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The only doctrine which matters

In seminaries and schools dedicated to obscure and sometimes hairsplitting debate, the usual Islamic schisms - Sunni, Shia, etc - may still loom large and matter a great deal. But in the arena where the world of Islam is under threat from invasion and occupation, these are increasingly irrelevant considerations.

When survival and existence are on the line, religious disputation (the bane of Islam throughout its history) is bound to take a back seat.

Hamas is Sunni, Hezbollah Shia but the two face a common enemy in the form of Israel and the United States. They are therefore fighting a complementary fight, each, consciously or unconsciously, helping out the other.

When Hezbollah challenged Israel, it helped ease pressure on Hamas. No wonder the Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah, is a hero for the Palestinian people (and increasingly a hero for Muslims throughout the world).

Surrounded by hostile Arab neighbors, Israel used to be David, or at least looked the part, when it was carved out of Palestinian land by the western powers. With the Arabs (barring Syria) making their peace with Israel on American terms, the roles have reversed. Israel is now Goliath and Hamas and Hezbollah the children of David (wielding his slingshot to deadly effect).

Israel is finding it easy to slaughter Lebanese civilians and bomb civilian targets. It is finding it less easy to defeat Hezbollah. No Arab army has fought Israel the way Hezbollah has, with such resolve and tenacity. In the past Israel has fought fast-moving wars, disrupting enemy lines, bypassing fortified positions, inducing shock and surrender. This time it is being compelled to fight a war of attrition in South Lebanon.

Hezbollah tactics are vintage Vietcong, its fighters, to quote one writer on the web, "...operating in a network of underground reinforced bunkers and command posts near the Lebanese-Israeli border almost unassailable by Israel Defense Force bombs."

Two days ago the Israeli army proclaimed the capture of the small town of Bint Jbeil near the border. The next day it suffered heavy casualties there (up to 13 killed and over 20 wounded) and the fighting was still going on.

Syria is Sunni, Iran Shia but with both countries facing American (and Israeli) hostility, they find themselves on the same strategic axis. Is Israel likely to be drawn into conflict with Syria? We don't know but there is a clear danger of this war spiraling out of control. If Syria is sucked into it, Iran will come under pressure to do 'something'. That will make this conflict bigger than anyone could have imagined, unless of course Bush's neo-con warriors, wanting to distract attention from Iraq, deliberately go about stoking the fires of a wider conflagration.

That would be counter-productive if not downright stupid, but then the Bush White House has been less than clear-headed in many of its policies after the Twin Towers came down.

Not long ago Iran (Shia) and the Taliban (fanatic Sunnis) were sworn enemies, uncompromising standard-bearers of two conflicting interpretations of Islam. Today, thanks to American hubris and bungling, they find themselves on the same side of history, Iran in a state of confrontation with the US, a resurgent Taliban battling US and other forces in the bleak terrain of Afghanistan.

Only in Iraq where Shias and Sunnis are killing each other does this analogy not hold. But even in Iraq the loathing that Shias and Sunnis nurse for the American occupation far surpasses their hatred of each other. And even there the Iraqi parliament, despite its puppet status, unanimously voted (Sunnis, Shias and Kurds voting together) to condemn Israel and call for a ceasefire.

If the carnage in Lebanon continues, Shias and Sunnis can still pull together. As fiery Muqtada al-Sadr warned recently in Kufa, "I will continue defending my Shia and Sunni brothers, and I tell them that if we unite, we will defeat Israel without the use of weapons."

No one expects the wider Islamic world to send volunteers to Lebanon. The spine for it does not exist among Muslim governments. But why are even their lips sealed? Bangladesh has condemned Israeli "state terrorism". But Pakistan under its valiant military rulers can't bring itself to utter a single harsh word about Israeli atrocities. One of the few leaders Gen Musharraf has spoken to during this crisis has been King Abdullah of Jordan. Says it all, doesn't it?

No conference of clerics has convened to bridge the divide between the two great opposing camps of Islam. No conscious attempt at unity has been made. But facing Israeli-American aggression, Shias and Sunnis across the arc of fire which now rages in the Middle East find themselves on the same side of the barricades, finding common cause against a common enemy.

American plans have run into the sand. "The war on terror" - that misbegotten offspring of calculated evil - was meant to root out Islamic radicalism and destroy the last pockets of resistance in the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. The contours of Iraq were to be redrawn according to American wishes. That's why Iraq was invaded and not because of any fiction about WMD. Syria and Iran were to be brought to heel.

None of this has happened with US forces bogged down in Iraq, Iran defiant, Hamas acquiring legitimacy as the elected voice of the Palestinian people, Syria not bending to America's will, and now Hezbollah taking on the might of the Israeli army.

The question facing the world of Islam is a very simple one. Whose side are you on, the aggressor or the victim of aggression, the oppressor or the oppressed? There is no space for neutrality here or for silence because both amount to siding with the oppressor and playing into his hands.

As George Bush said in a different context, "You are either with us or against us." He who is not with Hezbollah and Hamas is against the forces of Islamic liberation.

Pushed around and humiliated, the world of Islam is in a state of ferment. Its old elites have proved colossal failures, unable to provide democracy or stand up to the western powers. The Muslim masses are finding it hard to figure out whom they detest more: their own rulers or the American-Israeli axis responsible for so many of their woes. 

The vacuum created by the bankruptcy of the old elites is being filled by the forces of Islamic radicalism. This new radicalism has nothing in common with the 'fundamentalism' of such organizations as the Egyptian Ikhwan. It is progressive in outlook and dedicated to social redemption and the fight against Israel and its patron, the US. It is not hostile to America, only to American policy.

Iran and Syria, as the US in its more blinkered moments chooses to think, are not behind this phenomenon. It is beyond the capacity of either to be responsible for such a far-reaching development. Islamic radicalism is a response to Islamic humiliation. Iran and Syria are not behind this humiliation. America and Israel are.

There is a lesson in all this for Pakistan as well. Its elites (including the military which has always been part of this elite club) have also failed the test of nation-building. Able to deliver neither democracy nor welfare, their most signal achievement has been submission to America and the creation of an exploitative order. If only they could realize the extent of their growing irrelevance.

How fareth the armies of the faith? Alas, not much better. Their leaders spout ignorance. Some of them have proved to be past masters at hypocrisy, talking of democracy but sleeping with the enemy. Some religious outfits, although mercifully not all, deal in the worst kind of sectarian violence, bringing a bad name to Islam.

But there are other role models to follow, none more inspiring than Hamas and Hezbollah. What distinguishes them above everything else is their spirit of defiance and resistance. If only through some miracle some of this spirit could rub off on the Pakistani nation and those who lay claim to being its leaders.

Ayaz Amir writes for the Dawn newspaper from Pakistan.

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Older Comments:

Assalamualaikum wrbt and greetings to the rest.

I am now replying to Tadeo's provocative
statement and Daniel views. Tadeo said that there is nothing
Islam can do to stop biblical Christianity.

Just look around you and see which faith
spreads faster than some false hood.
Take a good look at history in North America,
where there were separate churches and priests
for blacks and whites. And the white supremacist
in the Klu Klux Klan. And even today those
practices still exist, let's not deny it.

And in Europe today, the churches are mostly
empty and gloomy. Besides it is more fashionable
to be gay and homosexuals or free thinkers.

And my, my, even among the priesthood, there
seems to be a growing acceptance on gay priests
and that seems to divide the churches.

Among the growing calls is that churches
must move with times so gayism is welcome,
isn't that so Tadeo. I am not quoting out of
context. In the Times magazine or Newsweek
last year it was said that a divide church would
result in the followers especially in Africa to
turn to Islam. It's true anyway, they are turning
to Islam. Not many gives a hoot to Tadeo's false
religion any more.

I now turn to Daniel first e-mail. Yes, there are
provisions in the Quran which command Muslims to
fight the non believers But such verses is further
clarified in the hadith ( sayings of Prophet
Muhamad - peace be upon him ) that fighting is
only allowed in instances if the Muslims are
attacked, if their faith is under seige, if
their homes and land are rampaged and looted. That
makes the fighting of self defence to be lawful.

The tolerance of Islam can be seen in many hadith,
one of which Prophet Muhammad ( p.b.u.h ) had even
offered the mosque to be used as a praying place
for a group of visiting Christians once.
That's tolerance of the highest level.


Zak,... You praise Iran and blame the Arab governments. Look again,Iran is a theocracy wannabe,with doubtful practices and dubious legalities over her citizens. As long as you can legally marry a person from one hour to a couple of weeks, I would call that legal prostitution. In an Islamic state? Buddy,please! There are many intreaguing if not rather scandalous aspects to this Iranian theocracy! You don't want me to mention them here on this website for all to see? It would be the laughter of the non-Muslims over the "perfect" Iranian fenomenon! By God,you are diluted in your judgement. So,having an atomic bomb in a lunatic's hand would solve the problem? I know where to start. Start from there that we Muslims are all brothers and none is above the other. And because you mentioned Iran,I will quote Imam Khomeini:"Who ever creates an issue between Shia and Sunni is an enamy of Islam and Iran! O, Muslims, unite, unite!"

.. You must be more genuine to be considered,my friend. Islam is liberation,from prejudice,racism,sexism and want. You are welcome to join the ranks of the true devout Muslims, as-Saffa, or the first straight line! We are all Muslims and an Arab is not superior to a non-Arab neither a non-Arab is superior to an Arab.

If i were Iran i will go full steam ahead and get the nuclear warheads. Then i will phone the silly arabs and tell them if they allow the americans to launch attacks from their soil, i will rain missiles on their oil/gas facilities. This will ensure destruction of western economies with double digit inflation and steep interest rates.

I cannot beleive these arab governmens are so useless, surely arab governmenst must have a more important function in life than a pig.

The hashemites even claim decendency from Muhammed SAW, just like that fool who sits on the moroccan throne, whats more silly is they claim this gives them legitimacy???? What the hell, Noah and Abraham SAW family were not saved from destruction wwhen they did not follow Allahs orders, silly arab losers.

Muslim countries do not have any power !!
Muslims left technology since 1300AD.

Today is Friday 4/8/06 in Malaysia. Nevertheless I intend to reply to both Tadeo and Daniel statements soon after my Friday prayer.

GOD Bless.

In response: The one million dollar answer to Ben's question on canonicity is "apocryphal books." In Greek the word means hidden away. I personally believe the Holy Spirit has hidden away certain Scriptures for the purpose of prophecy and revelation, although most protestants don't believe this. Despite the differences you emphasize, you don't recognize the vast agreement between most of the branches of Christianity that you mention. Orthodox Christians, by definition, all adhere to the Unity of God, the Deity of Christ, salvation by Christ alone and the Trinity.

By the way, what do you mean by "buying people"?

Jesus Christ,Daniel!Don't make me book you for a hypocrite and a supplanter! First,don't give us mistranslations of the Quran,OK? The same passage sounds differently in a Abdallah Yousuf Ali translation although it wouldn't be the best but it's classical and used by all parties to make references to Quran. There is nothing in Quran or traditional Islam that instigates to violence or unjustified fighting. The passage you just mentioned is about those that turned you out of your houses and made you flee your homes. Well for us Muslims is not to forgive those and give them our lands and houses and us pray and beg at other nations doors for alms! If somebody turned you out from your house and made you flee your homeland and killed half of your family,what do you suggest to do? Give him your daughter too for personal sexual gratifications? No my friend,the answer to this is the answer of every nation,Muslim or not, war,war,war,untill you turned them out from what they stole and kill them where you find them. The West is doing this to Muslims,kill them where they find them,what do you expect Muslims to do? Bare their nape to be beheaded? Come out in the open and face mass execution? Really,Daniel,whom do you think you are speaking to?
I said this a thousand times on this website,but it seems that skulls are really very thick in the West. The fact is this: There are occupying powers,neo-colonialists,Israel,USA and Briton,that invaded the native lands of the Muslims and want to dictate their filthy way of life. To this,obviously you have a reaction and a counterparty,the resistence,the heroes fighting for the liberation of the Muslim lands and for the shattering of the colonial yoke imposed by Western Christian powers in their fanatic crusade to crush and obliterate Islam. In fact is an armed struggle for independence.
As regards Christianity? Don't get me started. The whole Bible,OT especially is filled with how to kill exterminate and destroy the non-Jews(Goyim).

Ben, in response to your claim that 'in Islam there's no compulsion in religion' I think there are a number of people who have been put to the sword and killed for the faith in Christ that would beg to differ with you my friend. In Surah 4:89, Mohammad writes "They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah's way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper."

Now, I fully acknowlege that there have been terrible acts in the name of "christianity," especially back in the middle ages. However, when people murder/kill in the name of christianity they are clearly going against the fundamental teachings of Christ and will one day face a Holy God in judgement (on this I think we both agree).

This is not necessarilly the same in Islam because Mohammad seems to grant open season on infidels. This is something I have a real hard time with -- ie. killing someone who doesn't adhere to your religion/beliefs.

I too believe that enlightenment can only come from a Holy God. But I don't believe that killing Christians, Jews or Moslems because of what they believe or disbelieve is something God wants. I believe He wants us all to turn to from wickedness and seek a personal relationship with Him. I also believe He teaches us in the 5 books of Moses that we're created in His image. Jesus also took that point even further when he taught believers to pray to a "Heavenly Father" and that "when you do it to the least of these, you've done it to me." As Christians, we believe that there is only one God, and that Jesus is the perfect manifestation in the flesh of that Creator. There will never be another like Him, and never has there been one before Him. You have alot of content in a short space.

May the Holy Spirit bless you greatly this day.

A thought provoking and a good article.I think Muslims need to put their differences aside(Sunnis & Shias) and be united in their common struggle against those who infade their lands and dstroy their homes & lives.Anyone who is been attacked,oppressed and humiliated in his own home has the right to defend themselves. we need to wake up from our slumber and see all the innocent people suffering around the world who are being affected by the western's perception of "DEMOCRACY".We need to voice out anger and outrage and let america and our cowardly leaders know that we don't NEED western democracy in our lives and we will not be deluded and made to accept the underlying fact of why the world is in such a turmoil>>>their greed for money & power.
Praise be to Allah,Lord of all the worlds.May he guide us to the right path and may he ease the suffering of all the innocent people.

Daniel. I don't want to get involved in a theological debate which would lead to nowhere.
As a muslim I believe that enlightment is only in the hands of Allah. I am not a missionary and I don't buy people and convert them to my religion. In Islam, there's no compulsion in religion!
However, I just want to give you some food for thought:
- Pay a visit to either Tashkant or Turkey and you'll see 2 authentic, identical copies of the Quran dated from 1st century of Islam. So no 'lost in translation' issue nor 'KJV/NRSV/NASV/NIV' versions and the list goes on and on with new archaelogical discoveries and consequently new reforms...
- Unlike the Quran, both OT/NT are full of descripencies and non-scientific facts (I refer you to The Bible, The Quran and Science by Maurice Bucaille ~ or follow this link http://www.witness-pioneer.org/vil/Books/MB_BQS/default.htm)
- Same book will show you how the Quran is very consistant with old/new scientific discoveries.
- You should find books written in Aramaic since Jesus never spoke Greek. FYI less than 20% of the words in NT were related to Jesus. He's never allowed you to eat pork or not to be circomsized. Those are Paul's orders. So make sure who you want to follow?
- The different fragments you're proud of are just small bits and pieces and as per the Catholic church's statement mostly each one contradicts the other.
- See different books within the different Christian sects. Noway to find this with different Muslim groups (there's no Quran for Shia and other for Sunna!)
Protestant church (66 books)
Roman Catholic church (73 books)
Greek Orthodox church (same as RCC + 4 books). The Slavonic canon adds 1 book with other changes.
Coptic church same as Greek with some changes in the books'order.
- Ethiopic church has the larges Bible with even additional texts and OT is divided differently so that it makes up 54 books instead of 46.
Syriac church contains some text amendments, NT contains 25 writings.

Excellent strategy. Also the one favored by a lot as this Israeli
hegemony goes on. Go to a link below:


Explains a lot. Also, just before Saddam was hit, there was a
similar article by an oil economist stating Iraq was going to trade
in EuroDollar instead of US Dollar.

As for our "governments", Saudi is not going to change, They are
American whores. they care more about their golden palaces and
...and...the term they use "custodian of two holy mosques" is
just that...enuff said.

Well as for my part, we in our suburb have done as much
petition as we could to our Congressman and Senators in US
Administration to take an even-handed, fair and non-biased
interest in US Foreign Policy-making decision.
Also as somebody mentioned here - you all should check out
"Israel Lobby" by John Mearshemeir..(pls check that post for
correct spelling)
Also, as the Isreali aroogance increases the regular non Israel-
Firster Americans are slowly waking up.
Hopefully there will be some change....

as for Israel: "As long as fortune favors you, your defects will be
covered" - Ali ibn Abu Talib (RA)

In response to Ben's criticism of the Bible and the NT/OT manuscripts, even though the oldest complete manuscripts of the NT are dated at around 200 AD, there are numerous early 2nd century (circa 100 AD) papyri, along with hundreds of uncials and lectionaries that provide an excellent spotcheck throughout the New Testament Koine Greek Gospels and Epistles. (That's what it was originally written in, like the Septuagint - Old Testament in Greek.)

The Old Testament goes back even further, to manuscripts (Greek & Hebrew) over 100 years before the birth of Christ which even attest to the coming of the Messiah who will be called "El Gibor" Mighty God (See Isaiah 9:6). To their credit, Jews have not removed this, or changed it from Holy Scripture, despite the fact that it disagrees with modern Jewish theology.

It may look piecemeal, but when you stack the hundreds of 1st - 3rd century fragments, you get an incredibly verified testimony to the accurate transmission of the Bible. It really hasn't been tampered with like many have claimed without looking at the facts. I've studied the Greek language for about 4 years, full time, and after looking at the evidence personally, I'm convinced by the facts and how well archaelogy and history support. The more we learn the more it points back to the veracity of Scripture.

Ironically, can the Quran stand the same scrutiny that you're criticizing the Bible with? I believe you'll find even the earliest manuscripts of the Quran are much further from 700 AD than the Christian manuscripts are from 65-70 AD.

May the Lord Bless you.


In response to VoR, Ben and others response to my comments concerning Jesus/Isa's Injal of loving enemies, I'll give you a number of examples of nations of people who follow the teaching of Jesus very precisely. To begin, both the Ahmish people, and the Mennonites are a branch of Christianity who follow a turning the cheek policy. They help many people they don't even know after hurricanes and storms. Check their lifestyle out on the internet, I've seen it first hand and it's very real (in contrast to what you see of the US on TV).

That's one example in the US and there are many examples around the globe of Christians risking their lives to share the Gospel/Injil. If you ever meet an authentic Christian, you'll know it. I'll pray that the Lord leads one to you.

I've also personally experienced hatred, persecution and life threats against my family because of my faith, even here in the US. In addition to visiting oversees locations where christianity is threatened with death for faith and proselytizing, there are also thousands of believers who visit prisons, dangerous inner city areas where there is gang violence.
Believers go, but they go with the love of Jesus/Isa in their heart, knowing that His message is more important than their own life. But Satan works pretty hard trying to keep the word from getting out on authentic believers.

Still, Jesus warned us in Scripture that we would suffer the hatred and persecution of others because of the Gospel/Good News/Injil.

Although the Talmud is technically not Scripture but rather commentary, I do agree it is very gross and hateful in many of its comments against Christianity. Still, the New Testament and Old Testament is where the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah is proclaimed by over 40 human authors, unified by One Divine author, the Holy Spirit. Those testaments help a person get connected with a personal relationship with a Holy God

piece of land or govermnment can not be branded as muslim or not muslim.this is true that the succesive heads of states are spinless and belong to the category of munafiqeen as there herts are full with the fear of iblis and not the "allahshanahoo" hence surely not muslims thease are here to ensure worldly comforts and doing every single act to proove that what islam proposes for faithful is wrong.
allah holds the responsibilty of maintaining the integrity of quran otherwise sultans and presidents generals would be writing their own quran full of praise to the devils and his companions.inshallah distingushed sultans heads of state would provide good company to the iblis on the day of judgement.
whatever military might they posses is just enough to guard their castles ...

I agree, ATTENTION MUSLIMS: United we stand, divided we fall!

The truth is well said.

THE ISRAEL LOBBY -by John Mearsheimer


A long article but a MUST, MUST read by all Muslims in full.


The author has spoken my feelings and thoughts and put them into eloquent words. Thank you.

Down with Arab/Muslim puppet gov't who serve American-Israeli interests and May God Protect Shaykh Nasrallah and Hezbollah. Amen.


I am a Lebanese muslim, and there is nothing that tortures me more than seeing my country being destroyed and my people being slayed so brutaly and so injusticely. However, to say that supporting hezboulla or hamas is the right muslim thing is so wrong. hezboulla is for iran, they care nothin about lebanon, syria and iran are fighting this war through lebanon, why you don't ask them to fight instead of talk. so now they are the "good" because they support (by words and never by fight) hezboullah. before calling for wake up of arab governments see what governments they are. Syrian (the heroes now) government has been there for more than 40 years, what ruling would survive so much if wasn't by blood shed and injustice. you can't defend injustice anywhere. Why hasn't the syrians fought israel for 3 decades now, and now it is a traitor who doesnot support hezboulla. Sir, execuse me but you are calling for the wrong people. The prophet MPBUH said: as soon as muslims leave their religion, humiliation will be upon them. return back to islam, not islam radicalism, not killing women and children and saying it is patriotism or shahada. shahada is one of the highest things a muslim can get, but i donot think killing innocent is shahada. We strived to rebuild our country, our Lebanon, we have 40 billion debt because we did that, and now it is destroyed, 750 people are killed, 3000 are wounded, we were drawn into a war that we did not need, we did not need to give Israel , syria and iran a big favor. Allah Akbar from every oppressor no matter where he comes from. We have our prayers for the islam nation and for my beloved Lebanon.

... Isreal and the US are not the enemy, hate is.

On both sides they will continue to hate and to fight until they decide that peace is more important than being "right"


Thank you brother for this deep analogy of what muslims have ended up to.It is the disaster of disasters.May God change the will of this Oumma.

Spineless Muslims Goverment , the actual phrase should be MUNAFIQ Muslims Goverment . These so call Muslims leaders follow the teaching of IBLIS instead of Allah.


Yes Daniel you sure seem to have all the answers. Tell me should Muslims follow the same peaceful message that Jerry Fall well (This guy who exudes the same charm as a rotting beached elephant seal, proclaims to be the voice of Christ on earth) is following? or how about Pat Robertson? Maybe we should accept the same peaceful message of 'Isa' that President Bush has accepted eh? Please name me one Christian nation that has taken Christ's message to heart and symbolizes 'turn the other cheek' phrase.
Its not the hadiths or quranic verses that is causing Hisbollah or hamas to take arms and fight the illegal entity of Israel, they are a symptom of Israel's criminal aggression against innocent human beings. Having said that, the bible is fraught with violence waged by an angry God against all humanity. Christians accept both the new and old testament to be inspired by God. The Jewish Talmud is a literature of hate, hate against Christ, his mother, and everything that is none-Jewish. I will allow you to do your own research on Jerry, Pat and the Talmud.

Their means are small, their numbers are few, however their belief is great. And at the end of the day it will be their belief that will be their success Insh-Alla.

Actually Daniel, as long as talmudic jewish terrorists and their christian zionist followers think they can murder, torture, and invade Muslim lands, you will be hated, it as simple as that mate. Do yourself a favor and dont misquote the Quran despite your fundamentalist protestant disposition.

Salam Alaikum to all my brothers and sisters,
I agree very much with what has been said about the spinless so called Muslim governments. It is so sad that these folks who can really help with the Lebanese situation say and do nothing!! I do not even know how some of the leaders in the Middle East can even sleep at night, while their neighbors are being bombed. Honestly, it has been hard for me and my husband to even eat in the past few days. What is happening in the Middle East is the same thing that happened to the African-Americans back in the day. Arabs can learn a lot from American history. What is happening is simply another aparthide in the Middle East. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Trust me, American government knows how to play it the best!! I have lost all respect for the so-called Muslim leaders who have shown little concern for Lebanon. I do respect CAIR because they are actually trying to make some noise. They really do let us know what is going on. They are not perfect, but they do try to make a difference. As for Daniel, please do not try to quote the bible to me. The Bible was used to enslave people for many many years, and South Africa as well. Know your history before you start quoting the Bible!!
Salam Alaikum to all my brothers and sisters out there. Good article!!


Salaamu alaikum,

You are either with us Muslims or with the terrorists & their supporters. Muslims must unite & forget their differences for their own survival.

The Sunni and Arab governments have proven themselves to be impotent. They claim to be in possession of true Islam and the Prophet's (pbuh) traditions, but they sure don't act like it. They are only interested in chasing the dunya and not the deen. Invertebrates have more backbone than they do.

Almost every Muslim Goverment leaders is corrupted and practicising double standard. They are not coward, but had hidden agenda. They misused Islam to stay in power.They manipulated the press to shut the voice of ulemas, and clerics. Ulemas, clerics, Al Quran, Syariah laws posed as a threat to them due to greeds, womanising, cronysm, hypocrites, ect. But then, how come did the zionist succeeded killing or arresting almost every target launched on individual Hamas or Palestinian leaders, there should be inside traitors among the Arab or the Palestinians. Most Islamic countries hounted by the IMF, like Indonesia, Pakistan, Jordan are clear puppet of the satan America. The OIC also played a disgusting role as had happened in Iraq, Afghanistan. The Muslim leaders should backed Iranian Nuclear programme to counter balance the American and the European. The OIC should no more exist as "its a thorn in a flesh" to the Muslims. The scheduled incoming meeting of the OIC leaders is wasting time. Boycott the American and European product, make oil embargo as aweapons. OIC should boycott the UN, because UN played the leading role to destroy Islam. Kofi Annan is the puppet player. El Baradei is the puppet player. Almost every Islamic leaders is the puppet player. Its the American and its allies tactics to lure Iran and Syria to escalate the zionist incursions in Lebanon, so they could use the same stance as in Iraq and Afghanistan. The clashes among the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq is the work of satan America. They provokes the killing and bombings. Muslims should be careful if the succeed in provoking Iran and Syria in Lebanon. What we are afraid is not the Americans and it allies of satan, but the greedy, hypocrite and double standard Muslim leaders. This should be reckoned with. I'm sorry I could not mention my country, or I would be....only Allah has the knowledge, Allah the Great, The Merciful

Muslim societies need to wake up and stop expecting their hycoprit leaders to do something.we need to get their faces down from representing us in the world platform.Hams & Hezbollah are freedom fighters and ones that all muslims should be proud of.May the Almighty strenghthen their iman & power....ameen.

THe spineless Arab leaders who hide behind their cowardice think they can escape the onslaught. While they are spending billions of petro-dollars enriching Western societies, millions of Arabs and Muslims suffer. Inshallah, their time will come...they shouldn't fear the Arab masses, but they will tremble when faced with the divine wrath of Allah.

We have to continue to pray and watch. A Muslim can not be spinless. Just be patient Allah is God. I am descendant of slavery. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the World. by 2014 every Black man in america is projected to be a Muslim. That is why they are killing and jailing us. Be patient and continue the struggle with the name of Allah. We will be victorious.

D. THOMAS said:
Hysterically funny, Voice of Reason in comment #39144. Like fire calling the kettle black.

Blaming the West for sectarian violence, come on, this violence has been going on forever! Well for almost 1400 years now!


Nodoubt about what you have written is correct,hope your words can make a slight difference in the thoughts of Muslims somewhere and remind them that they will have to stand infront of Allah oneday to answer for their silence.

It's time for the people to act and stop hoping that governments will do the right thing. They only govern with our concent. Spineless Muslim governments = Spineless Muslims and spiness people of concience.

This is a reaction to Daniel's message:
As a loving human being regardless of your beliefs, try to over-smart what your media is dictating on you and see the fact with wisdom.
Hezbollah or Hamas were never in existance (in the first place) if the Palestinians (Muslims, Christians and Jews) weren't kicked out from their lands, had their olive trees burnt, their families massacred, their homes dropped on their heads, their kids' hands and fingers broken and finally besieged with a wall that devided their families.
I'm not asking you or anyone sharing your dangereous ideas while masking it with pre-set phrases such as Christ's compassion and love, which yourself never put into practice when it comes to dealing with Muslims or any other ethnic groups. Just think my friend and use all Jesus' love and compassion when someone try to kick you out from your home, and you try to denounce him to the Police (because you don't have enough power to defend yourself), but to your surprise, instead of coming to your rescue the Police gives your intruder all the rights to get your dear home, your only inheritance from your grand-fathers. You certainly will react furiously against both the Police (USA) and the Intruder (Israel).
In this case, I don't think Jesus' teaching of love and affection will be helful...

Now, you kept pretending about the authenticity of the NT and its contents, it's fine for me as far as you can present me with an original copy that DOEST NOT show the 'according to' intro.
To make it simple for you, you CAN'T find any original copy for the simple reason that NT books have long since disappeared because they were written on papyrus and they weren't even looked as scriptures at that time!.
What you have today in hand is a copy of a copy... of a greek, latin translation.
So, it's a 'lost in translation' factor based on some of 3rd century findings...
So wake up my friend and don't be trapped between what the Church and Bush want you to belie

The whole problem has been created by so called Neocons in US
Senate, Congress, Pentagon and various dozens of thinktanks.
Lookup the Neocon architects like Wolfowitz, David Feith,
Richard Perle, friedman, Wurmser, Bolton etc etc. Also the
biggets and most powerful Jewish lobby, AIPAC and AJO. These
are the brutal Israel-Firsters that make the "US Foreign Policy".
Their clandestine motto is "what is good for Israel is good for
US". And this barbaric, moronic, ex-alcoholic, Bible-thumping
born-again evangelical Christian, boy-king, Baby Bush has no
brain of his own and he listens to these Israel-Firsters in US and
keeps on signing one veto after another to keep them happy.
This current Chimp-In-Charge Bush has no Diplomacy and is the
worst statesman the world has ever had. Unless, the average
white/black/hispanic American comes around to see how Israel-
Firsters are showering all their perverted love for Eratz Israel and
considers USA secondary, nothing is going to change. Nothing!
Average American needs to be aware and force their US Admin.
to curb their bulldog ISrael first. Stop the "disproportionate" US
Aid to Israel first, stop supplying killing machines. Stop the
hatred for Arabs and be more fair-minded and just and behave
like the SUper-power that you claim to be.

Mr Macho Man Tadeo Takahashi, the article was not about the war of religion. It was about the ineptitude of the governments that rule the Muslim countries to muster up a united front against the brutality committed by America's and the Christians' masters-the zionists.

The neocons in the US government understand how motivated their evangelical followers are to help God expedite Armagedon and they have gotten very good at "pushing the hot button" and get various sides in the Middle East to react in a manner that appears consistent with the apocalyptic prophesies. Then, they subtly lay the seed of suggestion to the uninformed, zealot, neocon Christians that this is a process towards the Armagedon; thereby, drumming up more support for the zionists, the so-called "God's Chosen People" who have commited so much attrocities and injustices against Palestinian men, women, children and elderlies.

Thus, Mr TT, the religious war is incited by the neocons and their evangelical Christians, which, ironically goes against prophet Jesus Christ's teaching, (PBUH).

Now, calm down, and get a genuine translation of the Holy Quran, read it with open mind, and with proper context. Go to your local mosque and ask question if you don't understand.



Assalamualaikum wrbt to my brothers and sisters in Islam and greetings to all. Thank you my brother Voice of Reason from USA for your counter rebuttal of Tadeo assault on Islam.

Let me share my experience. I am a General manager of a company with a number of many staff of 188. Among them are Muslims and Christians and other religion. I have never preached Islam directly but yet I believe in showing good examples. 2 staff had embraced Islam and I thank AL Mighty GOD that HE had shown them the light to the Truth.

I don't know why Tadeo had suddenly came out with the idea of saying that there's nothing that Islam can do to stop Christianity. Look, and take a good look at all the continents of the world. Look at North America, the churches are starting to get real empty and gloomy. Look at history and even now where they have separate churches and priests for Blacks and Whites.

Look at the Klu Klu Klax clan, the soldiers of the white supremists. Look at the different conflict of churches even among the sects where suddenly now there are gay priests and gay acceptance into a union of marriage. Look at how it is splitting the Anglican church that even in Africa, the Christians are turning to Islam as the answer to the real truth. How many Europeans are really going to their churches anymore ? Infact being an atheist and and free thinker or even a gay seems to be the order of the day. Look at the issue of abortion and how it separate the churches. It is then true in the Islam belief that the laws of the Sharia and the Quran and it's contents will be preserved and protected by AL Mighty GOD till the end of time. Muslims are never confused between the division of right and wrong and that racism, unholy alliances of gays and lesbians, abortions will never be accepted in Islam.
Even in regards to Jesus ( peace be upon him ) he is a Prophet and there is more reverence to Mary the virgin in the Quran than the bible.

Check your facts Tadeo.

Hey,Tommy Gun,what's up,bro? You got your figures all reversed. Firstly,Hizballah killed 33 Israeli soldiers with a collateral damage of 19 civilians. Criminal Israeli Defence Forces killed one Hizballah hero with a collateral damage of 700 civilians. Excellent army! Wow,of world class,I would say! Hizballah managed to kill 33 bastards with a minimal collateral damage. What did IDF acieve? Just humiliated herself by killing women and children. Great army! Great nation! Killers of women,children and elderly with the latest precise and state of the art weaponry supplied by USA! Hizballah? The heroes and the carriers of the day! With primitive weapons inherited from a crumbling Russian empire. Man,if I were you I would shut up!
Peace out!

Tadeo Takahashi,wake up!Indeed Japan is at the end of the world,the news didn't reach you. Islam is the fastest spreading religion. Thousands are coming to Islam every day while tens of thousands leave Christianity for either Islam,secularism or atheism. Biblical Christianity is dying my friend,let it rest in peace and hail the birth of the new Islamic era! Allahu Akbar! Long live Hizballah!

I totally agree with Hayfa - that all Muslims should unite and I pray daily for peace and UNITY in the Umma. I am deeply disturbed that the Shias and Sunnis are killing each other. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) taught us not to raise a hand or a tongue against another Muslim! We have to overlook the differences in belief, we all believe in Allah and the cornerstones of our faith! Take a lesson from history (Genghis Khan, Attilla the Hun) were undefeated when they united the different tribes. Our hearts are connected!

Not only are the Arab and Muslim governments spineless, but so are the Arab and Muslim masses. The governments are hypocrites and traitors to the Islamic cause, but the vast majority of Muslims across the globe that witness the atrocities day in and day out, yet do nothing are not much better. May God bless the steadfast who stand in the face of tyranny and never back down. May God grant them the highest reward!!

Alhamdulillah, at least this writer's spine is very much intact..you should also know that many of the great scholars across the globe have called for the Muslims, Shia and Sunni alike, to unite and to stand together against our common enemy. In fact, Muslims all over the world tonight made du'a together.

As long as Hezbollah or anyone else teaches its children to "seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper" and "do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends" there will be violence and turmoil in the middle East. The only solution for peace is for the Islamic, Jewish and Christian world to accept the true teachings of the ultimate prophet, Isa and His authentic Injeel found in the Holy Bible, i.e. "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven." However, Almighty God, El Shaddai describes the ultimate outcome in Zechariah 12. Still, loving and praying for enemies is a very difficult teaching to follow for all. Only the One true loving God would think of such an amazingly transforming truth. Yet, almighty God finished in love what Abraham was willing to do by faith -- John 3:16. That's the authentic Injeel of Isa.

Tadeo. you seem to be quite misguided and severely ignorant of what is actually taking place in front of your own eyes. Biblical Christianity is becoming more and more irrelevant, and aside of the fundamentalist nutcases who hold political power in the modern world, no one really gives a hoot about Biblical Christianity. Christianity is a has been religion and its adherents are rotten to the core in their debauchery, materialistic vision, and self centeredness. Its Islam that's spreading faster then any pontificating sleazy televangelist knows what to do with. We are not afraid of your holy ghosts Tadeo, our problem is your bombs that are indiscriminately killing our children and widowing our women and turning our homes into apocalyptic landscapes. Your post is completely baseless and downright childish but for the sake of argument I will enlighten you. Islam vs. Christianity? By all accounts Christianity is losing, its cowering in the corner as it watches how Christians in masses turn to Islam for answers and how it plays no role in anyone's hearts or lives save for a few psychopathic criminals who are doing their best to force biblical prophesy to fruition and in the process killing millions.

i think the least muslim government could do at least say somthing. and muslim scholars need to issue a fatwa regarding wheter it is a jihad or not...and annoucne it. Just like when they announced the killings of innocent people in Iraq, and considered those act as act of terrorism.

The hipocritical activities of the Arab and Muslim leaders are part of the signs of the end of the world.

Great Article and great post on the two points. It's all hypocrisy from the power hungry leaders in the world, inlcuding the muslim world. They are for the dollar, and Inshallah, Allah will replace them with better since they have not done their jobs at all. May God be with the Hez.

If it is a war of religion you want, Biblical Christianity stands ready to counter Islam. I repeat there is no weapon that the Muslims have that can stop the spred of Biblical Christianity.

All involved in this war have grounds to justify their actions. In the broader context of the present conflict there are crimes and injustice being perpetrated on all sides. All parties seem to be struggling for their own survival and the futures of their families. Let us pray for peace and reconciliation. Only God can stop the violence in our hearts that leads to the violence of our hands.

A world held hostage to the wiles and whims of an insane butcher Israeli state, armed to the teeth by a mad man who calls himself the "Warrior President" of the a country whose flag represents hundreds of years of murder, repression, slavery, destruction and misery and yet has the gall to call itself the greatest democracy which is supported by an effeminate feeble Prime Minister of an island trying to regain the "glory" of an empire whose past is equally chequered with blood and gore, all helped by an atrociously stupid and inane evangelist Christian right wing bloc which uses the image of Christ and the cross the justify and support the murder and massacre of women, children and annhilation of a people by a nation of Jews with nothing on their mind but blood lust, mayhem and more land, and who, these mad Christian lunatics hope will convert to Christianity on the event of the rapture. Worst Muslims with all their power, resources, money, oil, weaponry and even nuclear capabilities, remain silent while their fellow Muslims are so cruelly massacred. The enimity and hatred of the Christians and Jews is understood, it has been for thousand years and will remain, but what I simply cannot understand or forgive is the silence and inaction of the Muslim leaders. What are they afraid of? I thought Muslims feared nothing but God. Apparently for these Muslim leaders God is secondry to what they fear loosing most - their comfort. They love live and hate death. How sad. I only hope from this rubble of destruction will arise some true Muslim soul who will end for ever the terror and tyranny of the Christians and Jews. I pray to dear God I live to see that day. Amen.

I heard from my father and came to know that there were few muslims countries existed in this world a few decades back. Now i don't see any.

Looks like all the Islamic governments are converted into Christian and Jewish government and so called "Islamic leaders" have become supporters of Zionist.

I don't know who would issue Hajj and Umrah visa to Muslims in the future. Is it Isreal or US or any other European countries?


I agree that many of the governments from Muslim majority nations are spineless and have done nothing to prevent the Israeli onslaught in Lebanon, but to say say that if one is "he who is not with Hezbollah and Hamas is against the forces of Islamic liberation" is a bit extreme. I am not for how Israel is handling the situation, but Hezbollah's solution is not helping either. I also question this author's assumptions of the new 'visionary' Islamic radicalism that's more progressive in outlook (whatever he even means by that). He acknowledges that it has come about from an intellectual vaccuum yet still feels it's something to be embraced wholeheartedly. I'm sorry if I don't share his enthusiasm in the possibility of another Muslim-majority region/country (pakistan, Palestine, whatever) being ruled by religious zealots under the guise of a progressive democracy elected by a people starved of all sustenance and schooling by military and religious elites alike.

spineless muslim govts? we can call them>STATUES

They are statues made of stone /clay carved by westertern govts. therefore they cannot even speak and cannot make any gestures.They are on payroll and employees of western govts.

They love living in palaces, money ,gold ,luxury transportation means and so on and because they are paid slaves of western govts. They do not want to loose these worldly luxuries and end up like Ziaul-Haque, King Faisal, or Saddam, Bhutto and so on.

It is shame on our Iman and Taqwa that we have become so much dependent on westerners even for our food, water and defense.

ISLAM said:

Everyone should Stop fueling this conflict.

It begins with ourselves first.

who can say we have not eaten at Mc Donald's or have not shopped at Walmart or tasted Starbucks.

The fuel to this conflict is the money you give to these corporates who support the state of Israel.

Everyone should stop doing what they do to support this state of Israel.

Please visit the following website. which explains in detail how the support of Israel is actually done by these corporates.


we need to educate ourselves and..

The monopoly and exploitation of so called 3rd world countries by these corporate giants has to stop.

TOMMY D. said:
No Arab army has fought Israel the way Hezbollah has, with such resolve and tenacity., says the author. Yes the technique of human shields is revolutionary, except for Hamas who uses the same techniques! Even the vietcong did not do such a thing.


Extremely well written article, the author just failed to mention two points:

1. America's lackey in Pakistan was calling for diplomatic relations with Israel, claiming that as part of his sufi-inspired "Enlightened Moderation" Muslims had to "embrace modern times" and "make peace" where is his tongue now?

2. The sectarianism prevalent in pakistan is funded and nourished by foreign funds -- specifically Saudi Arabia at the behest of America. They provide the money, the indoctrination (via Wahabism), and the weaponry helping to perpetuate sectarianism and divisions while claiming to be the "custodians of the two holy places"

Overall a well written article that should address more specifics in future followups.