Is It All Mere Iraqi Propaganda?

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What would happen if Iraqi militants bombed an American oil company, lets say based in the southern US, in Texas maybe, and killed eight Americans and seriously wounded 20 more?

Would the US immediately strike Iraq? Would the UN convene, and unleash a chain of condemnations, denouncing the "barbaric terrorist aggression". Would it be described as the final piece of evidence to prove that Iraq is not the least interested in peace or in becoming a viable member of the international community?

But what if Iraq defended the attack on Texas, saying it was a legitimate act, only meant to deter American security forces from targeting Iraqi spies in the United States?

Would the American media then demand anything less than overthrowing the Iraqi government and its President, Saddam Hussein?

How arrogant can Iraq get. Not only murdering innocent Americans in their own homeland, but having the gall to defend such a criminal action at a time when grieving Texans bury the burnt corpses of their loved ones, consumed with fear that the undeterred Iraqis might once again bomb their city?

Don't be disheartened. No Americans were killed at the hands of Iraqi militants, nor is such a possibility minutely feasible, at least at any time soon. To the contrary, the eight killed and twenty wounded were Iraqis, poor laborers for the Southern Oil Company in Basra.

The Iraqis were killed in a joint American-British attack on Iraq on Sunday, Dec. 1. The heavy bombardment wounded many passersby, as shattered glass and debris turned the already battered facilities into a fireball and columns of smoke.

Need I state the obvious? No UN condemnation was issued; the US and British governments justified the attack, the same way they justified every air strike in the last 10 years: the allies' warplanes were intercepted by Iraqi radar in the "no fly zone".

How many American or British soldiers were killed in the last decade as a result of alleged Iraqi radar interceptions?


How many American and British airplanes were downed as a result of Iraqi ground defenses firing?


Does the US or Britain have a UN mandate to declare most of the Iraqi territories, "no fly zones" and to see into it that no Iraqi airplanes, no radar, nothing is allowed within the country's airspace?


On the other hand, how many Iraqis, civilians, or government workers or officers were killed as a result of the US and British warplane "retaliation" in the last few years?


The UN Security Council recently passed UNSC Resolution 1441, using the strongest language possible in commanding Iraq to allow unhindered access to the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), to search for alleged weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq was threatened of "serious consequences" if it failed to abide by the newest of many UN resolutions, often championed by the United States and often passed after their first draft.

But things have worked out well so far. Hans Blix, the head of UNMOVIC seems to be pleased with the Iraqi's cooperation. The Iraqis seem confident that their account will be cleared this time. Even UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is becoming less tense about the matter, and he too is expressing hopefulness and optimism.

So why now? Why ruin such progress on the issue of weapons of mass destruction's dismantlement, and bomb unsuspected oil workers, (with an average pay of 20 American dollars per month), and turn a routine day in the holy month of Ramadan into a massacre?

Why bomb Musil, another Iraqi city, this time in Northern Iraq, the next day?

Why use the first five days of inspections to shower southern Iraq with over 500,000 leaflets, calling on Iraqis not to fight back and threatening them with death if they do?

But again, this is not Texas, it's Basra and Musil. Those dead are not American victims of Iraqi "terrorism", but Iraqi victims of America. Apparently, they don't count.

On the same day that Iraqis were recovering burnt corpses from under the heavy concrete, London was on guard, accusing Saddam Hussein of widespread torture and human rights abuses.

It was rather suspicious to think that an official human rights report on Iraq, announced by the British government and defended by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw was genuine, or that Straw has in fact lost sleep over the plight of the Iraqis. If he did, he would have first denounced the deadly sanctions that left over a million Iraqis dead. He would have confronted the twisted logic of the "no fly zone". He would have worked for a peaceful solution of the Iraqi crisis, not a war, that if fought, according to Medact, a respected British health organization, would lead to the deaths of at least half a million Iraqis in the first three months. 

One can't help but wonder if the ball is truly in Iraq's court now that inspections are in progress, or if the inspectors or the UN really have the final say of war and peace in the sanctions-devastated country. If they do, then why is the US bombing Iraqis while the inspectors are getting their work done, according to plan and without any obstructions? 

The US and Britain are putting on a silly show, and few are impressed - bombing Iraqi civilian facilities, south and north, carrying out a massive physiological warfare, while in the meantime, championing Iraqi human rights, and accusing Saddam Hussein of violating them.

Iraq recently accused the US of striving to find a pretext to unleash war. "Their aim is not to verify that Iraq no longer has these weapons (of mass destruction) but to find any excuse to attack," the Iraqi newspaper Ath-Thawrah said following the Basra bombing.

I wish one could easily dismiss such accusations as mere Iraqi propaganda. But unfortunately, one cannot.

  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, Iraq, Saddam Hussein
Views: 2962

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Older Comments:
US is nonsense, the real terrorist !!

Actually Aaron is partially right, allow I disagree on his military/civilian analogy. I look at this differently.
What are the chances that every single US/UK attack hits a civilian target unless their militaries/government are blantantly evil? Since I don't at all believe either country is blatantly evil than that leaves one answer. No matter what the causalties the Arab/Iraqi press states it was civilians.
Therefore anything out of Iraq is incredible. No matter what happens UK/US press say it was military making them also incredible. So both sides are lieing. We had the same in Afgan. Both sides lied.
Aarons point that some of this really could be propaganda is true. His belief that the middle east is backwards and tat only foreign occupation will save it is also untrue.

I wish I could understand why the United States is the most demonized country in the world. The standard of living for every citizen here is better than anywhere else. The opportunities are incredible. The freedoms are unbelievable. The tolerance of other races and religions are genuine and accomodating. The population is generous to a fault to help those in need.
But when faced with an evil dictator or regime or terrorist ergo: Bin Laden, Hussein, Taliban, we stand up and attempt to stop the oppression and get demonized. Well, that won't stop America.
Fanatics have never been glorified in the history of the world and it won't start with this generation. Bin Laden is nothing more than a punk terrorist that wants to hide behind a woman's skirt. Saddam wants to hide behind his dying people that he has starved to death. Saddam and Bin Laden are the types of people that this planet has no room for. They both should be hunted down like dogs and eliminated. Good riddance to the world and perhaps this could be the catalyst to turn the Middle East from a shambles to a vibrant society with free people.
mike hale

Actually Aaron your post is nothing but a bunch of lies and fantasies about Iraq. It shows that either you are an especially defiecient individual as far as basic facts go, but also that you're a know-nothing war propogandist.
The article was excellent, the truth must be said.

This article is nothing but a simple, biased rant by a very uneducated individual.
The war on Iraq 1991: Saddam Hussein used his military to invade a sovereign country Kuwait. Kuwait asked for help by the U.N. to help remove Iraq's army from their country. The Iraqi government under Saddam does not have a right to stand as it does today but politcs got in the way of removing it in 1991. Saddam's government is a totalitarian regime, unjust to its people and careless with its actions.
The sanctions on Iraq by the US are imposed to limit the amount of money Iraq uses on its military operations and increase the amount of money it will use to help its people. Instead Iraq completely ignores its people and uses all of its money to help its military purposes. We have already seen what Saddam intends to do with its military, by the invasion of Kuwait and the biological weapons use on its own people.
The supposed "innocent" civilians killed by the American and British COUNTER-attacks are military personel, but I guess calling them civilians makes this authors point almost make sense. The no fly zones were point into place to keep Iraq from bombing its own people, the only "twisted logic" is that the Iraqi government is getting away with attacking patrols that it agreed to with a treaty after the Gulf War in 1991.

Islam is not merely concern about the degree of tolerance but also degree of prioritization

p/s: in a global economy, time is money, money can be made and lost, we mean business around the clock.

The United Natiions is a puppet of the Western nations; because they pay for the bulk of UN's expenses, they want the right to make the major decisions. Their are many examples, but I will take a recent one, at the insistance of US, a new set of civillian goods that Iraq can import was compiled. I can understand the solidarity of US, UK & France; but that China was for the ammendments was suprizing. And 9 out of 10 non-permanent members also sided with US resolution is really not suprizing; because each of them has a price; some US dollars in aid ( bribe).

The World dances to the tune called by US. Do you know that US is the only country in the world to use Atomic, Chemilcal and Biological weapons on other countries; the only credit to US is that it has not used these weapons on its own people. But the UN was every step behind US initiatives to get the " Weapons of Mass destruction of Iraq" liquidated.

So who will bring US to world court to face the charges of " Intent to exterminate some people of the world". By the way Collin Powell is ready to invade Iraq because it still has " an Intent to use the weapons of mass destruction". I thilnk US is running scared, after creating so many enemies in the world; it wants to pulverise them or buy them as its henchmen; before they are able to strike back.

No! it is not just Iraqi propaganda. Rather you have fanatics of the right wing conservatives in government in the US now. You have people with poverty of knowledge, people whose brute instincts is just to bully the weak ones. They have nothing positive to offer than war which only profits the military-industrial complex and the search to rob the Iraqis of their wealthy oil reserves.

Until their Arab collaborators can stand up to them at every forum, they would not let go. The press in the West is a biased fraternity and join alongside the cabal to distort the truth.


contd.. -2-

Your governments are weak because they don't represent masses and the masses do not have complete freedom to learn, create opportunities and innovate.

For some reason Grendizer is one foreigner who is lacking in knowledge of complete truth. What can be ideal about societies that force religion on others, mistreat both non-Muslims and Muslims alike, keep their women uneducated (about half the population), they do all the horrible things such as cutting of hands, stoning to death, honor killings, etc. etc. While they welcome people to convert to Islam, there are horrible punishments if you want to convert out of it. Above all they have proved that they cannot manage themselves. There is hunger and poverty in every Muslim country save where is oil wealth. They have actually wasted their oil wealth.

Saddam deserves to be removed. He was an idiot to fight an 8 year war with Iran. He was an idiot to not unite the Muslim world in his hey days and to mistreat his own people. In addition he picked up fights with other neighbors. The rest of the Arab world didn't care either. That's what happens when you mix religion with politics. People don't have any say.


>Reply to 8771 by Wasim-Excellent article, i wish >all american people could read this. Grendizer >Rules :), good to see muslims successfully >replying stupid people like Voit who watch CNN ->the jewish bloody liar channel- and think they >know enough to comment on religions, politics >and war.

Don't think people are stupid to rely on media alone. There is nothing peaceful about Islam. Yes, West has had evil intentions since ages and they have done many evil things (along with good stuff too), but if you ask me (an Indian) which is a bigger evil? I will say Muslim fundamentalists. Muslim extremists (a good percentage) have made enemies out of everybody, not just westerners. They call all non-Muslims as kafirs. They are nave to believe that their religion is perfect and that everybody should follow it. They backstab the people of the societies they live in, they divide the societies up in the name of religion, they cause bloodshed, they have hidden agendas to spread their religion, etc. etc.

So now you have no one's support. I think US is doing a great job because it is the only country in the world that has the resources and the will to take care of the thousands of extremists amongst you.

Happy fighting the Americans and soon the western world! You asked for it. You were stupid enough to foist your religious believes on others and to make enemies out of people who could have been your friends. We Indians do not have to look beyond Pakistan, to see not only extremism but last 50 years of all round stupidity. You were also stupid enough to fight amongst yourselves and not be able to see things through.

I think Muslims have suffered because they have mixed religion with politics. Religion should be a very private affair and the government should have nothing to do with it. Infact the Muslim rulers have used religion to subjugate the rest of their people. Don't blame the west for taking advantage of your stupidity. Your ..contd-/2

all this is game of capitalists, who want to make money over the dead bodies. it was USA itself who supported saddam for his criminal acts in the past.present defence secretary of USA met saddam in eighties while he was killing his own people in halabja but staes did not object at that time. these people don' t care for any one except there interests.

There are far more works besides that of David Icke which fully catalogue the exploits of those who the true warmongers and plutocrats of our time.
The works of Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, Howard Zinn, William Blum, Mohammed Haykal, Dilip Hiro, Rahul Mahajan are just a few examples of authors who dare speak the truth.

Wasim wrote - You might wanna read a western book from a western author -David Icke-...

You're touting *David Icke* ? This is the guy that believes that the queen of England, Madonna, and a bunch of others are alien lizards. Seriously. Don't take my word for it, read through his web site at .

Now admittedly, I haven't read the particular book you are mentioning, so I don't want to say outright that it's of no value, but have you read any of his other books? Think 'Men In Black', and you're on the right track.


The solution to muslim problems are in muslim hands...we are too arrogant, proud, tribal and stupid to realize and capitalize on this reality.

I agree with you brother..


Good paper!

Makes you wonder how excellent it would be if muslims worked with each other. For example, if Saddam was approched by other leaders in the mid-east and they brokered a deal to provide security to ALL nations in the region. Take that deal to the UN and present it to them and the world. Argue as ONE with the common good of the people of the mid-east as the subject. Fight the Bush admin. with the pen and not with innocent Iraqi lives.

Unfortunately, they are doing quiet the opposite. Saddam is unapproachable and his neighbours are selling off their deserts as potential air bases for IMF loans and promises of oil field developments and contracts.

What a SHAME!!!

The solution to muslim problems are in muslim hands...we are too arrogant, proud, tribal and stupid to realize and capitalize on this reality.

Until we do...we shall continue to be the door mat for the rest of the world.


Say what you wish about the US President, its the sheer ignorance and stupidity of the average US citizen which is truly mindblowing.
The fact that these people REFUSE to accept the realities of their policies coupled with an almost slavish love for their UNelected government really makes one wonder how much of a democracy America really is. These pseudo-patriots represent the worst segment of the US population...those with cowboy mentality who simply dont let facts and figures get in their way. Why are Americans who question and disagree being labelled "left wing commies" ?! The voices of reason representing the true American patriots are being drowned out by these armchair warmongers.
We all know what this is about-OIL. So drop your silly pretensions about democracy and the rest of the ideological bullcrap used to justify this immoral and evil war against Iraq. Anybody with a remote idea of history knows that US foriegn policy is based on deadly self interest, not on any any pillar of international law.
Bottom line- Empires dont last boys, so un-plug your playstations and pick up a good book, preferably one not written by war hacks and hucksters designed to cash in on your fears.

Hey Scott, mr. Western! You might wanna read a western book from a western author -David Icke- to find that you know nothing of what you're talking about here. West spends 'billions' of dollars to make sure they dont hurt civillians of the targeted country ...and they're merciful... Its a laughable statement. David Icke's "Alice in the wonderland and the WTC disaster" will explain the 'west' very well. My american friends who've read this book, backed by firm proofs, hate western authorities and intelligence.

Hey Bill, So who's asking USA and its allies to help poor iraqis by bombarding the country. How can you justify what USA did on december 1st - as you read in this article - by telling how much Saddam is cruel to his people ?? And what in the world makes you think Bushy is doing all this just to help poor Iraqi people ?? Is he that sweet ? Whole the world knows American government has always done international crimes for its own interests, like oil, and justified it by telling the stories of the other end.

And Americans don't gas, starve, and persicute thier own citizens like Saddam's Iraq. You must ask yourself.. "Why have so many Iraqis leave the great country under Saddam's leadership ???" So, as for the deaths that are occuring with the USA risking thier own to save the minority in Iraq, Ask yourself "Do these deaths add up below the number of those who have been killed by Saddam's regime ?"

American Media is propaganda fooling the American citizens into what politics say "its right" The USA is greedy for power of all the worlds nations

SCOTT said:
Very interesting article. I really like how you show your point of view. However, you've left out one important thing, context. The context of history shows the attack on Kawait, gassing his own people, after loosing the Gulf War, saying he has none of these weapons of mass destruction, only to have many found (he lied, plain and simple). Also, the UN resolution after the war did call for the "no fly zones". Take no military action in those zones and you should have no problem. Also, terrorist, as the west calls it, make private citizens their targets, and little or no effort is given to government or military targets. The west, on the other hand, does spend billions of their dollars to be sure only true military or terrorist targets are hit. This does not mean they make no mistakes. But, they do try hard to leave the civilians alone. Saddam and his fellow terrorist do not. Yes, we know he supports them. The west has tried to give alot of help to the Iraqi people, only to see Saddam divert much of it to his Presedential Pallaces, of which he has alot more of now. This is all just the tip of the iceburg I am sure. But you should consider all the facts, from both sides, and context too. One last thing to consider. The west was justified in the Gulf War. Iraq had no business in Kawait. They liberated Kawait and did not destroy Iraq, and they easily could have, but chose to be mercyfull on account of their people.

Excellent article, i wish all american people could read this. Grendizer Rules :), good to see muslims successfully replying stupid people like Voit who watch CNN -the jewish bloody liar channel- and think they know enough to comment on religions, politics and war.

If only all Americans were open to the hypocrisy of their goverment,and not 'blinded' by patriotic beliefs.The people of America have the ability to stand up against their goverment and be heard.How may more innocent babies have to die in Iraq,whose soil is rich with the graves of Islam's noblest scholars.

War is war. get over it. you started it someone has to finish it......

K2 FROM USA said:
I respect your point of view. But their is no need to get so angry. In the end Allah's justice will prevail over all.

Reply to Kevin Voit,

At face value it seems that the US is trying to protect civilians with the no fly zones.

Why then do they allow Turkey to fly within these zones and bombard Kurds?

The answer? To protect Turkey's demographics. The no fly zones do not protect Kurds but help the Turkish armed forces to kill them before they cross the border to Turkey.

If you genuinly beleive that your opinion is correct then you will at least have the will to research these claims that I make and to find that these are true.

The US government (not its people) rarely does anything that saves lives. It often does things that benefit it our its allies.

K2, how many Iraqis need to killed by your genocidal sanctions and daily bombardment for you to get it ?!
Sanctions have killed more Iraqis than Saddam ever did. Did I mention the use of depleted Uranium by the US ?If you want him out so bad...lift the sanctions, stop your bombing, let the Iraqi people live and prosper and they'll take care of the dictator.
Funny how Saddam turned "evil" when he stopped serving Uncle Sam huh....I guess the other regimes in the region will turn "evil" once they've outlived their usefulness. This is about OIL, and you know drop your silly pretensions.

The presentation are excelent and the articals are presented with lot of recearch, This is a woner ful site which talks about the west's misunderstanding on Islam

I totaly agree!!!! The problem is with the U.S. and not with Iraq!!!!

K2 FROM USA said:
How many Muslims should Saddam kill before we Muslims will stand up against this evil person.

If muslim nations don't have the courage to stop this lunatic Saddam then they should step aside and let the USA do what should have been done long ago.

I honestly think that the war with Iraq is completely wrong and I think its time Muslimd stuck up for themselves. America just want to win everytime and it doesnt work like that. Inshallah the Muslims will gain strength to battle out the evil of this dunya.

Mr. Voit..the no-fly zones are ILLEGAL...and the fact that you bomb and kill civilians everyday within these "no-fly" zones shows you're not protecting anybody.
I seriously doubt any minority in Iraq trusts the US...given the WMD used against them by Saddam was supplied by the US and its allies. Bush Sr. also dumped these "allies" during their rebellion against Saddam. The fact is that many Kurds, Shias much as they hate Saddam...dont want the country to bombed, period.
No Mr, Voit I dont believe this has anything to do with protecting anything else but millions of barrels of oil....for your taking. After all, you have an SUV to drive......

US and Britain has gone too far. They will pay a very very high price for that.

The no-fly zones were set up to protect the minorities in Iraq from their own gov. These were the same people that Sadam used chemical weapons against... and who he would attack if the no-fly zones were removed. They are potential allies in a US war in Iraq... that is why we are protecting them.

Jazak Allah for explaining the "apostate" business. It had thought maybe it was motivated out of mercy for the transgressor (or something like that). The reasoning behind it makes much more sense to me now. (Allah be praised.) Salam.

Bush is neo Abrahah

wow what an excellent article. really puts things in perspective

Noriega was their stooge until they put hin in jail.Saddam Hussein was also their stooge when he did their dirty work against Iran.Saudis were also their stooge.Now it is Kuwait and the PAKISTAN along with a few more muslim countries.The muslims continue to back the infidels against their fellow muslims.this need to stop..US wants IRAQ for oil and also to relocate the Palestenians

The Arab regimes are not ruling themselves according to Islamic law Abu Bukr,Capital punishment can only be done if ,According to a hadith a muslim can be killed because of a life (ie:murder),HE or she commits adultery publicly with 4 upright witnesses testifying the act and when the muslim changes his or her religion (apostate).The apostate part is to prevent anybody entering Islam for making a mockery out of Islam.However Saudi Arabia in my view is not practicing wahabism and it is not a Tyrant there is no prove at all that it is.I went to Saudi Arabia before and i did not even see a single bit of Tyranny or Despotism at all.The people were smiling and very happy.

My country usually leaves its helpers in the lurch. The "no fly zones" represent an exception. (Allah be praised.)

If Muslims would break consensus, what prophet of Allah (SWT) should they try to be most like? May Allah shower peace and blessings upon the prophets of Allah (SWT).

Also, should any Muslim set into their minds that another (let us say, a specific) Muslim should be killed? What are we told is the ultimate form of punishment - regardless of whether or not it seems too much of a risk to wait until it comes to pass?

Do Muslims have some kind of responsibility for the deaths of any Muslims against whom they are fighting? As for myself, if I realized I had such a responsibility, then Insha'Allah I would be hesitant to dismiss it - that is, for example, even if I was initially of the impression such a responsibility did not currently apply to me (Insha'Allah). Also, Insha'Allah I would attempt to apply this responsibility (that is, on the part of myself) to "non-Muslims" of whom I (myself) could not be sure that "La ilaha ill'Allah," was not to be found in their hearts.

My questions and thoughts are imperfect - but I assure you that I have good intentions in expressing them. Surely, if Allah so willed, I would be able to express myself (even if imperfectly) in both a polite and candid manner. I express my gratitude to Allah for the mercy I have been shown.

Peace be upon the Last Prophet of Allah (may Allah bless him). My wish is that Muslims will receive peace and the blessings of Allah (SWT). Jazak Allahu Khair.

Why defend brutal regimes Just because they are arab-sensless. Sadam must go at any cost. He is a butcher. He used gass on the Kurds. etc etc.
It would be nice to hear ,more comentary on how the Arab regimess have the worst human rights on the planet. The most capital punishments. Why dont we as a people start to put pressure to change the hedious regimes and start to practice true Islam instead of hiding behind it..Cowards>Let us look into a mirrior and we will notice that we comment more crimes on our own people than Bnai Isreal and the US combined. It is time too take our own spiritual medicine it tastes bad but it works. Our problems and solutions lay within. Lets stop passing the buck.