Never Plead Ignorance

From the moment one opens his eyes to this world a great order surrounds him. He needs oxygen to survive. It is interesting that the atmosphere of the planet he lives in provides just the adequate amount of oxygen he needs. This way, he breathes without difficulty. For the existence of life in this planet, the existence of a source of heat is essential. In response to this need, the sun is located just at the right point to emit just the adequate amount of heat and energy. Man needs to be nourished to survive. Every corner of the world abounds with an astonishingly diversified food. Likewise, he needs water. Surprisingly, three fourth of the planet is covered with water. He needs to take shelter and in this world, there is proper ground and all sorts of materials to make shelter.

These are only a few among billions of details making life possible on earth. In brief, man lives on a planet perfectly designed for his survival. This is surely a planet created for human beings. A person's interpretation of the world rests on "acquired methods of thought." That is, a person thinks in the way he is indoctrinated. Under this guidance, a person often finds all the aforementioned to be "mundane realities." However, if he does not sidestep and start questioning the conditions making his existence possible, he will surely step out of the boundaries of his habitual thinking faculties and start to think:

  • How does the atmosphere serve as a protective ceiling for the earth?
  • How does each one of the billions of cells in the human body know and perform their individual tasks?
  • How does an extraordinary ecological balance exist on earth?...

A person seeking answers to these questions surely proceeds on the right path. He does not remain insensitive to things happening around and doesn't feign ignorance about the extraordinary nature of the world. A person who asks questions, who reflects on and gives answers to these questions will realize that at every corner of the planet, a plan, an order reigns.

How did the flawless order in the whole universe come into being? Who provided the delicate balances in the world? How did living beings, incredibly diversified in nature, emerge?

Keeping oneself occupied with a relentless research to answer these questions results in a sharp awareness; that everything in the universe, the order, every each living being and mechanism is a component of a plan, a product of a design. In every detail, from the excellent structure in an insect's wing to the system enabling a tree to carry tons of water to its top branches, or the order of planets, the ratio of gasses in the atmosphere, are all unique examples of perfection.

In every detail of the infinitely varied world, one finds his Creator. Allah (God), the owner of everything in the whole universe, introduces Himself to man through this flawlessness.  Everything surrounding man, the flying birds and our heart, the birth of a child or the existence of sun in the sky, manifest the power of Allah (God) and His creation. And what befalls man is to conceive this fact.

These purposes owe their existence to the fact that everything has been created. An intelligent person notices that plan, design and wisdom exist in every detail of the infinitely varied world. This draws him to recognition of the Creator.

So you never feign ignorance that all living beings, living or non-living, show the existence and greatness of Allah (God). Look at things surrounding you and strive to practice appreciation for the eternal greatness of Allah (God)  in the best manner.

The existence of Allah (God) is APPARENT. Feigning to ignore it would only be the beginning of a great detriment one could ever do to himself. That is simply because Allah (God) is in no need of anything. He is the One who shows His greatness in all things and in all ways. Allah (God) is the owner of everything, from heavens to earth. We learn the attributes of Allah (God) from the Qur'an:

Allah! There is no god but He,-the Living, the Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is there can intercede in His presence except as He permit? He knows what (appears to His creatures as) before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He wills. His Throne extends over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them for He is the Most High, the Supreme (in glory). (Surat al-Baqara:  255)

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  1. Haolat Abidemi Shitta from Nigeria

    Allah is Great for he is one without partner.No body can do all these thing and am proud to be his servant.Please keep the flag of Al-Islam moving.May Allah accept it as a form of Ibadat amin.Happy Eld-l-fitr.

  2. Ahmed Elmasbahi from Usa/Morocco

    Michael Hollifield

    you wrote The questions that are posed in this little essay are not answerable by religion but reside in the domain of science. Science offers the best explanation of the natural world and its biodiversity and the its origins.

    can science give us an answer to this question,why were we created ?

    I am looking forward to hearing the answer.

  3. VAID from usa

    Please permit me to pen my thoughts on Mr. Hollified's comments.(7767). I believe that he is an intelligent person. I know few other smart people who hold almost the same view. It is a known fact that science has not proven anything concrete regarding evolution yet. There are only "theories and hypotheses" which can be blown off completely by the another logic later on. Now, you can argue that nobody has seen the Creator or the heaven or the hell. Well, that is true and can be considered as a theory or philosophy as well. But the effect of these two theories is remarkably different. While the evolutionary theory has caused untold misery and suffering to the people in the name of "survival of the fittest" the religious theory would create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility because everybody realises that he is answerable for his actions. Here comes the trouble. You might laugh at my statement by looking at the present day scenario when the world is full of religiuos bigots who donot blink an eye before perverting the essence of religion. Now, here is a test of your real intelligence. First of all you must understand that "the absence of evidence doesnot mean evidence's absence". I believe that a really intelligent person would scratch the superficial layers to dig deep into this philosophy to understand the difference and to experience the undescribable serenity and peace in the mind. The creator has given the humans "the Mind" and asked us to utilize it to the best of our ability. we see science as one of its manifestations which has undoubtedly helped humanity to a great extent but also has caused an unimaginable misery to just have to look at the different weapons, chemicals and substances that are created which has caused havoc to mankind. Does that mean science is horrible? Certainly not. Again it is the human mind thatis responsible.I would suggest you to read the only unaltered word of creator "the Quran" with an open mind to understand further

  4. Rayan B.T.S.A. Rafay from Canada

    No sane Muslim, will ever condone America's actions nor will they ever accept or become part of their wrongdoings. At the same time we do not condone the actions of those Muslims that take the lives of the innocent. Muslims are at fault for many of the things going on in the Islamic world, but don't be so naive and say that America is not to blame for some of what has occurred. Besides this, America does not experience terror everyday, the terrorists dropped one single building; it didn't affect the US at all; what it did was gave them incentive to cause more harm to others, because now they are justified. Why don't you, Mr. Long experience terror and then speak, you're patience wearing thin is of no concern, because you are bias and cannot judge things objectively. Also, remember this all superpower's fall becaus of arrogance as will America eventually. To say that America only harms those guilty is a joke. America has killed hundreds of thousands of innocents and of that there is no doubt to a rational individual. For god's sakes keep your emotion out of this. I blame Muslim's for many of their perils; why? Simply because we are supposed to be better than others; like the American and Israeli government.

  5. ahmed elmasbahi from Usa/Morocco

    Iraqis children are dying by the thousands because their exhausted leader lets them die.

    who made him a leader and armed him in the first place ?

    how on earth can you claim that you are a peaceful person if you believe in that sort of propaganda propagated by faux news and Co.can't you Americans give us a break ?

    Iraqi children dies beacuse their lives does not have the same value as would the lives of white children.

  6. Dennis Long from USA


    Yes the U.S. has killed far more people than terrorists. But after Hiroshima/Nagasaki we have tried not to kill civilians, only those who deserve it, those who would kill us. We do not us our power to conquer others, if we did we would own the whole world. The Israelis kill civilians because the Palestinian terrorists live with do you distinguish them? If Israel were actively seeking to kill civilians there wouldn't be a Palestinian left! By contrast if the Palestinians or al queda had the power the U.S. and Israel have, how many Israelis or Americans would be dead? They would seek to wipe us off the face of the earth, they have said this specifically.

    So if you're looking for sympathy for the Palestinian plight after Sept. 11, 2001 you've come to the wrong place. If you, or anyone else, strikes that militaristic tone with the Americans you are going to find out why we became and remain the only superpower. It's more than education, economy and technology. It's inner strength, courage, pride and something indefinable. You may live in the U.S., but you don't sound like an American.

    I am a reasonable, peaceful person but my patience has a limit. There are far more around me that are much more volatile. Al queda has stirred up a hornets nest that will lead the destruction/imprisonment of every person that would dare harm us. And like our elected leader says, you're either with them or you're with us, take your choice.

    Iraqis children are dying by the thousands because their exhausted leader lets them die, not because of the U.S. embargo. Ask the Kuwaitis why the U.S. and Iraq are still at odds, I wonder who they side with? I try not to generalize but for the sake of simplicity in a chat-like forum it is understood that when I say we meaning Americans it does not apply to every single American.

  7. Michael Hollifield from US

    This teleological or design argument was used centuries ago by William Paley at Oxford and others to support belief in a Christian God and also for a deist conception of God. In the view of most contemporary philosophers it was refuted by the famous 18th century Scottish philosopher David Hume in his Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. From simply looking around the world at its natural features we cannot conclude it was made by a single God whether on the Muslim, Christian, or Jewish conception. For all one knows it could be made by a more than one God, or a God that no longer exists, or no God at all, the most plausible conclusion. The presence of evil and the apparent indifference of nature to the suffering of its many creatures counts against the existence of a benevolent deity as the creator of this world. This natural world that is supposed to manifest the glory of God and his caring for his creation features babies born into a short,painful existence that is terminated at a very young age, plagues and natural disasters that destroy large portions of human and animal populations, and are resistant to the best efforts of human beings to deal with them. The bubonic plague killed at least 100 million people in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, without regard to race, religion, age, class, gender, or moral character. The problem of evil may or may not refute monotheism but it does block any inference from observations of the natural world to an all knowing, all loving, all powerful deity as its cause.

    The questions that are posed in this little essay are not answerable by religion but reside in the domain of science. Science offers the best explanation of the natural world and its biodiversity and the its origins. It has provided the basis for medical science and technology and most of the progress made by humanity. And it proceeds successfully in its explanations with no reference to God or gods.

    Give religion some serious critical thought for on

  8. Noreen from USA

    Again some clarifications and facts.

    Palestinians have nothing to do with Al-Quaida.

    They did not attack the US. Who is the "you" Long is talking about? Dont try to lump a billion people into one category.

    I live in the US. The Palestinians are not "trying to make America an enemy" they are trying to stay alive in what a British Ambassador called the "biggest prison in the world"

    Again as I stated in my last post. Please not that the US government has killed far more people than terrorists of any origin have.

    The Israeli government and soldiers have killed over five times as many civilians as suicide bombers have.

  9. Syed.T.Hussain. from India.


    This was a beautifull written article.I would like to add just a few lines.To extend or complement this article.

    In india we have a FRuit called JACKFRUIT.Not a very popular fruit but preffered by quite a few.It's uniqueness lies in the fact that when it's green and not yet ripe in North India and some Parts of Southern India it's outer fibrous body is cooked into a spicy curry.Whereas the seeds at this stage are thrown away.

    This very Jackfruit when ripe becomes a fruit and it's outer body is of no use but it's inner seeds are now delicious fruits and relished by quite a few.

    In the same way when the MAngo is not yet ripe it is called a Kairi in India and is pickled.This very Mango when ripe becomes a fruit.

    If nature were to exist without a plan.If nature were to exist without a planner then nature would not have been so kind.To give a multiple uses to a single thing making it more beneficial for mankind.

    If we were to watch the numerous Animal life channels we would note that .An alligator when born heads straight to water.A goat ,lamb just born in a forest wild and strange knows from smell which plant to eat and which not to.

    A dog after years might remember it's master but would not know it's birthgiver.

    Yet a human child which cannot stand on it's feet.Whenever it has to cry .It returns to it's mother's fold.

    Yes Allah(God)exists.And he exists without fail.If we were to prostate and bend down in prayer and close our eyes and contemplate for a second That the Space that exists is Infinite and That the time we live in is Infinite.That there is no start and no end. We would know that Allah God)is Infinite,All Encompassing,All Knowing.

    May Allah(God)guide us to do right and keep us away from the wrong.May he fill our hearts with love and undertstanding.Make us Kind and Just.Have Mercy on us.Forgive us and Help us.

    Cos without his help we would surely be lost.


  10. Dennis Long from USA

    It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you. I will check in from time to time but I have to actually earn my pay now!

    The conclusions I have reached (so far) are:

    1) Religion and science don't have to clash but lets leave science in the public schools, politics, medical research etc. and religion in the church/synagogue/mosque, home, private groups etc. It's the only way to insure we all benefit from unimpeded scientific advancement without infringing on each others beliefs.

    2) Islam is a religion similar to the religions I am familiar with. The vast majority of people that practice it are good, moral, honest people but the few that pervert it are extremely dangerous and need to be filtered out of the gene pool.

    3) Noreen is a wildcat! (I bet she's cute too) 😉

    Before I go please teach me some basic Arabic salutations (or Islamic if that applies) like:

    Hello, Goodbye, Thank you, Your Welcome, and a few common salutations that may not have a direct English counterpart.

    Peace, out!

  11. Stoner from USA

    The gist of this article is that the Earth is perfectly suited for us, which proves the existence of Allah (God).

    This is faulty, simple-minded thinking.

    1 - The Earth is well-suited for our kind of life because our kind of life evolved on this Earth. Of course we don't require anything that isn't here is sufficient quantities - we would never evolve that way in the first place. The species that exist on the earth are the very ones that survived. They survived because they fit in with their environment. If the earth had no water and at atmosphere of cyanide gas, then perhaps a different form of life would evolve here, which required cyanide to breath and found water poisonous. Or, perhaps no life of any kind would evolve. I'm not saying I have proven that there is no God - it's possible he designed both humans and the earth. But, the argument presented in this article does not prove there is a God.

    2 - In fact, the Earth isn't perfect for us. Sunlight can cause sunburns. Some areas don't have enough water. There are volcanoes and tornadoes. If God created the Earth for us, he did a pretty good job, but not a perfect one. So, is he imperfect or cruel?

  12. Ahmed Elmasbahi from Usa/Morocco

    To Mr Long

    how about the US becomes a friend of the palestinians ?

    you are obviously mixing 2 things which are different,the American poeple and their government.

    my respects!!

  13. Rayan B.T.S.A. Rafay from Canada

    Dear Mr. Long; after reading your comments I have come to respect you; you indeed are filling an Islamic duty by searching for the truth wherever you may find it. I highly reccommend you read a book entitled 'Bible, The Qu'ran and Science' written by Dr. Maurice Bucaille, a french convert; many of your questions will be answered and perhaps you will open yourself to a new persepective; never judge a faith by its people. That is the duty of all Muslims; unlike other faiths we are challenged to seek out the truth because we are confident it will not disprove our faith. As to all sorts of terrorists and such; these people in their hearts are usually good people but are corrupted by the uneducated members of their society and are taught false religion; these people memorize the Qu'ran in Arabic but no not what the words mean. Similarly, it states in the Qu'ran to slay the pagans wherever you may find them; without proper knowledge of why this verse was released, you may cause many errors because of ignorance.

  14. pFm

    I agree partially with Adebayo Salaudeen Shonibare comments in his last paragraph. However, I would like to clear a misconception that Christians (true followers of Jesus) DO NOT support anything immoral in our society; abortion, pornography,oppression, homosexuality, etc.. We are just as disgusted with what we see as the faithful Muslims are. Granted, this country was founded by Christians seeking freedom to practice their faith but it doesn't mean this is a Christian country. It's secular and worldly. It needs plenty of prayer that people here and all over to love God and to love each other.

    I do believe we are in the end times. Jesus said in Matthew 24:6-8 "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains."

    God's Peace to all.

  15. Dennis Long from USA

    To Noreen:

    Sorry for getting off topic. But in a way since we are talking about the creation of everything, the topic is everything! 😉

    "Iraq is not a "Muslim controlled state." Saddam Hussein is a political dictator whose Baath party was put in power by the CIA. Nothing he has done or is currently doing has anything to do with Islam"

    I stand corrected. My apologies.

    "The Palestinian people who "danced in the street after September 11" (if you can believe the media, though for all we they could have been told anything) and I only recall seeing a few children and an old woman, were not behaving in that manner because they are Muslims. "

    Now that you mention it I only saw a few also, it was a rather traumatic time so my reason was blinded by emotion. Forgive me for generalizing. Once again, I stand corrected.

    "The Palestinian issue is a political and human rights issue." I agree 100%. America is all about helping tyrants who would oppress the weak and trample on human rights. Palestinians should be putting America's on their side not making such a powerful enemy when they are so lacking in resources. America will defeat all her enemies I assure you. You don't have to like us, just don't make us an enemy. Not smart.

    Hitler practiced some bizarre Occult thing, not Christianity. But studying white supremacy would shed light on his mindset since that's what he preached. But if you wanted to understand the Crusades then yes, Christianity is a good starting point. These terrorists mention Islam, Jihad, Allah etc. in everything they do. That's why I first wanted to get to know the religion because it is obviously their driving force (even if it is a perverted form of a peaceful teaching). My first impression of Muslims (here on this board) is that most of you are reasonable, well mannered intelligent people. I have found that most modern people of all backgrounds are.

  16. Dennis Long from USA

    Mr. Hakim, (if you are female, my apologies)

    You sound like a very reasonable person. I don't think religion and science have to clash either. Though I know nothing of the Qu'aran if what you say is true that is really something to think about.

    Americans celebrated the dropping of the A-bomb on Japan because it ended the war and lets face it, they started it. I know that is a terrible reason but there it is. The suffering at Pearl Harbor was terrible and unprovoked. Japan is now powerful ally and I love Japanese culture.

    But terrorism will only create more enemies for Palestinians. Like the Japanese in 1941, Al Queda made a huge mistake by attacking the USA. They obviously have no idea what is in store for them.

    The only way the Palestinians are ever going to get what they want (justice) is to take a position more like that of Ghandi. Become a friend with America, we are really helpful and nice people. America will go to bat for freedom of the oppressed, no matter who they are. If they play their cards right they can have the power of America's influence working for them instead of against them. Times change, attitudes change. Start working for the next generation, ours is shot. Too much hatred, not enough education or tolerance.

  17. Noreen from USA

    Though some of the commentators tend to go off on a tangent, some comments should be clarified and the facts should be known.

    Iraq is not a "Muslim controlled state." Saddam Hussein is a political dictator whose Baath party was put in power by the CIA. Nothing he has done or is currently doing has anything to do with Islam.

    The Palestinian people who "danced in the street after September 11" (if you can believe the media, though for all we they could have been told anything) and I only recall seeing a few children and an old woman, were not behaving in that manner because they are Muslims.

    The Palestinian issue is a political and human rights issue. They are an oppressed people being killed almost unnoticeably by the western media, by American made weapons. In fact as of last year, Israel recieved US$55 million PER DAY in aid and weapons, even though they are in violation of over 30 UN resolutions.

    Suicide bombings are futile acts of revenge and the result of the horrific atrocities committed by Israel.

    The person looking to understand the "terrorists" wont find what he is looking for here because Islam does not allow terror or suicide of any kind. These fanatics did not act on Islamic rules but on political issues.

    By Longs reasoning, perhaps we should look at Christian websites to understand Hitler and why the US government blew up water and electricity infrastructure in Iraq and placed sanctions that kill as many poeple that died in the World trade centers EVERY 2 WEEKS FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS in Iraq.

    Perhaps we should look at Jewish sites to figure out why Israel has oppressed people and committed atrocities in Palestine for OVER 35 years (long before suicide bombers existed) and killed millions in Lebanon where Israel invaded for 18 years.

    Being born in an Islamic country or having a Muslim name does not make mean one is a Muslim.

    Islam is a religion based on active belief that msut be reflected in your actions, words,

  18. NS Hakim from USA

    Mr. Long, I too am a believer of science, the scientific method and theory. The one disconnect that people have on this board is that they feel science and religion do not mix. This is not true in the case of Islam. I urge everyone - including my fellow Muslims to research this. Islamic teachings promote research, science and education. Islam does not dispute the creation of the Universe through the Big Bang - it mentions it. Islam doesn't dispute dinosaurs or the fact that the Earth is 4 billion years old. Unlike the Bible we do not say that man is only 3000 years old. A lot of our scientific discoveries are not only supported by the Qu'aran, but were mentioned in it.

    We believe that the scientific laws that we see around us are God's laws - why? Because they govern how the Universe works. They were put into place with the creation of the universe - at the time of the Big Bang.

    On another note, the footage of the Palestinians dancing in the street on september 11 was unfortunate. No human should celebrate the death of any other human. A single image however should not dictate one's views against that society. I saw the American people celebrating when we dropped the h-bomb on Japan. I saw my fellow Americans celebrating when we bombed Iraq into the stone age. Both caused MASSIVE civilian casualties. Why did we celebrate? Because they were our enemy?

    Our weapons unjustly kill and oppress millions in Palestine. South African leaders have called the Palestine situation worse than Apartheid. All this is done by American support and American weapons. The Palestinians simply feel the same way you feel. You hate the people who flew planes into the WTC don't you? Why then do you feel that the similar feelings amongst some Palestinians are not justified? Our weapons and support lead to the killing of innocent civilians in Palestine - why would they not view us as the enemy then? Why would they not be justified in viewing us at the enemy?

  19. Dennis Long from USA

    ...and no I don't take your views offensively. I hope you don't either.

  20. Dennis Long from USA

    Thanks to everyone who responded, I will respond generally to all:

    In science there are facts, hypothesis and theories. A fact is irrefutable, there are fossils that look like this. A hypothesis is an educated guess. A theory is a framework that ties all the facts together. This theory has to be subject to experiment to prove or disprove in order to be a scientific statement at all. Even 1 fact that disproves the theory means you must discard or revise that theory. So a theory in science is different than a theory in everyday speech. To say that evolution or QED is "only a theory" is saying that in "only agrees to the facts". The fact that sceince makes adjustments in light of new evidence is a strengh, not a weakness.

    The theory of evolution is backed extraordinarily well by the fossil record and now DNA. When 2 different scientific disciplines converge on the same theory that is a very powerful argument.

    QED is a theory that people just don't like because it is counter-intuitive and messy. But it predicts the outcome of experiments very, very, very exactly. It has been tested for 50 years to a precision that is like measuring the distance from New York to L.A. to half the width of a human hair and still it predicts the interaction of photons and electrons to the umpteenth decimal place.

    Does this discount the possibility of a creator? Of course not. But there is no evidence to lead us in that direction either. Any attempt I have seen starts with answer (God exists) then attempts to make the evidence fit. That is not science.

    Do I hate Germans? No, but I don't like Nazis. Do I hate Americans? No, but the slavers disgust me. Do I hate Palestinians? No but I have to admit seeing them dance in the streets after Sept. 11 doesn't make me too sympathetic for them right now. It may not necessarily right, but I am human and subject to irrationality too. It's what I do about it that matters. Sometimes doing nothing is wise. P

  21. Adebayo Salaudeen Shonibare from Nigeria

    First i must send my sincere condolences to the families of the dead victims, and all other victims of the hostage crisis in Russia. Terrorists should be condemned by all Muslims all over the world.

    However, what amazes me is the immense support the Russian president has gotten from George Bush and Tony Blair, and the resulting condemnation of all Chechnya people as terrorists. Nobody, not Bush or Blair talks about the terrorism going on in Chechnya, with Putin himself being the chief terrorist .

    This is not to support the terrorists who took innocent civilians hostage in Russia. America and Britain should know by now that for peace to reign in this world, there must be equity and justice to all concerned. It is amazing that America will attack Iraq for invading Kuwait, but will not do the same against Russia for invading Chechnya and killing innocent souls.

    Increasingly, it is becoming evident that there is a grand design by the Christian west to oppress and destroy anything Islamic.

    Indeed, we are in the end times....because how else can u explain people refering to that which is good as evil, and that which is evil as example?..a veiled woman is being oppressed according to the christian west, but a bikini clothed woman is expressing her freedom..and this is supposed to be good. The strip clubs, the nudity, homosexuality and lesbianism, gay marriages, cloning, sex on TV, Serial monogamy.....these are the good things America calls freedom, democracy......For those who heed not the call, they will be fuel for the fire.

    May Allah guide us all


  22. Liban Jama from Canada

    I Apologize for my previous post. It was an anger that had been building up within me for a long time. Atheists are not my favourite people. However, when they dare to insult my faith in a smug superior attitude, The devil finds his opening and makes extremely angry. TO ALL ATHEiSTS DO NOT FORCE YOUR BELIEFS ON OTHERS. RESPECT OTHERS BELIEFS. REMEMBER YOU ARE THE ONE WHO LOOKS THE MOST FOOLISH FOR NOT BELIEVING IN GOD. IT IS BLINDNESS TO BE PROUD ABOUT IT AND INSULT OTHERS. YOU KNOW NOTHING AND I KNOW NOTHING. WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO TELL I AM WRONG, WHEN WE ARE BOTH IGNORANT.


  23. Liban Jama from Canada

    To any and all Atheists, You may follow the follies of man. It is your god-given right. However, do not generalize. You simply choose not to believe in God because of lack of evidence, So what gives you the right to force any of your beliefs on others. You talk of freedom, but I see no freedom in this so-called civilized world. In our time there are more Atheists than in any previous time but do you see any great people rising up and solving the world's problems. Stem cell research you call it a cure, I call it murder. No matter, how you justify it, you have no right to kill any living organism except out of need for nourishment. Tell me if everything was here to begin with, when will it end. Why did it not end. Entropy is the tendency towards disorder and the universe has been on this path forever, why does it not collapse. Why does it not become permanently disordered. If you cannot answer these questions, you have no right to believe anything of the Universe. You thrive on evidence or empirical knowledge but when it runs out you yourself resort to sheer dogma and make up stories to fit your disco observations. and when you find the exception, you cover it up. How many countless scientific discoveries have been covered up to preserve this idealogy of the Scientific Method and continue the attack on Religion. Remember Atheism is A religion, Simply with LIES AND HALF-Truths as Your GOD. I am Sorry for any offensive language. It was subconciously intended because I do despise people who hide behind false principles and attack like scared dogs. Do not generalize. Do not think that by simply saying the names of the newest scientific theories that you are better off than others. Remember, theories are weak and brittle amd they only stand because people believe in them. Without fools to believe in them these theories rarely ever survive.


  24. NS Hakim from USA

    Per Mr. Long: "To tell you the truth I never faulted the Palestinians for being pissed off at Israel or the U.S. After Sept. 11 though I could care less about their cause now."

    Under this tennent, do you hate all Germans because of what the Nazi's did to the Jewish People? Do you hate all Americans because of all the Native Americans they killed? Why would you not care about the Palestinians? Martin Luther King once said... "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".

    What happened on September 11 was horrible. It should be condemned as should the actions of the Israeli Government and the US for supplying the weapons that allow for the Palestinian oppression to continue.

    On another note, I am glad that you are trying to learn more about Islam. You will find indepth information at this site. The fact that you have decided to research more about the religion before criticizing it or being critical of it is a testament to you as a person. I commend your efforts and hope that more people take the step to educate themselves on all religions.

  25. NS Hakim from USA

    Per Mr. Long: "I feel Muslim controlled states like Iraq and Al Queda ...are the greatest threat to free civilization..."

    Any religion or doctrine, if misused, is a threat to free civilization. We have seen it in Christianity during the Inquisition and the Crusades. We now see it in the Middle East. Religion is not to blame. It is the people.

    What the Middle East is going through is two fold. The cultural stereotypes that are predominant in this area have nothing to do with Islam. Islam does not say to oppress women or to kill indiscriminately. What has happened in the Middle East is the blending of cultural practices with religion. The biases and injustices inherent in cultural beliefs arise from a lack of education. It has nothing to do with religion.

    At one time the Islamic civilization was the largest ever - larger than even the Roman Empire. It ignited the Renaissance movement in Europe. Evidence shows that Muslim explorers sailed to the New World 500 years before Columbus. Both the Christian and Jewish faiths co-existed under Islam and members from both faiths held positions within the governments of the Islamic Empire. What drove this period of revitalization for Islam was guidance from God, belief of equality, and an insatiable desire for enlightenment and education. At some point in time these virtues were lost and the empire crumbled.

    We won't even get into Western policy and how it fuels the problems and injustices in the Middle East and for what purpose - we all know. The fact is, the Middle East needs to undergo a Renaissance of its own. It needs to enlighten and educate itself. Only then can it stand up to Western injustices.

    Education is paramount. After all, it was the first command that God gave the faith...

    "Read! Read in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, who created, created man from from a clot of congealed blood. Read! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful, who taught the use of the pen. Taught man that which he knew

  26. Noreen from USA

    A hadith (unauthentic) tells the story of the prophet Muhammed pbuh talking to an old woman who was a spinster. He asked her if she believed there was a God. She said yes, and he asked her why she was so sure. Because, she said, the wheel I use to spin my thread will not turn unless I touch it, in the same way the Earth does not turn without God.

    Human evolutionary theories have changed many times, most evidently with the latest archeological find of apparent human remains.

    The Quran has a great deal of evidence that it does contain God's word. For example embryologists, both Muslim and non-Muslim have comfirmed that the human embryo is described in its stages of gastrualtion in the Quran 1000s of years before the existence of the electron microscope.

    Other natural antibiotics in foods such as honey are described as "gifts" in the Quran.

    In addition there are many other references to biology, geography, physics, astronomy and medicine in both the Quran and hadith.

    An authentic hadith claims that for every illness there is a cure; these references should inspire all of us to seek knowledge to study and research Gods creation.

  27. NS Hakim from USA

    Qur'an and science are harmonious in many ways. In regards to the big bang [21:30] "Do the unbelievers not realized that the heavens and the earth used to be one solid mass that we exploded into existence".

    Throughout time, you have seen science come into compliance with what the Qur'an has always said. Scientists once believed the Earth was flat, they didn't know about planets or the big bang or the ratio of water to land or what cells were composed predominantly of. The Qur'an answered these questions long back. I believe that with the Hubble and other scientific tools we have, this will continue to be the case.

    Mr. Long talks about algae and cells and equilibrium and QED. These are not random events. Speaking about quantum physics as he had mentioned, the fact that quarks and leptons are created when the right particles slam together or the fact that the Hiesenberg uncertainty principle holds and the fact that the matter/antimatter bias is set at just the right level to prevent all the particles from annihilating one another are all defined and governed by sets of laws. Someone must have designed these laws. Everything in the universe operates based on laws - call it Chaos Theory or Quantum Mechanics or a grander Unified Theory. Why are these laws followed by matter and time and everything in between? Whose laws are these?

    In regards to Mr Long's Statements...

    The atmosphere does serve as a protective ceiling. The Ozone protects cells from harmful gamma rays. Without something like it, complex lifeforms would not have been possible.

    Electrons follow a specific set of laws whether it be a quantum levels or at macro levels (theory of relativity)

    Ecological balance is controlled by equilibrium which is driven by enthropy laws and thermodynamic laws. God steps in at God's on discretion. In the meantime, the laws that God has designed allow our universe to operate.

  28. Rayan B.T.S.A. Rafay from Canada

    To Dennis Long; the throy of QED is indeed that a theory, there is not any confirmable evidence of it; besides that it doesn't defy the existence of god. Now if you read the Qu'ran there is mention of the big bang theory as well as the expansion of the universe; what would your response be to a book over 1400 years old stating these things? Also, it mention details of human anatomy previously unknown as well the the earth revolving around the sun; explain these things to me. Richard P. Feynman's theory is simply as way to explain things that science has yet to give evidence of. You believing in such a theory shows that you do indeed believe in the unseen and non-scientific things. QED is merely a theory I could make just as strong if not stronger case on the existence of god, the reason you choose not to believe in a god is because you are afraid to; but indeed you will one day. There are innumerous things in the Qu'ran that are being discovered now, or are yet to be discovered, this is not mythology; it is truth. If you can disprove the existence of a god; I shall stop believing in him. What you are saying is that 'I personally don't see enough evidence of the existence of god, therefore he cannot exist.' By this viewpoint, mankind would not have discovered plutonium, uranium and planets like Neptune. We must believe in order to discover. You will never find the origins of the universe because the day of reckoning shall come before that. For you to say Islam is not scientific or truth, is somewhat ignorant considering the large number of christian scientists who have converted to ISlam over the years. Islam is not the bible it has never and never will have problems accepting scientific evidence, but it will never succumb to theories until proven. I hope you found none of my comments offensive, I am merely clearing perceptions and providing a viewpoint you may not have analyzed previously.

  29. Dennis Long from USA

    The reason I am coming to this site is because I know very little about Islam or the people that practice it. This site though obviously pro-Islam is gracious and wise enough to let other views be expressed. Lately our cultures have collided in a really bad way because of the actions of a few. Education and tolerance of differing views is the only we will keep this thing from spiraling out of control.

    So educate me. What are the main tenets of Islam? Are there certain days of the week/month/year that are sacred? Is there food that is forbidden? What do you all do or not do? What's with this militant form of Islam in the world (terrorists)? Is there sympathy or disdain for their cause?

    To tell you the truth I never faulted the Palestinians for being pissed off at Israel or the U.S. After Sept. 11 though I could care less about their cause now.

    And for the record, I don't consider these terrorists to be cowardly or 3rd world. I take them very seriously and see them as committed, brave, intelligent, ruthless and worthy adversaries. Ones that must be defeated either through military might or education, mutual respect and tolerance. I prefer the later. That's why I'm here.

  30. Dennis Long from USA

    To whtt:

    I checked out some of the sites you recommended and others like them. Needless to say their viewpoints haven't made it into mainstream science because they are blatantly false. One site boldly claims that "no transitional forms have yet been uncovered". So very, very false my friend. First of all it is not surprising that the earth isn't littered with fossils because it takes special circumstances for something to fossilize. Nevertheless THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF WHALE EVOLUTION HAS BEEN FOUND! Mainly because of where whales evolved. Oh yeah, lots of human intermediate forms have been uncovered as well as the Archaeopteryx (half reptile, half bird). There is a living one as well, the platypus. Bill like a bird, hair like a mammal, lays eggs like those of a reptile and the male has poisonous hind spurs, the only mammal with venom!

    Using your argument you must not be content with Islam since you are seeking out evolution sites. You may want to try some real ones though, like, I dunno, a university? (news flash, some things on the internet are not true!)

    Your simplistic dismissal of my authority to speak about science because I am 'not a scientist' (I am an engineer) is like me saying quit preaching Islam because you are not Mohammed.

    It is people like you that make religion a dangerous thing.

    Keep this guy away from sharp objects folks.

    Any federal agents out there may want to keep tabs on this one. Probably good practice that you don't' use your real name whtt.

  31. Dennis Long from USA

    (cont. from my last post) I feel Muslim controlled states like Iraq and Al Queda (a state without borders) are the greatest threat to free civilization. Read my last post, I blame all religions for the greatest of the worlds strife.

    Liban Jama states (regarding scientists):

    "However, they have no knowledge of how they came into existence or what force continues to drive them. "

    Actually we do. Hubble is able to peer 10 billion light years away and therefore 10 billion light years into the past. Future scopes will take us all the way back to the beginning. If we see God smiling and waving then I will grant you your hypothesis (religion does not even make it as a theory in scientific terms). All of the evidence firmly backs the big bang theory. Asking 'what was before the big bang' shows ignorance (I don't mean that in a derogatory way, everyone is ignorant about something) of what time is.

    How did it all get here? I has always been here, otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it. Preposterous? How did God get here? Exactly, SOMETHING had to 'always' be here. The difference is that in the God theory there is not a single shred of physical evidence whereas the no God theory has evidence everywhere.

    I don't have the space in this forum discuss quantum tunneling, QED (Quantum Electro Dynamics), why there no such thing as time before the big bang (the big singularity) or many of the truly weird and wondrous ways of how the universe really works. It is far more interesting than any classical science or religious text I assure you...and it's verifiable.

    I highly recommend "QED, the strange theory of light and matter" by the late Richard P. Feynman (Princeton University Press) for a glimpse of nature in all it's strange splendor.

    Kudos to the moderator of this message board for posting alternative viewpoints unedited. It is only by getting to know and respect each other that the world will ever change.

  32. whtt from USA

    To Dennis Long and all atheists who have found the truth:

    As for us, we certainly will not pray for you because we see you obviously believe you are right. And though there are many of you out there, I can't help but wonder about two things:

    1. Don't communists deny the existence of any deity? They believe in no religion. So how do you explain their bloody legacy in the former USSR and China. In whose name did they kill? Man, not religion that kills.

    2. What on earth are you doing surfing religious web sites. If I were satisfied with my wife, would I surf porn sites? If I am satisfied with the clothes I'm wearing would I covet what others wear? If I'm satisfied with my physique would I hate others for theirs? Face it: your words show you are not satisfied. There is a conflict inside you; something happened to you somewhere. Therefore, to play it safe, you'll deny everything and just wander aimlessly through life believing, against impossible odds, that more than five billion people are wrong.

    3. You are not a scientist nor, judging by your inadequate scientific observations, are you qualified to pronounce on science or the behavior of matter. Leave that to scientists who are observing and are helplessly admitting, a good portion of them, that there must be an all-controlling being behind all this. Don't be afraid, check out these links:

    Your theory of evolution? Is now full of holes:

  33. Asadullah from Afghanistan


    I would like you to know that I'm very appreciative of your site for the invaluable and the extend of information it provides. It would be an honor for me to recieve unique valuable facts such as hadiths and translations of suras from the holy Quran by mail from you, Insha'allah.

  34. zilzaal azzizi from Washington, DC/USA


    Harun Yahya in Never Plead Ignorance presents a thought-provoking article for Muslims and others alike to ponder and reflect upon Allahs creation of the heavens and earth and everything in between!

    Some of Haruns ideas, as articulated herein, are not quite in accord with scientific chronology, based on a geologic time scale; such incoherence, however, does not detract from the value and essence of this piece.

    The noble Quran addresses the creation of the outer heavens, which predated man by billions of years. It is abundantly clear that man was created only after all the elements and organic ingredients were fully in place for his evenual survival on earth.

    The Quran confirms that water is source of all life, a fact that science accepts. It is no surprise that man today is searching for water in Mars and other planets in the solar system.

    At the same time, we must understand the following proposition:

    h Man is here for a purpose, but he is not the center of the universe, as some would like to believe

    h We are Allahs best creation, but not His greatest

    h The outer universe is Allahs greatest creation

    h On account of mans inherent intellect to study and understand the outer universe, Allah has placed the latter at our disposal

    The noble Qur'an states:

    "And He taught man that which he knew not..." [96:5]

    He it is Who created seven heavens in harmony. You can see no fault in the Creations of the Most Gracious ...." [67:3-4]

    Assuredly the creation of the heavens and earth is indeed greater than the creation of mankind; yet most of mankind know not. [40-57]

    "... Who created and gave to each (created) thing its order and proportion, and Who further ordained laws (for each), and gave (it) guidance (regarding its course)." [87:2-3]

    Do they not ponder the Quran, or are there locks on their hearts? [47:24]

    Are the blind and the seeing man equal? Will you not re

  35. Liban Jama from Canada


    This is an excelent article. It shows that there are some people alive that can still appreciate the Beauty of Allah's creations. Modern Science merely points the mechanics of These delicate systems in existance throughtout the Universe. However, they have no knowledge of how they came into existance or what force continues to drive them. Even with this extreme lack in knowledge, most scientists are arrogant enough to rule out Allah from the Equation. This simply shows their ignorance and lack of perception. They see the world from one point of view and this is the point of view they force onto everyone else. I hope to be a scientists when I grow up. However, I thank Allah everyday for giving me enough sight to see the beauty of his creations and the unending order that lies in His universe. May Allah Guide All peoples to the straight Path. May He remove hatred, pride, jelousy, greed and all other detrimental attributes from our Hearts and allow us to know him throug his creations. And Inshallah, May HE bless with eternal Felicity. SALAM TO ALL.


  36. Dennis Long from USA

    This line of reasoning is so flawed I barely know where to start. But that's what happens when you start with the answer and then move to the question such as you have here.

    1) The atmosphere does not serve as a 'protective ceiling'. We evolved in this atmosphere. Before us the atmosphere was CO2 and algae thrived.

    2) A cell doesn't have to 'know' what it's doing the same as an electron doesn't have to know what it's just does what it does. Only misguided religious reasoning that held mankind back for millennia would make such a biased assumption.

    3) The 'extraordinary' ecological balance is maintained through equilibrium. It can (and is) easily disturbed and no supreme intelligence steps in to correct it.

    Wake up people. Religion is the CAUSE of ALL the worlds major problems...not the solution. Jews and Muslims, Catholics and Protestants, Baptists etc. you are all at fault. Your ancient superstitions divide masses, drive wars & violence and hold science back from curing suffering (the religious right in the USA hindering stem cell research that has the potential to cure ALL disease).

    I know, I know, you feel sorry for me and you'll pray for me. Pray to who? God? Allah? Buddha? Zeus? Valhalla? I guess it depends on your time and space coordinate huh. It is I who feel sorry for all of you. The truth is right in front of your I mean RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. There are no mystical beings, no ghosts holy or otherwise...just us, killing each other over delusions.

    If people kept religion a personal experience and didn't force their ways on others that would be fine. Unfortunately it is the incapability of differentiating reality from fantasy that would make this impossible. It assumes a reasonable, civil mentality to begin with.

    Obviously I am an atheist (and proudly so). I have no particular bias for any religion. I feel that Muslims, especially Muslim controlled states are the biggest threat to

  37. Hashim Alhussaini from USA

    Masha'Allah! It's an eyeful of an article. And I believe that all that we see (were enabled to see and percieve) is but a drop in a sea. "They (disbelieves) inquire of you (Muhammad) of the Soul (the human soul). Say: 'the knowledge of the soul rests with my Lord, and you (O' mankind) were given but a little knowledge." -Qur'an.

    All this knowledge we have and Allah, Most High, describes it as "little." All our advancements from now until the Day of Judgement, all that we can achieve, all that we can dream of and imagine is little...What, then, would be abundant knowledge?

    Imagine what has been concealed from our eyes, probably akin to what has been concealed from the blind bat (in itself a creation marvel,) or however much the tiny mite perceives of this universe. "There are greater things in heavens and earth than man could ever dream of" -Shakespeare. From the atomic quark to Red Giants that encompass our solar system many folds, to the heavens themselves that are concave over all, everything in this universe is a testimony to the oneness of Allah who reigns overall and whose knowledge reaches everywhere. If you admit coincidence in even the slightest daily occurrence, you might as well admit it to the creation of a star from gaseous nebulae, and that's a No, my friend. All this is being handled meticulously and wisely with a record and book-keeping that accounts for every tree leaf that falls, for every heartbeat, for every syllable we utter -nothing goes unrecorded.

    Science, the soother of many doubtful skeptics, is evermore admitting that there is a designer behind our universe, given its harmony and flawlessness; opinions are inevitably converging toward this ultimate reality.

  38. peter jefferies from US

    It suprised me that the more knowledge learned about the universe, it appears indeed as if it was created. Science seems to prove this with math, laws of nature and amazing realities such as our earth as you describe it.

    As a Christian, God created the universe. This must be the same God as in Islam. In Gods infinite wisdom, he approaches different cultures in ways best to communicate with that culture.

    Do you and I beleive in the same God? Not the man Jesus, but God.