Two issues you don`t hear in the news

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There are several significant factors concerning the situation in Lebanon that are not being discussed in the US media. Following are just a few examples ..

1. Israel is violating US laws: In Israel's attack on Lebanon, which has so far killed 226 Lebanese, mostly civilians (24 Israelis have died), Israeli forces are using US weaponry. This is a clear violation of two US laws that regulate American aid abroad:

  • The U.S. Arms Export Control Act restricts the use of U.S. weapons to legitimate self-defense and internal policing; U.S. weapons cannot be used to attack civilians in offensive operations.

  • The U.S. Foreign Assistance Act prohibits U.S. aid of any kind to a country with a pattern of gross human rights violations.

  • In the first few days of the offensive against Lebanon, tens of millions of dollars worth of U.S. munitions have been used by Israel against a country friendly to the United States and a government fully supported by America - a nation considered by many to be the most democratic country in the region.

  • In addition to killing and maiming civilians -- many of them children -- Israel is destroying the country's civilian infrastructure: the airport, streets, bridges, electric plants, etc.

  • (CNN is no longer giving a figure on the number of Lebanese injured, but this quite possibly approaches 500 to 1,000, in addition to the 226 killed so far.) 

2. Israel is violating international law. The Sinora government (and previous Lebanese governments) have long complained of three specific Israeli violations of international law. These are central to the Lebanon-Israel situation:

  • Israel has failed to keep her promise to make available maps of the 140,000 land mines she left behind in Lebanon. This continues to endanger Lebanese children and families.

  • Three small sectors of land overlooking the Litani River have been retained and occupied by Israel. This acquisition of another nation's land is illegal and a major cause of complaint by the Lebanese government.

  • Three Lebanese prisoners taken by Israel were moved to Israel many years ago. This is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention prohibition against an occupying power transporting prisoners into its own territory.

  • A previous prisoner held by Israel testified to grotesque torture by Israel. This came out in Israeli and world media, but was ignored by US media. There is reason to suspect that Lebanese prisoners still being held by Israel - like the over 9,000 Palestinian men, women, and children - are also being physically abused.

  • Also, in time lines on Lebanon, it is important that the media include the Israeli-sponsored massacres in Sabra and Shatilla, which took place in 1982.

Action: Please ask the media to cover these issues.

Source: If Americans Knew

  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Occupation
Views: 5499

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Re: Ignorant Romesh Chander

Salaamu alaikum,

May Allah bless Dr Alam a million times!!!

It is too hard for an ignorant man like Romesh Chander to understand the origins & the cause of the ME conflict because he is too blind to see the Truth. Well we don't expect a Hindu extremist or an evil Zionist from the New York Times... to accept the Truth...Like yourself Romesh, they are too selfish & too corrupt to abandon Zionist obscurantism!!!

Wa salaam!!

Yes we all talk abt unity, faith etc and write our opinion but the time for action has starts with us first..our family then our relatives and then our nation etc..we talk abt it but we never do anything,,I have started my share by educating my self, my children and do only what Allah created me to do and that is to love and respect other people. Lebonan had more bars than Musjid and more westernized.

Muslims needs to do the folllowing,

1)All Muslims have to live simple lifes.
2)Consider other muslim his brothers and sisters in true sense.
3)Join other non-muslims around the Globe for anti-Globization and Green Peace movements and also should try to stay away from corporate world, not being part of it and Stop working for big corporates. And stop giving away our daughters hands to those muslims who work for big corporates.

And stop supporting Isreal and their supporters.

I think Tanwir make sense muslim we have lost the leading role which Phophet SW and ALLAH implimented. We need to go back to His way of life in order to get a solution of our life why did he success.. But we are not?. Where is the brotherhood... Prophet SW said ''You have not believe until you love your fellow muslim brother and sister as you love youself''That is the basic principle of beliver if we dont have that we cant archive anything. Also we need to depend on ALLAH on everything and practising Islam as a whole because Islam is the way of life not just religion... Muslim need to solve our own problem!

This is shame of Muslim umma becouse thousend of muslim in presin in isral no bady say any thing inculuding muslim umma that means muslim soul is checkin soul but for 3 soldger of isral

To the poster Gary Vandenbosch,
Peace to you. By the way, how can Arabs or palestinians be anti semitic when they themselves are of semitic origin? They are of a purer geneology than the mongrel Israel invaders, who bloodlines have been diluted for centuries after their removal from the middle east and dispersement. If you don't keep your covenants with almighty God, it happens.

I think that we need to stop being spectators of the show. We need to come up with a focused goal to replace our emotions carry away with the deplorable conditions of Muslims. Off course the Middle East conflict is a matter of concern but anytime we come across any conflict involving Muslims that should energize us (as one community) to the same common goal. First of all we need to acquaint ourselves with the early Islamic history when the companions of the Prophet Mohammed and he himself PBUH faced constant threats from their own leaders i-e Quresh and from foreign governments i-e Parsia, Rome, Mecca. Similar situations occurred in the latter part of the Islamic history when Muslim leaders were oppressors on the "muslims". History repeats itself even though now we are in new technological era but the nature of the conflicts never changed. It's either oppression from muslim rulers or from foreign countries or from both. In my humble opinion, the success that we achieved during those early Islamic conflicts was mostly through two steps. First thing that we should do is to aspire Islam into our lives as the only focused goal. Because that's what Prophet Mohammed PBUH did in his entire life i-e to propagate Islam into the masses in the form of actions NOT only by words. If you analyze it carefully, you will notice that the only thing common among all muslims is Faith. Today there is so much disunity among us that we can not live as a coherent community. The second step we should take is to be always remain in connection with Allah (SWT). Because that's what Prophet Mohammed PBUH did whenever he embarked upon any thing. Even during wars, the only way believer's achieved victory was through the help and connection with the Creator. Once we make these two steps as our goal and propagate it among the muslims, and Insha Allah no muslim will differ on this goal, then any force that come to harm muslims will meet a ONE DEFENSIVE RESPONSE. We won't need to seek help from U.N.

There are many issues not seen in news or media because they do not belong to muslims or muslims do not have their own news/cable/satellite medias in western world. There is not even some influence on western countries even though they have oil and money and these control the economy of the world.

Muslims have no unity, no Islamic union, no trade agreements, no self defense or offense means.They do not even have basic industries(food-water-medicines etc.)

USA and Israel are the great forces in the world, they have: spying agencies, intelligence, UN, EU, have their own agendas, industries, all kinds of power to control the world. That is why they are arrogant and they know no country have courage in this world to say or do anything in UN/EU....

Once muslims, use resources wisely, have trade agreements, have Islamic union(IU), have media outlets, develop offensive and defensive status and have that kind of military power they have, then you can face any body and do not have to cry for help. You have to work hard, follow Quran & Hadith ask Allah for help.

It is pity when muslims are attacked or invaded by them, the muslim leaders(self interested- puppets) are quiet or call the invaders for their intervention or help instead of becoming strong and able to defend themselves or launch offensive.

GOD(Allah) help us now especially and always in future. AAMEEN.

I don't even see any muslim countries helping that is a disappointing to see. what are they afraid of usa

I tottaly agree with this article, moreover the US government is as guilty as Isrealies because of their unconditional help and support in this crises. US government and US media has always closed their eyes whenever Isreal violated the international laws. Today's situation in midle east is a direct results of our failed policies in that region. I pray for peace and harmoney in all over the world and I hope this current whithouse adminstration soon realize her davistation policies which has affected millions of people around the world.

It is a bit silly to argue that one is violating law when the other guy hits you. What would you do if you were in that situation?. You will hit back and hit back very hard.

Are non-state actors like Hamas and HizbAllah recognized under international law? Well, if a government cannot control its people, then it has no right to complain. If HizbAllah and Hamas go against the wishes of its recognized government (Lebanon, Palestine), that is not the fault of Israel; if they bother israel, then israel has every right to hit back the nation where they came from.

Frankly, this whole article is quite childish. I seriously doubt any reasonable publication like New York Times will entertain it to publish it.

I think the time has come to stop crying and shouting against Israel and America. Let us focus on the evil regimes of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt. Let us arrange protests all over the world against these countries who have violated every Muslim article for not helping Palestanians and Lebanese.


I think Israel's policy of defeating radical Islam is in compliance with International and American standards of proper behavior for conducting conventional warfare. Besides, just yesterday I saw a press officer for Hezbollah calling Israel cowards for not sending the IDF in for a face-to-face fight. Since that is what Israel is doing today, it is clear that even Hezbollah must approve of Israel's conduct.

Israel is not Beslan. It is time that radical Islamists learn that their evil and vicious ways cannot stand forever. And it's time for the rest of the non-Muslim world to acquire some courage and resist the radical Islamist bully.

The author is very naive in the understanding of global affairs! Why doesn't she publish this coloumn in say Newyork Times rather than in IVIEWS? That may have a greater impact on readers.

Also rockets fired on say Israel are not home made ones in Hizballah basement houses. They have a Iranian or Syrian address and labels them

So why not publish article in Iran or Damascus?

I thing the Christians have forgotten that Jesus (pbuh) told them to give the other cheek if one slaps on one side. Forget giving the other side, neither Iraq not Afghanistan nor Palestine slapped in the first place. Biased on false lies they have invaded these countries. And then they talk of 'Islamic Terrorism'. Can any one tell us where this came from? For 1400 years we were in peace. But then came the afghan war with the soviets backed by the Americans and the aftermath of the war which left uncontrolled armed groups which the Americans had masterminded and produced to fight their war in Afghanistan for which the Muslims were recruited through the world in the name of JEHAD. SO WHO IS THE REAL TERROR PRODUCER NOW?

It is utterly pathetic and disgusting to only address the few recent violations of the Jewish regime. The Jewish regime have violated all UN Resolutions against them and every single laws known in every land in the Middle east. From humanity's view, all problems in the Middle east stems only from Israel and USA.

The list of crimes against religion and nations by Israel and supported by USA should put Israel and the USA as the indicted and guilty party left only to be punished. The world must be in the war mode against Israel and USA for peace to fluorish all over the world. However, the Middle East must be the first contentious issue to be solved.

How? Eliminate Israel. The world would agree. Only USA would reject this idea. So, are we going to let this two indicted villains off the law?

This essay is unadulterated .. matter from a rabid anti-semite. Even most Arabic/Muslim leaders, Iran and Syria excluded, know that Israel is acting in righteous self-defense in response to Hezbollah and Hamas' irresponsible actions. They don't want to join this latest bout of madness. Accordingly, just about every point listed in the essay is irrelevant.

As for Israel denying Geneva Convention courtesies to its Lebanese captives, that is pure nonsense. These captives do not warrant such treatment because they are/were members of an illegitimate terrorist militia. Not a standing uniformed military force representing a sovereign nation.

Aside from all this, I believe that much of the world - and this includes the Muslim world - is standing back and letting Israel pummel Lebanon because their wards, Hezbollah, richly deserve it. Many are sick and tired of Hezbollah's insanely murderous antics and want them done away with.

By the way, speaking of treaty violations, Lebanon violated the UN mandate to dismantle Hezbollah. Did they? No they did not. And never forget that the people there elected over a dozen Hezbollah members to their congress. This war is Lebanon's bed and they have to lie in it.