A grieving Heart

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Bullet riddled minaret in Fallujah

What is wrong with Muslims ... that they allow themselves to be slaughtered without mercy. No, they actually help in the slaughtering by providing their lands and their help against each other. Or they remain silent.

How does a flock of sheep behave when a wolf enters their midst? They run about, screaming and crushing each other as they are devoured. How is that different from the Muslim Ummah's behavior in the present times? 

Not a single Muslim leader has uttered a word. (Well, some of the Arab leaders urged caution to the US in attacking Fallujah). Many were the same leaders who showed their utmost sympathy when death came to foreign lands (which was a tragedy indeed), and they couldn't stop falling head over heals to get noticed. At that time, they competed with each other to prove their loyalty to the US . There is no need to name names, as it is not a secret. 

Now, what is the comparison between the destruction in Iraq and destruction that took place in the US? In fact, what is the relationship between the two in the first place? I do not have any special knowledge and I don't get any more news than what is available. The slaughtering, the carnage, the rape of honor, and above all, the upholding of falsehood and lies as truths, is as clear as day.

At what point in time did Fallujah become "the city of Islamic militants from the city of Mosques", its restaurants and clinics become "Al-Zarqawi safe-havens"? It happened overnight with news flashes published across the globe. "Now here is the reason for us to destroy the city, O ye who believe in our might." says the US.

We even have the Japanese prime minister who is more knowledgeable about Iraq than leaders of any of its neighbors. Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, speaking on the second day of the US assault on Fallujah, said, "We, as Japan, give full support to this operation and this operation should be successful." This silence from the Muslim world is deafening. The screams that are not heard by our leaders are nevertheless recorded in the eternal books, every detail. 

It is not the people of Fallujah that are in danger but us, Muslims. We all die in the end, but ... But, when we are raised up again, we will face danger beyond imagination because when we knew that injustice was being perpetuated; we remained silent.

  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Fallujah, Iraq
Views: 7889

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Older Comments:
Allah has raised the Muslim community to protect the places of worship where Allah is being remembered. Time to wake up from slumber is now not later. Let the Muslims hearts liberate the oppressed on the land to the worship of Allah with required strength and wisdom. Hold the hand of the oppressors with faith and sound moral character. The time to act is now!

Patty Mohamed once again makes the FALSE link between 911 and Iraq. This is a standard knee jerk responce everytime a pro-war monger is faced with facts. A nazi tactic of repeating lies again and again until its accepted as truth.
Patty you are either an incredible ignoramus or a pathetic liar without shame.
People like you make me sick carping about 911 as if its you people are the only who've paid a price. I doubt the people of Iraq and Afghanistan who've lost upwards of 150000 lives care. American terrorism has made the world a far worse place, one can only hope your evil empire folds before more innocents lose their lives.

Can you explain how a flock of sheep blow up two very tall buildings and kill over 3000 Americans? Sin invites sin...Maybe what is wrong with Muslims (if these people can be considered worthy of the title) is that they are not acting as Muslims. Maybe the leaders don't speak because they know that they kind of "brought it upon themselves". It's kinda like watching a child play with a dog, teasing him, making him upset. Then the dog bites the child. Who was at fault? The dog?

It is time for us , Muslims, to understand what we are doing, living for and prepare to do for ourselves. And detach ourselves from the utopic quest of the Ouest for personnal freedom from God. alhamdu lil-lah

This is a problems for all muslims and it's been foreseen by the prophet fourteen hundred years ago. ALWAHN has been creeping in the heart of the muslim ummah. When we continue to love this dunia above all else and we fear of death as if we will continue to live on this earth, the muslim ummah will continued to be slaughtered, carnaged, raped,dishonored and Allah will take away the fear of the enemies of Islam. When we deeply think about it, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) couldn't be more right, its as if this hadith was said yesterday. So I'd like to ask the muslim ummah as I am being part of its bodies to stop looking at the enemies without, about how we should be doing to the kuffar and so on but rather to look into the enemies within and that is ourselves, as the prophet also described in one of his noble hadith that the the greatest Jihad of all is to fight our own nafs. Let us be like the companions of the prophet and leaders of early muslims, they were true to their religion, God fearing,dignified and compassionate. And they were honored and feared by their enemies.

Salaams. The author is using emotion to convey his message. This problem did not start overnight. It is sad that muslims are the mess that they are in but we also have our selves to blame. It saddens me to see young muslim generation smoking their long pipe glued to their TVs while one side of their country is being put to a great test of humanity.

The world has spoken, humanity has spoken, sadly individuals can not do anything anymore. War is ugly but we pray to Allah that peace reaches every inch of humanity. We must also combine action with faith and be active in promoting peace for humanity.

Sometimes we the human race must sink to the bottom of humanity to be able to rise up. May Allah help us with peace and prosperity for all humanity.


Cesar - you must not be so inflammatory when addressing the Muslim! I would caution you to look very closely at the fourth paragraph, in which the author addresses such matters as destruction, slaughter, carnage, the rape of honor (and above all) upholding falsehood and lies as truth. What conclusions can be drawn? How about the importance of resisting the temptation to rely on a person's own ability to use reason, as might perhaps be suggested by the first three sentences? How about the importance of using strong emotional language to inspire action, as might perhaps be suggested by the fourth sentence?

Also, perhaps one should try in some way to project a pleasant expression when asking such probing questions. Who knows? That might be the sort of thing one ought to be concerned about before all of humanity has been raised from death (in addition to having tolerated injustice). Never the less, my hope is that one's intentions would be taken into account - even if they have acted out of passion, Cesar.

The ummah is weak because your leadership is weak. With the only persived credible leadership, being people like Osamma Bin Laden and Al Sadr, calling for war and the killing of non-muslims it is no wonder that situations like in Fallujah arise giving the U.S. the opportunity for mass military action without major world condennation.
So the facts stand as follows:
1)The are civilians living in Fallujah.
2)Fallujah also is a safe heavan for militants/freedom fighters or what ever else you want to call them.
3)The U.S. military attacks Fallujah to kill the fighters mentioned in number 2.
4)Since there are civilians living in Fallujah, some of those civilians that decided to stay were killed becoming collateral damage.

It is an appearant truth that militant Muslims want to kill anyone who disagrees with them and that regular Muslims have sympathy for them and aid and abade them hence attacking and destroying this enemy and their supporters is a valid military action.

Can some one explain to me what the author of this document meant by his conclusion:
"It is not the people of Fallujah that are in danger but us, Muslims. We all die in the end, but ... But, when we are raised up again, we will face danger beyond imagination because when we knew that injustice was being perpetuated; we remained silent."
Does he mean that the U.S. is planning to kill all Muslims?

I have read this article and the one above it reagrding the British colonizing of Iraq. I must say that it saddens me greatly to know that so many people are sufferign and have suffered for so long. I pray to Allah that he will grant us all reprieve from the madness that infects the world. Peace be with you.

Yes, Brother this is the Truth we are seeing the head of state who are either Impotent to rule are just get themselver on foot of US for their protection they will judge hereafter, but why can't we get by their flocks in centre give them the lashes, who are out with infidel to destroy the true faith. By manipulating records. we have seen lot of changes in ISLAM becuase of some greedy people, now the time has come to unite and fight back to save the Humanity from the corruption.

Truely agree.
What is democracy? when people chose their leaders like Yassin Arafat & Sadaam Hussein, yet the great powers are jealoused of and tried to destroy the peace and Muslims there.
What is terrorist? As modelled by actions of George Bush and Sharon.
What is liar and hypocrite? Well-esplained by Blairs' actions.
What are greeds and obstacle to universal peace? Best example is now seen in Palestine, Irag and Afganistan.
Sure the above will not stop but may be extended to Iran, Persian or other Muslim countries now enjoying peace and multicultural unity; except by Mercy of Allah
May Allah bless those who die for Islam, and all innocents being slaughtered by these truest terrorists, and those who sell their conscience and iman for greed of $ or power.

Salaam. For something like a year and a half, I have attempted now and then to express a few words of encouragement for the Islamists of Fallujah. I have tried to give thanks (to Allah) for the good works in which those people were striving.

What can I say? Trust in Allah. I love you for Allah's sake. May the way (of Allah) be made easier for you (Ameen).

I wrote a comment a few moments ago, but I do not know if it went through. I am tired of hating in my heart about what is taking place in Fallujah. I want to speak out against it. We are directed in Qur'an to go forward even if we are equippe lightly.
I have a heavy heart every day, and pray for the souls of the Muslim Men, Women, and children who are being unjustly killed. I am equipped lightly but those who are equipped heavy are not doing anything. I pray that Allah will give those who are suffering, will receive ease from their hardship very, very, soon. (InshaAllah)
Your Sister in Islam,

As-Salaam u Alaikum.
I agree with your article. It appears that the
Muslim leaders of the world dishonor themselves
with "silence." The silence that speaks so loudly
to the world that we are in agreement with the
animalistic behavior of the United States and its
allies. The "silence" that speaks so loudly to
their partaking in and of the injustices be
perpetuated on Muslims throughout the world.
Their "silence" says we choose you instead of
the path of Ibrahim and Prophet Muhammad (saw).
We share in your desire for the wealth of this
world, we love your ways, we delight in your
lies, your misrepresentations, your disrespect
and dishonor towards others. Muslim leaders, in
their "silence," speak to their own cowardliness,
their own desires to be close to what is not
fitting for the human heart and soul. Hence, they
are not the "leaders" they are the lead. Allah,
His Prophet are ours leaders. We must obey Allah
and His Messenger (saw). Practice pray, patience
and remain constant in faith and good deeds.
We must protect ourselves with the struggle towards purity of faith and self restraint. Studying Al-Quran, and self-actualizing ourselves
into true Believers. Allah is our protector,
a Friend to the faithful.Al Quran is our leader,
and we should only listen to those who adhere to
it's guidance. Leaders of the world, take heed!
Your are held accountable for your own misdeeds
and the misdeeds of those you lead. Remember the
day you will be held accountable. Today starts that day. As-Salaam Alaikum


Let's remember commerce plays the vital role in this war, so many are exploiting the situation in hope that things($$$$)will break their way.Also,remember the Japanese co-finance the first Gulf War(1991).Therefore,maybe there is "not a single Muslim leader"who is not playing the middle hoping they are going be put in the mix.Personally,it hard for to identify "a single Muslim leader" with any means to impact the situation.Good article.

Yep, you are right. The Muslim leaders are what they call'wuss'. Any atrocity anywhere in the world should be condemned. They should not feel shy about the atrocities committed in Fallujah. They have big mouths, don't they? when they condemn atrocities committed by the Muslims. So what happened now. Cat got their combined tongues!! Muslims are really in a confused state of mind at this point in their lives. Some of them are busy attending inter-faith meetings, some are killing others unjustly, some are apologists, some are bending so backwards to look good to their western audience that they do not have a backbone anymore, some are plain stupid, some have traded their muslim attire for western suits and jackets trying desparately to fit in and some are just indifferent.
Mulsims please make a habbit of pleasing Allah(SWT) and not Uncle Sam with a cowboy hat and his bullies.
May Allah guide all of us.
Umm Farhaan

Dear muslim brothers in Islam:
It is sad the muslim and their countries are...

One by One all muslim countries(NO EXCEPTION- whether PAK, S.A. or any) are going to be attacked or invaded in future for some stupid reason(invented).

Some Muslims are under big cloud of psycho delusions that they will be protected or spared. Look at the history.

ALLAH(GOD) help us.



I am at lost to what is happening to the Muslim. I looked around me and I felt like I am the only who felt so bad about our current situation. Lets all make qiyam so Allah will give us strength. We celebrate Eid with local public school teachers with abundance of food but after that they all still act so indifferent towards us. We really have to speak, when something is wrong it will always be wrong ...

EVERY believer will be asked by Allah s.w.a what he he/she did to prevent or stop oppression, tyranny and suffering, no exception!
There is a famous hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad - the very word brings about a unique crushing feeling in me - that when we see a wrong being done, we should correct it with our hands, and if that is not possible, then to speak out against it and when even that is not possible to atleast feel it in our hearts.
How many of us do that? Forget blaming our leaders who will face many-fold the punishment in the after-life for remaining silent. What do we do? Remain silent and blame others?
It is the crux of our belief in Allah and his commandments that we do our utmost to stop the savagery committed by the so-called enlightened and "civilized" part of the world. Failing to do so puts us the "believers" in the same league as the perpetrators of crime.
Pray that Allah guides us and help us to become better Momeem and to goad us to action to do what is right and to stop what is wrong, even if we have to give our lives for it, for that will be the supreme action beloved to our Creator!
"Do not sell your Deen for the sake of the world (materialism)".

Assalamu alaikum
Alhamdulillah, this is the first comment on other side of political crisis on Islmaicity. Pls dont be eager to read between my lines,i am not saying this kind of article represents right faith, i am suggesting if you are fair, you should give chances for both side of islamic political voice. I do appreciate Islamicity's decision to bring article which broke its self imposed image of "So called moderates".

Back to the article, i agree with the author to its core, we are all accountable on the day of Judgement for our silence,which is more loud than the chaos and noise created by the footsteps of american military's infantry.

if anybody justify wat difference it makes,if we are loud abt it..it doesnt change anything in iraq,we have no choice but to round off ppl like that as ignorants.Make note of it brothers, nobody can bring change unless Allah wills so, but one can carry out his responsibilities irrespective of wat result it produce.

We,used to obedient and responsible ummah for the mankind, but lest we threw away the responsibilities restored in us by allah as the best of mankind for the mere search of material wealth and comfort jus like other non believing nations.

Here we are at the mercy of the hands of unbelievers. We cant even voice our anguish, who would oppose that?! No...not American military...you are own father...you are own family...WOE be to all of us....we all went in to the quagmire of material wealth....ALLAH eases our responsibility...give us strength to voice the truth even before the mighty ruler...Allah let the hearts of our scholars be filled with guilt for keeping quiet.

Allah, save this nations, by your blessing...indeed all of us are weak...



bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Thank you for this very well written and correct article. It feels like the leaders of Muslim nations in the world are cowards. They did not speak out against the actions of the west in any way and in many ways are responsible themselves. But then again they all fall into lock step behind the Saudi royal family which is owned by Bush and Cheney and their cronies.

Wa allahu alim


salam. we remain silent...true but then again being loud wont change much, millions marched and made noise throughout the world in 2003 and Iraq was still invaded. We must "reform" our practice of islam in the sens of how we apply ourselves daily, it is time to act instead of making noise! economy is where it happens. lets stop being consumers. this economic system kills 80 000people everyday which could live to see another day if only the economy served us and not the other way around!! our so called islamic banks are a joke where transactions at the front desk are hallal but in the back...we must change our habits and our relation to consuming. is drinking soda a necessity?! cant we make cloths, sports wear etc? let get to work

absoutely unimaginable . no actions , no reactions , no objections , and i wont forget to mention - not even a single islamic country came forward to help a brother islamic country as Iraq . this is really annoying , really really inhuman acts , but the question is till when we would remain silent ?

I share the sentiments..& my heart bleeds at the sights but what can be done? this is a world gone mad...

It is the sign of our times. As you find in many Islamic books on Prophercies, it is written that each generation will face worse hardship than the previous. Our so called Islamic Leaders are reflection of the people.

That fact is we are not implementing Islam within our own homes. We have a weaker brotherhood than the West has and that is saying something. Islam goes beyond fasting and Salat. It is learning & understanding ones faith, it is nature, it is patience, it is adherence, it is learning to love before you hate, it is knowing ones creator. It envelops every aspect of ones life; From the prayer you say when you enter house, to the prayers you say when wearing new clothes, to the first adhan that is whispered into your ear when you are born. Everything. Yet we only concern ourselves with Salat and Zakat and fasting. Do most people knowledge go beyond that, and if it does, do they act upon it?