Binational Solution as a Weapon Is Counterproductive

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A Reuters' commentator recently presented a bleak analysis, charging that the Palestinian leadership lacks a cohesive strategy "to foil Sharon's designs". Almost simultaneously, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qorei warned that Ariel Sharon's unilateral policies might oblige Palestinians "to come back to the option of a single, binational democratic state."

Reuters' Mark Heinrich was downright precise in his assessment. The Palestinian Authority is in fact at a "standstill" and is "simply frozen". Palestinian leaders "lacked an alternative strategy to the road map and refuse to enter talks with Sharon while he holds the whip hand," Heinrich wrote.

Qorei's concurrent avowal - envisaging a binational state - while it seemed an attempt to break out from the crippling impasse, has regrettably helped reinforce the notion that the PA is utterly out of ideas, or at least out of ideas that the Palestinian leadership is prepared to seriously pursue.

Qorei was clearly investing in the state of fright in which Israelis are engaged, a fear that only underpins the perception that the mere existence of the Palestinian people is problematic and a threat to Israel's existence. Even the natural growth of the Palestinian population between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River is simulated to fit the conflict's all but unfamiliar jargon: It's a "demographic bomb."

The Palestinian prime minister seems to hope that such a warning would upset his Israeli counterpart's unilateral moves, the most famous being the erection of the enormous separation wall, disfiguring the already disfigured and occupied West Bank. Additionally, Sharon recently announced yet a new unilateral step, one that he dubbed the "disengagement plan", where caged in Palestinians are to permanently concede to Israel's future designs on stolen Palestinian land. In further response to Sharon's seemingly calamitous move, the Palestinian leadership retorted with a unilateral, although verbal threat, stressing its right to "move toward declaring the democratic state of Palestine on land occupied by Israel in 1967, including Holy Jerusalem as its capital."

Qorei's hinting at the prospect of a binational state, the PA's insistence on the two-state solution as envisioned by the road map, and its threat to declare a state without the blessing of Sharon's government - assertions that were conveyed all within days of one another- are reflections of the leadership's lack of cohesion. But also, to a lesser extent, a sign of struggle by a leadership under occupation that is laboring to free itself from the utter marginalization imposed on it by a much more powerful occupier.

But of course, Israel is capable of forging substantial political and strategic schemes and conveniently carrying them out, while Palestinians cannot. Both the PA and Israel are fully aware of this.

Thus, aside from Israeli officials' wailing over Qorei's supposed attempt to "put an end to the State of Israel as a Jewish state", Sharon's government knows that the PA lacks the political means to declare and safeguard an independent state or the will to pursue a binational one.

Whereas the head of Israel's parliamentary committee on defense rallied the pubic, in a radio interview, alleging Qorei's statement "proved that Yasser Arafat and others have not given up on their dream of destroying the Jewish state," Sharon's advisor, Zalman Shoval spoke of Qorei's "empty threat." 

"He may just as well call for a Palestinian state on the moon," he mockingly responded. The lack of a suitable Palestinian strategy, great enough to defy Sharon's scheme is the culmination of many factors and the expression of a series of failures that can be traced years back, most notably from the Oslo Accords era onward. However, to break out from its political futility, the PA must not give in to inconsistency and self-negation, for such responses are deemed to harbor further lack of trust among Palestinians and play well into the hands of Israeli propaganda.

This is not to discount Israel's belligerent polices and the mutual lack of trust which has compelled Qorei and others to use increasingly visible scare tactics. But using the binational state formula in particular to carry out such threats, undercuts and taints the genuine call for a one state for two peoples, championed by a growing number of intellectuals, Palestinians and Israelis alike. Because of the reluctant nature of Qorei's statement, and his almost immediate reverting to the road map and its call for a provisional Palestinian state, the Palestinian prime minister has allowed Israel a chance to indulge itself with lament over Arafat's wish to see Israel destroyed. Conversely, Qorei's disinclination to genuinely pursue the binational solution left the advocates of such a proposal unwilling to march behind his world-shattering, albeit short-lived, vision.

Heinrich's view of a "simply frozen" Palestinian Authority is appropriate, understandably so. To break out of this deep-freeze, the Palestinian leadership ought to sponsor well-devised, cohesive long-term strategies, options that should not be marred by self-negation, hesitance and inconsistency. Meanwhile, "threats" and "trial balloons" like that of the Palestinian prime minister might prove harmful and demeaning. If Israel wishes to see the mere existence of Palestinians as a weapon, Palestinians themselves should not wave that sword. It plays well into Sharon's hands, and will ultimately disfranchise the advocates of integration (as opposed to apartheid) as a viable solution to the grinding conflict.


Ramzy Baroud is a Palestinian-American journalist and editor-in-chief of The Palestine Chronicle online newspaper. His articles were published and quoted in newspapers around the world, including the Washington Post, the International Herald Tribune and the Guardian, among others. He is the editor of the anthology: "Searching Jenin: Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Invasion." Baroud is also a researcher for the Qatar-based al-Jazeera Net English.

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  1. AAAHmed from UK

    Yawn...still crying wolf morland ? Guess its been a slow week for jewish terrorists.

  2. Paul Morland from UK

    Aahmed - it just shows how paranoid you are that you think if two sympathisers with Israel write into this site, they must be the same person. Just two people with the same view which is not your view, and it must be a conspiracy.

    I know you don't want to know about it, but a thousand Jews were killed in the 1941 Nazi coup in Baghdad (just look in the history books) and the Jews in Yemen were made to walk in the gutters. These were also 'false flag' operations, I suppose. Have you ever spoken to a Sephardic Jew about why he / she emigrated to Israel (rather than read one book which confirms your view)?

    You have simply proved my point - a one-state solution as proposed by Baroudi is a staging post at best for clearing all the Jews out of Palestine. We agree on this. But do not be surprised if they fight back, and if some of those intent on purging and usurping them get hurt in the process. If you expect the Jews to go quietly to the slaughter again, I am afraid you will be disappointed.

  3. AAAhmed from UK

    You're confused as usual paul morland/john norman or whatever you choose to call yourself this week. This is the reason why I've had to make my points over and over again.

    I'm not particularly concerned where AskheNAZI jewish invaders will go, a war crimes tribunal would be a good start. And dont go repeating the zionist canard the Arab jews were expelled from Arab countries, I've corrected you on this already. It is well documented that they were targeted by AskheNAZI terrorists in false flag operations to leave those countries. Its not a surprise that they are treated like garbage by their aslkheNAZI counterparts. Besides they've made their choice after 56 years they prefer being illegal invaders rather than live as law abiding citizens of the nations where they hail from. They can follow their askheNAZI masters back to whichever hole they creeped out from for all I care. Perhaps you can offer whatever you own to the "choosen people."

    I dont sympathize with terrorists, but with their victims, the great people of Palestine whose land has been taken from them. End of issue.

  4. Paul Morland from UK

    Aahmed - I have got the point that you think I am a whore, a religious fanatic, a Nazi, a terrorist. Fine, if it makes you feel good. Not very interesting to debate.

    I am also clear that you think all Ashkenazi Jews should be deported out of Palestine and sent back to Poland, Rumania, the Ukraine etc. No need to repeat that for the eleventh time.

    Can you answer my question as to what you would like to do with the three million or so Israelis who have been expropriated and expelled from Muslim countries?

  5. AAAhmed from UK

    Yadda Yadda Yadda what a mensch. Just like a broken record. Zionist terrorists need to be sent back to the askheNAZI rat holes they came from. Oh, but I stated that already didnt I ? They really should face a war crimes tribunal for their genocide and ethnic clensing against the heroic Palestinian people. dull can poor morland get.....I guess bending over for Ariel Sharon like that zionist whore that he is.

  6. Paul Morland from UK

    Aahmed is convinced he has trounced me in an argument (just like the Jordanians trounced the Israelis - I know, it is really only a Zionist myth that Israel won the 1967 war). But he has not advanced a single argument or fact. Rather, he has just ranted, insulted other religions, quoted from Mein Kampf and called everyone who disagrees with him a Nazi religious fanatic.

    The only point the Aahmed has proved is the one which I made at the outset; namely, that many Muslims want Jews ethnically cleansed (sorry - Jews are not really humans but filthy slime, so let's just say 'cleansed') from Palestine.

    Fine, we agree on that. Now perhaps he could tell me where he wants the two to three million Israelis of Middle Eastern origin to go.

    Instead of just shouting back insults and saying 'I beat you, na na na na an' to the accompaniment of his supporters, how about entering into a serious discussion and responding to the point?

  7. AAAhmed from UK

    Yes yes morland keep repeating the same recycled lies like a good Islamophobe, too bad it wont do you any good. 1967 ? What a croak. About as real as the fables of Masada.

    Keep deluding yourself with fiction, and continue to support terror as a true low life, I expect nothing less from zioNAZI slime. You've been defanged and neutered, so cry somewhere else.

  8. JK Latif from UK

    Talk about sore losers, AAAhmed you're a force to be reckoned with ! Good work.

  9. Paul Morland from UK

    Aahmed - you have soundly beaten me on the subject of Palestine, just like the Egyptians and Jordanians claimed soundly to have beaten Israel in 1967. Anyway, I promise not to bring up any other areas where Muslims are occupying, massacring or oppressing Muslims and non Muslim (Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia...) because I know that these are embarassing for you and you only want to focus on the supposed evils of the one, tiny Jewish state, fighting for its survival.

    You have still not explained to me where Jews who have fled their dhimmi status in Yemen or Libya should go when you 'cleanse' Palestine. Nor have you explained to me how you reconcile your 'anti Racism' to your quotations from Mein Kampf.

    PS Was Baroness Cox not the UK Secretary of State of Overseas Aid? I suppose her opposition to Islamic genocide and enslavement in Sudan and her solidarity with her fellow Black Chrisitians make her a Racist Nazi too. While your mate Hitler, whom you seem to quote so freely, and his friend Himmler, an admirer of Islam, and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who sat in Berlin directing trains of Jewish kids to the gas chambers, are all champions of enlightenment. Welcome back to Planet Aahmed.

  10. AAAhmed from UK

    The only thing terminal here morland is your maliciousness and evil, both of which are hallmarks of a failed culture and individuals who support terror.

    Having soundly been trashed on the issue of Palestine, you now want to bring Sudan into the picture to change the subject. Talk about a hasty retreat. Repeating the lies of "Chiristian Solidarity International" and the self styled lunatic leader, Baroness Cox wont help you either.

    Supporting terrorists in southern Sudan and portraying the decades long civil war as Muslim vs Christian conflict is ofcourse the aim of fanatics like you who also feel warm and fuzzy as Palestinians are murdered by jewish terrorists. I know exactly how your criminal mind works so dont try to weasal out now....anything for Armageddon right ? Terminal insanity is whats at work in twits like you. If the end stage of your pathology is even a tenth as painful as that suffered by your victims justice will be done.

  11. Paul Morland from UK

    Muslims commit genocide on Christians in Sudan, and hey, it's the fault of the Christians.

    Arabs ethnically cleanse their lands of Jews and hey, it's the fault of the Jews.

    Aahmed describes Jews as:

    "an acursed tribe of thugs and gangsters from East Europe"

    and iftah abwab ya shim shim, he's an anti-racist.

    Welcome to Planet Aaahmed. These kind of delusions might make you feel better about yourself, but they are not going to help you dig yourself out of the hole you have dug yourself into. And they do no credit to a great religion and a once great civilisation. If Aahmed is anything to go by, the decline is clearly terminal.

  12. AAAhmed from UK

    Yawn, how predictably dull can you be morland ? Why backtrack now ? Nobody in their right mind believes a zioNAZI racist like gives a hoot about slavery or respect to other religions.

    Calling you a liar is not a personal attack, its a responce to your defamation and denial of history. Be warned that this isnt some two bit forum for right wing hacks and primates, if you post trash, you'll be aptly called on it and corrected.

    Sorry to dash your fantasies but I'm an Anti-Racist which is why I am actively Anti-Zionist and have always been a friend to the heroic Palestinian people. Calling bloodthirsty settler thugs and their supporters terrorists is not hatred, its common sense. What they've been doing to the Palestinian people is whats Hitlerian.

    Lets talk slavery now, surely you must be desperate to regurjitate the lies of Baroness Cox and her christian fundamentalist thugs financing the civil war in Sudan. Morever anybody who knows anything on the situation is well aware of the intertribal raiding and warfare prevalent on that continent for generations. Trying to style it out as a Muslim vs Christian conflict is beneath contempt but standard practice from trithiest fundies.

    Theres some REAL slavery happening in Israel, ask the tens of thousands of East European girls held hostage as sex slaves. If you gave a hoot about slavery you would have known better than to bring it up, given the territory. Unfortunetly for you, I know what I'm talking about. Bottom line, Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people now and forever, and no amount of misinformation will change that. Chew on that, troll.

  13. Paul Morland from UK

    My suggestion when I started this discussion was that talk of a binational state was cover for those wishing to expel the Jews from Israel. Aahed and HA have confirmed my beliefs.

    The rules of this website say:

    1. Do not make personal attacks on others.

    2. Do not condemn or degrade others beliefs

    Yet Aaahmed has espoused extreme racism (all that talk of people slithering from holes sounds very Hiterlian to me) and insulted other religions. Are there no Muslims out there who are a bit ashamed when they read hate-filled rants like Aahmed's?

    In contrast to Aahmed's contempt for others, I have the highest respect for Islam, Muslims and the Prophet pbuh. I do think it, however, that it would be good if Muslims acknowledged that their treatment of minorities and their slaving in Africa is something they should not be proud of, and that they cannot blame those minorities, whether Jews from the Middle East or Blacks in Sudan, if they are no longer prepared to bow to the whip and surrender.

  14. AAAhmed from UK

    Good points H.A. I believe Morland the zioNAZI is still in denial mode, so much so that he's just repeating the same old tripe. Let me clarify again for morland, Jews, the illegal inhabitants who occupy Palestine need to be go back to whichever pit they slithered from, be it the US, Europe or Mars for that matter. We've already covered the topic of "false-flag" operations by jewish terrorists against jewish communities in Arab countries, so dont bother regurjitating zionist fables.

    AskheNAZI jews have NO ties to Palestine, you know full well that they're the descendents of Khazar converts to judaism. Non-semetic too might I add.

    International relations and stability is not conducted based on whimsical interpretations of corrupt scripture like the Bible or the evil Talmud, certainly not to accomodate an acursed tribe of thugs and gangsters from East Europe. They're only 2 brands of nutcases who whole heartedly approve of jewish terror, the standard ZioNAZI slime and their christian armageddonist servants, tell me morland which one are you ?

  15. H.A. from Yathrib

    All the foreign Jews who came to Palestine floating in boats made by Zionists should be kicked out immediately. However, the native Jews should be allowed to live in Palestine.

    If the zionists had not oppressed or displaced the Native Palestinians, it would have been a different story....all Jews would have been openly accepted.

    It is time the zionists take some responsibility. They will only blame and oppress Muslims. They do not know that it is the Muslims (Osama and his buddies) kicked the RED ARMY out of Afganhistan and it is the Muslims who helped break down the Berlin wall. Thus, it is the Muslims who freed so many Jews from Soviet oppression.

    Yet, what do Muslims get in return???

    - nada, absolutely nada civilized and humane, but oppression, bull-dozing,torture and 9/ll every single day for last 35 years.

    No wonder, they have earned the anger of God!!!

  16. Paul Morland from UK

    Aaaahmed is so impressed by his funny play on words ('AshkeNAZI') but he is unaware of the realities of Israeli society. The post-Zionist Left and the Ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionists are both - utterly different though they are in many ways - almost entirely Ashkenazi. The Sephardim and Jews from Muslim lands tend to be solidly Zionist and right wing, generally explaining that having come from Islamic societies, they know what it is like to live under the lash of dhimmitude and are less inclined to make concessions. So when Aaahmed and his mates finally and inevitably 'liberate' Palestine (as they have been promising to do ever since the creation of Israel) they are in for a nasty surprise if they think that only the Jews of European origin will need to be ethnically cleansed. They will have to decide whether they are going to force the Jews from Iraq, Libya and Yemen back to the homelands from which they were driven as well. And will their Arab brethren, who threw these Jews out in the first place, welcome them back?

    I suppose Aaaaahmed will say they can all go 'back' to America, but why should a Jew whose continuous origins in the Middle East are older than Islam by millenia be forced to go to the US?

  17. H.A. from Yathrib

    It appears to H.A. that my DEAR Zionist twin brothers, Paul Morland and John Norman, are getting a free ride on this site. WE SHOULD BULL-DOZE them out of this site or build a wall around this website, not to take revenge or grab "WEBLAND" but to make them feel how it feels to be bull-dozed and live inside an apartheid wall.

    To Ahmed - Don't waste your time arguing with these Godless zionists. Remember! they have EARNED THE ANGER OF GOD by disobeying and falsifying His true message and torturing the messengers of God and ,of course, they have gone astray. No wonder they can't get along with any one. The only friends they have in the world is bunch of oil-stealing thugs in Washingtion.

    It is hard to argue with people who believe that THEY ARE the CHOSEN ONES and PALESTINE is their CHOSEN LAND. They are extremely narrow-minded and their narrow views is going to last until the day of Judgement.

    H.A. ,however, would like to tightly hug and cuddle his Zionists brothers. My Dear brothrs ...I MISSED YOU!!! Mother Eve would Not disapprove of my hugging and cuddling of MY DEAR ZIONISTS BROTHERS, but she would certainly disapprove of oppression and bull-dozing by my ZIONISTS twin brothers and the zionist regime.

    My Dear brothers!!! Lets meet in Washinton for a brotherly HUG!!! Mother Eve approves! We, brothers, must like it, exactly like our mothers approve Kix cereal.

    Pardon my crudeness!!!

  18. AAAhmed from UK

    John ... You dont seem to understand that Palestine was not for sale, jewish terrorists and their supporters obscure the fact that askhaNAZI thugs and gangsters were ethnically cleansing village after village, stealing land which they had NO entitlement to. The "guardian" and its little article by some "british muslim," means nothing. History is quite clear on this, and no zionist whitewash will change that.

    Morland, you still seem confused, or rather delusional which is a common malady amongst supporters of terror. Stop twisting my words like a 3rd rate hack, people can check what I wrote. I believe that zionist jews who brought their terrorist tribe and planted it on Palestine need to be tossed out, theres nothing odd about treating criminals for what they are. Thats not "ethnic clensing," its called justice, a concept which you obviously are oblivious to.

    Jews can be reintegrated back into the world community once they have forsaken terror and start behaving like decent human beings and citizens of nations they belong to. But I'm holding my breath on that one. Their degenerate track record speaks for itself.

  19. john from uk

    As the British Muslim journalist, Faisal Bodi, of "The Guardian" once put it "Palestine never belonged to the British, it belonged to Turkey". Quite so. And as Turkey lost the war, the League of Nations entrusted this former Turkish territory to Britain and endorsed Britain's right to create a Jewish National Home there. This was confirmed by international law. As a national community, the Jews had a right to self-determination and independence. It's a pity the Arabs of Palestine never took up the UN's offer of a state in 1947.

  20. Paul Morland from UK

    Despite "Aaahmed"'s self proclaimed knowledge of 'history books in action' (?), he is obviously unaware of the pro-Nazi coup in Baghdad during WW2 in which the city's ancient Jewish community was massacred. This is not a matter of opinion but of historic fact. If he is really interested in the treatment of Jews in Arab lands, he should read Bat Ye'or's 'Dhimmis and Dhimmitude'.

    As for his views being 'strange', I think Karl Ann's point was that it is strange of 'Aaahmed' on the one had to call me a liar when I say that some Muslims want to cleanse Israel of Jews, and then on the other hand to suggest that Israel should be cleansed of Jews.

  21. AAAhmed from UK

    Oh my, looks like the zionist troll is upset. Lets cut to the chase morland, Jews were not treated in any such way as you described, the nonsense about nazis in thr Arab world is laughable.

    The fact is that AskheNAZI zionist jews brought terrorism to the Middle East, and surprise surprise they're not very popular for it. Their attacking Arab jews is just the tip of the iceberg. I think the least I could do is be "rude" to a supporter of terror like you.

    As for you "karl ann," theres nothing strange at all for suggesting zionist terrorists be sent packing back to the AskheNAZI enclaves they came from, they have are brutal invaders and occupiers who have no rights to Palestine whatsoever. This view is not just shared by Muslims, but also others who champion the cause of true peace and justice, including Jews whose religion has been hijacked by zionist. terrorists.

  22. Karl Ann from Denmark

    How strange. Paul Morland suggests that some Muslims really want to expel Jews from Israel.

    AAAhmed calls Paul Morland a liar, and then suggests all Jews (or at least ones of European origin) should be expelled from Israel.

    Surely AAAhmed has just proved Paul Morland's point. So why is he calling him a liar while at the same time confirming his views?

  23. Paul Morland from UK

    Jews were forced to walk in gutters in Yemen, massacred in a pro-Nazi coup in Baghdad, exporpirated by Nasser and expelled by Libya, cleansed from the ancient Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, yet even this is blamed on the Zionists.

    If Zionist myths are so easy to deflate why is it necessary to be so personally rude rather than, as I do, sticking to the facts?

  24. AAAhmed from UK

    Morland, you are such a petty liar. Another right wing idiot who never read a history book in action. Jews were doing quite well in the Islamic world, many ended up there because Europeans were trying to exterminate them. The only thing which is 3rd rate here is intelligence and integrity, meaning ziltch.

    Many Jews were driven from Arab countries because of Zionist attacks "false-flag operations" on Arab Jews to force them to go to Israel.

    Go read Iraqi jew Naim Giladi's book on this. I have the perfect solution for you Morland, since you are ready to doe for zionists, it would be best if all of the AshkheNAZI rejects were shipped off to New York. It would be cheaper for Americans to take care of them instead of paying with their lives fighting proxy wars for Israel.

    Either way, time is against jewish terrorists, the land will be returned to its rightful owners, the Palestinians one way or the other.

  25. Paul Morland from UK

    Arguments for a one-state solution, whether Baroudi's or Qorei's, are essentially arguments for a two-step solution. First, make the Jews a minority, then do to them what has been done to every other Jewish minority in the Arab world; give them third rate dhimmi status, persecute them, expropriate their property and then either massacre or ethnically cleanse them.

    To which many readers of this site would say 'Ameen'. At least they would be being more honest than the writer of this article.