Yusuf Islam's statement

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Yusuf Islam departs an airplane at Dulles airport in Washington DC.

First, I thank God for relieving me of my ordeal and delivering me home safe; also, thanks to all those who prayed for me and supported me through this whole dark episode, from eminent politicians, the press and religious leaders, to plain, everyday people.
Never would I believe that such a thing could happen in the land of the free - unfortunately, it did. But it's warming to have such a wave of sympathy from my friends and my worldwide well-wishers. 

After the experience of my dramatic deportation from the USA it feels like I am on a different planet from the one I was on a couple of days ago; certainly the world has changed, not for the best. 

Two days beforehand, I had started a journey with my daughter to Nashville, intending to initiate work on a new recording project. Suddenly, our aeroplane was diverted 600 miles to Bangor International Airport and I found myself surrounded by six uniformed officers and handed over to the FBI for questioning. 

The most upsetting thing at this point was being separated from my daughter, Maymanah, not knowing how she was or when and where we might be united. 

And since my phone was confiscated I couldn't contact my family (nor could they ring me) and they were relegated to watching the whole frightening episode on TV and surviving on scraps of information shown by the media. 

My interrogators repeatedly wanted to know how my name was spelt; it sounded to me as though they had it mixed up with someone else's. Security officers finally told me that my name was on a no-fly list, I was classified as inadmissible and sent back to London. 

The amazing thing is that I was not given, and have still not been given, any explanation whatsoever as to what it is I am accused of, or why I am now deemed an apparent security threat - let alone given an opportunity to respond to these allegations. I was simply told that the order had come from on high. 

We have now initiated a legal process to try to find out exactly what is going on, and to take all necessary steps to undo the very serious, and wholly unfounded, injustice which I have suffered. 

I am a man of peace and denounce all forms of terrorism and injustice; it is simply outrageous for the US authorities to suggest otherwise. 

I have dedicated my life to promoting peace and understanding throughout the world. It would be devastating were the charity work I do through my humanitarian relief organisation, Small Kindness, which helps countless children and families, and which is accredited by the United Nations, to be undermined by what has happened. 

What makes the situation even more distressing is the fact that I have now been prevented from entering the United States - a part of God's earth that I love and whose people have always been great friends to me. 

Yet, after all this, I can think of no better response than by continuing what I believe to be the tremendously important work of caring for the needy and campaigning for peace and stability in this volatile and increasingly violent world, and at the same time try to seek to clear my name of this appalling and baseless slur. 

In the meantime I am confident that, in the end, good sense and, above all, justice, will prevail.

  Category: Americas, Life & Society
  Topics: Celebrities, Yusuf Islam
Views: 4435

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Older Comments:
This incident only disgusts the U.S. further. Wow, the great U.S. national security is working at full force! They ship away Bin Laden's family in a private plane right after 9/11 and go after pacifists like Mr. Islam. What we are seeing here is only the beginning. Soon will come the NAZI era for the muslims. Keep minding your own business and turning away to what is being done to your brothers and sisters. Just remember, they will destroy us all as long as we are UN-united!

Scary, it could happen to anyone. Many times we don't know who will be a so called suspicious organization that we may donate to. We only donate in good faith to what seems good. Maybe it never pans out to anything. But we still suffer. Media is quick to call us bad. But even if it shows we're innocent after all, the media conveniently leaves out that part. I hope and pray they take back the blame and re-invite brother Yusuf to the U.S.

God made us in many different races so that we may recognize each other by our apprecances and not my religion. This is God land......we should not be needing a visa to travel freely thru it. God said..... Go out and seek his bounties. The earth is made up of many nations......not just America.

In the name of Allah. Peace be upon all.

RE: brother Yusuf

Do not be hurt by this unjustified act. It is meerly a sign of your true acceptance by your lord.
A seed has to endure the weight of the earth before it can bloom into a fruitfull tree, by which the creation will surely benefit from.

assalamu alaykum,
may allah bless all muslims and people of peace. i am feel disheartened at what has happened to the peaceful and wonderful brother Yusuf Islam. i hope that one day soon this country and all other countries around the world will come to the realization that the true religion of islam is peaceful, tolerant, and loving. May allah guide us all onto the right path.

Assalaam Alaikum:
What has happened to you is nothing in comparison to what is happening to untold other innocent Muslims all over the world. It is so sad that it happened to you in a "civilized" country. I know of your case because you are a well-known person in the world so, media reported it. Countless others are being denied their rights, dignity, and honor and no one knows about their cases.
But, please do fight for your rights, dignity, and honor. You are in a better position to do so. Mr. Blair, Prime Minister of your country help. He is a leader of the "civilized" world trying to correct wrong in other places. He has influence and power. He knows influential people. Does he care about honorable people of his country? Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us. May God protect you and keep you safe and sound and give wisdom to the rest of the world to be just, kind, caring, and compassionate

We (my family and friends)are very sad about what has happend to you. But I am hoping God has chosen you correctly in order to let the peace loving world know what many others are going through. May be this will lit the light of conscience over the darkness of oppression and violence. May god's mercy be with you, your family and friends who promotes peace.

I sure hope to see you soon in a public gathering and off course listen to the beautiful songs.

I am ashamed as an American born Jew. I look forward to the
day that Mr. Islam will play his songs for us in Israel and in a
free and prosperous Palestine with out walls, check points, or
my kids in army uniforms.

Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim......
The news of Brother Yusuf Islam has left me in shock from the moment I heard the news till this very second. Brother Islam lives and promotes Islam in a form that even those of Muslim birth in some cases can't live up to. A true reflection of the Qur'an and the Prophet's Sunnah, Brother Islam has promoted much relief and aid to many of the war-torn nations in a very corrupt and dangerous world... And most importantly, he is a man of Islam, therefore he is a man of PEACE.
Subhan'Allah, I wonder if there deporting all the Yusufs' in the country for the crime of being Muslim.......May Allah grant his peace to Brother Yusuf as well as the Ummah and every decent person thats out there

So sad to see such good people become targets of suspicion...may Allah bless our brother Yusuf, ameen.

I angers me so much too see what Br. Islam had to go through. But as Imam Zaid Shakir said, "Don't get mad, we must get even." And in that sense, I have pledged to do all I can to make the party pay who was responsible for Br. Islam's ordeal. I have donated more money to American Muslim organizations albeit $50 more, and have registered 6 Muslims. And that is 6 more vote to oust the hideous, gratuitious Christian Bush.

May Allah give the wisdom to people in power of our beloved country USA so that they don't follow someone else's agenda and make us a friendless country and society.

It is a shame to see people like Br. Yusuf Islam turned away from here who has been an inspiration for the peaceloving people.

I am one of Mr. Islam's admirers, not because of his fame as a very famous singer but the one that God has found worthy of given such strong faith. I was born and raised as a Muslim. This is a fact which I am extremely proud and feel very privileged. I am not sure why Mr. Islam is surprise of his treatment at the airport. Today, just being Muslim is a red flag to this administration. One can feel how Japanese felt sixty some years ago in United States..... God be with you.

Our Hearts are with you. Truth will prevail and falsehood will be wiped out soon inshaAllah. We all love you brother, stand strong. May Allah bless you.

Yusuf you are good man may Allah bless you and protect you.

I am a Muslim studen in Pakistan and I have watched the crucial world events in awe. The recent injustice done to Brother Yusuf Islam has only added to my shock. It's true that whatever the media is portraying is a pack of lies. They are not interested in the well being of Muslims nor do they care about the innocent civilians of Iraq and Afghanistan. All they want is to secretly and slowly break the unity of the Muslims and crush important figures such as Brother Yusuf Islam. I pray to Allah that he gives the Muslim ummah courage, hope and a new beginning.

From time to time, vital efforts are subverted by those who wish to pursue petty objectives. National security is to some extent being used within the United States to prevent eloquent foreigners (of the Islamic persuasion) from conversing freely with Americans. Perhaps even a few of the Reagonites feel they have fallen prey to such eloquence, from time to time. The trick might be to avoid trusting foreigners who have proven dangerous when misunderstood (whether of the Islamic persuasion or otherwise).

Beyond pursuing petty objectives, we might perhaps consider blinding ourselves, in order to become less concerned about crushing the innocent among our enemies. Such self-inflicted blindness however would merely leave us less able to locate our enemies - were it not that our resulting clumsiness would invariably create considerably more enemies for us to locate. In the final analysis, perhaps more insight would prove superior to less insight. Who knows?

What happend to Brother Y.Islam was very sad. From the Bush and his gangs its a very transparent message to one who practice Islam very sincerely. As Brother Y.Islam said in this article "in the end, good sense and, above all, justice, will prevail" Ameen.