencies should only be exchanged at a central bank with a ten year moritorium to remove all local currencies from the market. we have plenty of resources to create a naturally strong and dominant economy which will require the respect of all other nations by its nature. no need for amassing wmd or spelling blood. are there any listeners? peace

I think if the Muslim worlds are really thought is jihad time, then jihad with US dollars now. You do not have to buy a single weapon or stop any oil flow. Business as usual but boycott UDS now !! Just demand your good sand service in EURO or GOLD exchange.

There have to be a movement to start a chain letter to all Muslim and Arab to boycott UDS until justice is prevail. I wish all Arab TV can broadcast this message to all Arab and Muslim. If our governments fail to do it do not matter as long as the public are aware that they can do something to help their brother and sister. Is about time we show our strength.

Please not harm anyone, be violent, brutal and ferocious just in a kind way do all our trade in GOLD OR EURO.

STOP the "TERROR DOLLARS" campaign.

If read this and have a resources to start a campaign please do.

NO DOLLAR will humble the ISREAL as US tax payers are the cash cow for the Zionists Group.

Well said Zinedine but ensure you do not decend to their level. A brotherly advise. As for those who can't understand the situation they should do a little more unbiased reading or at least read from both sides since Zionist-controlled US media offers only Israeli version of events and musch of it is unsubstantiated or concocted to serve their own agenda. Please google for PNAC and Clean Break. Notice the sigantories and that it was written b4 911. As for hatred you may wish to visit here:
and here:

Salaamu alaikum,
Matt, I did not mean for our Mujahideen (Jihadis) to target good people like yourself or even people like ignorant Sean. I meant that those of us that chose to perform the small jihad (aka the just war) need to actively target & hunt down Zionists such as Richard Perle & Bernard Lewis etc as well as their Christian Zionist supporters such as John Hagee & Pat Robertson etc in order to weed them out of this world. Why not didn't Pat Robertson advocate the killing of a good men such as Hugo Chavez. And not to sound anti-American, I would like to see Saddam Hussein, Radovan Karadic & Slobodan Milosevic & not just George Bush son and father hanged in pubic. Because, your leaders have an Armagadonists view of this world and love to see us & our children die in cold blood with your tax dollars Qana style, I do predict another 911 look alike is coming but I just hope it happens in Tel Aviv this time. I am definitely not condoning it or happy about it because I am not sick like the war criminals that lead your country but hey the Jewish Lobby is to blame for it. I don't support any act of violence against regular civilians but I will shed no tears because my eyes have dried out thanks to your leaders war crimes. I would definitely be happy to see the House of Evil that is the White House wiped out from this planet. May be that will lead another American revolution to overthrow the Zionist Lobby that is leading your country to the abyss.


It is horrible what does USA and Israel, with is the innocent people, children, I feel powerlessness before this massacre, it is outrageous, I do not find words nor any justification, in mexico the people think that they are killer.
I do not think that any Muslim deserves this, the terrorists are USA and those who sell with this country.

What is Sir Matt talking about?


Matt, lets put this in perspective shall we? Right after 911 occurred the internet was brimming with posts screaming for retribution, revenge, murder and 'lets nuke em all'. And that was just ONE attack of its kind on American soil that anyone can remember. Before your 'aghasted' at peoples anger which by all accounts is legitimate anger, imagine if America was hit by bombs on daily basis and white babies and children were turned into human minced meat, and foreign troops were running around in American avenues and streets, and if you, Matt dared to resist it you would be labeled a terrorist who does not value human life. Would angry call for 'blood' by Americans then be justified? Come on Matt, I agree with you that call for anyone's murder and blood is ghastly thing, but at least TRY to comprehend why people might be angry, and don't please I implore you to not jump on the beaten and tired bandwagon of "Muslim pop-culture seems voracious for blood of anyone who isn't like them" . This is not about differences in ideology, people aren't angry because Israel is a Jewish entity, or that America is more or less a Christian nation. The fact remains that Israel values only Jewish life, and its hands are soaking in Arab blood, blood that has splattered, dropped, poured, spurted from human beings, due to weapons of mass destruction supplied by America. Does it make slightly more sense to you now?

Israel a country without border. They always use the word bumper zone, Then bumper zone become settlement and then settlement need new bumper zone. It will never end. A terrorist country without border. Till today Israel never had a define border from 1948 and just keep growing.
How much blood do you need for water in South Lebanon? If you make friends and buy water lawfully is cheaper, without installing puppet Lebanon government.
This is what happens when you have United State of Israel running America.
My sympathy with the American, they lost their country without even knowing it. Good luck trying to discover America again in future.

HALIM said:

The US administration is more concious now about it's image in the Muslim world, but they still keep on doing the wrong thing. The Bush administration is so soo slanted towards Israel, with its Vetos in the UN, or it's super generous suppurt, the whole world knows that. The problem is: America is paying for Israel bill and mistakes. I just hope my children don't have to bear that burden.

What are you talking about Matt. First off all, religion and belief is between you and God. If you are convinced of a theology you will know in your heart that this is the truth for you. Religion is not ike shopping for clothes that you should change as the fashion changes.

Religion is not based on the practice of people who follow erroneous misconception. If you think that the actions of Muslims are violent because Islam teaches violence then Christianity must be far more violent.

It was German Christians who killed 6 million Jews and it is the American Christian who has killed 500,000 Iraqis through sanctions alone and thousands since the latest Iraq invasion. For Gods sake and your own sake open your eyes.

I'm aghast at how quickly comments here lead to blanket statements and even calls for blood (Israeli blood is halal, huh, nice...). I am not muslim; at one time I thought it would be a good religion to pursue, which is why I was originally turned on to Islamicity, but that is quickly becoming not the case -- mainly given that muslim pop-culture seems voracious for blood of anyone who isn't like them. At least that's the perception, however inaccurate. It's actually quite scary to read some of the comments here. I realize this is 'western' thinking and that some will call me a crook or ignorant on principle. I just hope that those who say down with the US realize that only half of the US voted for Bush, ~35% approve of his administration now, and much less actually profit off of Middle-Eastern petrol and many more wonder why so many have given and taken so many lives over a tiny strip of fairly unarable land (Palestine/Israel). Most of the US (according to polls) want us out of the Middle East and off oil in total. Death and destruction are not things we relish. That's basically all I wanted to say. I wish you all the best, and I hope you all will take my words into account as you continue being ambassadors for Islam.

The funny thing is that many non-muslims look at this and see complaining. The fact is that we are diplomatic people and talk and spread knowledge, as instructed by our religion to us. This is not realized by many people in the West. On the other hand there are also people that respond to things in a totally un-diplomatic sense in the middle east.

In response, to a comment posted by Sean, we are complaining because of the fact that Muslims are being victimized. As a matter of fact, it is very inhumane for one to bring up such a comment as yours and say that we are complaining and anti-west, and that we blame the US for all the problems. Well guess what in no way should be have to defend our right to speak or write. And guess what else, at the stake of Middle Eastern civilization, the Western nations are profiting and reaping in better lifestyles, with no regard for the rest of humanity. Its almost as if Middle Eastern, or Muslim lives do not matter. Dont you think the problems happening in the world started somewhere? Do you think people will start forming terrorist organizations for no reason? Do you think the people in the East have anti-US sentiment for the hell of it? Your mistaken my friend. The wests actions are only allowing terrorists to get stronger and in return this is screwing all Muslims!. You want an example...United states says its pro democracy and against dictatorship and an advocate of human rights for everyone in every nation. Well how come the country of lebanon is being destroyed while US sits around and watches and instead just gives more weapons to Israel. Lebanon was one of the most pro US countries in the Mid east. And they see that democracies do not help each other. especially dissappointed by what US has NOT done. Dont you think this will create anti-US sentiment. That US is the first one to come in and invade a country that has no democracy but then wont back one up in a terrorist war being waged against it. Its really pathetic!

Salaamu alaikum,


I am not going to dignify your comments with an answer. This site is one of the best sites in the web. Believe it or not the editors care about you Americans and Israelis more than I do. They have blocked my comments many times to protect your feelings. The editor knows American poeples better than me because this site staff live in the USA. I live in Canada & I 've never visited your Zionist plagued country so I know very few good Americans here in Canada. My view of most Americans is that they are a very easy to buy and sell just like our Arab and Muslim leaders. Women are mostly Gold diggers and men are usually money lovers & sex addicts: NO DIGNITY!!! I am sure that there is decent minority there but they are week and useless.

Yes, US is behind killing of the all Lebanon
children. If Syria didn't leave Lebanon perhaps this would not have a large impact on the people
of Lebanon. US/ISraeli wanted the Syria military out of Lebanon so they can attack.

Other sad day for humanity, when a state was create in an act of terror. A terror state only knows one thing, more blood to feed it hunger. What are we tried to achieve talking to terrorist state. They only want to split us further.

We can not take US and an honest and trustworthy broker any more as you can see US interest never for Arab and Muslim. Our lead are been use as a puppet for few dollars and the good one are been black mail to submission. They should wakeup; only submit to Allah. Only then we will see the tide change.

Sorry to see America as a dishonest player to help. !!!FOR WHO!!!

It took almost one hundred years to split us and dived. As long we are divided they win!!!

As a non muslim, I see that most of this web site is articles of people not happy and complaining. Its either anti Israel or USA or both. It appears tha many muslims blame their misfortunes on those nations, even if a muslim is not living in Palestine or Iraq, or Lebanon, a muslim according to this site will blame their problems on Isreal or USA, or UK for that matter, or Russia. Ok do u fellows really believe that Isreal or USA are the source of your problems? I guess most people on this site would say yes. I have learned something from this web site, and if someone lives in far away Morocco, the people there according to this web site see that any problems they have, it is the fault of the Isrealis or Americans.

US-taxpayers sent 'aid' to Israel in the form of weaponry including BunkerBuster Bombs. These BunkerBusters are able to penetrate deep into the earth. Bomb shelters are useless against BunkerBusters. The 4 UN Observers killed by Israel were not safe in their bomb shelter....only US-made BunkerBusters could have penetrated.

Given obvious US/Israeli/UK plans to murder and slaughter Muslims and pillage and rob their lands for Muslims the only option is the Nuclear option. There is absolutely no other way. Besides Iran every Muslim country needs to acquire the nuclear technology as it is the only deterrent against Israeli, US and UK aggression. For Iran, to obey the UN now would be to invite self destruction and become another Lebanon cake walk for Israel. Jews like their Christian brethren are cowards in seeking glory in easy targets such as babies, children, women and the old. Their Terror, mayhem and destruction of Muslims is always excusable by the UN and the EU. Is there any doubt any longer who was responsible for Hariri's death ? The PM's murder by the Israeli Jews was designed to get the Syrian forces out of the way so as to make the Israeli Jew invasion a cake walk. Muslims would be well advised to arm them selves with knowledge and the physical means to not just defend themselves but also be ready, once world conflagration starts, to finish off Israel for once and for all. Only through unity Muslims can achieve this. Abandon your Shia/Sunni differences, throw out your pudgy, effeminate, soft-life-loving leaders and take action. Enough is enough. There is no glory in being slaughtered like sheep. Death is imminent. Rather die fighting for the sake of Islam than die an old infirm uselss death with nothing to leave behind but regrets.

Actually, Americal is fighting the war by putting guns on the shoulder of Israel.

chalk this up as another mistake by the obedient servants of Israel - USA!