Israeli war lobby in control of US

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Where Are The Voices of Reason Now?

The rumble of cannon, the thumping blades of helicopters, the piercing whistles of fighter bombers and the chest-rattling thuds of bombs and rockets continue to rain destruction on Gaza and southern Lebanon.

The sound that will be missing is that of opposing voices seeking compromise and a way forward through reasoned discussion; instead, gunfire barks out. No mother or father wants to fear for a child; no one wants destruction to rain down from above on what is called home, yet children will die, and homes will be destroyed.

So where are these voices of reason now that the onslaught of war ensues? We talk about creating a bright future and rebuilding what was destroyed, but now the devastation begins anew.

Congressional staff member on the Israeli lobby: "The way they were working, one would think that the United States itself was under attack".

Lebanon had been a great sign of hope around the world with the city of Beirut regaining its earlier glory and again becoming a bustling hub of commerce. Today the airport is in cinders and the city in rubble, and tomorrow seems more like a trip to the dark past than one to a bright future.

As military leaders carve up Gaza and Lebanon into chessboards for strategy and tactics, nobody seems to worry about the collateral damage.

Collateral damage is defined as unintended damage sustained during a military campaign, and the people of this region are discovering that it means a son's leg, a daughter's arm or a spouse's life, a home or a friend.

When you put it in those terms, it is clear that it should be unacceptable in a civilized world. The great nations of the world should be stepping up - and in, if need be - to put a halt to this brutal carnage. To do otherwise is to declare Gaza and Lebanon expendable and to declare their peoples unworthy of civility in this so-called "civilized" world.

I hear voices from the West calling for reform and democracy, but those voices seem strangely silent now that mothers' weeping is drowned out by what seems to be a widening conflict. Does dropping thousands of fliers on a neighborhood suggesting that the residents leave before the bombs start dropping on their homes make it all right? What bizarre stretches of reason could justify such a thing? The populaces of Palestine and Lebanon should be thrust into bitter war because three soldiers are captured? Where are all those voices so quick to call for reason, tolerance and understanding in this region. It is a bitter irony that some of those voices are the same ones who are supplying the equipment, supposedly given for defense, that are now on the offensive.

I received a message from Europe from a Jewish man apologizing for Israel's apparent plunge into madness, but the European leaders dawdle while people are dying.

"No one now will dare question Israeli actions," said a young journalism student from Columbia University. "I am half-Jewish, but I am a seeker of the truth." Yet the Americans are willing to stand on the sidelines instead of intervening to stop this.

The American people are among the world's finest. They embrace their cherished tenets of "liberty and justice for all," but the media and a powerful Israeli lobby continue to mislead them on the nature of this conflict.

The American Jewish Committee's David Harris worked feverishly to garner support for Israel. "The way they were working, one would think that the United States itself was under attack," said a Congressional staff member who demanded anonymity. Not to be outdone, a large segment of the American media with ideological connections to Israel embarked on a campaign of vilification and obscuring of the facts. One CBS broadcaster went as far as to inquire "why fundamentalists in Gaza and Lebanon chose to provoke this war makes no sense."

The result is an American public being misled as to the true nature of this unimaginable setback for the Middle East. That is evidenced by some of the hate mail we are now receiving.

One letter from Miami promised to annihilate us; somebody else wants to put us in incinerators. Another called for an assassination campaign. Others kept on repeating the old mantra about Syria and Iran. It seems that every American institution is now being utilized by the pro-Israeli lobby.

"Well, the more shrill your voice becomes in favor of Israel, the higher profile you gain in media circles here," said a retired American editor. "I have the longer interest of America at heart, and I am totally upset with what I say about a minority trying to drag us into a swamp and mire us there."

He does not speak strictly about the long-range interests of America; he is also speaking about the long-range interests of all of us to find lasting peace between nations and an end to the rumble of guns. We should be building a 21st century economic future instead of reliving the past.

The spineless behavior of the Europeans and others has made many wonder what hold these people have that terrifies them and prevents them from speaking the truth.

It was an Israeli of conscience who exposed Facility 1391 - Israel's torture prison. It houses Lebanese abducted by Israelis, scores of Palestinians - men, women and even children - and makes the Soviet gulags seem like picnic spots.

An Israeli MP, Zahava Gal-on, described Facility 1391 as "one of the signs of totalitarian regimes and of the Third World."

"I don't think such an institution should exist in a democracy," said Ami Ayalar, a former head of the Shin Bet, Israel's intelligence service.

Although we value his words, the world can rightfully ask what democracy imprisons a people, blows to smithereens hundreds of others while using the latest weaponry and gadgetry - freely supplied by a superpower?

To have peace, the world should see that the real problem is occupation and the nonimplementation of UN Resolutions No. 242 and No. 338, both of which are gathering dust. The same nation that so often seeks our support on its initiatives stands as a roadblock to those UN resolutions. The only way real peace will come is when the UN seriously implements these programs.

It is ironic that in a world supposedly moving forward with a matrix of globalized, interconnected economies that for half a century the Palestinian issue has been allowed to fester like a bleeding sore; what is more ironic is that now Israel is plunging Lebanon back into the same pit of hell in which it has sought to leave the Palestinians. Are these the acts of a civilized people in a civilized world?

I don't think so.

Where are the voices of reason now?

Khaled Al-Maeena is Editor-in-Chief of Arab News. He can be reached at [email protected]

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Lebanon, Occupation
Views: 5025

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Older Comments:
Israeli controls US and not just the government
the people, economy and the rights.Israeli is almight on this earth.


I don't understand how Bush can support TERRORIST Israhell for the barbaric killing of Lebanese and Gazaen civilians.(Or any body else they don't like) Is he insane or worse????
The Mossad motto is "By Deception, thou shalt make war"

Excellent report.

Well,it looks like it,didn't this administration say,"we are Israelis"? There you go, I thought the US government was run by Americans,but hey,I learnt the truth from the horse's mouth. The USA government is made up by Israelis. Excellent! Welcome to a Jewish world,be prepared to serve and slave for the masters of Zion! I wonder,what different agenda did Hitler have? Didn't he wish for an all Arya world where the lesser races would have been servants and slaves? Therefore you see so very often the sloagan,Zionism=Nazism and you thought the Muslims were illiterate and intellectually blind. Think again.

Yes I do believe like Shehu Usman that Hizbullah was probably hiding artillary wherever they could because they have alot. With all the bombs they dropped I find it amazing that so few have died with the collateral damage. Of course I wish there was no collateral damage, but life doesn't work like that. In all war there is collateral damage. Hizballah accuracy in hitting military targets is inexistant compared to the IDF.

To reply on why no major networks or Israel propaganda shows succussful demontrations of hits on ammunitions storage areas is rather obvious for all to see. Hizballah doesnt want to show that for propaganda purposes!

My wish is for both sides to live in peace, but Arab media says that some Arab powers want to destroy Israel. So I guess this is not possible.

Doin, you forgot to add that Hizbullah was hiding its weapon under the bridges too. What of the little children that were launching missiles on the escape route out of Lebanon,and the petrol station that was hiding Katshuaya missiles?
Why is it that no major network and the Israeli propaganda show any Hizbullah killed or missile cache destroyed by the Israeli bombs, but we see any little Hizbullah damage brodcasted over and over.
You forgot to mention the "collateral damage" of how many children lost their families and homes and the christian neigbourhood hosting Hizbullah and the Iranian/Syrian collaborators.
This is just a brazen show of brute force and that Israel is no respecter of International Humanitarian law.
I think when this crisis is over Israeli Generals and those that ordered this carnage has to face trial at the International war crimes court, just like the Nazis did. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Hezbollah is not the terrorist org. US wants us to believe. The US and Israel, with their finincial, political, and media power are showin ones sided story of the conflic, making people think they are the victims.
Hezbollah is a political and military organization, with deep social roots in Lebanon. But probably they "look" too terrorists for the blind view of westerners. Instead, US and Israel "look" civilized, and enjoy being part of the mainstream international forums spreading their nonsense of "peace", "democracy" and "human rights" (good things, by the way by itself) while bombing, killing, and masacring inicent people, men, women, and for god sake, children.
We need to pray, to ask, to make a difference with our voice to stand for the truth, for the right, for the justice. No to fall into the cynical trap Mr. B and his allies want us to fall.
My prayers and support to the Lebanese people.

Now you know who kill Hariri and put another false flag on Syria that help to defense Lebanon with Syria Lebanon is a cake walk for Israel. Never before UN investigate a murder case like Hariri case. All this is coming to play now if only Lebanon communities can foresee. What US and Israel has plan.

If the world does not wakeup to grand plan then we all will be the modern time slave to Neocon.

Dear Bro. and Sis in Islam. I write with pain over the escalating violance in Lebanon and Palestine. I have been thinking and wonderling how two lives taken peacefully can claim for countless lives under the claim of rescue and self defence. This was planned way back but as the prophet(PBUH) confirmed without "HIQMA" Islam will be meaningless.
Why dont we go back to the silent murderous attack on Hariri(RIP) that was filles with alot of claims against Syria.
I would drow my mind without calaim but with affirmation that all this was a game plan by Americans and Israelis. Why would would I junp to such a risky accusation. So long the influence of the Syrian army would only bring peace, stability and tranquility to Lebanon, and all this would nature Islamic beliefs in the name fairness and distribution not forgetting to note that Lebanon was a target to be the next Spain in Asia where Christainity was to take over Islam. We may note that most Lebanese who migrated to the USA, UK and the so called civilised worlds, only those who gave up Islam and its norms always were called the integrasted Arabs and civlized Muslims but in actual sense they had given up Islam. These are the wealthy ones who returned to Lebanon to rebuild it as well as carry on the Christian crusade and they are the very ones that were evacuted in the name of American, Canada and UK citzens.
So after Hariri's death blame game was on Syria and Iran on target to make Lebanon unsafe again and this is what is on ground. They are crossing desarted cities under the score of capture and the Civilized News Networks are happy that they have news to showcase.
Wake up Muslim Bro and Sis, its my own analysis and I agree with Bro Saleem's arguement lets embrace Islam,"Al Muslim Ahul Muslim."
Its Lebanon and the home of the prohet PBUH an American Ally hasnt said anything about tyhe violance.
Lets pray for them and create an Islamic Army under Arab league that will defend our religion Insha Allah, Allah

Bush's war is not on terror. Bush's war is on Muslim states not ruled by American puppets.....
But is Israel after Hezbollah, or is Israel after the real estate that comprises southern Lebanon?

Right-wing Israelis say Israel needs southern Lebanon as a buffer against Hezbollah. If Israel were to succeed in driving Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon, Israel would then want a buffer for southern Lebanon, where Israeli settlements would quickly spring up, and after that buffer, another, just as Israel has gobbled up Palestine.
by Paul Craig Roberts


I personally believe that the carnage that is currently being carried out in Palestine and Lebanon needs to be stopped. I am disgusted by the fact that people and governments are justifying this act against humanity. Once again, Israel is simply showing it's true colors. Without a doubt, Israel is simply a rogue state that is allowed to violate International laws because the United States gives it permission.

Since when is a war provoked by so little? I suspect that Israel was just waiting for an excuse to start trouble in Lebanon (again). And the western world feels sorry for poor Israel when their hegemony is the real reason they back the Israelis. I'm tired of always seeing so much sympathy for Israel while they murder thousands and thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese Muslims.

Please dont just blame Isreal and USA for these acts. Also blame millions of muslims and nonmuslims of the so called civilized world for this unilateral support for Isreal and usa directly or indirectly.

When they give money and buy their products and pay taxes.
Talk talk and only talk does not take you no where.

Wearing Gap and Timberland and a Starbuck coffee in your hand and shouting down with Isreal. What kind of nonsense is this.

Living in your mortgage houses and financed cars payijng riba(interest). No wonder Americans and Isreal and so called civilized people treat you like shit and call you so.

And you think Allah's support will come on to you.
Or it will come to those who can eliminate you.

I find the article quite dishonest. As missles land in Israel in an indiscriminate fashion, Israel, is being attacked from land that it willingly gave up in Gaza and Lebanon to further the peace process! I'm not living in Israel, but the lesson learned by them is not to give up land because instead of being viewed as a step towards peace it is viewed as weakness by its enemies. I guess this is not a mistake they will make in the future.

I just wish that the Lebanese gov't could of purged Hizbollah from Lebanon with its influance from Iran and Syria! In the end the Gov't of Lebanon has to be held responsable for what has passed inside its own borders!

Unfortunately we are but mice amongst the cats..does anyone seriously think that the pressure for Syria to withdraw it's troops from Lebanon after the death of the blessed Harriri was not a political ploy to leave Lebanon vulnerable and open for yet another Israeli attack? We can cry out against the injustice yet no one will listen as 'they' have a new world order agenda in place and nothing will stop them to achieve it. Yes this plan means killing off the worlds population. Which means the innocent lives being taken by American bombs & weapons is but part of the 'plan'. It is the pathetic Arab leaders who are the root cause of our problems. We need a new regime in the Arab lands and we need it now!! Muslims need to finally wake up and bring down these so called kings of Saudi, Kuwait and Jordan, and the ruthless Mubarak of Egypt. Only then will truth prevail and justice reign once again!

It's about time that people realise that these wars & acts of "terrorism" are not based on religion, & holds no regards to international law & human rights, this is a war for land, economic wealth and OIL! We need to all speak out as nations and condem such acts of violence, I pray all our brothers and sisters keep their faith!

Arabic joke so-called "juha's nail":
"Juha" sold a house, except a "NAIL" in the wall of this house, he claims ownership on this tiny small thing, as small as Chaba lebanese land.
When the zionist occupation was kicked off from the country (Lebanon) covered with shame, in shadow of very expressive and "loud" silence, the defeat was too much painful to be accepted, particularly when the aweful slam is coming from those "guyeem" supposed to be no more than slaves or mules to be ridden by the God's "elected people" ...(I'm semit myself), I said, they were ready from the very beggining, just as "Juha" will come bother you, day or night, or jump through your window to check HIS nail! Any excuse or occasion was good enough to do so. Resistance did nothing but accelerating a process coming sooner or later when you live beside a terrorist neighbor...any terrorist more than Allah's Prophets killers? those same have killed the Brits soldiers in king David hotel few decade ago?
Finally, this blood isn't it offered for sake of The "New middle East"

At Arab governments scale, their plans?
Bowing to their shameful desires and selfishness, they should ask:" why these turbaned out there, this pain in the a..., are bothering us with fight when it's summer time and everybody chilling out on the beaches...this is what Mubarak, the "prince" of shame Abdallah, and saudi's bedouins and not Arabs (back to Quran to capture the big difference).
1st, saudis and Mubarak should give back the extra-$ of the barrel increasing price due to this war, they exchanged w Lebanese children blood.
A compaign this way should be organized.

May Almighty Allah protect all of us and defeat the occupiers and free our lands starting with El-Qods.

I, too, grieve the loss of innocent civilians. I am not sure, however, how to advise the Israelis. It certainly is our (US) interest to have peace in the Middle East. It is in our interest to have stable borders between all countries and to have stable, friendly governments in Palestine, Israel, and Lebanon.

The question is how to deal with an organization outside the normal diplomatic circles that vows death to your very existence. I had been optimistic that peace could have been reached. Israel had elected a moderate and the mood of the country was in favor of peace. Then Hamas was elected to run the country in Palestine. I don't blame the Palestinian people as their predecessors left a lot to be desired. I do blame Hamas for not maturing from a revolutionary organization to a governing party with the best interest of their people in mind. They could have taken the opportunity to amend their charter, deal with the Israelis, and find a lasting peace. Instead they stuck to their outdated charter, vowing destruction of the state of Israel, and continued hostilities.

Equally at fault is the Hizbullah, who by perpetuating the violence strengthens their reason for existence. The Lebanese government does not have the political or military might to challenge them. The truth is you can't fight an enemy who lobs shells from civilian neighborhoods without causing civilian casualties. The blame for their deaths lies in the cowardly fighters who hide amongst their own women and children.


You will justify your own act when you have the mighty, once the Nazi had. So wrong!!!

I know that the Poor Americans are fed with propaganda, and the Governing Body of the USA is nothing more than United States of Israel.

The government is working only or Israel and not one thing more.

You see they are all traytors to my Country, they are bought to do a job or Israel.

They are traytors, they cant say no do to selling their ass to Israel, if at any time they turn against Israel they are prosecuted or something that they have on them.

I remember once GWB told Israel to stop a few years back and the next day he said I mean it this time, by then he had 80 some faxes to his office by Congressmen and senators to back offf....

That same day The fat Pig Sharrrooon said that he gives washington orders not washington to Israel.

Anyway F(*&( everybody, WAR shall go on and the fire just got started and it shall rage on, with the Jews around the world being the Loosers in the END.


SAAD FROM U.S.A. said:
BismiAllah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

Dear morais, you ask who started this problem first. Maybe it was Israel who has held thousands of Lebanese people in their prisons.

Secondly, this problem began in 1948, when the U.S. and the zionists decided to force the Bible upon the Muslim Palestinian people (and the region for that matter), who do not agree with their religious beliefs, but are brutally and militarily forced to agree with them.

Also, ask yourself, who will defend the Palestinian people?

May Peace and the blessings of God be upon us,
I would like to remind both the Israelites and the Arabs that they are both from Abraham;the Hebrew from Ur of the Chaldee and must therefore learn how to as brothers and sisters despite the difference in religion,language and nationality.
There must unity in diversity,equity and justice
for the promotion and enhancement of Global Peace,
Progress and Development.I hope they still remember how God destroyed Great Nations when they
became Very Arrogant and Headstrong.We must know that the earth does not belong to us,we are only
representatives of God on earth and caretakers.He
is watching us and no deed will go unchecked,and
doers of deeds shall be paid their price whether
good or bad both in this world and in the Next wold,whether we like it or not.
The Israelites should remember what their Great ancestor Prophet Jacob(Israel)(A.S.) told them before his death and the Arabs should also
remember that of Ishmael and the Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.).
Thank you.

This article was right on target. I can barely watch the regular
5:30 evening world news without being completely disgusted by
the onesided reporting that I witness by American journalist. The
air of news reporting is complete saturated with a zionist
mentality. I feel my self fortunate on one account and that is
because we do have a satellite which gets boardcast news form
Iran and other Arab countries, and the stories that they tell seem
much more relible then what I see here in the United States.
They have shown mass demonstrations in the Muslim world
against Israel which I have not witnessed on news channels here.
I really get the impression from all recent news whether if be on
NPR, ABC, CBS, or NBC that they are are really aligning
themselves against Islam and Muslims as whole. They dig up any
so-called experts on the situation in Lebanon and the
Hezburallah, or on Shia and Sunni strife to create more bias
against how these two groups cannot co-exsist with each other
which in turn justifies their agenda for remain in the area. The
attack on Lebanon is just another excuse to expand Israeli and
American hegemony in the Islamic world. Salaam Alikum Zahra

Israel war lobby in control of US and vice versa
Israel Politicians in control of US and vice versa
Israel decisions in control of US and vice versa
so on..and so on ....list continues...

Who started the problem first ?.Let the Lebonan army defend Lebonan.Not hisbolah.

I am a shame to call my country America any more. We are just a state of Israel. Our politician and media on Israel pay roll. Is just a matter of time we will go down in shame. No injustice can go on without repercussion to the people of the land. Our misdeed shadows will haunt us in future generation. Well do America.

Not all Americans hate you. My heart bleeds for you. There is a beautiful soul I've become friends with in Beirut, through chat. I don't know what's happened to him or his beautiful family. My heart is breaking for him, his family, and EVERYONE involved in this HATRED that is costing our globe, our spiritual families, and every single living, breathing soul on our planet. I cannot put into words what all I think/feel. Just know that not all Americans hate you. Not all Americans believe our media systems. Some of us have bleeding, crying hearts.

Women need to rule this planet. Women are made to love, nurture and GIVE life. Women are hardwired for PEACE. Not this crazy, male-dominated killing, destruction,'s time to HONOR the FEMININE. It's time the Feminine hand takes the upper position. THEN we will see PEACE. Not this crazy male-dominated global mess (possibly extinction) we exist in at the present.

MAY LOVE PREVAIL! It's what we have ALL been put here for. To love and be loved.

May God, Allah, Buddah, Mary, Kwan-Yin, (whoever you should desire to put in this spot) sweep this all clean, end this madness, and bring us to live together in a loving co-existence. I faithfully, truly believe it can and WILL be done!


Why I am indifferent is because we have to realise that with the west and Chrisianity ranged against us MUSLIMS ,we are responsible for our destiny.Where are the leaders of the Muslim Countries? Why are they not able to come up with some strong ideas that make an impact on the world stage?Don't call the europeans 'spineless'.These useless meetings of IOC and Muslim leaders themselves are 'spineless'.What do they come up with except kowtowing to the powers that be.
USA and Israel are used to such articles as yours and they couldn't care less because we have a bunch of cowardly leaders who have no desire to improve the lot of Muslims just the desire to save their power no matter who else loses!Oh, where are our 'Salahuddins' of this generation?