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Colombia faces a higher risk of terrorism than any other country in 2003-04, according to an index compiled by the World Markets Research Centre, a provider of country intelligence. Along with Israel, Colombia is given an 'extreme" risk rating. America is rated fourth riskiest, while Britain ties for tenth place. According to the index, North Korea is reckoned to be the least likely place for a terrorist attack.


Source: The Economist

  Category: Faith & Spirituality
  Topics: Colombia, Interfaith
Views: 3781

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Older Comments:
Terrorism is being deliberately ill-defined to suit the real terrorist nations. What greater terror can there be if the wrath of our Creator is invoked by disbelief in His Word? With rampant idol-worship, pagan beliefs, false and ignorant association of God's creation with Him, legitimisation of evil and evil acts in lands that belong only to Him, false beliefs, murder of human beings for the sake of hollow and baseless nationalist prides, and general unabated mischief in narrow-minded and pretentious nations, I doubt if some countries would allow the others to even make it to the list. Allah knows best why men do what they do and none will escape Him.

Whatever this article may mean? What are we supposed to derive or interpret from this graph? Is there a common factor in the countries of high risk? Is there a common factor in the countries of low risk? What circumstances/environment conditions makes the countries terror targets and attract terrorists? Why is colombia rated at extreme? Is there an Islamic factor? Such issues should have had been dealt with.


Putting Pakistan in 3rd place is absolutely absurd. Terrorism in Pakistan can in no way be more than it is in Saudi Arabia, India or United States. Some parts of Pakistan along the border with Afghanistan might be turbulent due to fleeing Taleban and Al-qaeda terrorists, but rest of Pakistan is totally safe.

This chart seems nonesense to me. Terrorism Index for US is only slightly lower than that of Pakistan; how much lawlessness and Jihadi activity reported on a daily basis from Pakistan, and how much is reported from US? Funny, Afghanistan is at a lower level than US? Probably, war must be going on in US rather than in Afghanistan? May be Iraq is safer than US? If you look at the chart, it really is. And according to the chart, even Algeria is safer than US. Did the civil war stop there or we just stopped reporting it because the news got to be too boring, old and stale. Folks, I am moving to Algeria. Anybody wants to join me?.

Before the Editors put this article on this website, did they care to read it?