Seerah Conference: Deep concerns at rising tide of anti-Islamic rhetoric

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Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) organized a Conference titled "Rediscovering Muhammad: The Man & the Message" at York College auditorium, Jamaica, New York on October 19, 2002. It was attended by a large number of community members of different faiths i.e., Muslims and non-Muslims. The speakers who presented some of the topics were "Why rediscovering Muhammad?"; "Critiques of Muhammad"; "Muhammad: the man par excellence"; "The Portrayal of Muhammad in the West; and "Muhammad - the fulfillment of the mission of Moses and Jesus". Leading Islamic scholars of USA & Canada, academicians and community leaders spoke with great enthusiasm in the conference. Among the panelists were: Dr Murad Hoffmann (former German Ambassador to Algeria and Morocco and Director of Information of NATO); Dr Jamal Badawi (Professor at St. Mary's University, Canada); Dr Sulayman Nyang (Professor of Howard university), Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi (former president of Islamic Society of North America), Imam Abdul Malik and Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, the president of ICNA.

The following resolutions were unanimously passed at the conference:

1. "This conference expresses its deep concerns at the erosion of civility and rising tide of anti-Islamic rhetoric through out the country. It is dismaying that while a section of right-wing commentators and evangelical leaders are engaged in making hate-filled, slanderous remarks against Islam, vilifying its scripture and defaming the noble character of the Prophet Muhammad, these people have neither been stopped nor been admonished by the administration. We strongly believe that by attacking the tolerant, multifaceted mosaic of our society, those bigots are only damaging our important strength as a nation - our unity. Today, our society is on the edge of an ideological precipice, with powerful forces pushing us toward a downward spiral of hate."

2. This conference thus demands a clear and unambiguous statement by the president of the United States on the issue of anti-Islamic rhetoric. We ask the President to publicly condemn such bigotry and distance himself and his administration from the anti-Muslim demagogues.

3. We ask the media to show restraint regarding anti-Islamic and prophet-bashing.

4. We also ask the civic and religious leadership to step up in condemning this trend and efforts towards healing.

5. We pray to Almighty God that He will cure the hearts of the people from hatred and may He help all learn from the inspiring lives of all great prophets including Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon all these prophets).

Peace be upon all those who follow the guidance of God and sincerely promote human brotherhood and mutual understanding.

Contact information: ICNA Seerah Conference, 166-26 89th Ave. Jamaica, N.Y. 1143-4254; Email: [email protected]

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Hadith And Sunnah, Seerah  Values: Kindness
Views: 2229

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Older Comments:
'Individual freedom' is the primary reason that Islam is thriving in the USA and almost all Muslims understand that. Religious aspect and a 'petty criminal' are two different things (ps try nearest psych ward and u'll find a lot of people who talk to god or vice versa and commit crimes that have no basis in religion). We don't have problems with Saudis because we need their oil. Democracy is good for us in the USA but not overseas. If they had democracy, they might start competing with us on equal basis, we cannot afford that. In reality Islam is the only code of existence that is compatible with the west, the rest already failed (while u were sleeping). .... including being above "god"........u mean church or any other institution telling u what "god" wants. By the way do u know where the Law that governs this land comes from. Look it up.

This is rediculous. What about the concerted condemnation from the Islamic Theocracy for the ubiqutious violence perpetuated against people through out the world in the name of Islam? (It cannot be denied, for it is for all to see!)

Dribs and drabs is all that comes out. We hear more support for these atrocities than anything else.

The face of Islam is turning violent. It is up to you to stop it. Where is the Ghandi of Islam?

Your energies are misdirected. Leaders of our country are not those you should be making demands of, but rather, those who lead the Islamic religion. Unless of course, you as so many Muslims do, support the violence.


It breaks my heart to hear how some people in
this nation (media specially) does not pass an
opportunity to make a biased comment
against anything that doesn't look or think
white (meaning white race).If for only one tiny
second they were able to feel the peace of
Allah! I can only pray for Allah to help their way
to the light and understanding meanwhile we
need to stand toguether in lines and let the
world which is being kept ignorant what Islam
really is.

I think the big problem is that many Muslims don't
understand that in the USA, individual freedoms and
the laws that govern our society are above all else,
including being above "god". If this is not acceptable,
then simply don't live in the USA. All around the world
we see examples of the opposing force that Islam is
against Western democratic nations - The Muslims in
Russia who have taken 700 innocent people hostage.
The Muslims in Indonesia who slaughtered 200
innocent people. The Sniper in the US. The
September 11th terrortists. The list goes on and on.
Again, this is not against Islam, I'd simply like to suggest
that Islam is not compatible with the West. Nobody from
the USA moves to Saudi Arabia and complains that
women are treated like animals, so how can a Muslim
move to the USA and complain that everybody is a
Kaffir and deserves to die?

...........and you shall certainly hear much that will grieve you from those who received the scriptures before you (Jews and Christians) and from those who ascribe partners to Allah; but if you persevere patiently, and become Al-Muttaqun then verily, that will be determining factors in all affairs. Quran 2:186

So let not their speech, then grieve you (O Muhammad (pbuh)). Verily we know what they conceal and what they reveal. Quran 36:76

Did we forget our root? Where are our scholars ? Explain these to us! When Qur'aan tells us to persevere in these situations who are we to look for a different course for action? How are we supposed to achieve this perseverence? Show us the way.

These days we have learnt a lot how to keep complaining about the plight of Muslim Ummah. We learned to do e-mail blitz to protest something we don't like. We learned to organize big rallies. We learned to speak more eloquently. Oh yes. We learned a lot of modern ways of facing upto the difficulties of this world. We are now working more like an organized ethnic group, not as Muslims. Had we acted like real Muslims we would have outshone the others by now by blessings of Allah. People would have taken notice. But we have become combative and cursive. We conveniently forgot that the answer to our present day diffinculties are in Qur'aan. We only need to apply them.
Why do we look to a hypocrite like George Bush to address our concern? What message did this conference leave for the Muslim population to do? They only whined and complained. They forgot to tell the Muslims that they should hold steadfast to their beliefs and learn more about their Deen. Do more daw'ah.
This is the root to our problem. Instead of looking up to the Creator we are asking his creations to solve our problems.
May Allah guide us well, allow us to persevere well and let us run the course Qur'aan taught us.

Judging his past actions, we don't


E. S. FROM USA said:
We Muslims do not need to be accepted by anyone except Allah (SWT). And those who want to be accepted & recognized by the evil ones have corrupted minds and are correcting other. They are presenting the corrupt image of Islam. Even if you hold 1000 conferences like this one, you still won't be accepted. We should not worry about what they say! The Kuffaar are doing what the Kuffaar are suppose to do. It's just Muslim are not being Muslims. A Muslim should be an example of what Islam is. A Muslim passes the message of Allah(SWT) to others and moves along. Allah (SWT) is the One who give hidayat, not you. There is no need to waste money on conferences where Allah (SWT) laws are being violated. Allah will hold those people accountable who want to be accepted by any other than Allah.

Alhamdulillah, it is good to see us coming together to take a stand against those that attack Islam. We should also remember to take a close look at ourselves, especially the minority among us that continuously fight for a just cause using unjust means. This small group that uses the banner of Islam and yet transgress limits set by Allah in targetting noncombatants, make us the easy target of bigots worldwide. In the tradition of our prophet (pbuh), we must help our brothers by keeping them from doing evil.