Coming Back to Islam: A German Diplomat's Journey

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Coming Back to Islam: A German Diplomat's Journey On September 8, 1980, I drove up to Venusberg Hill in Bonn, site of the diplomatic training school of the German Foreign Office, to participate in a seminar on Islam. At that time, I had no idea that only two years later I would find myself as a pilgrim to Makkah. The Magnitude of the turning point I was about to face in my life did not begin to drawn upon me until I had a chance to reflect on the astute lecture by my Muslim colleague, Muhammad Ahmad Hobohm, and got into a conversation with another speaker, Imam Muhammad Ahmad Rassoul, the German-Egyptian head of the Islamic publishing house in Cologne. I showed him a 12-page manuscript I had been fine tuning for quite some time. In view of my cousin's upcoming 18th birthday, I had drafted it to record for him the few things I considered unquestionably true - from a philosophical point of view. Rassoul's reaction was astonishing: If I really was convinced of what I had written down, then I was a Muslim! At first, I hesitated to believe him, but he subsequently convinced me when he asked for the rights to publish my paper as 'Philosophical Approach to Islam'. A few days later, on September 25, 1980, I professed my faith: I bear witness that there is no divinity besides Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah's messenger. Trying to give an account of one's spiritual growth - leading up to such a crucial step - is a rather questionable enterprise... Besides, many a greater mind has failed in this attempt. Tempestuous Omar, later to be the 2nd Caliph, had been violently persecuting the Muslims up until his sudden conversion. It is impossible to fathom why, in the midst of a family feud, he was won over by Islam upon reading the 20th Surah, Taha... The same is true for the fascinating book about Muhammad Asad's (a Jew) Road to Makkah, where the experience of conversion is mentioned in but a few scant lines which also ae not very illuminating to the skeptical reader. In one passage, he even claims to have soaked up Islam as if it were by osmosis. A similar thing obviously happened to Christian (Abdul-Hadi) Hoffman during his instant conversion, which 'struck out of the blue'. I, too, had felt Islam's magnetic attraction for many years, if not decades, because I felt intellectually and emotionally so much at home with Islam as I had been there before. The following passage was extracted from Murad Hofmann's Journey to Makkah, pp. 27-28

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  1. naziru sulaiman from nigeria

    Allahu Akbar this is fulfillment of ALLAH,s testimony.

  2. Akinola Oyebode Kasali from Nigeria

    This is the best thing that can happen to any human being. I really congratulate the Diplomat. May the peace and blessing of Allah continue to be with him. May Continue to guide him to the right path.

  3. Muhammad Irfan Mir from Kuwait

    Salam and blessing of ALLAH upon you. Congratulations for selecting the path of prophet Abraham.



  5. kaynat hassan from india

    Hi beti how are you,try to read all islamic bulletin which i send you for your knowledge of in touch by mail or messenger take care of your health.allah hafiz.Akhter papa

  6. Vera from Indonesia


    I am very happy to hear that there is another human who " realizes " finally who their God exactly is. I am also moslem since I was born. I have ever had a German boyfriend, but "unfortunately" he doesn't admin that Allah is the only one "real" God for human and all things in this life. That is why until today my relation to him is still unsure. But I really hope he realizes it totaly. I was just wondering why there are sooo many people out there ( I meant, out of my country ) do not believe in God ( atheist ) or... they believe in God, but they will not follow any religion. Do not they think where are they from, who created them, who gave them " a life " and so on ?? Do they think they come from a monkey ?? My Goodness!! Well anyway, I just want to express my feeling, I am truly happy with this news. Another brother for me in Islam.

    Thanks for all Islamic City Staff.

    Hopefully we will always belong to the loyal ummah to Allah.



  7. sajid from usa


    Praise be to Almighty Allah the great guide!

    may you continue your beautiful journey ....Allah Willing, site: may help. May Allah bless you abundantly. ameen.

  8. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Insha'Allah - Janet Braden. (Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott.) May Allah give you strength. Ameen.

    It is Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) whom I fear. The only reward I desire is to serve - to the Glory of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala).

    ("Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu")

    --Yahya Bergum

  9. Mohammad N.Jaman from Jolo,Sulu,Philippines

    Allah akbar..the truth will set us apart

  10. Talha J Ahmad from United Kingdom

    Alhamdulillah, Though a short but an inspiring article on conversion. It is hard job indeed ot describe ones conversion. In fact it is for this reason that these stories are great and has profound impact on minds that think and search for truth.

    It would be nice to get in direct contact of such person and I had a great interest to learn from them about their life changing story. I would be grateful if one can put me intouch of such persons


    Talha J Ahmad

    Dawatul Islam UK & Eire

  11. Z A BAKSHI from INDIA. (Srinagar,Kashmir)


  12. janet braden from usa

    Very inspiring and encouraging for others who want to move toward Islam but are afraid because of their Christian history and fear of being in that minority of truth seekers. More of this witnessing must be relayed to those of us who hestiate to take that brave step into Islam. This will aide me in helping my German-borne mother to understand my brave steps in the near future, Insha'allah. Thank you much.

  13. Ahmed Sajid from India

    It is an inspiration and reminder to the greatness of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and Islam, in these days of disparage and disinformation on Islam by its enemies. The truth shall prevail.

  14. Rafatullah Siddiqi from India

    It is true that whenever the true teachings of Islam reach to the persons who are in search of truth it definitely moves their hearts and minds and convinces them that Islam is the true divine religion and Mohammad(PUB) is the same last prophet whose arrival has been foretold in Torah, Bible and other old scriptures and QURAN is the last Divine Book which is to remain intact without any change in text or meaning till the last day of this world even if people with vested interest try to distort its message for their nefarious designs.The 1400 years long history of Islam proves it. And wise people have been embracing Islam over centuries to get blessings of Allah in this world and the world hereafter.

    Rafatullah Siddiqi

  15. awal sharmolo ali from addis ababa ethiopia

    asalamualayykum warhmetullahi wabarkath

    this is my first latter iwillsay mor inshaallahu taala

  16. Adan Abdulle from finland

    Alhamdu lilah, i am very happy to hear that story.

  17. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Assalamu alaikum. Masha'Allah! Admittedly, my own reversion story is not so inspiring. I went into a bookstore in January of 2001 with an interest in learning more about Islam, etc.

    I selected an rather inspirational novel by Walter Wangerin on Paul (Saul of Tarsus) and a copy of Sun Tzu (on the art of war). I then picked a copy of the Quran with an English translation by Shakir. After reading maybe a dozen or so passages, I concluded that what I was reading was quite reasonable (and completely true).

    I decided to head directly for what I expected to be the biggest challenge to my Christian beliefs. This led me to verses such as Quran 4:157 and 3:85. After pondering Quran 3:85, I decided that my own faith was my own problem, my faith ought not to become my wife or children's problem and I was going to end up where the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) took me. I embraced Islam before I reached the checkout counter. (Subhanallah.)

    What initially led to my interest in Islam was that Muslim people seemed especially polite. They seemed sincere yet remarkably civil when I later realized I had surely said something worthy of offense. Also, in a fictional work on terrorism the main bad guy seemed to spent every idle moment reading the Quran - which made me curious.

    I would say the "rapidity" of my reversion was due at least partly due to the sudden realization that everything I had ever heard about Islam (such as worshipping a different deity, etc.) was essentially a lie. I would say that - like when one end of a tightly stretched "rubber band" is suddenly released - I sort of flew in the other direction. Based on my own experience, I would suggest we let the (non-Muslim) liars lie as long and as loudly as they care to. I also suggest we Muslims should avoid making sweeping statements about Islam. Is Islam (primarily) a religion of peace? Wassalam.

  18. Viola Gary from usa

    As Salaamul Alaykum, Akhi, May Allah (awj) increase you and all the Muslims in Eeman and AtTaqwa, Ameen. Sister Viola Gary.

    To The Editor, I am a older sister looking for a good Allah Fearing Muslim brother to have Nikah with. Please advise me, in Sha Allah. As Salaamul Alaykum Wa Rahamatuallahi Wa Barakatuhu.

  19. Mahmoud from USA

    this link does not work, may you need to fix it and resend please. (The following passage was extracted from Murad Hofmann's Journey to Makkah, pp. 27-28)

    jazaka Allah khiaran

  20. A. Abd Al-rahim from Canada

    It is true that the solution of all Muslim-ills lies in coming back to pure Islam. This is the area where all Muslims, scholars and otherwise, should concentrate to educate Muslim masses to return to pure Islam that was practiced by the Prophet and his companions. It was their purity of belief that made them successful and master of the world. They had no wealth and technology (what we have today)but they were armed with pure belief and they were true in their declaration that their lives, their children, their wives, their wealth, their death, every thing they had was for the sake of Allah and they did not hesitate for a moment to sacrifice it in defending and spreading the word of Allah i.e. La ilha ill Allah, Muhammad ur Rasul Allah. If we Muslims become true to this Kalma and practice it sincerily in our daily lives we can once again become the masters of our own destiny and get rid of the Islmaic World from the foreign occuption and its influence.

  21. Hussien Bin Mohd. from Republic of Singapore

    It is heartening indeed to learn about a German diplomat embraced Islam. As a Diplomat, I believe he is in a better position to explain Islam to non-Muslim Foreign Dignitaries, Public and Private Clubs, Association and even Religious Organisations.

    All praised to Allah the Almighty.

  22. Muhammad Jameel Ahmed from Pakistan are doing good by publishing such materials.This will certainly help the change the view that islam was spread by sword.It will certainly helps others to get the final salvation in hereafter.I appriciate the efforts of the the personals related with the site islamicity for the nice work to huminity.

  23. marianne palos from france

    This exerpt reminds of the circumstances of my on conversion to islam. as an atheist i was surprised to find out that i could relate to the values in islam so easily (as they seemed to be right from my heart). Naturally i became curious and started reading up on islam. after a few weeks i took the shahada. this article illustrates very well my own story. thank you.



  24. Magdi from Canada

    Congratulaion for your Islam may Allah Bless you.

  25. noor from france

    as salam alaykum

    i m always very moved when i hear the testimony o f a conversion as myself am a muslim french convert..... i wish more and more people to embrace islam and feel joy and peace.... please do not stop sending me info in i cannot subscribeyet to audio conferences because of price and have small budjetbut always am sensitive to the message you convey through the ne to all the muslims of the world such as me.. thank you regards noor isabelle from paris france

  26. syed shahabuddin from India

    MashaAllah.It is really inspiring to read such articles.Islam has attracted many such lucky persons.Islam means peace, peace from Allah and peace in this life and in hereafter.

  27. Bahrin from London

    May Allah guides us in the right path and we need Allah help to spread deens through all over the world. As our phrophet Mohammad said in the nearest meaning, convey and teach even in one ayat and let them know about Islam. Sahabah Ikram go out in the path of Allah deen spread the message of Islam and because of their work of dakwah we today as Muslim, Alhamdullilah. May Allah gives us Hidayat, ameen.

  28. muskan from india

    i was a hindu its only 2 months bac i have accepted islam and am totally involved with it i accept there is only one, uno power and that is ALLAH but along with it i am guilty for 2 things 1) that none of my family members know about it 2) i am already married and i have an affair which according to islam is wrong and he is a muslim too and i cannot stay without him but at the same time when ever i talk to this man after i have accepted islam i feel guilty and end up fighting with him this relation has no destination i know it but i cannot do with it and believe that ALLAH wil surely wil give me some way out of this sin that is comitted by me everyday INSHA ALLAH when i read the artical i thought you could advice me wat should i do?

  29. Muhaideen Batah from USA

    Assalamu Alaikum, I enjoyed reading this article and I hope that you can help me with some knowledge into talking about Islam to Christians. I go to several places to talk about islam such as, colleges, churches, high schools. Reading this article I was wondering about what did the lecturer said to make people, and in this case a German scholar accept Islam. If you can suggestways, please let me know.

    Jazaka Allahu Khyran.

    Muhaideen Batah

  30. Shahid Rafi from Pakistan

    I am happy that this gentleman found the Straight Path and pray that Allah increases him in guidance. I also hope that he does not come under the influence of narrow-minded maulvis with their myopic vision of Islam.


  31. Juma O. Juma from USA

    The article has portrayed obviously the strength of truth. To the right-thinking human who lives rightly, it is crescent clear that Islam is the Diin of Allah that is not to be disputed. It offers all the answers to the ills of man-kind, to the problems and difficulties of life. Islam builds and reinforces the spiritual status of a human being. It teaches,it revitalizes and enhances life value of one, his surrounding and environment and other beings that surround him/her. There is no single item of life that has not been explained, elaborated in details, and evidenced in concrete fashion. One wonders what was life like before the advent of Islam which ofcourse started right from Prophet Adam Alayhi wa ssalaam and was culminated/perfected by our "Beloved Prophet Muhammad, SAW in the light of our Holy Qur-Aan and his Snnahs.

  32. Kiambu Abdul-Malik Akhdarr from United States of America

    There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah. And I might add,there is no religon but Islam. All Prophets[PBUT] who came before Mohammed[PBUH] tsught Islam whether they called it that or not,they taught "SUBMISSION" Isa/Jesus[PBUH] never said what he taught is called "Christianity" but not to stray from the subject,I enjoyed this article I just wish it were in more lenghty detail. I'm pleased at the Diplomat's conversion and I'm happy he made Hajj but the story sholhd have been more lenghtier and in more detail.

  33. Anwar from USA

    I really enojoy articles like this, they have a lot of weight on Convert muslims and people thinking about Islam

  34. Lateef Sayeed from USA


    Could these articles be printed and distributed

    other Non-Muslims, if yes can you put it in pdf format.


  35. Zainuddin Bin Meerasahib from Malaysia

    Very impressive and convincing - he has proved that his conversion to Islam is out of pure and sincere faith its solemn principles for the benefit of humanity. We pray that Allah's Nur bestowed on him will be spread to thousands of other individuals who too will illuminate Islam throughout the world.

  36. Abdul wakeel from Pakistan

    I just want to know the status of Islam in Germany