How is War Ever Won?

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My dear friends, I'm your wounded friend Haider Hamza from Iraq .. not physically wounded but emotionally wounded: to see my people dying and my country being destroyed; to see my country falling down with a broken heart into an unknown future and destiny.

I'm a university student in my second year. I left college in the mid-year because of the war, not knowing if I had passed to the third year or stayed in the second, not knowing when I'm going back to study.

Three days ago I went to my college. Do you know how I found it? It was completely destroyed and burning. I went to my class and I saw the desks already burned, as well as the books. On the blackboard there was the last lecture that we took. I can still remember it just like it was yesterday. Actually, I hated this professor and I couldn't stand his lecture, but when I saw that blackboard I was ready to give everything I have just to attend one of his lectures: just to sit with my classmates, just to meet my friends - to talk loudly in the class and be dismissed from it - just to live one single day as a normal student. Is that to much for me to ask?

Don't I have the right to have a normal life with dreams and hopes for the future? Before, I used to dream of many things and build many plans for the future. But now I'm not even allowed to dream because my destiny, my future, is not in my hands. It is unknown.

Do you know how it feels to see your people, friends, buildings, and your whole country falling down and you just stand helpless!?

Do you want me to tell you about the innocent children that lost their lives, or the tears that even grown men shed? What purpose would that serve? Would it cause you to weep in bed at night? You and I know that sleepless nights are no solution to the lives under threat, no solution to the lives already lost, no solution to the blood that has been shed. But just because the blood has dried up should our tears too dry up?

I may not have the power to control a nation. I may not have the physical strength to fight a war. But I do have a heart, and as it beats so does it feel.

Don't think of the babies born deformed due to depleted uranium. Don't hear the silent screams - those of pain, those of fear. Don't feel the silent cry for help. Don't do any of that .. it may awaken in you things you didn't even know you had.

What exactly is the trophy earned by the winning nation of a war? Is it the loss of the lives of both nations--or has human life lost its value?

How is war ever won?

Haider Hamza is a 19 year old Iraqi poet and college student living in Baghdad. Someday, he would like to work for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and represent Iraq to the world.

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  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Iraq
Views: 1953

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Older Comments:
How nice to see my own words in print.Im so glad to know that your ok.On my second trip to iraq i tried in vain to contact you and have been attempting every other way of communicating with you since my return home.This seems to be a link to you.Alhamdullilah- you and your family are unharmed.Please take care.Im also glad to know that the essay i gave you made enough of an impact on you for you to use inserts of it in your review here.May Allah be with you.was-salaam-Suraiya

How nice to see my own words in print.To the writer-(this seems to be the only means i may have of communication with u)Haider when i was in iraq the second time round i tried time and again to contact you and have been attempting to phone you 4 weeks now just to know that you r ok.Reading this and knowing that you are unharmed is a relief beyond measure.I can only imagine what you r going through.happy to know the essay i gave u made enough of an inpact on you for you to use most of it in your review here.All the best.Take care

In my opinion, now crying over split milk would not change the results because they peopple are there because the Muslims are not united today.

Every muslim nation thinks only about his peoples not about The Muslims. But we all pray that InshaAllah they will out from there. And Iraqi Muslims will be live with peace.

InshaAllah & Aameen

Dear Haider Hamza,
I am deeply impressed by your article.
Those who like to speak about high purposes often forget about the price which other people will pay for that. (And who knows, what their real purposes are.)
Yes, I think Saddam's regime wasn't just. But the recent war was even less just. It was too easy to watch this war on TV. I feel I even have no right to speak about it. But I decided to write this comment in order to tell You that my heart is with You.
And I am also very upset that my country did almost nothing to change the situation.
Assalamu aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakjatuh!
[email protected]

YEah it was beautiful and true letter.. May Allah bless you and Your nation.Inshahallah ( Ameen)

In otherhand Its soo shameful for we (muslim nations) sitting and watching all these people killing our brother and sisters, fathers and mothers. So shameful Come on wake up you shameful nations and stand together This is time now. Inshahallah

I just want to say that poem has touched me very personally. I am with Hamza all the way. I feel your pain with helplessness. Only way to fight helplessness is to be helpful. I wished in dreams that this war had never happened. I wished in dreams that this war was over. I wished in dreams that iraq would have been a great nation. Wishing will not get me any where. Although, I cannot change the world, I can make a difference and while that difference is very little in the world spectrum, it is still a difference. I will commit my jihad against oppression, violence and injustice against any race, religion, and gender. No one in the world deserves this regarding whereever they are from. I, for one, will do my part. I will swear it and promise you. If I had all the power in the world, believe me I would have not let you down.


Brother Haider Hamza is obviously blessed since he found education in a community where shia's and kirds are treated like they are less than human.

It's SHAMEFUL that the MUSLIM UMMAH is more concerned with ARAB PRIDE or MUSLIM PRIDE rather than JUSTICE.

This is not to say that what the US is doing is just....but we as Muslims have an obligation to speak out against the unjust ... which we failed to do for 20 YEARS while Saddam brutalized Iraq.

Today, EVERYBODY is a victim and EVERYBODY feels sorry for the Iraqi's ... where was this pity and brotherhood during the past 20 years.

One word comes to mind.. HYPOCRATE!

We are ALL HYPOCRATEs because we sit idly by as one so-called muslim slaughter other muslims and people from tribes other than theirs ... but let one white christian raise a finger and IT'S AN INJUSTICE, AN ATTACK ON ISLAM.

Please, these and other complaints are about ARAB PRIDE....NOT ISLAM.

Islam is doing well, ARAB MUSLIMS are facing hell on earth and they want to drag the rest in the Ummah in it with them because they are TOO PROUD for their own good.


i fully agreed with histhoughts.this war shows the teaching of our imam hussain's love for Allah thallah more than any thing in life

Dear Mr. Hamza, you are absolutely right. The United States has absolutley no business anywhere in the Middle East.
If George Bush wants to prove to Americans that he is a great president he will obliterate the American need for foreign oil. He should take tax dollars and have private industry or MIT or Cal Tech explore the viable alternatives such as Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Stop the American machine from running on Middle East fuel. Lock the borders down and let the Middle East collapse into the despair and repression that it has known for 2 thousand years. Let them read the Koran and pray to Allah for relief. Keep America the hell out of there, now and forever.
Honestly, the people of the Middle East hate the citizens of the West. So what. Most Americans have no love lost for the citizens of the Middle East.
Sleep with your despotic regimes, listen to the clerics spout malignant dogma, hug your suicide bombers but you should stay away from the United States of America. Please don't come here.
Parade around beating yourselves about some event that happened 1600 years ago, or 4 thousand years ago. Relish your torment and stay away from America.
Oh, and never ask for our help again.
Semper Fi.
Forget Justice and Forget Peace.

I have been following up with the latest development in your country and I sincerely share your feelings. The pictures of all the victims especially the children has made me cry many times and as a muslim I can only pray for the victims May Allah blessed you and I will pray that your people get the justice. Keep up your spirit and do not give up. Waalaikum salam

I feel that war is a gruesome and terrible thing. As an American, I believe in democracy and I feel the want to see the world have many, if not all, of the freedoms that I have. I also feel that no country has the right to go in to another and force onto its people a government that it either does not want or is not ready for. As with the evolution of life so is the evolution of politics. My husband is in the military and is there now. I know in my heart that he has no place there. I try to watch the news and to follow the stories and from what I have heard, there have been no requests to the US for aid in changing the government of Iraq. There is always a danger in foreign affairs of weapons being used to destroy or capture another country. But what right do we have to go in and force this new government. I do support this action in that, the attrocities of the Hussien regime need to stop. It is also true that I have never heard of the good that has happened in Iraq. I have only heard the bad and that has greatly skewd my opinion of the situation.
I am truely sorry for all that has happened and for the casualites on both sides. Part of me knows that there had to be another way. But another part of me wonders, what other way could there be. Maybe it is my lack of knowledge that poses these two views. I wish that there was a way around all the propaganda from both sides to get to the truth. Only then can be come up with the best solution.

Verily Johnny Ringo, you can dress a cowboy, still he will still stink like "b.s". You will need to go read about the islamic heritage of the west, then you'll be a little bit educated and allow to comment. Muslims have never created pogroms, or genocide or holocaust. But this has been the work of civilized work of the "splitted tongue" (to paraphrase my exterminated brothers the american indians). So please do not talk about the straw in the eyes of your neighbour and leave the pole that is into yours.
Dear brother in Allah,Haida Hamza, may be it is time for you to bury irak and work for the revival of islam, and see beyond this tragedy. By Allah, this our fault if this happened, by letting the "splitted tongues" instill in our hearts the love for nationalism and race. Join the local masjid and obey Allah and his messenger.
"the believers are brothers, thus do good to each other" Qur'an.

Assalamoalaikum son
May Allah(S.W.T) give you the strength and patience. Never lose your hope in Allah the Almighty one and never forget that Allah helps those who help themselves.
"And let not those who disbelieve think they can out strip(escape from the punishment).Verily, they will never be able to save themselves(from Allah punishment)

It amazes me how overtly sympathetic some are for the lives destroyed by the war of the destruction of the regime of Suddam Hussein, while being totaly ambivalent to the lives destroyed by the regime over the past 25 years. To yearn for a privleged life of classroom education while ignoring the incredible change in every day personal freedoms for all Iragi citizens, not just the privelaged, seems very selfcentered and immature. Hopefully, this is due to inexperience and youth and once maturity is obtained, this person will be able to expand outside of there own little world to join the rest of the people of Iraq to begin the process of building a better, freer, more secure country. One where all individuals enjoy the personal freedom to pursue their dreams, not just "the chosen ones". In sha' allah

As to your comments about the tragedies of war. I agree with you that war is an ugly business and should always be a last resort. The real losers in any war are the innocent civilians. What seems strange to me is the show of Islam now taking place in Iraq. The US spent a great deal of money and lost over 100 American lifes to liberate Iraq and now they take to the streets to denounce the US. Where were they when Saddam Hussien was in power ? Why didn't they take to the streets and protest his evil regime and show the same conviction to their religious beliefs when he was in power ? Fear maybe....well real religious beliefs transcend fear. Islam needs to take a hard look at it's values. It teaches hatred and violence and then cowers in fear when Saddam Hussien raised his ugly he is gone and now they want to take shots at the US. Islam has no integrity...just hatred and blame....

Dear Haider,
First of all, I personally have sympathy for you and your fellow citizens. The whole world knows that the Iraqis have been tormented for too many years. Many nations have been through the same heinous calls of destiny. Your sadness and pain should not be the direct result of the American invasion. They should be first and foremost the direct result of Saddam Hussein's long legacy of oppression, mass murder, and brutality. The people of Iraq, our brothers, never deserved to allow themselves to live under such a regime (of Saddam Hussein). Regardless of whether the US have invaded for oil or some other motives, I do agree that it has done the Iraqis a thankless favor. What the US has done to Iraq is dwarfed by what Saddam and his two brutal and heartless sons have done to you directly and indirectly. As a Muslim, I am not happy to have seen many innocent Iraqis suffering under the sanctions or under the bombs; however, I am happy to see a new dawn cracking over the oldest cradle of civilization, our beloved Iraq. Now, it is time to shed those heart-felt emotions and get ready for the building up of a beautiful just Iraq, one which will set a good example for the whole world. Let us raise Islam's banner high up, and let us embrace Islam the way the Prophet has done. We proclaim ourselves to be Muslims, yet I personally have lost touch with the feeling that true Muslims do exist, those who uphold peace, justice, compassion for all.

Dear Brother
Asalamu alayum. I read your beautiful letter and your emotions for your country. As a divorced mother with two sons in the military, and a revert to Islam, I was walking beween the world of American patriotism the boys felt and the Islamic world of peace. I feel in love with an Iraqi man and heard both his views, my sons views from the military perspective and my views as a mother who wants her sons home and safe. I tried to understand all of the events in a logical manner and in a religious context. what icame up with is no war is good. People dying without reason is not good. If we are to all coexist in this planet, we must build bridges of understanding of each others cultures, traditions and governments. we must give other countries the same freedoms we ourselves have. What happened in Iraq was a terrible tragedy. Politics aside, innocent people died. I will pray for them. Now we must try 100% to fix theproblems ahead by working together-but in a fair and a just way for your country, not for your resources, they are yours. We should not impose ourselves, we should ask for your help and both sides work to fix the problems togehter. We once fought with Germany, now we travel and trade with Germany. I want to see peace between us and you young people have a chance to create a better government for America and for Iraq. May Allah have mercy on us both. " Aisha"

Dear Hamza Assalamoalaikum, Ordinary Americans would understand your agony but not the hawks in the US administration.

Dear my Loved Son,i am a wounded father too from Somalia emotionally and morally.Your destiny and your future are in the HANDS OF ALLAH retern your ALLMighty GOD and stedfast HIM.ONLY ALLAH CAN HElp you.
Bashir Abdi

Insha'Allah the people of Iraq will be the people who are considered to have won the war in Iraq. As for what sort of trophy might be earned, please place your trust in Allah and consider asking Allah for guidance on how best to serve, for it is Allah to whom we return.

If the people of Iraq were soon to praise Allah for having recently delivered them from oppression, this particular American would think that America had received the best reward America could possibly receive. Masha'Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Please take heart from the certainty that Allah (who is without partner) is the best of planners. If you would have doubt, please consider how the peace in Iraq is promising to be more mind-boggling than the war that preceded it. Insha'Allah. Alhamdulillah.

As Salaamu Alaikum.