Why I accepted Islam?

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Allah U Akbar!  Allah U Akbar!  God is the Greatest.  I know it is difficult for you to hear, but these words are written in shouts. Why?  It is hard to say when my story began, but by the Grace of God, it is still continuing in the most glorified and beautiful direction. 

I did all the "normal" American things in my youth.  I attended college, went clubbing, hung out with friends, etc.  I affiliated myself with Christians as being Puerto Rican, the two seem to go hand in hand, and attended church every so often.  I was always "happy", the one people turned to for advice, comfort, and fun.  But within the confines of my own mind, I was never at peace.  I tried calling depression hotlines, turned to shopping sprees, volunteered at various organizations - anything to get me out of what seemed like a black hole.  And no one knew. Seemingly happy, I was smiling and telling jokes because what did I have to be sad about, right?   Well when one ignores God's hand, it's as if you're an invalid trying to walk.  That's how difficult and overwhelming life seemed.

This continued on until my 20's, when I once met and became friends with a Muslim man.  When he spoke of God, he seemed to radiate a light; a knowledge that permeated through his pores. At times, I thought his skin glowed when he spoke of Islam.  He became just like a little boy showing off a new toy or talent whenever I asked him questions. His belief in Islam and his trust in God, is one of which I had never seen.  I myself struggled with putting my complete faith in God. I knew He existed, but felt that what I couldn't "see", I couldn't count on.  Believe me, ignorance is not bliss!

When we fell in love, he made it very clear that he could never marry someone who was not Muslim.  This is what really forced me to look at the religion of Islam.  But it is not the reason why I am basking in it now. And I no longer view it as something negative because it could have been the best way God revealed His truth to me. And once I began reading literature, looking at websites, and reading the Quran, I couldn't stop.   To best describe it: I was a woman in the desert for days and all of a sudden, came across a pool of fresh water.  So I drank, and drank, and drank. I devoured tapes and books on how to perform wudu (ablution before prayers).  I began to practice the prayer postures, which felt both weird and humbling at the same time.

One day, I recited the Shahada (declaration of faith) out-loud.  It didn't feel like anything monumental.  And to be perfectly honest, it wasn't until I began telling people I was Muslim that my soul began to actually move.

At home, I began to don the headscarf and enjoyed how it felt to be covering myself for the sake of my relationship with God.  Once, I even performed my prayers while my mother was home.  And truth be told, I rushed through them out of fear.  She saw me and said nothing.  As time progressed, I stopped "not-saying" I was Muslim.  I stopped hiding my literature.  Now, she even borrowed a book about Islam and commented about how interesting it was. Some of my other family members do not understand.  And even one aunt persists on telling me how wrong it is.  That's fine.  My skin has grown thick with God.

Declaring my faith and testifying that there is only one God and that Muhammad is his messenger reaffirms that I do not stand alone, God created Islam and me, and now we go hand-in-hand.  My 5 daily prayers refresh me, keep me connected to my Creator and keep me focused on Him.  My zakat (charity) forces me to unshackle myself from my money, time, and efforts and places them towards good.  Fasting allows me to cleanse my body at all levels, while humbling me and equating me with the rest of the world.  And I can only dream of performing Hajj.  One day, Inshallah (God willing), I will go.

You see, living in a society that is almost vehemently against even mentioning God, is a society in distress.  The proof: teenage pregnancies, drugs, dressing so revealing is considered "in".  We live in a society where we shower and dress in clean clothes, and don perfume and make special preparations to go clubbing, work, or out with friends.  But for God, we don't? Islam is structured with basic, easy-to-understand rules that can wipe out any problem.  Why you ask, if Islam is so perfect are there still divorces, theft, etc in Muslim culture? We are humans and as such fallible, and therefore bring imperfection to the religion.   But Islam in itself is perfect - Need proof?  Read the Quran.

Allah, the Most High, the Most Gracious.  Thank you for guiding me and giving me this story to tell to others.  I beg that you will find it acceptable and pleasing.  And as I move further into Islam (one day finally wearing the hijab on a daily basis, performing hajj, learning more prayers in Arabic), I will continue to write and tell my tale, so that perhaps others may benefit from my slow, but purposeful journey to you, Inshallah!

Shinoa Matos was born and raised in New York, USA and is of Puerto Rican and Greek decent.  She accepted Islam in January 2001.  May Almighty God always guide and bless her (ameen).

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  1. Aashiya from india

    my story is somewhat like urs, i wish i too follow QUARAN and obey ALLAH and Prophet (PBUH). Please pray for me

  2. Habib lamido from Nigeria

    Masha-Allah, may Allah acept u nd ur Ibadat nd may HE also guide all ur relatives.

  3. yakubu usman from Nigeria

    May Allah continue to guide us all to the light of Islam. May he unite us in righteouness and bless us with paradise. Your story is an encouragement in a society where islam is wrongly perceived and abhored. We are lucky to be born into islam and raised in islamic environment, but truly, true faith lies in total obedience to Allah in what ever situation or circumtance. Your courage deserve commendation and only Allah can reward you.

  4. Imran L from Uganda

    siter am really so happy for u and am happy that ALLAH has guided u 2 the right path.I also converted this year and finding and looking at life differently.stick Islam coz its the true relligion.Asalamu Aleikum.

  5. Syed Javed Iqbal from Bangaldesh

    Alhamdulillah. Sister, Allah will never allow your goodness to go in vain

  6. tasweer from pakistan

    it seems as if the basic motivation behind your creed readjustment was the passion of love so you started accepting the glory of Islam. I need to hilight that the true reason of Islamic grandeur lies in the logic where the questions pertaining to science and universe are discovered in islamic teachings thereby indicating the element of truth and reality.A second factor lies in the the socioeconomic impact of islam on a society and the eternal peace it imparts to the believer and perhaps the most important and significant is the fact that the islam leads to a very balanced life and a welfare society that islam generated and the duties that islam imparts to both the man and woman for continuation of life and morality.

  7. Toni Ramos from United States

    Being only 20 years of age, I look at your writing and I too am experienced what you so experienced while around the same age. I grew up in NYC, from two Dominican parents that basked in being Catholic. Growing up I practiced the religion just because as a child I had no choice. Growing up with the divorce of my parents, my father's treatment of who I was as a person, and than the drop of both of my parents apparent faith and following of God, I seemed to lose interest in the church. Yes, I attended every now and than but I felt it was hypocritical of me, but I always knew I wanted to love my God and sing to him, and pray to him, and show him my love the best way possible. I moved to Florida after middle school, and soon after lost my father, and God became my best friend. I wanted to worship him the best way possible but living here, I didn't find that. Until losing him put the most amazing person in my life. I made a friend, with a sweet, intelligent and amazing young man, he was muslim. He used to speak to me and tell me that God had a plan, and his words always empowered me. WIth years grew our friendship, and I met his family. I learned more aobut his religion and it made sense to me, and started filling a part of me, that no one really knew about. I was afraid to tell friends or family because of their judgement on why I felt that way. Right now.. I still have so much to learn, and I want to be a part of something that I love so much, and of a practice that fills my heart with so much of God's love. However, your story inspires me... my family will love me no matter what and with Islam, I think I've found the real peace I've always wanted.

  8. Br.Khalid from Australia

    Alhumdullillah. Praise be to ALLAH that you have discovered the truth. MashAllah sister, your story was very inspirational, and to be honest, i even shed a few tears. We all need to discover Islam, and we need to remember ALLAH (swt) in every aspect of our short and temporary lives. Truly Islam is the only sollution to many problems. May Allah(swt) reward you for encouraging me to do more good.

    JazzakAllah Khair.




  10. rabia from pakistan

    it is an inspiring story.it IS THE GRACE OF ALLAH that purified her soul and heart and made her a muslim but all the same i admit that muslim society has all the evill deeds but the answer to this question is that we r going far from islam .if we understand WHAT WE ARE ,we can beome a BETTER muslim and can make this worrld a better palce TO LIVE

  11. God's creation from USA

    I read the basic teachings and found that Islam is not THAT what I had thought.

    But I wonder why USA is attacking the followers OF ISLAM AND hence forcing them to war aginst humankind all over the world.Why we all cant live in peace and love and accept each other as we are?

  12. altaf from pakistan

    assalamo alakum sister. it is really a great pleasure to know that Allah has given u the strength to choose the right path. it is good luck to u that Allah give u more strength to be on this true path and spread the same message to other people those are still ignorance

  13. *nightsofworship* from usa

    Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem

    assalam u alaykum sis! 🙂

    thank you so much for sharing your story. i find that although i was born muslim, i kind of underwent the same lifestyle before i read the qur'an. it's so unfortunate that we have had several copies of islamic books and qur'ans within our reach all our lives, yet we ran from every type of "religious" occassion. may Allah keep blessing us with His Mercy and Guidance, for there is NO better feeling in the world. all the black holes in my life are full, and i reeeally AM happy this time, inside and out. i realised that islam gave me a new found strength which i used to hide before, out of "being nice".

    it was SO lovely to hear all the words you "said" 🙂 (I heard you!) 🙂 if you'd like, i have a website you can inshaAllah drop by on in your free time:



    they both are of course based on our beautiful religion of Islam and all for the love of Allah! so, take care, and blessings be with you. ameen

    Assalam u alaykum wa Rahmatullah

  14. Habib Shaikh from India

    It is a great pleasure to know about the new converts from your site.I keep watching latest news and distributr it to my friends,also I translate it into our Gujarati lang. and print it for yhe various magazines.keep on,May Allah be kind with you.


  15. Imam Bilal Yasin El-Amin from USA

    Please convey my thanks to the sister who wrote the current article. It is short and wonderfully written, sincere and candid. Praise be to Allah, The Most High, for her.

  16. Muhammad Pervaiz from Pakistan

    Dear Sister Matos,


    It is realy very very heart souling about the

    story of real nature. May Allah bless your efforts

    and give you full strength to follow the real truth. I humbl;y congratulate you and pary to

    almighty Allah for "sabit qaddam"

  17. Sri Lawson from USA

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa


    Dear sister Matos,

    I am so happy that the light of Allah

    Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has come to guide you

    to the right path. May someday I be able to

    see the light too at the end of my life journey.

    I sincerely cry in joy and happiness for you.

    Your sister in Islam,

    Sri Lawson

  18. Tammi Young from USA

    I really liked this story, it sounds exactly like my biginning in Islam. I Accepted about 1 week ago, and allready have seen such a drastic improvement in my life. I am still like newborn child to Islam, but have found praying five times a day to be quite refreshing to the mind, body and spirit. I have some friends who are helping me to learn, and am looking very forward to my future as a Muslima. Thank you for sharing your story, I too have to tell my family someday, and hope that they will be accepting of my decision to be a Muslim. May Allah bless you and all in your every journey in life. Ameen.

  19. sam from usa

    If we do everything with the thought in mind that this very hour could be the last hour of our life,we would never hesitate to do what God demands out of us even in front of a million uninformed non-muslims, Inshallah. The thought of impending death makes our iman strong as we know we will not care about anybody on the day of judgement except God.

  20. anja from Belgium

    Dear sister, as reading your story it felt like reading my own! Islam, the path of truth is the only way! May Allahs blessings be with you! Eid mubarak, best wishes to all my brothers and sisters, Allahu akbar!

  21. Imran from Canada

    Mashalaah! May Allah fulfill all your dreams and wishes. COngrats on excepting the best religion the right religion in the universe, hidayat is like lightning it can strike at any place anytime

    You are very lucky. Make dua for the entire ummah,and make dua for your freinds and family. Cause now you are an islamic leader. Allah has chosen us to be the leaders of today to spread the knowledge about islam at that is our main purpose, so it is up to us, to carry on the work or beloved prophet (PBUH).

    Again mashallah, Your story made me cry. keep me posted in your journey. And only look towards Allah for guidance, very important never forget your main purpose in life! To please Allah and only him. And make lots of dua. ALLAH the most merciful and the most beneficial.



  22. juwariya from India

    As Salamo Alaykum Warahmatullahe Wabarakatahu


    You have accepted Islam .Allah will surely make ur life easier & forgive all ur sins that u commited before.Pray for me & every muslims.Wassalamo


  23. Aysha from Canada

    Alhumdulilah Sister. By Allah (SWT)'s will, you were guided to the truth. This is the true beauty of Islam. May Allah (SWT) bless you with his infinite mercy and continue to guide you on the Straight path. Ameen! Peace be on you!

  24. wazir from usa

    Excellent story of your reversion!! May God be pleased with you.

  25. jayabdih from Malaysia

    Congratulations dear sister in Islam. Alhamdulilah, you found the truth in Islam. Please continue writing and sent to as many media and online publications. There are lots of people (non-muslims) out there who want to read and share your experience as regard to the beauty of Islam. Jayabdih of Malaysia

  26. Roba from USA

    I like the story too much, and wish I hear things like this every minute of my life! I am a Muslim woman who was born Muslim and like Islam. But, I wish I can really evaluate Islam the way converted people do. Allah bless you and I think you are really blessed and lucky to get the chance to try the unique and geniune thing which is Islam and to atleast think you will continue doing what's best for you.

  27. Brenda Ortiz from USA

    I am an American woman of Puerto Rican decent and living in California who has recently converted to Islam and would desperately like to speak, write, or e-mail Ms. Matos. If this is possible, please contact me at the e-mail address above. Thank you.

  28. Cheryl Darras from United States

    I truly enjoyed reading the story. I accepted Islam several years ago but recently I repeated Shahadah because I didn't feel that I had done it right the first time. I also have some problems with my family when it comes to wearing hajib around them. My mother before she died understood but other members of the family still cannot. I cover up when I go out as I feel alot better, I don't have to prove anything to others that I can afford the skimpy fashions of the day. I also went to work dressed this way. At first it was hard but later my boss and fellow employees excepted it. I do wish you the best as we both learn more about our faith and spreading the word to others.

  29. Daoud S. Ali from US

    As-salaamu Alaikum,

    It was so beautiful to read about your journey to Islam. As a Latino revert myself, it brings me great joy to learn of other Latinos embracing the deen. May Allah SWT reward you.


  30. Evin Rasul from Australia

    Assalamu Alaykum sister, firstly I just wanted to congratulate you on you're successfull choice of reverting to Islam. Alhamdululah you have chosen the right path for this life as well as the hereafter. I am writting to you from Australia, i am a 16 year old and i just wanted to sy congratulation. Well my Allah increase your faith, patience and your knowledge about Islam.

  31. abdullah zakariyya from Maldives

    Assalaamu Alaikum,

    Allah-Akbar...the article about "why i accepted Islam" was really enlightening. thank God that you have found the right path.


  32. Faisal Jahangir from Pakistan


    This is one of the best articles I had the chance to read.

    Being a muslim sometimes it seems difficult to tell others how great and kind Allah al-mighty really is and how deep and pure its blessings are. Especially when we are in contact or in discussion with a non muslim.

    The first thing that comes in their mind is no matter what we say we are praising Allah because we are muslims.

    But this article is surely and positively a light, an autobiography of a person whom Allah has blessed with its true love and affection.

    To all non muslims I would like to say that if they really believe that allah is there and I know they do, they can at least and they should ask allah from the deepest corners of thier hearts and with all the sincerity to guide them and to lead them on the right path.And if there desire and urge for the right path is really honest and true like they say then one day insha allah (God willing),allah will lead them and put them on the right path.

    While studying islam they should not deny the truth, look in to Islam not as a foreign or an allien religion but as the last yet complete code of life ever sent down on earth from God, for the properity, well-being and above all the as a token of success and glory in the life after death that is everlasting and has no boundries or limits.

    May allah guide and bless every non-muslim and muslim to understand and practice Islam in its true essence.


    Allah Hafiz

  33. Abdul Chotib from Indonesia

    Assalamu 'Alaikum

    To: my sister Shinoa Matos

    Alhamdulillah,Allah has been given you hidayah in Islam.I pray to Allah only your chance go to Hajj,the Prophet Ibrahim's(pbuh) spritual journey

    insha Allah.

    Allah guiding and blessing you all,Amien....

    Wassalamu 'alaikum

  34. Mohammed Qavi Imran from INdia

    Assalamualikum Sister in Islam,i'm really happy to read ur article may allah bless u with all his charm Ameen and as u said others gets a lesson from this article and definattely allah will accept it...


    Brother in Islam


    Assalam Alaikum,

    I just want to say congratulations to you on your acecptance of islam.Your acticle has increased my faith haven;t just convertd to islam only on the 27th of June 2002, with my entire family my wife and four kids three boys and a girl. I hope read more of your success stroy , i promise to write mine soon.



  36. convert 2000 from canada

    Asalamalaykum sister,

    mashallah i am so happy that you were touched by the light of islam. I myself am a recent convert, and i can share your entire story. Islam is the cure to everything, and those people that are still looking for answeres in clubs and drugs are truly lost. The qu'ran honestly is the anecdote to all ills and the sooner one realizes that the easier life will become. Inshallah i pray that you always have this outlook on Islam and may allah deepen our iman each day. I pray for those not touched yet, and my advice is turn to allah and he will turn to you, it's a promise,and allah always fullfills his promise. The sooner we come to realize that there is such a thing as Qadar, predestination,the happier we will be in life, the more you'll start appreciating life and accepting all that happens to you. For truly even if you are hurting and think it's unfair, always remember that Allah is the only one that can see into our future, and he does everything for the best. So don't try and understand it, just accept it and believe that allah will make things right. The more you fight it the unhappier you'll be. ALways remember when his command is be it is other wise it shall never be. So bow down and prostrate to the creator and ask for forgiveness and he will listen. May allah swt fullfill all our prayers ameen. Keep spreading the word brothers and sisters....

  37. kochumon from india

    To those who search the truth,Allah will open many doors and finally will guide them through the correct path.May Allah give hidayath to many people making your story a reason for it.assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu

  38. Maha Halabi from Australia

    Assalam Alaikom sister and welcome to Islam, i was so happy when i read your article that i cried tears of joy. May Allah (Subhanu Wa Ta-alla) stand by you through this great journey, as you discover what Islam is really all about.

  39. Abdulrhman Abdelhai from Eritrea

    Alhmdul wa salatu wa salamu ala rasulula'ah:

    Alhmdul lilah who gave you the guidence from the darkness to the brightness. Sister I read your story and it's realy such beutiful story. May All'ah subhanahu wa ta'ala protect you from anything that harm, and may All'ah bliss you.

    your brother. Abdulrhman.

  40. Nawal Kamil

    Welcome to Islam! I cried when I read your article. I myself, am praying to God to shed His light to my best friend and my lecturer. I think of them so much that I sometimes find myself rather upset. So when I read your story, I was so happy.....Alhamdulillah Sis:) Emel me when you're free. I'd like to share more from you.

  41. Zameer Ahamad Khan from Japan (Indian residing in Japan)

    Mashaa Allah, may Allah bless all human being to the right path.

    I eyes got wet in happiness after reading you, Only Allah has power , he will bless with his light on whom soever he wishes.

    May Allah Subha-na-thala bless you with his bounty

    Allah Hafiz.

  42. Abdul Malik Yoosufani from USA

    Allahu Akbar! I am so very pleased that you were

    guided by Allah SWT to Islam. I pray to Allah SWT

    that He grant you Taqwa (piety) and make you from

    the inheritors of Paradise.

    FYI: The greatest Sura (Chapter) of Holy Quran is

    AL-FATIHA (Opening Chapter) and the most Magni-

    ficent Ayah (verse) of Holy Quran is AYATUL KURSI

    (2:255). Surah Maryam contains the story of birth

    of Jesus pbuh(19:16-36) AYATUL BIRR is located in

    Sura# 2(2:177) Also discourse about Jesus pbuh

    in Sura# 5(5:109-120)

    I say to you the greeting of Islam i.e. Assalamu

    Alaikum wa Rahmatullahe wa barakatuhu.

  43. Yashu Stuzhitz from World Government

    Muhammed is not a prophet. When he lived, the days that the prophets had already subsided. Muhammed was not the Messiah. Muhammed did not desire to found a new religeon. Yet, Muhammed is revered as the prophet, messiah, and founder of Islam! Everything that Muhammed preached, is held in abomination by each and every Islam followers/practitioners. There is only one God, and Muhammed is not His Son! Islam is a false religeon, and has lent itself to the mass murder of thousands of innocent people, for the sake of a mad, profane Nazi loving son of a dog, Osama Bin Whatshisname! The real prophet, Holy Saint John was given a vision wherein God disclosed what would come of the children if ILLIGITIMATE ISHMAEL! They will be destroyed by a disaster, under God's Royal Hand, for their evil, evil, unrepented ways. Read the words of the prophets, Daniel and John! Yes, you should be prostrating yourself before God Almighty, but in repentance of your terrible sins against Holy God and his children.

  44. F. Yoosufani from USA

    Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!Congratulations to you.

    I am so happy for you. Let me quote a verse from the Holy Quran; Allah SWT says:" This day,I(Allah)

    have perfected your religion for you, completed

    My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.(5:3) Also in,"Allah calls to the Home of Peace(Paradise)by accepting Allah's

    religion of Islamic Monotheism and by doing right-

    eous good deeds & abstaining from polytheism(10:25

    ). A 3rd verse "Say (O Mohammad Sallahu alaihe wa

    sallam) O mankind! Verily I am sent to you all as

    the Messenger of Allah--to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth.....(7:158)

    May Allah SWT keep you in his Mercy.

  45. Zahir Shamsery from Bangladesh

    Assalm -o-Alaikum,

    I have gone through your Article. It would be my pleasure to communicate with you. I am interested to know more.

    Allah Hafiz.

    Zahir Shamsery.

  46. Tahir Mahmood from Hong Kong

    Masha Allah.

    May Allah(GOD) Bless all the human being and guide them to the right path. Because every human being is his creation.


    Tahir Mahmood

  47. sharmaka from canada

    mashaallah allahhoacbar may allah be with you

  48. faheem ahmad from pakistan

    Salam o alekum!!!!!!

    it was great to know the feelings of new convertee

    towards islam.this showshow powerfull & logical islam is.these kind of articles r not only helpful to nonmuslim but it is also inspirationla to other muslim.

    may ALLAH keep all of us on right path(ameen)


  49. Mohammed Jibrael from USA

    Assalamu-alaikum wa Rahmatullahe wa barakatuhu !

    MaShaAllah! Truly Allah SWT guides those who strive to find the Truth. I am so happy for you.

    May Allah SWT increase you in knowledge, grant

    you Taqwa(righteousness)and keep you steadfast in

    your faith.

    I quote a beautiful verse from Holy Quran (3:31)

    "Say: If you do love Allah, follow me(Mohammad SAW):Allah will love you and forgive you your sins; For Allah is Oft-forgiving & Most Merciful"

  50. K. A. Yoosufani from USA

    Al-Hamdu Lillah! Ma-ShaAllah! Yours is a beautiful

    narrative of how you were chosen by Allah SWT to

    take the Shahada. Truly, Allah SWT guides whoever

    is searching for the truth. All such narratives

    are filled with joy and excitement of discovering

    the truth. May Allah SWT bless you. I pray to

    Allah SWT that He grant you piety (Taqwa) and I pray the same for all muslims.

    I recommend to you the following book:

    FADA'EL A'AMAL (in English)

    Someone in the Musjid will advise you how to get


  51. Abubakar Yahaya from Nigeria

    I am extremely happy to read your words and I wish

    in this juncture pray for you to remain with truth.May Almighty Allah continue to guide and bless us.

  52. Zahir Shamsery from Bangladesh


    Allah is with you. Please visit http://www.nzmuslim.net and share it with your other brother and sister.

    Allah Hafiz.

    Zahir Shamsery.

  53. Ilyasu ismail from Nigeria

    Assalam alaikum.i enjoy reading your postage and i hope Allah would guide and protect you in all your future endeavor.I have a friend who is newly converted to islam whom iwant introduce to so that you would share your experiences together.His islamic name is Bilal.

  54. sultanmoinkhan from india

    salam alai kum wa barkatahu,

    dear sister in islam,i am feeling great after reading your opinion about islam and your conversion i wish ALLAH subhanataala accept all our effort and give us peace and patience to resist from the evil satan if you feel like asking something feel free and mail me congratulations and wish you all the best in life

  55. Rabia Yasmeen from USA

    As-salaam 'Alaykum,

    Masha'Allah...what a beautifully written and well-thought out piece. Alhumdullilah, whoever Allah ta'ala guides no one can be led astray. May Allah ta'ala strengthen your imaan and bless your efforts as well as all muslimeen everywhere. Ameen. As-salaam 'alaykum.

  56. Lutvi Hakim from Indonesia

    I really interested in your experience to find the true religion (Islam). I have question for you, how can your friend convince that the Islam is the true religion and the right way for our live? then how do you cope conflict with your family?

  57. Abu Najdi from Malaysia

    May Allah strengthen her faith so that she can join us to do da'wah

  58. ozzyscute from australia

    well done..congratulation that you finally found the light of the tunnel.I know you have done lot and lots of research about muslim, most important thing is that you find the answers to your questions...

    Im in love to a muslim man but im a christian, all im doing now do the same as you read more about muslim.im really interested to know more a bout muslim...Good luck to your dedication to islam...thank you for your time to read my letter...

  59. JUxa from USA

    Manshalah sister,you doing great job, my Alah bless you and gaid your heart toward peace and happiness.

  60. Khursheed Siddiqui from USA

    I have nothing but praise for Allah. When Allah want's to show the right path , his path , and the correct path to anyone, he does mircales. May Allah my creator, creator of this universe send his mercy to all the muslim. Allah i am a sinner but i blieve in your oneness. Allah you are the only GOD for us please show all the non-believers the way just as you showed this righteous sister of mine.

    Shukar allhamdulilla

  61. Bahju Mahamud from Eden Prairie,Minnesota 55344

    Hi,my name is Bahju Mahamud,a Muslim gril, i am so glad that i found your website, and i am also so glad to see a someone who understand how wonderful to be a Muslim. I speak somali. I wish i get yor answer as soon as possible.

  62. Amina Hassan from USA

    Assalamu Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatu my sister in Alaah (SW iam so glad by the grace of Allah guide you in the right path and that is the highest bounty given to mankind congratulation dear i hope your story will inspire thousands.

  63. Isfahan from UK

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Allahu Akabar, Allah is the Greatest. It is wonderful to see how Allah reaches out to those who seek him through the(seemingly)most unlikely sources and circumstances. Islam is the only way to true happiness on earth and the hereafter. We thank Allah for giving us the ability to recognise and accept Islam and submit totally to his will. It is upon us to follow what Allah has prescribed in the Holy Quran and what our beloved Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh)has shown through his great life as example on earth. Let us all be great ambassadors for our religion and behave with the greatest of dignity at all times.

    May Allah Bless, Guide and Protect our Muslim brothers and sisters who are continuing to increase in quality and quantity everywhere. Ameen.

  64. Jamal Umpat from Philippines

    Dear Sis:

    Alhamdulillah you embraced the religion of peace and sure to attend filicity in this world and thereafter. You know, you must always bear in mind that we muslims are fighting with shaitan

    (those are human being in our surrounding) every single second of our life, in order to lead us astray. But the only solution is to keep in mind that Allah is always watching you and reserve you the Jannah if you keep your faith in Allah firmly.

    Jazakumullahu khair,

  65. Juxa from USA

    To'Mr,Peabody,about your article Independence Day

    I think you should stay your statment 'I hate Islam. Because it tells me how much hater you are and never judge same thing until you know what you are talking about first learn and then judge.

  66. shampa from USA

    As Salamu Alaykum Sister, alhamdulilah for your awakening. I hope your good words will inspire those Muslims born as Muslim who have not seen the light of Allah (swt). May Allah bless you and guide your heart toward peace and happiness. Sr.Shampa

  67. Juxa from USA

    Asalaamu Alaykum,sister of Islam Iam so happy for you that you finally took the Shahada,Alhamdulilaah.My Allah fell you heart the Quran kariim,and the beutey of Islam,Inshalaah.

  68. mani from UK

    assalamalikum sister many congratulations to you for becoming a Muslims. Just to reassure you your decision to becoming a muslim is a very good choice.May you succeed in what you do. All the best to you. Take care.

  69. Azhar Hussain from India

    Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah..!

    Alhamdolillah, This a good learning from Islam. This is a true path for all people.

    Allah Hafiz


  70. Mohammed AbdusSami from Saudi Arabia

    Assalamu alaikum...

    Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. Alhamdu lillah u are in right way... May allah keep u in this way forever.... Regards........ Abdu.....

  71. ayesha from abc

    This is for all those people who have accepted Islam or not.

    I am a muslim and being a muslim the the formost important thing for me is to get and give the right knowledge. I would like to share my thoughts with all the people that allah has created all the humans and given them so much intelligence that no other creations have got, making them superior on them.Our great allah is very justiful. He has given mind to all the humans,given them knowledge of what is right and what is wrong through boooks and then put the decision into there hands whether they wants to become a muslim, a hindu or something else.

    However, my advice would be to accept Islam.

    Thank you.

  72. qasim chaudhry from Scotland

    mashallah...that was really beutiful ,,may all people take benifit and understand what Islam is about . Time is less...we should all be prepared for the life after.


    fee imanillah.


  73. Kathreen from USA

    Congratulations on your starting belief in God.

    We come to Him completely through faith in His

    Son, Jesus Christ, Who shed His Blood to pay for

    our sin-debt on the Cross at Calvary. He died, and was buried. But He was raised on the 3rd day. Those who believe in Him will be raised to see Him face to face ~ someday in Heaven. God loves you very much. There is no other Name but Jesus by which we must be saved.

  74. HasanAbdul Ghafoor from Pakistan

    assalamo alaikum !

    alhamdulillah !

    Please send this article to Brenda, she will

    like it and may be motivated to accept Islam.

    Fi amanillah !


  75. mumal from usa



    I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And i like your story.may allah bless you.

    I am so glad you became a muslim.

  76. Abdul Rahman Firdouse from singapore

    My dear borther i ask my duwa to allah

    inshallh he will help you in all way

  77. shahida from singapore


    i believe in Ialam and Allah and his followers.. i agree with the feeling that you had when you see the person who is strong in the religion and also i feel the different in myself when i try to change myself and complete the necessary routine.

    when i prayed the individual solat in the day,

    subuh : i feel lightened, strength to face the day

    zuhur : happiness, not so tired after the first half of the day at work,

    asar : the kind of strong and strict feeling in myself. like i am doing something very special

    magrib : relieve the stress , peace

    isyak : peaceful and i can sleep well

    But i just feel upset that those imam and ulamah which are very pious are the one who are doing nonsense.

    1) have an affair with another woman.

    2) too deep into religion and dun care abt familys at all. stay in the mosque and not working and leave wife and children to feed themselvs. But i dun think Allah like that. Allah had declared that he is first but there is need to take care the priority and responsible.

    3) why are people fighting killing the innocent???We cannot force people to the religion.We can emphazise on it but not force.We need to keep our religion not destroy them

    i really need the answer to it.i am just had this in mind and i need to clarify if my thoughts are wrong or right.

    thank you

    allah hafiz


  78. Lamin from Gambia

    We can only praise ALLAH by saying ALLAHU AKBAR for this beautiful testimonial.

    We wish you well dear sister, and hope many more out there realises the beauty of Islam.

  79. Shawn from USA

    Alhamdulillah! Masha'allah sister, I'm so happy for you! May Allah always bless you with happiness, peace, and blessings. I pray that Allah will guide your family and friends as well, through your example, insha'allah. Ameen. It's time for people to see the truth of Islam!