Are the Dutch Becoming Xenophobic?

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What is happening to Holland that once stood as the shining light of tolerance and religious freedom? A country that the entire world admired for its courageous protection of Jews and other persecuted people during World War II?

It would appear that Holland has forgotten its own history.

In a series of attempts to discourage immigration from Third World countries, the Dutch have introduced a legislative proposal that would require some potential immigrants to take an examination to prove that they have an understanding of the Dutch language and culture. This applies to individuals who marry a Dutch citizen or who have family members already living in Holland. 

It does not apply to people from the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or the United States.

This exam will require 350 hours of study and will cost each applicant $468.

One of the most disturbing elements of this program is a video that these individuals must watch. The video describes the essence of Dutch life. In the video are images of windmills and tulips but there are also scenes of a homosexual wedding and topless women sunbathing - elements that are clearly offensive to Muslim people. 

There are about one million Muslims living in Netherlands. This represents six percent of the total population. They migrated to Holland mostly as "guest workers" from Morocco and Turkey from the 1960s through the 1990s.

According to Andre Krouwel, a political scientist at Amsterdam's Free University, Holland encouraged these workers to maintain both their linguistic and cultural identities. The Dutch governments assumed these workers would eventually return to their native homes. Some did but many did not. It was in essence a miscalculation. 

Now, the Muslim population in Holland is trying to become part of that country with all the rights and privileges the Dutch enjoy. However, there are a number of native Dutch who are against the absorption of these immigrants into their society. A recent poll showed that 50 percent of the voters support tighter restrictions on immigration and asylum and some elected officials are using this issue for political gain.

One such official is Parliamentarian Geert Wilders.

Wilders is building his political strength on a platform of anti-immigration and what many observers call bigotry. He calls immigration the biggest problem that Dutch society faces today. "We have been so tolerant of other's culture and religion," he says. "We are losing our own. Europe is losing itself. One day we will wake up and it will be too late. Immigration will have killed our country and our democracy".

He calls mosques "houses of terror and recruitment" for jihad. He describes Islam as "dangerous" and "fascist".

He warns the Dutch about not learning from the lessons of Pim Fortuyn, an anti-immigration activist who was killed by a deranged animal rights activist in 2002.

What is dangerous is that many of the people in Holland are listening to Wilders.

After the assassination of Pim Fortuyn his political party went on to win 26 of 150 seats in the Parliament.

Last November, when the anti-Islamist crusader Theo van Gogh was killed by a Dutch citizen of Moroccan descent on a street in Amsterdam, the sentiment against Muslim immigrants rose sharply.

Wilders who had been isolated in the Parliament suddenly had 19 other members of that body supporting his ideas on immigration issues, such as a five-year moratorium on all non-Western immigration.

Just a few days after the Van Gogh killing, Fortuyn was named one of the most important persons in Dutch history, outpolling Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt, two world famous Dutch painters.

Wilders' rhetoric is inflammatory and often inaccurate. He claims that the immigrant population has grown from 160,000 to 1.6 million - a 1,000 percent growth.

What he does not say is that the number includes second and third generation children of immigrants, children born in Holland, who are legally Dutch.

He excites his audience by stating that 90 percent of the prison population is foreign. The Netherlands' Central Statistical Office shows that number to be about 50 percent. While this is a high percentage in relation to the total population, as Andre Krouwel has stated, Holland increasingly finds itself divided into two societies, a relatively affluent and educated Dutch "in-group" and a mainly Muslim under-skilled "out-group".

Disenfranchised members of any society are often found in higher percentages among prison populations. The underlying elements that men like Wilders and Fortuyn appeal to are dangerous and inhumane. With Dutch women having 1.7 children and their population living longer, economists predict their extensive social-welfare network will go bust without the influx of new, young workers.

True, some Dutch express concerns about losing their culture, about their disappearing heritage.

The answer should be in managing their immigration system, not in dismantling a major part of it. It is a shame that this country has reached such a sad state of affairs that they are looking at the ethnic background or religionist beliefs of would-be immigrants. 

Perhaps, they should reflect upon the idea that the complexion of the Dutch people is changing, which is inevitable as it is for most Western nations. Their Muslim population can make great contributions to this new Holland, if they refuse to hear the voices of anger and prejudice.

Adrienne McPhail is an American journalist located in Yokosuka, Japan. He can be reached at [email protected]

Source: Arab News

  Category: Europe, World Affairs
  Topics: Netherlands
Views: 7052

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Older Comments:
wow you people really have no idea what your talking about, why shouldent the dutch be mad at all the immigration thats going on, the dutch population never was big in the first place
and for a country that is talked about so negatively from muslims etc and that still choose to live there is yet one of the most popularist country visited because of the admiration of the dutch lifestyle. you dont see arabic countrys be over populated by dutchmen let alone white men you whould be worrying about the same thing. And for people who dont even live in the netherlands or never will why are you even concerned about there lifestyle and about there last resort to save the true dutch population, because THEY ARE being rub out of there own homeland and THEY HAVE the right to do something about it while they still can, like what the one guy said "its self defence". and if your gunna complain about the dutch militia killing most likely muslims who desered it
why dont you complain about the other countrys that are actually abuseing there powers.and if the dutch are so worthless, pathetic and such ruthless people look at the dutch crime rate and i mean the DUTCH crime rate not the immigration crime rate and look at all the inocent crimes the dutch commit even if we do commit crimes we dont go to some other country that we try and tell them whats wrong about there country and blow up there buildings for religious beleifs

Wow! I can just feel the teeth bared ready to
attack me. Looks like you can dish it out as
long as it's anti-Amer. or anti-Jewish but
heaven forbid anyone critcizes Islam or offers
another viewpoint. Listen to you! Some angry
ninny named "David" has developed an entire
life for me; including a religion, a state for me
to live in, how much I've traveled and my
educational level. I get it now: Some of you
don't want to discuss -- you just want your own
comfortable beliefs reinforced and not
challenged. OK - go ahead and keep feeding
your rage -- it's your funeral in the end. To the
other wonderful, intelligent, open-minded
people who comment on this site - keep up
the good work. I enjoy the challenges.

Missus and Muxilyadeen, I stand by my statement. A good number of the so called African Jews who Israelis took to Israel were Sudanese and also many were Christian Kenyans nd Nigerians who out of economical took the opportunity. However to take us out our country only to be placed in th emost dangerous part sof Israel and give us the filthy jobs only and deny us our basic rights is not at all correct by any standard. My friends tell me that even in the grocery stores in Israel when they shop they are looked upon with disgust by other white Jews. Public Buses will many times not stop at black areas and also at times not pick up black people in Israel even though they are not all full. I also do not understand why Jews hate us Christians after all the support they get from our church. But on reading the Talmud, I now can understand why. Here are some points from the Talmus:# Balaam [Jesus] fornicated with his jackass. (Sanhedrin 105a-b)3
# Jewish priests raised Balaam [Jesus] from the dead and punished him in boiling hot semen.(57a Gittin)4
# She who was the descendant of princes and governors [The Virgin Mary] played the harlot with a carpenter. (Sanhedrin 106a) [Jesus] was lowered into a pit of dung up to his armpits. Then a hard cloth was placed within a soft one, wound round his neck, and the two ends pulled in opposite directions until he was dead. (Sanhedrin 52b)

So you see I se you Israeli Jewsish people discriminate against us even if we are Jews or Christians.

Frances Odoulu!!I`m uttely shocked by your recent comment,#29755 in which you claimed that the so-called Jewish Eithiopians that the Israeli government airlifted from Eithiopia to Israel among them were Somali Jews?/ this is a claim which is ridiculously beyond bounds!!There are no Somali jews in the first place.What the Israeli government had airlifted were ethiopians who claimed that there were jews;GOD knows their intentions. My friend, somalia is considered a hundred percent Muslim, there are few somalis whose numbers donnot exceed 15individuals who are being rumoured that they took christianity,not of course,out of faith,but out of financial need. In their hearts,they donnot believe that christianity is a true religion; the only reason why they took this was to be brought abroad. So, you need to talk to the many somalis living in your country south africa

If the Dutch are becoming xenophobic, who can blame them? They want to protect their culture, limit immigration, and prevent their social welfare state from being overwhelmed. That's not xenophobia, that's self-defense.

No country on this planet has a history with no blood on their hands. The history of humanity has been one of people invading and enslaving other peoples.

Frances, Have you been to the US? It's nonsensical to think that all Black people are living in slums and all White and Jewish people are living like kings. It's a very "mixed bag" here, lots of wealthy Black people and lots of poor White people, and most folkd are in-between. It's not an easy country to live in, but the opportunities and possibilities are wonderful. It is sad so many people are so vitriolic on this board.

Has everyone forgotten what the Dutch did to South Africa? I and my family and my whole country can tell you what complete racist and vile monsters the Dutch were and still are. This is the same path Americans and Israelis are following. Apartheid in Israel is a very real thing. 9 years ago the Israeli government sent planes to pick up "Jewish" Ethiopians and some "Jewish" Somalis. The Jews felt that they were now blame free, they saved us blacks. However the truth is that these blacks are now living in squalor in Israel. The Israeli government houses them in quarters closest to all the violence and also far away from the white Jews. The only job they get are to clean toilets of rich white Israelis and work on farms. Without any jobs they get a few shekels from the government just so they do not starve. Same as in America where the poor blacks live in slums while the white Christians and Jews live like kings off their sweat and labour. Shame on you Laurie and on your America and Israel - mostly for your hypocrisy.

Laurie, you lack of knowledge startles me. Your racist views are in order with the typical Israeli right wing nutter or some hill billie from some hole in the earth place called Texas. Apart from the fact that you completely ignore the horrible murders of innocent Palestinians being committed by your Jewish settlers and the Israeli army and the murder torture and rape committed by American soldiers, you are surprisingly ignorant about the excellent accomplishments made by Muslims in science, technology and medical research, not just in present day but in all honesty throughout history. It was scientists and mathematicians from Arab and Asian lands who have paved the way to greater scientific knowledge as we know it now. We were still ripping off flesh from bones with our teeth when the Muslim scholar Al-Jabbar invented Algebra. Go to your local clinic and count the number of American doctors or research scientists compared with Asians. Whether its science, technology or research, they have you beaten hands down Laurie. You are the dumb ones and not they. You cannot invade their countries, rape, loot, pillage and destroy and burn all and expect people to get back to business and constructive efforts as if nothing happened You Laurie are not just a whiny little racist but you are amusingly ignorant too. Remember oppression can not last forever. A time will come when the most cruel despots have too fallen. So shall be the fate of Americans and Israeli, who only deceive themselves.

I`m sometimes sickened and blown away by the childish and infantile comments being posted by some of our e-friends(please,accept my apology for my words).This criticism goes to those who donnot think for themselves,but wait for others to think for them and brainwash them utterly.This applies to those who are daily couched by CNN,FOXNEWS,MSN,the list goes on, and the hateful national talkshows.Friends,I`m worried for you! think for yourselves,use your GOD-given computer(brain) and please quit these FOX-crabs you are posting!Don`t let yourselves to be driven around like a dog on a leash by these corporate news medias who have vested interests in covering up the truth and inventing tales that donnot even exist.Do some research,learn the history of OTHER cultures.I do sincerely apologize If my statements had offended any one shape or form I didnot mean to offend,I`m only trying to help as a friend of humanity.

Laurie, I do have to agree with others - you have your head in the sand. I do not know if your persistent delusions are a consequence of being misinformed or its ignorance by choice. Not one day goes by when Israeli soldiers are not implicated in the most gruesome and grotesque murder of Palestinian children, women and men. Sure our soldiers may not cut off heads but we riddle the bodies of their 9 year old girls and 6 year old boys with bullets and then of course we are let off by our all too impartial courts. Our heroic protectors, the Americans are busy sodomizing Iraqi and Afghani prisoners, shooting them, hanging them, electrocuting their private parts, blinding them with cigarettes to their eyes, breaking their necks, but sure they too are not cutting off heads. Very humane of us is it not, as we abide by our Judeo Christian sensibilities ? No it us who must apologize to the world for our deplorable criminal acts for which we ought to be utterly ashamed. Stick your head outside the US Laurie and you'll see just how much "we Americans and Israelis" are respected. Just be ready to run. Whether it's merry old England, Germany, China or India they would sooner see us wiped off the face of this earth - and I don't blame them. And your little ignoramus rant about Muslims seeking hand outs - If you had taken the time to read history books and real newspapers other than toilet paper like the New York Post or listen to sex starved hate mongers like Bill O'Rielly on Fox news, you would know that between the English, French, the Dutch and the Americans we have been invading and raping foreign lands impoverish its people for centuries and installing cruel puppet regimes. We now use our hand outs to shackle their feet with massive debilitating debt. As a result their poor have no choice but to migrate to seeking greener pastures. You would too Laurie. Read if you can:

Sister Laurie: my good woman, please listen to the voice of reason. You must understand that there are over one billion Muslims in the world. We represent a spectrum of the human experience; perhaps some of us are good, perhaps some of us are bad. But is this not true of any group of human beings? Why do you think that we, the umma, the world-wide Muslim community, condone such acts of terror as you refer? You must understand that these people are the extreme and do not speak for us any more than, say, Timothy McVeigh speaks for you. Is it unfair for me to parallel you with McVeigh simply because you and he are Americans and Christians? I'm sure you'd agree that it is. By the same token, why is it wrong for us to speak out against what we feel to be unjust? Surely you'd rather us speak out than engage in acts of violence (which occurs when people feel they have no power and cannot speak out).
You must understand we are concerned that members of our religion are being discriminated against, and that there is a very real threat of the discrimination being legitimized.
I'm not going to go into an angry tirade with you or recite some inane litany of America's misdeeds; that doesn't accomplish anything positive (plus, I am an American and love my country); thus, I appeal to your sense of good, justice and equanimity to reevaluate your views about us.
Islam is a very good religion, Laurie. You just don't know it. But that's okay, we can't expect you to know what hasn't been taught to you. Stay around; study the religion, I think you will like what you find. I would like to add that I appreciate your presence here and truly feel that many like you are really seeking an understanding, and no one can fault you for that.

Well, Laurie, the Dutch filmmaker in question seems to have expressed quite a number of viewpoints. Reportedly, he mocked a respected Jew, referred to Jesus as "the rotten fish" of Nazareth and called a Muslim politician "Allah's pimp". Not so very long ago, that second remark could have gotten someone in Christendom burned at the stake.

Actually, to me his death sounds more like a case of "assisted suicide without consent" than a hate crime. Seemingly, it was only a matter of time until he upset someone as unstable as himself. Admittedly, it turned out to be an "unstable someone" carrying something more threatening than a camera.

But may there be sustainable peace nonetheless.

LAURIE said:
Word to the enraged like Triathlon: Start
proving that you are worthy of respect and you
shall be respected. That goes for individuals,
religious groups, countries, any organization.
Respect is earned. Tolerance cannot exist in
a violent state or country and all of you on the
site darn well know that's true. You can't
scream "Respect me, respect me" and expect
the world to do so and close it's eyes to the
murders, kidnapping, etc... And yes, all my
raging friends, it goes for the U.S. and Israel
and all the other countries on earth. Bush
does not respect others and in turn he
receives no respect. U.S. is not immune. No
one's horrific actions are excused just
because "other people do it." Grow up.
Articles like this are written all the time.
Instead of addressing the true problems that
both sides (Dutch and Muslims) are
experiencing in a fair and balanced way, it just
goes on and on about the intolerant, racist
Dutch and how they terrorize their immigrant
population. To what end does this serve? To
further divide the world in an "us against
Theo Van Gogh was just a filmmaker
expressing a viewpoint in a free country. He
wasn't making policy or law. It's no more
offensive that the anti-Jewish/Christian blather
on this site. So that gives the killer the right to
murder him in cold blood because his
sensibilities were offended? What kind of
religion excuses that? Or condones
murdering the British woman in Iraq who
dedicated her life to helping Iraqis? Notice
there was no article about THAT on this
website was there?

Got an answer for that angry boys???

JAN FROM U.S.A. said:
Some folks often breach the good values of their race or faith. And these wretched characters must be deplored- whether it is a Moroccan Muslim or a Timothy McVeigh a Christian who blew up the Oklahoma City building. Or the Dutch soldiers who butchered the Bosnian Muslim civilians. Infact, we don't hear anybody describe Timothy McVeigh or the trigger-happy Dutch soldiers or the IRA, etc. as Christian extremists.

In Islam, as in other religions, the message: "What you sow, so shall you reap" makes a lot of good common sense.

The Dutch always had an outward faade of tolerance - but have always been a very racist people, for the most part. They would tell their kids, for example, not to mix with "Catholic" people. The South African Apartheid policy was again the Dutch settlers racist ways. The disdain they had for the local inhabitants of their colonies such as Indonesia is well documented. The new generation of Dutch are mostly freeloaders and most of the time spaced-out and living on government welfare vouchers and handouts. They even hate their own parents and grandparents, because they don't have the housing and other "goodies" that their parents or grandparents might have.

The other reality on the ground in Holland is that the percentage of Dutch older folks is increasing whereas, the younger ones has shrunk to an alarming rate. Had it not been for the immigrants and non-Dutch citizens, Holland would be one big village with tulips, wooden shoes and windmills and nothing much in-between. And now to ask these 2nd and 3rd generation non-Caucasian citizens to get lost is tantamount to asking the African-Americans to ship out back to Africa.
Among the Europeans, the Dutch for the most parts are a morally loose and dysfunctional bunch. Some of these true colors are only now showing more vividly to those who are not well acquainted, thanks in part to the Internet.


Norm, and others-- Practice tolerance - you're
always preaching about it - now practice it.
Stop the whimpering and the intolerant, racist,
ignorant comments about Jews, Christians,
USA, and generally the rest of the world. It
seems that all you guys do is find someone to
blame. First it's the USA and Israel. Now, it's
time to blame the Netherlands because a
murder in the name of Islam was committed
and instead of being ashamed of yet another
murder, you're accusing the Dutch of being
Xenophobic, so that you can excuse this
disgusting act. As barbaric as the Christian
world can be, I've never encountered anyone
who would slice a person's head off in the
name of that religion. That's a Satanic
practice and it's people like that who equate
Islam with Satan. I'm calling it as I see it.
Instead of pointing fingers, send your kids to
school. Work on medical research. Study
economics so you can help others become
self-sufficient so they don't have to depend on
the US,Great Britain and the other devleoped
nations. Put all this rage to good use!!

Laurie, lets be honest for once and let's get real. I have studied the Koran, though not through my own choosing, but because the branch of the US forces I work for have made it mandatory. The Koran clearly states that you may fight only to defend yourself not for aggression. In verses where fighting is encouraged, a simple research into the historical context of these verses make it evidently clear that it was a war situation and the Muslim prophet was told by God (in some cases) to respond to aggression with war. Nothing wrong or evil about that. For the past 50 years what have succeeding Muslim generations witnessed ? Their lands being confiscated by either us or Israelis, their countries being invaded, their resources being stolen and their people being murdered, raped, tortured and savaged. Their response to our aggression is only natural. What did you expect them to do in response - turn the other cheek? Study the Bible or the Talmud and you will see that killing, rape and murder was even encouraged. Overwhelmingly we Christians and our dead weight brothers, the Jews, have illustrated again and again that it is we who espouse a faith of hatred, death and destruction. We have illustrated this amply throughout history by our deeds. Was it Muslims who massacred 6 million Jews ? No it was Christians. Was it Muslims who massacred countless Japanese civilians ? No it was us Christians. Was it Muslims who slaughtered women and children in the camps of Arba and Shattila ? No it was our biblical brothers - the Jews and their Christian brethren, the Druze Christians. Was it Muslims who once again made the world experience the Holocaust with the death camps, murder, rape, destruction and mayhem in Bosnia? No it was Serb and Croat Christians. Was it Muslims who wiped out half of Vietnam? No us again. In fact those news reels showing dead bloated bodies of Kurds massacred by Saddam, were killed not only will the full knowledge of the Pentagon, but we even supplied the gas.

Thanks Vincent for your constructive comments. I doubt Dan will respond. As for "laurie" the israeli reject, why is it you jewish extremists always feel threatened by gentiles who can think for themselves ?

I think the people from the Netherlands were always racist they just hide it real well. And the Americans Dan, I don't think you know facts at all. The whole world now knows the truth about 9-11 and you still in dark. If you read this it will make you think about both Afghanistan and Iraq and 9-11. Your government did a big fraud on you and you still don't know it.

Dan I think you are mired in old news. I hate to pop your bubble, but you are wrong on both counts. It is pretty stale news that the dancing palestinian video after 9-11 was actually shot in 1991. CNN has even admitted their screw up. Then your insinuation that it was Muslims dancing in New York streets is just wrong - it was a group of Israelis who also worked for a Israeli owned moving company. On December 11, your precious Fox News ran the first of a four-part series by Carl Cameron that offered yet more evidence to support my contention that the Israelis had some rather specific foreknowledge of the 9/11 atrocity. Citing sources in law enforcement, Cameron dropped a bombshell. Cameron put it in an interview with CSPAN:

"The biggest story of our time, of Israel spying on all branches of the government, on all our intelligence agencies - in the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency], the DEA and the White House itself, is not picked up by the leading newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post."

So you see Dan you need to really open your eyes and not be sweet talked by your governments or thse raving Evangelists who are preaching one day and sodomoszng little boys the next.

The Dutch have always been racists. Read their history. But then again I can not expect you to read anything, as even your own president does not believe in reading by his own admission.

Dan, sadly you are as ignorant about facts as almost the rest of your 'Mickey Mouse' country. The people dancing on in NY were not Arabs or Muslims, they were Israelis. Here read the following two links:

Furthermore by CNN's own admission, the video CNN used of Palestinians dancing in the streets was taken from a video from 1991 and had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11. The CNN footage of the Palestinians dancing in the street was shot in 1991, Get It, not 9-11-2001 ? CNN stated that it assumed it was correct as that footage was forwarded to it by the Associated Press and Reuters, and it was dated Sept. 11, 2001. Here read the following link.

You Americans choose to selectively believe what you want to believe. Truth takes a back seat. The country sleeps on. Blind, deaf and dumb, There is no hope for you people. Next time before you throw wild acusations remember people accessing the net are fairly smart and unlike Americans use the net constructively. I know in the US the biggest use of the net is pornography.

LAURIE said:
Dan, your comments make lots of
sense,although I do doubt that people in
Queens were openly celebrating the 9/11
attack unless they were also suicide/homicide
jihadists. But the point is made: either accept
the culture that you willingly immigrate to or
don't bother immigrating at all. Holland is a
free country - a concept that Muslims seem to
have a hard time with. Dutch people are
tolerant but they're human beings too and you
can't murder people in the name of religion
and then condemn them for not being tolerant
of your religion, folks. Whether this is true or
not: the belief in the non-Muslim world today is
that the Koran says it's ok to commit murder
and other acts of violence under certain
conditions. The Muslim world is in crisis and
the religion is under fire. It has become a
religion of the disenfranchised, the hopeless
and the angry. Yes, I know everyone is not like
that, but perhaps we don't see enough
evidence of that. If you doubt it, take a look
back in the Islamicity archives and look at the
comments from post 9/11 and see how many
psychos say "The Jews commited the attack"
"We celebrated here in Singapore." It's
alarming how many Muslims are so
consumed with their own self-loathing that
they cannot see the bigger picture. As to
Xenophobia; Holland, like the USA has had
enough of getting slapped in the face and
having their social services bled dry by people
who show no willingness to work with the rest
of society.

This seems to be yet another case in which hatred has contaminated a popular movement to preserve cultural identity. Hate-mongers seem inclined to employ this technique rather often.

Now then: my wife strongly believes in God, is entirely of Dutch descent, has visited the Netherlands and assures me that the God-fearing among the Dutch left the Netherlands long ago. Effectively, "the religion" of the Netherlands appears to be agnosticism (which is an uncertainty about whether God exists). If you were looking for a country in which to establish an Islamic paradise here on earth then my suggestion, with regard to the Netherlands, would be to keep looking.

On the bright side, "the cause" of the Dutch appears to be tolerance. Granted, the Dutch appear committed to preserving their cultural identity. Beyond that, however, the Dutch appear quite wary of embracing phobias - including nudophobia, homophobia and (who knows?) perhaps even Islamophobia.

One can tell what the Dutch are all about from their performance in Bosnia which should make any self respecting Dutch cringe with shame and disgust at themselves. July 12 1995, 450 Dutch soldiers and 27 armored personnel carriers under the command of LT COL Ton Karremans stood ready to protect 35,000 Bosnian-Muslim refugees in Srebrenica, including 25,000 in the Dutch Potocari compound. When the Serbian butchers approached Dutch forces dropped their weapons, and were disarmed by the Serb Army who then occupied the Potocari compound. Refuges and Dutch soldiers reported that Bosnian-Serb forces separated Bosnian-Muslim men from women and began beatings and executions. Dutch forces witnessed some of the executions, but did nothing to protect the refugees. Within forty-eight hours, Bosnian-Serbs forcibly deported some 25,000 Bosnian-Muslims. Of the 10,000 remaining Bosnian-Muslims, the United Nations estimates that as many as 8,000 were executed and buried in mass graves around Srebrenica or hunted down by the Bosnian-Serb army and killed as they walked sixty miles through Bosnian-Serb controlled territory to other refugee camps. So these are the Dutch. A nation of pathetic, cowardly, racist, morally bankrupt and socially disfunctual people who cannot get out of bed without a sniff of coke or pot. I am amazed that anybody even wants to visit this pathetic country let alone settle there. I suppose they will still sing their own praises about having saved Jews, but then why did they allow the slaughter and rape of countless Muslims in Bosnia. Maybe because they were Muslims - that was their crime.

I take exception to this article and find it just
another inflammatory "anti" article -- similar to
all the anti-USA articles on the site.

The Islamic population of the world is once
again closing it's eyes to the truth, making
excuses and rationalizing murder. If Van
Gogh had been murdered by a Danish
person, or if 9/11 was committed by Icelandic
terrorists, then the countries would be
anti-Danish or anti-Icelandic. Why, tell me, is
that so hard to comprehend??? If you murder
in the name of Islam, then other people in the
world will become anti-Islam and will not want
you in their midst. Don't the Islamic countries
want to keep their people "pure?" Don't they
want non-Islamic (or "Infidels") to leave the
country?? Of course they do!!!

Don't start criticizing the Dutch just because
they want to start minimizing immigration, or
start questioning their tolerance. The Islamic
world could learn a lot about tolerance. The
Dutch have welcomed Islamic people for
years -- I lived in Amsterdam in an Islamic
neighborhood. But a cold-blooded murder
like Van Gogh's makes the country turn
against people who would take a life just
because he made a movie that offended
them. The author is trying to twist the crime
because he is so ashamed that an Islamic
person committed this horrible crime.

The entire west is becoming very uppity about their booming Muslim population. The reason for this is their own decadent, immoral and hedonistic lifestyles. Their birth rates have been falling for decades now. And they do not have enough workers to maintain thier economies and their lifestyles. The reason behind this of course is that most people in the west are so seduced by their own selfish desires that they think having children is a burden, which will seriously hamper their swingin lifestyles. Thus they put of having children for as long as possible. And then when it is too late they have one, if at all and call it quits. Add to that the homosexual twist and it becomes painfully obvious that their current birth rates will not be sufficient to replace the workers who will retire. Enter immigration as the answer. It is not surprising that countries with the highest birth rates are Muslim nations. Religiosity plays a big role in birth rates. Even in the west people with high birth rates are usually the conservative Christian and Jews. Notice Mel Gibsons 7 children. Even countires like China and Japan have falling birth rates. Of course this allows them to have a better standard of living then countries with higher populations and birth rates. But eventually the truth catches up, and they see their countries being taken over by immigrants. And then the natives are no longer in power.
This is what is happening and it is scaring the living daylights out of them. So they try to force their ways on us. Now immigrants do need to accept some of the ways of the countries they immigrate to. The democratic norms and the freedom of speech, freedom of the press and a lot of other such ideals are commendable qualities to be adopted and practiced. But to make people adopt the attributes which may have contributed to the present state of affairs in their countries(homosexuality for instance)just seems plain stupid, obtuse and obstinate. Some people never learn.

I just want to say i love your rational & objective way of reasoning.

With raising ocean levels, the Dutch might wish they had been more welcoming. Allah knows best.