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(The following text is a slightly modified version of the essay broadcast at National Public Radio on April 12, 2002)

No place on earth has allowed a more dynamic and interactive global exchange of views than cyberspace. Visitors from more than 120 countries of all faiths and ideologies have been responding to the escalating crises in the Holy Land.

In the last two weeks there has been a dramatic surge in passionate discussions taking place on the message board - Many reflecting on the sufferings of the Palestinian people and demanding an end to Israeli aggressions. Many - disappointed in the role of the US government in this conflict lending it's blind support to Israel.

The discussions flared up early this week after we posted a story about the death of a 21-year old Palestinian-American who was gunned down by Israeli soldiers in Ramallah last Friday. Suraida Saleh, a Palestinian-American born in Washington DC was shot when she and her husband and nine month old baby were driving to her father's house for safety. The US State Department has yet to respond to this incident.

"Sad is an understatement." Says Ibraheem of Atlanta. He continues, "The ironic thing about the whole situation is that many Muslims believe that just because they are American citizens they will be protected by the American Government."

These past few weeks have also been a time of introspection - Muslims are debating what the larger Islamic community can do to stop the violence on both ends. Nabila of Los Angeles writes,  "While I fully empathize with the suffering of Palestinians under the cruel Israeli occupation and support the fight for an independent state for Palestinians, I cannot see justification for the 'suicide' bombing and loss of innocent life.

A few days ago, IslamiCity's discussion board had this comment from a non-Muslim.

"Until the bombings and fighting stop on both sides, each group is getting what they deserve." A Muslim sharply responded:

"Without analyzing the situation in detail, to equally blame both sides is the easy way out. If peace has to come to the Middle East, Israel has to bring it. How can Palestine offer peace when its people are expelled from their homes and their homes are demolished? How can Palestine offer peace if Israeli forces are constantly engaged in humiliating the Palestinians? How can Palestine offer peace when the innocent are being shot dead?

In the midst of the chaos and charged emotions the desire for peace is expressed in a poll at IslamiCity, which asks how the current crises may be best resolved.

Among the five options given for this question - Saudi Peace Plan, UN Resolutions, US Mediation, Oslo Accords and more War & Conflict - The majority of the people, 45%, selected the Saudi Peace Plan as the best option, 24% of the vote is spread over the other peace initiatives and the remainder chose to predict more War & Conflict.

Jews and Muslims have lived side by side in peace for centuries so why is there so much conflict between us now. After all there is so much in common between Islam and Judaism and there is so much opportunity for peace. Prophet Moses is among the most respected Prophets and is the most mentioned prophets in the Quran.

Back in Ramallah, the family of Palestinian-American Suraida Saleh say they had to temporarily bury her body in the parking lot of the local hospital since the morgue was overflowing with bodies. Hardly any attention was given to this incident by the US press and US Government.

We too believe that justice will prevail and the truth will be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We believe it is the hope and aspiration of humanity that the guarantees provided by the American constitution will be realized by all people struggling for freedom.

Today, I rest my case to the Divine and ask Him, the Almighty, for a speedy and miraculous intervention that will lead to just peace for all.

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  1. Masry from Indonesia

    Allah SWT telah menetapkan dalam Al-Qur'an "Judism and Nasrani tidak akan senang sampai orang - orang beriman mengikuti millah mereka" So.. keep carefull, keep jihad.

    Allahu Akbar!!

  2. Aliyah A Kareem from USA

    A Salaam Alaikum to all Muslim & non-Muslim I wish for my brother's & sisters what I want for myself. "PEACE"....As a mother & grandmother I have shed so many tears in ref to this situation that my chest hurts, I beg all of the people of peace, & concern especially Muslims to "PRAY" the almighty answers prayers...make Dua ask for the tide to turn stop the killing Now!!!!! Allah(sa) answers prayers. Dua is made 5x a day for my brothers & sisters & their families currently going thru this unspeakable HORROR tha the whole world is watching & absolutely nothing is being done SHAME, SHAME, on the governments of the world. Peace & Love:... a sister in Georgia USA whose heart aches

  3. Deeba from USA


    I do think it is bizzare and unfair that US Government ignoring the brutality of Isreal and constantly blaming Palestine. Whenever I think about the people inPalestine, Afghanistan and in other places where innocents are being humiliated and murdered everyday, it hurts my feelings, but I feel helpless. I do not know what to do. I feel that I cannot do anything but pray for them.

  4. Abbas Abdulkadir Bichi from Nigeria

    I think this America/Israeli war against Palestinians/Muslim world is outcome the divisions we allowed to occur amongst ourselves which is a direct result of our deviation from the teachings of Islam.A situation where we allowed ourselves to be identified as Arabs,Irans,Pashtuns Palestinians etc. and not Muslim community only gives our enemy the chance in to selectively attack us and destroy us.Remember,the Prophet(S.A.W.),said "he is not of us who advocates tribal partisanship,he is not of us who fights in the course of tribal partisanship,andhe is not of us who dies inthe course of tribal partisanship".Yet our Islamic leaders are on daily basis emphasising our diferences on the advices of our enemies.Itis my belief that so long as the Muslim world remains divided and continues to America(YAHUD)and Europe(NASARA)as our friends and consultants,so long we remain in bondage and so long we will Palestine remain under Isreali occupation.The Muslim world has all it takes to be great and regain its prestige if only the present leaders will QUICKLY realise that their enemy is not Iran ,Iraq or Libya but America.So long as this does not happen ,then then we have not yet seen anything as the PROTOCOL AGENDA has just began to unfold. MAY THE ALL MIGHTY ALLAH NOT ALLOW IT TO SUCCEED.AMEEN.


    I never cease to shed a tear whenever I watch TV and see the Palestinians suffering in the hands of Jews. Does Jews really have any Human Hearts? The way they act cruelly, I do not think so. Why are they so ARROGANT?

    Please let us all Muslims unite save the Holy Land, We will be questioned by Allah what we were doing while the Holy Land and it`s people were destroyed. We are ready for Jihad, but where do we start from? The Borders are closed.

    Allahu Akbar.

  6. MOHAMMED from U.S.A





    ``````````!!! THIS WAR IS STILL ACTIVE

    ``````````!!! SOME GUYS DO NOT WANT PEACE.....

  7. Alifah from USA

    To: Magen David, #3576, Your friend, the renowned professor, and you are wrong. Islam has been demonized and westerners, especially Americans, have been brainwashed by the media and public school education. Native Americans were victims of this, and to a greater extent Muslims have been victimized. With regards to your comment about Muslims never having made contributions to the world, Do you at least watch Public Broadcasting System (PBS) television? Watch the documentary, Islam, Empire of Faith. You, no doubt, have benefited from some of the advancements made by Muslims. In fact, the European Renaissance came about due to the Islamic Empire. You may also find some benefit in reading more news articles on this web site and other non-mainstream sites if you are in search of truth. You will learn who is truly the beast who is drinking (spilling) whose blood.

  8. Alifah from USA

    To: Lou Gerard #3525, Your comments cover what you would do if you were an Israeli. What would you do if you were a Palestinian whose land had been stolen, family murdered, homes demolished. Regarding Israeli's so-called retaliation, you have that backwards. The Israelis are the attackers, the Palestinians are resisting by any means possible. The violence of the slave master is mightier than that of the slave. What would you do if you were in the Palestians' position. Try hard to be honest!

  9. raba from USA

    The jews of israel do not practice the laws of the torah, they're practicing the Talmud, some man-made religious laws. They're not real jews, that's why orthodox jews are against Israel aggression, our enemies our the Zionist jews, these type of jews are the worst of all, their talmud teaches them that a rabbi argued with God, and the rabbi actually won the debate and showed that God was wrong.......blasphemy.......The Zionist jews are not the Torah jews, lets make the distinction!!!!!

  10. Maqusood Ahmed Ansari from India

    I feel very sory that our muslim brotheren are beaten and killed by a nasty country surrounded by the brave Arabs who in the past has done wonder. Where is our old blood why it is not boiling. Why We are still relying to America though it has been proved that if America and Britan will stop givining weapons to Israeel, this problem will be solved 75% automatically.

    It is the time to unit the ummah and play a very diplomatic role for the economical and petro blockage to these countries who are helping to Israeel. If a muslim state just hide a muslim criminal it became a matter of UNO resolution and when the same UNO resolution is passed against Israeel, where is the peace lover to follow it by force. The Pelestinauan are draged out from their home and being occupied by other country, if they ressits it, it is a terror. Why cant this 21st century people think that, why the people are killing themselves. This has a specific reason. Let the occupation is over than any one has a right to say that stop resistance. This all is hapening because we have lost our strong faith in the oneness of the Allah. Let join ourselves and use our minimum available resources infront of economical and commericial blockag. It is the big muslim countries who contribute a lot into it.

    May the Allah help us

  11. Ehtishamul Haq from usA




  12. abdulhamidumarbamba from ghana

    assalamualaikumwarahmatullah,thank very much for the wonderful work ur doing for us.please i would to know truely if the land belong the palestine as the claim,and if it's for them how did isralite got to the land,and where is israel Allah keep on mentioning in the Holy Quran,please can tell me the history behind the two lands?my heart pricks any time i hear or that a palestinean is gunndown,yet there is nothing i can do than to remember them in my prayers.But i blame none the Arabs,if u are united like this foolish Americans i believe we could have done something by now.Muslim's are fare asleep,all our leaders are interested in nothing but their oil money and their kingship rather than Islam,unless we're able to break all the barrier the europeans have set for us.Personally i support Saddamhussan in all his actions may Allah bless him for that he is doing,he is the only concern muslim leader so long as i'm concern,the rest of the Arab leaders are hypocrites esp.king fahad of saudi arabia,Allah'll punish all the muslim country leaders their unconcern about the religion(islam)and yet when blacks dare speak's u tell us the religion is for u.May the almighty Allah bless you bountifuly and reward u with jannah,for give me if i've so reacted or used any harsh words.ihope my questions will answered in dure time,wassalam alaikum.

    your brother in Islam Abdul Hamid U.Bamba.

  13. suleman dangor from south africa

    Sure, salam (peace) should be the ultimate objective for all parties. However, the issue of istishhad (martyrdom operations) is contentious. Some scholars condemn it as a form of inqital (suicide); others consider it as a form of shahadah (martyrdom). While the killing of settlers who are armed and ever ready to kill Palestinians, and of reservists may be justified, can one justify the killing of children and the old? The fact that Israelis have killed and continue to hill Palestinian civilians cannot,in my view, be cited as justification for killing INNOCENT people who are not directly involved in the conflict - though they may be Israeli citizens and may support the government. Sure, the oppression, persecution, and suffering of the Palestinians is unmatched anywhere in the world today. Therefore, a speedy resolution of the conflict is a matter of priority. However, I have no doubt that Sharon is not interested in resolving the conflict. He is committed to inflicting the greatest amount of suffering on the Palestinians, to negate all previous agreements between the two parties and to crush the Palestinians economically, militarily and morally. The Palestinians must be commended that in the face of such terror, they have not wilted and continue to display courage and bravery. This is their greatest asset. Nothing can be expected from the Muslim World except resolutions. I believe that Muslims all over the world will have to use every leverage they have and can muster to pressurise their governments, the United Nations (despite all its shortcomings)to push for a political, economic and cultural isolation of Israel until it complies with all UN Resolutions and the legitimate demands of Palestinians : right of return for all refugees, dismantling of all settlements, establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, and evacuation of all occupied territory. There should be a time frame for implementation of these demands with no compromise.

  14. Abdal Ahmed from Canada

    We are Muslims, we believe in Allah, His Messenger Muhammad(SAW) and we believe that Quran is the word of Allah without any contradictions. Yet we are scared of the wrath of USA and not scared of the wrath of Allah. We Muslims say that all of us are brothers yet when we see Palestinians being killed by Israelis we just pray to Allah and dont try to help them by providing them with monetary, physical and medical help. Yet if we are told that our blood brother has been beaten up by some one we will take revenge then and there. Is this the Muslim brotherhood? Shame on all the Muslim governments who are waiting for UN and USA to do something and yet arrange conferences and meetings and do nothing. What is the end result of all these resolutions? A VETO by US!!!!!!! Why cant these impotent leaders of the Muslim countries send atleast weapons to the Palestinian brothers and sisters. We saw palestinians fighting with stones and getting killed, yet we did nothing. Now we are seeing Palestinians laying down their lives by blowing themselves up, still we are doing nothing. It is so sad to see our sisters laying down their lives yet these rulers are just talking and doing nothing. How many more Palestinian people will have to die before Salahuddin Ayubi will be reborn. Shame on the entire Muslim world for sitting like ducks and watching our Palestinian brothers and sisters being killed. Shame on me, shame on you and shame on the entire Muslim world!!!!!!!!

  15. magen david from usa

    muslims should stop for a minute & think why everyone in the world despises & hates them.

    a friend of mine said it was due to the inherant gene deficienvy of muslims over the world.

    it is because they have never contributed the science, litterature, humanities. All they do is drink Jewish blood.

    strange insn't it!!!

  16. Zarinah from United States

    As salaamu alaikum, It just breaks my heart to read or hear anything concerning the Muslim in the Middle East. Tears just fall from my eyes to read or hear what they are going through in their Country. To know that I live here in American born and raise here. And the only thing I can do to help my brothers and sisters is to constantly make Dua for them. Asking Allah to ease their pain. This Saturday I will be attending a March on Washington, DC in support of them. But how much will this do for them. We have to remember them in our Dua's on a daily basis. Allah is the only answer with this situation. We have to first come together as muslim. We seem to be more divided now then some years ago. Insha allah things will get better for all muslim in the world. While sitting there listening to the Ktubah today thinking about my brothers and sisters in the Middle East. My heart just really hurt to hear how bad they are suffering. And we here in American can go home to a beautiful home. And how we can go home to a beautiful meal on the table. And to know that my brothers and sisters can't do the same. Being without a home and no food. All I can say is Oh Allah please help them through the trials and tribulation. With difficultly comes ease is what Allah says to all muslims. Insha allah the ease will come soon for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. We as American Muslim have to stick close to each other. Making the same Dua's to Allah. For sure when the time is right our Dua's will be answer. This is a large test for all Muslim to endure. But we have to be steadfast and always remember Allah in everything we do or say. Were have we gone wrong with Allah? Masalaams!

  17. Aiman from Malaysia

    For twenty-five years I served the United States, sworn to " and defend the Constitution...against all enemies, foreign and domestic...." I have recently come to suspect that the "enemies" of the Constitution that the oath refers to are more "domestic" than "foreign." Do not expect the U. S. Government to come to the aid of, or take much interest in, any citizen killed or in trouble in a foreign land. The State Department would be much happier if "all those people" would simply go away and leave them to their business, which is business.

  18. henry williamson from USA

    What God dictates, so be it. Never-the-less, it is all mankinds duty to turn evil into good. We face Facism eye to eye. It is necessary for each of us to Love in the face of hate, maliciousness, and greed-at-all-cost. I am so sorry that I am in an easier position to do so.

    We must be active in our concern and powerful with our nonviolence.


  19. Theresa Miller from USA

    My heart cries when I saw that Palestinian women were blowing themselves up. I realized that they must have had no hope for any babies they could have had, to end their lives so tragically. Without hope, one dies spiritually, then physically.

  20. Deborah L Dorthick from United States

    Crisis in the Holy Land. In viewing the news (msnbc)it looked as if Israel was withdrawing from Jenin. But it looked like there was almost nothing left of the place. It left me feeling like Israel thinks it deserves praise for leaving. Which made me think that makes no sense. Now that they have destroyed the area and are leaving why do they think they have done a good thing? They say the suicide bombers bring it on. But how would they think if the Palestinians had tanks and destroyed some of their cities then left with the attitude Israel has, we did a good thing. My prayers go to God that "he" does not turn from what is being done. And countries who think they can do as they please and nothing shall stop them shall be put to shame. May God bless the Palestinians.

  21. Alisa from USA

    Assellamonicum Alaikum

    I pray for those in Phiilistine. My heart breaks for them a little more each day. I worry because I see a fitna arising amoung the muslims that surrounds the issue of Philisitine.

    I am a Master's student in Political Science, who is married to a Philistinan. It would be an understatement to say that I advently watch and read what is going on in Philisitine and the Muslim community.

    Seventeen years ago when I converted to Islam, I was amazed at the tolerance of Qu'aranic teachings. I was even further amazed at how Muslims were able to practice this tolerance amounst themselves and non muslims as well. I see that tolerance dying a very violent death everyday.

    I see Muslims who are no longer attending Juma because they cannot express their feelings and ideas on the religious and political issues and ramifications of Philisitine with out being at least verbally accousted, some times it even verging upon physical retribution. I hear MUslims saying that if you believe in a solution to the problems affecting all Muslims that is different than theirs it is because of your being unknowledgable as Muslims. What is frightening is that your lack of knowledge is often blamed on your nationality or your gender. I see Muslims unable to symphatize with the problems that affect other Muslims, because it is obvious their particular(national problem) is the more important to settle. I hear Muslims say they are often afraid to speak in the mosque or community to other s for fear of being ostrosized or verbally (physically) attacked.

    When did we lose our tolerance? When did we forget that we are all here to worship Allah? That he did not create one culture for MUslims, despite the fact we all practice one faith.

    I fear we have lost an important aspect of our faith. That aspect that has not only to do with how we resolve our mutual promblems amounst Muslims, but how we treat one another as we go along the way. I fear we destroy ourselv

  22. Zaheer Hassan from USA

    The occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem is killing Palestinians and Israelis. There can be no peace or

    security for either until Israel completely evacuates its

    settlements in Palestinian territories, ends its military

    occupation, and returns to its pre-1967 borders.

    We call upon Israel:

    to agree to the immediate establishment of an international peacekeeping force in the occupied territories to protect civilians from violence by the Israeli military and settlers;

    to cease building or expanding settlements as a first step toward their complete evacuation.

    As U.S. taxpayers, we

    call upon the U.S. government:

    to suspend military aid to Israel, which is used to maintain the occupation, until Israel withdraws completely from the occupied territories;

    to reduce economic aid to Israel by the amount spent on maintaining the settlements until all are evacuated;

    .to redirect this reduction of economic aid toward reconstructing the devastated infrastructure of Palestine.

    We urge Israel to acknowledge that it bears significant historical responsibility for the dispossession of the Palestinian people, and to work toward a just solution to the plight of Palestinian refugees.

    Finally, we call upon the

    Palestinian Authority to make every effort to curtail acts of violence against civilians in Israel.

    Israel's security policies harm all the peoples of the Middle East and

    make Israel less secure, not more.


    MUST GO.





  23. Imtiyaz Ahmed from Canada

    Until the bombings and fighting stop on both sides, each group is getting what they deserve. A Muslim sharply responded:

    Dear Sir,

    As-Salam Alaykum,

    I'm saddened by the above statement made by a so called Muslim and wonder what type of a Muslim he or she is. To blame both sides eaqually, after seeing all that is happening and calling your self a Muslim. As far as solving the problem, the best way out is Jihad, no Saudi plan or UN plan is good enough. The Saudi Monarch is stupid to offer a peace plan at this juncture, whey the Jews are killing thousands of innocent Muslims. What was the responce of the Jews to this peace offer - they invaded Palesting and killed thousands of innocent Muslims, they spat (on our faces) at the Saudi offer. The Monarch should feel ashamed of himself. Is he trying to appease the Jews and the Americans - so that they will make him a Monarch - Has he forgotten everything is from Allah alone, that he goes begging to these people. Today the Muslim world is suffering due to our selfish and Munafiq leaders that we have. We should first pray to Allah to give us good leaders, leaders like Rasool-Allah (SAW) and his noble companions - especially like Abu-Baker - Siddiq, Omar al-Khatab - Radi-Allahu-anhu, etc.

    Closing I pray for the unity of muslims and especially for our brothers in Palestine, Afghanistan, Chechen, etc.


    Imtiyaz Ahmed

  24. M.L.Loftin from U.S.A

    It is evident that 1/2 the people back Palestein and 1/2 support Israel. What I find sad though, the ones who support Palestein, truly think these people have done nothing wrong. Yes, their house are being demolished and innocent being are being killed. I get the impression they think the suicide bombings do not hurt innocent people, but because they are Israelis it is o.k. People are people, it should not matter if they come from different racial or religious groups. God has given every human being 2 of the greatest gifts, I can think of - THE GIFT OF LIFE AND THE ABILITY TO LOVE. I have never understood this need to seperate people based on religion. This article was guility of racial seperation, only not by color. In 2 of the quotes, Islamicity mentioned one being from a non-muslim and the other being from a muslim. Why? What was wrong with just saying a person, instead of seperating them by religion. Are we not both a product of God, are we both not a person? When most people believe in a cause, it is usually very strongly. As humans, we try to get others to believe like we do - only after we find out they are from the other side. That is why I said "Both sides are getting what they deserve". We forget these humans fighting over there, whether they are Jews, Muslims, or Christians, are first people. These people have names, friends, and family who loves them deeply. But, most of all - God loves them too - NO MATTER THEIR RACIAL OR RELIGIOUS MAKEUP.

    Do you really think God thinks all this killing is justified?



  25. Sumiyeh from USA

    We cannot leave our case to bring peace to Palestine with Allah (SWA), because He tells us in Quran that He will not change a situation until we change ourselves. The Muslims in America number approximately 6 million. If we collectively stop our support for the US industries that openly announce to contribute a portion of their profits to Israel, they will feel the financial pain. Each one of us must speak out as often and as eloquently as possible, using the beautiful language that Quran has ordained for us when stating our cases, against Islam/Muslim bashing in general and the Palestinian situation in particular. Al-hamdulillah, we are recently getting some more coverage in the media but we cannot rest until all our neighbors, classmates and co-workers at least have heard our perspective. Many Americans still blindly listen to the biased, warped US news media to understand the world. We must all speak out.


    As salaam alaykum warahmotullah, wabarakahtuhu,

    I am with full hearth of sypathy to the families of my brothers overthere suffering for nothing.May Almighty Allah make Jannah the abode of the so far lost souls. Amin. UN,US and under whatever coalition they may be; they are under the extensions Jews Zionism.

    for any resolution of whatever status to be successful. Let all muslim groups stops funding the arms groups let face the developmental project that will handle the well being of the Muslim and pains will subsides. Infact each day I watch it on Jewish CNN and ended up stopping there propaganda hardly will you see them showing where Israelis are buldozing houses but you only see where suicide bombers attacks.

    My dear brothers, If saudis had inplemented true islam "Islam that cut across National boundaries, without boundaries, Islam that allow free Muslims anywhere they are and with other Muslim Nations in their support things would have been like this. there would have been something like Nigerian Saudis, nigerian Iraqis, nigerian Libya etc. However any attempt by Muslimto leave theirtraditional role of Hospitality for the Jews to do suvch in America they will continue to support them.

    I am imploring on you big power of the Muslim world to start practising ISLAM WITHOUT BOUNDARY and for sure Muslim grievances would be reckon with not just rubished as the case of Palestinian and other places of Muslims sufferings.

    I promise to add more as time permit May Allah continue to Bless you and the course of our beloved Ahmad [SAW], the family, his relatives ,companions, and the fellow Muslim brother ila yawmi l qiyahma. [amin]

    Bisalaaaaaaaaam waila liqah ina,

    expecting more understanding of the situations from you.




  28. Saberi from Cape Town, South Africa

    I wish all muslims in America the best of luck to oppose the corrupt American government, in the best and most intelligent manner possible. Its difficult to live in the belly of the beast, but the liberation model of South Africa against a repressive Apartheid regime should act as motivation for you. We muslims in South Africa campaign against all forms of oppression, including against the zionist regime of Israel. We make du'aah that Allah rectifies any oppressive regimes in the world, so that our world can be a just and free one. Insha-Allah!

    Assalamu'alaikum wa ragmatullahie wa barakatoe

  29. Hanina Bt Sulaiman from Malaysia.

    Nobody in their right mind will go to commit suicide and kill others. But when people are desperate, they can do anything including blowing themselves up. Suicide is strictly prohibited in Islam and killing someone is equalled to killing the rest of human kind. But how can Palestinians not get angered if they are constantly being harassed and oppressed by Israel?. Those bombers are all young - the product of half a decade of opression. All their lives have been spent seeing no justice nor freedom being given to them. They know that nobody would help them and there is nothing else they can do. It is not fair to take a people's homeland and give it to others. We are kept reminded on the WWII Holocaust against the Jews. Now, the Israeli govermnent is repeating a new holocaust against innocent Palestinians and hiding it from worldwide attention (not that it is hard with the backing of US government and Jewish controlled media). The western media will not tell the truth in this war. Westerners will never see the killings and destructions brought to Palestinians by Israeli forces. All they know is how dastardly are the actions of those suicide bombers killing themselves and other innocent Israelis, all in the name of Jihad. Well, contrary to popular belief, jihad is not about suicide missions and killing off other non-muslims. Striving to be the best is. Learn to be a better person is. It is striving towards excellence be it in this world or the hearafter. Even helping your parents is considered as Jihad.

    The reality today is that Israel exist, and the opression against Palestinians by Israel exist. That is a fact. Unless everyone truly and honestly wants it, it is impossible to see peace in the Holy land in the near future.

  30. victor tatum from USA

    My ALLAH give me peace i`m with out word of the hate I see the jews have for yoy PL peoples i know that is have to be the hardest time in your live im a MUSLIM my GOD help us to do the right-thing that we my be Right oh ALLAH give us your PEACE!!!!!!

  31. Mrs. Robert Taylor from United States of America

    I pray for this Israeli lust for blood ends quickly - - hard to breathe when it's understood that they're putting terror into the life of another human being as I type. God, you know I've been praying for peace. I'm American - - not of Israeli or Arab descent. An American Christian who, with each day that passes, looks forward to the day when Israel will have no stone left upon another. Please dear God, help these people now! I hear the blood of my brother crying out to me from the ground.

  32. Oumaima Farhat from Lebanon

    First of all, I congratulate you for giving people the chance to have contacts with an Islamic site like you.

    Second, I would like to say that all what is happening to Muslems is a test from God to us. We have to show that we deserve to be Muslems by showing a lot of patience to all the killings and destructions we face. We also have to show insistance to protect Islam. Our fight is not just for a peice of land it is a fight for Islam the religion. God gave us this responsibility and we have to be up to it. And as God told us we will win at the end. We have to be with God for him to be with us. All we need is to be strongly attached to Koraan and Sonna other wise we will never ever win. In Lebanon we won the war against the Israilis bacause of this.

    Finally I thank you again and I ask God to be with you.


  33. Asifrauf from USA

    Get a good lawyer- someone who have successfully presented cases aginst Iran, Libya, and .. Approcah the legal organizations and .... present your case and dont shut up, keep knocking . I am sure there is justice around to be found.

    AS a USA citizen you should file a case against (1)the Israeli Govt. and get a judgement ( like folks getting judgement against Iran, Libya and ...)and (2)USA State Departmetn for supporting and promoting terrorism by supplying Billions of Tax Dollars that were direxctly used to kill a USA citizen.

  34. MIAH from USA

    Our Umma is divided into 6 active groups and each group discriminates against each other because of their wealth and academic education. This ranking system is destroying our Islam, the efforts and the victories of our Prophet Muhammad (SWA). The situation will continue to worsen until Allah (SWT) sends us our Mahdi and the return of Isa (ALS)

    Group 1 = Saudi

    Group 2 = Syria, Jordan etc.

    Group 3 = Egypt, Morocco, Yemen etc.

    Group 4 = Palestine, Africa

    Group 5 = SE Asia (India, Pakistian, Indo. etc)

    Group 6 = North America, Caribbean & South America

  35. Anne Marie Habibi from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

    Surrah 99, 1-8

    When the Earth is shaken to her (utmost) convulsion, And the Earth throws up Her burdens (from within), And man cries (distressed): 'What is the matter with her?'

    On that Day will she declare her tidings: For that thy Lord will Have given her inspiration. On that Day will men Proceed in groups sorted out, To be shown the Deeds That they (had done.) Then shall anyone who Has done an atom's weight Of good see it!

    And anyone who has done an atom's weight of evil see it.

    Your assistance is Urgently needed. Please share a copy with your Spiritual Community and interfaith Communities. With a little luck and a lot of hope this can make a difference. Inshallah. God willing.

    Call to a Counseling Jihad for the World

    Dear Brothers and Sisters

    I am a believer in all Spiritual Communities and as such I declare Holy W.A.R.S. on Poverty, Violence and Ignorance. Peaceful W.A.R.S. of course. W.A.R.S. stands for World Arising Responsibly and Spiritually. This is a Call for an Inter Denominational, Inter Government Counseling Jihad. To promote the benefits of Counseling to Individuals, Denominations and Governments Locally and Globally. God willing there will be a Great sorting out of man into groups.

    The weapons of choice are Education, Forgiveness , Tolerance, Consultation and Prayer and the ammunition of choice is The Holy Books of all Spiritual Communities supported by science. Some other weapons of choice are Patience, Accountability, Compassion and Action with Consultation.

    Our Allies in this are people from all Spiritual Communities alike. The best plan of attack is Leadership by good example with good behaviors and kindly words and actions towards all beings, believers or not.

    You and All Brothers and Sisters are the Warriors in these Holy Great W.A.R.S. Remembering that W.A.R.S. stands for World Arising Responsibly and Spiritually.

    Struggles to end all struggles. Brothers and Sist

  36. Randle Bate from USA

    There will be no peace in the Middle East as long as the United States continues to furnish the Zionists with the weapons of war: Planes, bombs, tanks, gunships and more. The anti-Muslim bias in the United States can only be destroyed by facts, not the propaganda of the US media.

  37. Zurina Susan bt Abdullah from Malaysia

    You ask why the conflict seems to have escalated recently when we have always lived together in peace before. Which planet are you living on? When have any of us ever lived in peace? Even Prophets wielded a sword!

    I see so clearly that anyone who is experiencing a battle in their lives at the moment is working on a personal "version" of a problem which is asking for a peaceful resolution of what is manifesting as a battle to the death.....the middle-east conflict is just the public/collective version.

    Anyone who says the middle-east conflict is a matter between the Israelis and Palestinians or thinks the Israeli's or the Palestinians need a kick up the butt, hasn't looked in the mirror yet.

    Yes, how to hold one's vision in the face of an apparently opposing vision? How to live together peacefully? How to find the win-win? For millennia human's have sort to win, by destroying the opposition or converting the opposition to their view in order to ensure what they think they need in order to live. It has not brought peace. This is true of parents and their children, husbands and wives, neighbouring tribes and nations.

    We want to win....and think we must....if we are to's a battle to get to the top. Life has been seen as a struggle for millennia.

    Like many I have been pondering this. Yesterday I saw, within my mind, that life is enough....that it offers each of us everything!...there is no need to fight....I was profoundly uplifted. I still get goose bumps and tears when I bring this knowing back into the forefront of my consciousness.

    I was sensing that there IS a way across the gulf, a way we can live in peace but to cross what seems impassable?

    The key for me is not to wait for another Moses to part the waters or whatever but to "be peace" with my husband, my children, my neighbours..everyone. The first step is to know I have all of life and so does everyone else. We are fighting for what we all already have. There is enough for ev

  38. Shaifiana M Ali from Australia


    My heart goes out to the family of Suraida Saleh. When I read the story I was sad and very angry. As a Muslim American it makes me wonder how safe any of us are. I see the news everyday and it makes me hate the Isreali's and the Americans more and more. Suraida's story is a very good example for all the Muslims, and that is that you can never rely on a non-Muslim no matter where you are. Muslims should always stick together because only a Muslim will understand the pain and suffering of another Muslim. I pray that more Muslims come out and help one another. May Allah's blessing be upon all Muslims.

    Allah Hafiz

  39. Fehim from Bosnia / USA

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Muslims of all Countries must be united under one flag, flag of unity, flag of liberty etc.

    I'm Appealing upon all Muslims in the "Muslims" Countries that we finally establish a political movement which will united all Muslim Countries in one








    May Allah help us to all InshAllah, But we have to help our selfs also.

  40. Joe Gerard from USA

    P.S. Praying to God only works when men are willing to do His will . God will not end the violence , He will simply restrain it according to His Will. Man must make the first step toward peace , and that comes when pride is abandoned and revenge left to the Almighty Himself .

    Invocations to God "sound nice " but accomplish nothing . Putting down the sword ends bloodshed not prayers .

  41. Lou Gerard from USA

    Elusive peace ! Circular arguments ! Suicide bombing ! Stop the violence ! No -end the occupation ! more suicide bombing , more retaliation , escalation ,death ,hatred ,revenge !

    That is the cycle . No cease-fire ,no IDF withdrawal .

    The palestinians have a curious National Charter . It clearly calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and removal of Jews from the land . It is nothing less than a political invocation and a religious convocation to violence . It gives license to the ongoing violence on the part of the palestinians which brings the inevitable Israeli retaliation .

    No country on the face of this planet has such a national charter . On three occaisions the Palestinian National Council has refused to revoke such covenants that are contained in this strange document .

    I ask why ? should Israelis trust palestinians ,or indeed make peace with them when there is a covenant upheld by the palestinian people vowing the destruction of the State of Israe ?? How indeed does one make peace with another who is vowed to ones own destruction ??

    Perhaps a first step out of this nightmare for both peoples would be a public renunciation of such a vile covenant by the palestinians . I know if I were an Israeli, I would find it hard indeed to trust palestinian intentions . Israel possesses no such document as a national mandate .

    I think it is fueling the violence ,and making it acceptable . Get rid of it , besides what do they have to loose by doing so . To do it would be a sure sign of intention . And a good starting point for mutual trust . Its very existence is an impediment to trust ,which is extremely important if there is to be a cease-fire and eventual negotiation of grievences . If not ? Well ,then just take chances .

  42. abdullah reda from u.s.a.

    asalaamu alaikum

    you can not make peace, or should you try, with zionist. zionism is evil for both jews and muslims. no one has the right to give away muslim land or make peace with zionist because Allah wants His slaves to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil. we as muslims need to wake up and realize that islam is under attack from all corners of the globe. as far as "suicide" bombers go, there are no innocent zionist, therefore all are valid targets. islam lives in peace with those who live in peace with islam.

  43. naureen from america

    as asked in your survey, how can peace be prevailed in palestine is that the muslim world that is today offended by the israelites were in fact watching their muslim brothers be humiliated every day. Saudia is now talking on behalf of the palestinian people, where was it when before these masacares were happening on smaller ground it was shaking good will hands with isreals friends. peace can only be accumulated when all of the muslim neighbours of palestime climb over isreal and let the UN keep passing resolutions, which be may be applied as jews have implemented it on them now. We have not stood by our brothers and we are responsible for what they are going through. You let someone come in your brothers house, would america let anyone come into america and let them occupy one single state out of so many. They talk about terrorist activities in palestine do they even know the meaning of terrorrist,it is isreal and its allies that are spreading the terror and each palestinian home. countries are coming in giving their plans as what should be done what if israel leaves now what is the guarantee that he would not attempt do such thing again he should be made realised thta if he wants to stay there he better be careful cause the neighbourhood is going to crush him if even he sets an eye on palestinian land or people he has to pay a heavy price for it, No resolutions, amendments can make a difference these are only for palestinians to comply, if they dont they become terrorist and if israek doesnt comply its another whole story they are defending themselves, It was nice of his neighbours to ignore him uptil now but now its time for muslim ummah to unite and show the strenght and potentila they have and how they can save thie palestinian brothers

  44. Esther from USA

    The only way this is going to end is if the Jews fence themselves in. The palces in Israel that are fenced do not have any bombings. Vera, Christianity did go through a time where the Pope commanded Christians to kill all those who were not Christians. I should point out though during that time the Christians did not have any Bibles, and the Pope was above the King. Well monks like (Martin Luther)tried to give the people the truth, and Kings began to think they were above the Pope. There were many reasons why large numbers of Native Americans died. I hope you tell the hispanics that some of their anscestors killed their other anscestors. Give reasons why anyone should trust you. After all Muslims invaded Europe before the Crusades, and British colonialization. Also, don't the Europeans, and Americans have good reason not to trust you. It is predicted you will be the majority in America and Europe (not a good thing for the people of European descent, after all history shows those that are a minority most of the time get treated very badly).


    The Saudi Peace Plan cannot bring peace because of structural defect. The plan was based on Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories in return for restoration of relationship with the Arabs. But who told the Arabs that Israel give a damn about relationship with them? The Israel of 1948 was not the same with the Israel of today.

    The United State can also not bring peace in the Middle East because it is part of the problem. The Likes of US had been described to us in the Holy Quraan: "when it is said to them 'Do not make mischief in the land' they reply, 'We are only peace makers'. Verily, they are the mischief makers but they perceive not".

    Oslo accord or any other agreement with the Israelis could not be trusted. If the Jews are consistently constant in breaking their promises to God do we expect anything less to human beings?

    United Nations does not have the means to bring peace so it is out of the question. More war and conflict? This could only make matters worse.

    I too rest my case with the Divine and pray that peace and justice will reign on earth.

  46. vera from usa

    continued, answer to truthseeker.

    I would like to give you a comparison of Islamic tolerance vs Christian tolerance.

    India was under Islamic rule for centuries, most of the population remained Hindu, if there was forced conversion as haters of Islam charge, India would have been a Muslim country today, instead you can see Hinduism being the major religion in India, ancient Hindu idols and temples still standing and their ancient ways still intact.

    On the other hand, where Christians have rules for centuries, the natives (North and South America and Australia) have been devasted, they were forced to convert to Christianity and most of their ancient ways destroyed.

    Even Jews cannot claim better treatment by Christians, they had some of the worst persecution by Christians, and only in the last decades have they been accepted in Christian societies.

    It is wonderful Christians are finally learning tolerance, but they cannot deny a heritage of hate. Still, Christians follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and do not find wrong the dispossesion of others land (the Palestinians), they do not find wrong their oppression, because after all they are Muslims. The Christian world has a long ways to go, before they can claim to be a just and tolerant.

  47. Anisah Mujahida from USA

    I am an American Muslim and I am embarassed today to be American. I grow increasingly disgusted at the joke we call free press when the media is littered with anti muslim rhetoric and blind support of "Israel".What happened to freedom justice and equality for all? Why is "America" so concerened with the plight of the jews and so oblivious to the slaughter of innocent Palestinian women and children? What happened to freedom of religion? Do Christian Americans realize that Muslims extend peace to them and the jews smile in their faces but curse them behind closed doors? The disappointment on the day of judgement is going to be astounding!!!

  48. sk from USA

    I ask the almighty God for forgiveness for myself, my fellow muslims, and all of the man kind. For the almighty is Rehman and rahim. I ask that look at the global picture -- we "give" away money because they are our allies. We need to defend Israel -- Fine! That is alright with me but what about our motto of "DEFENDERS OF THE WEAK"????? "Defenders of the humanity"???

    How what about the fact that no possible good for anyone is coming out of this. This I don't think brings more LOVE for Israel from any group in particular. We need to realize the animosity this situation multiplies between the two sides. May Allah Subhana Wa Talah give us the wisdom to realize the name -- "Jeru Salem." Peace.

  49. vera from usa

    Truthseeker, have you ever asked yourself why Christian Europeans devastated the people all over the world? Have you asked yourself how come Christians have mass murdered people all over the world? Have you ever asked yourself why did they force them to leave their religions calling them uncivilized?

    If you truly are a truthseeker you should know that the present situation in the Muslim world is a result of Christian Europeans who colonized and destroyed their infrastructure and their wealth of knowledge. Muslims are not the only victims of this hate, non Muslim Africans, South Americans, aboriginals of Australia and native Americans are all the victims of "Christian love".

    If you sincerely seek the truth look around you and you'll see.

    As for Islam, the record of Islamic civilization is much better than Christians, even the worst Muslims have done can not be compared to the least wrong the Christians have done to other religions and people.

    Only in the last decades have Christians learned tolerance of other religions and races, now they dare point the finger disregarding their heritage of hate and oppression.

  50. E. Siqueira from USA

    The Israelis accuse the Palestinian of having arms and amunition. They forget that they themselves have guns, tanks and helicopters supplyed to them by the USA. The Palestinians havbe the right to defend themselves against the occupation and the aggretion by the Israeli State.

  51. ACDL from UK

    In response to - The ironic thing is that American Muslims think hey will be protected by America" -

    Yes they should be as America demands national and patriotic commitment from its citizens so to should it deliver.

    American Muslims should be protected by America

    There is a double standard.

    There should be a message room set up on the site in order to post

    It is essential that people on this community have a place to voice.

  52. mohamed nowfer from Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka a un-developed south-Asian country.Majority-Sinhalies Budist and chiristiens.

    Still they respect Humans dignity as aa result muslims and other minorities are respected as equal citizens. What has happaned to these so called Americans and their top and best partnes Israelies about Human rights or even human Dignity

    .Its Shame to mand kind.

  53. vera from usa

    Iddi Abu, it is unfortunate and tragic with what has been happening with the Palestinians, but I doubt their situation will get any better.

    The only way I could see some hope, and that Allah will deliver them from this oppression is that the Palestinians go back to the Islamic teachings and stop with suicide bombings. Killing innocent civilians is an awful sin, suicide has never been allowed in the history of Islam at any circumstance. This unislamic act can only lead them to their distruction in this world and in the hereafter.

    It is very clear in Islam, we have to deal justly with those who deal unjustly with us, we are the carriers of God's message and as such we are held to a higher standard by Allah. We cannot believe we will win against oppression by breaking Allah's law, Allah helps those who are rightous.

  54. TruthSeeker from USA

    How come whereever Muslims are there, there is violence, suicide attacks and persecution? Have you muslims ever tried answering that? The reason is that Muslims hate people belonging to other religions. They hate anything and everything which is non-muslim. Well Muslim pals, you have to remember that you guys are not living in 7th century, no more. Learn to live amicably with other communities and learn to accept the fact that, there are other religions and other faiths. Just because you are not aware of their existence, that doesn't mean you can go ahead and degrade those faiths and people who believe in those faiths.

  55. kacamakovic admir from usa

    as long as there are zionist and mansons in this world and as long as they have supporters who agree to their ideas about life, there will always be a conflict somewhere in this world and today most of us focus on middle east situation. islam, in my opinion makes a great mistake by depending on u.s. to find and fight for a political resolution. common sence will tell you that politics and politicians are people without a heart and without a soul. some are interested in wining a nobel prise, and most in dollar prise. God doesnt play a role in this decision making, after all they are disbelievers. and how is it that someone like me can accuse anyone of that is very simple. just by looking in the history books we can see that religions like christianity and judaism have been ashamed by their own followers, or so they claim, that have changed religious practices in their capitalist favor. today is cool to get together with a prostitute, its cool to commit adoultery while married, its cool to have sex before marriage, its cool to gamble, and so on without mentening all the sins that are commited by this religious persons. today islam is the only religion that truly stands it the way of zionism and mansons from acheaving their 'globalization' goal of converting all people to satan-worshiping, hidding behind churches and sinogag's, which employs priest and rabbies who dont put their trust and fear in God, but rather in a man just like them and thus fight for their own survival, and not that of the faith, by allowing those they fear to do as they like 'in the name of god', and further claim that theeir religious believes never mentioned anything against such actions and deeds. the news reporter will never tell the truth on his newscast because his director doesnt allow him to, who is not allowed by station owner, who is not allowed by his advertising sponsors, who are zionist and mansons that own stoks and bonds in the companies that advertise with todays news and radio com

  56. Charles Jacks from USA

    It is one thing to be weary of your life till you give it no value, it is yet another to not be afraid to die. There is no need for your fight to end in death. Though your probability of survival is very low there should be some chance. Fight with your life not with your death. Those that fight and run away live to fight another day. It is in the nature of your time here on earth that you may grow to practice justice and equality. Give Allah more time to make you more successful in your fight for justice and equality. Be very specific as to who and how you fight so as not to give someone just cause against you on judgment day. Don't forget that no matter what someone does to you, that debt will be paid but you still have to pay the debt to God by returning your soul in a manner Allah can appreciate.

  57. khadra from us

    Insha-ALLAH we all pray for our bothers and sisters who are suffering in palestine and i am wondering why we as americans or residents of america have not marched to the state capitals or the us capitals and showed our support for the muslims who are bieing killed off by the isreals'if the jews americans can unite and walk to washington to show support for the killers why cant we as muslims stand up and walk for rightousness for all people it is our duty as muslims to speak loud and clear against opperetion on our brothers and sisters in the world i am ready if you are asalamu-aliakum may ALLAH unite us in front of our nation capital for rightousness

  58. Abdul Khalick Limalia from Durban, South Africa

    It is time the Muslim countries stand up for their rights and stay away from being Bush's puppet. For 37 years the Isreal government has been promising and yet signed accords on giving the land back to the Palestinians, but to date none of those treaties have been met. It takes Mr Powel one week to go to the Middle East to bring peace. This is typical by the Bush Administration to delay tactics and let the Palestinians suffer and die. I condemn suicide bombings, but what do u do for 37 years when there are promises upon promises of returning your land back and creating a state of Palestine and nothing is done. This proves that all these treaties like Camp David, Oslo treaties are a waste of time. The Palestians cannot wait any longer. So Mr Powell i am sorry to say your visit,is a waste of time. My personal point of view is that the Muslim countries need to understand that the American Administration and the Western world is one sided on this issue. STAND UP FOR YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND CHILDREN. Show the world that ISLAM is one. To the Palestinains, you are always in our duas, may the almighty Allah bring peace, prosperity and happiness to you and your families in these trying times. AMEEN

    FROM khalick Limalia, Durban, South Africa.

  59. Saleem from Cleveland, Ohio

    Assalamo Alaikum:

    As I was coming from work I dialed on to NPR. It was a pleasant surprise to hear a Muslim voice on NPR Radio in Cleveland, Ohio, yesterday (Friday).

    The way you have described the plight and suffering of the Muslims in Palestine, I think it touched the heart and soul of every person who was listening. Believe me, it touched me so much that I could not control myself from shading tears. I stopped my car, for a few minutes, to recollect my composure, before continuing on.

    I am not sure what we have done wrong that we are witnessing the harsh punishments of the worst kind whether it is in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan or Bosnia. And there are other Muslim countries whose rulers are doing the same to their own people.

    The point you have made that this country, which stands for peace, liberty and justice for all, does not reflect in its foreign policies.

    As some body mentioned what Abe Lincoln said 'Government by the people, of the people and for the people' could easily be replaced by 'Government by the lobbyists, of the lobbyists and for the lobbyists'.

    Lets work on it.


  60. Hanan from usa

    Salam brothers and sisters I am an American and am shocked our Goverment has done nothing to intervine in what the Isralies are doing at the momnent and the death of the american as i have always thought if an american was killed as the one repoter was then the Goverment would punish those whom did it but in this case of the young Mother, Wife ,Daughter it dosent seem to matter to them I suppose becouse she is muslim and palastian so very traggic..Im not sure why our Goverment fears the Isralies so concidering we are a super force as they say..I pray they stop being afraid and do what is right and help those in need..Fi Ameen Allah

  61. Abdul Huq from US

    Isn't it ironic that the burial of the niece of Israeli Ambassador to UN was given an extensive coverage by US TV including CNN. The coverage on

    CNN lasted for about ten minutes including comments by her uncle and others. Are some lives more precious than others? This shows how one-sided things are not only in Israel but also in the US especially in the US Media. Our journey is a long one to get fair treatment in the West.

  62. w. from Nigeria

    'For what justification could a group have for taking over the land of another' The Israelis has demonstrated thatcertain group or Countries are above the LAW or whatever Resolution being passed by UN.

    So If the UN is failing in achieving whatever reason for its CREATION, then I'll suggest it be DISSOLVE COMPLETELY.

    It is easy to Kill OSAMA BIN LADDEN and His Allies but what I am sure of is ITS DIFFICULT and almost impossible to diffuse what is being entrenched in the mind of the Palestianians right now.

    If this cannage continues we should all be prepared for Thousands of OSAMA BIN LADDEN.....

  63. iddi abu from kenya

    as long as we the american government retainns its current non commital policy to the middle east pease process reserving soft eye to the israelis, we shal continue to witness violess. however much the palestinians will killed they will never let up their struggle.only allah will deliver them victory. surely he will.

  64. Anis Samir from USA

    Alhamdulilah, According to Allah (SW), this is a One Global Community that has different things but Generally share one commong thing, humanity. All of the people of the world came from Adam & Eve. Since people ignore the knowlege that were given to them, people became blind because they put aside the director of their everyday life which is the knowledge of ALLAH that came to us from Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad (saw). Then what happen was that people started using their own myths and unknown ideologies to direct their lives. No knowledge is greater than the knowledge of the SELF-SUFFICIENT MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE (ALLAH). Our own Ideology cannot make us succeed because life comes with many problems and we do not always have complete solutions to every problem. My point is that there is a huge problem facing the world today, problem comes from the HOLY LAND. This problem has started a very very long time ago, Every day of our lives people die in Palestine while some people are enjoying their life and looking for a future. First of all we are humans, we make mistakes no matter what origin nationality we are, people could fight and the cause of the fight could be any kind, but there is one thing that is for sure in order to make peace and that is "communications". I think the mindful people understand that peace cannot be established while the creators of peace are being killed or humiliated in the worst stages of agression. There is one thing that we do not understand, how could a soldier who is carrying an AK-47 and a stone thrower who uses rocks to defend himself compared. There is no way one can compare those two fighters, a good example is that the soldier is like Lion and the stone thrower is like an Ant. Every human being has the right to defend himself when his soul is in danger but no right can be given to those who use destruction force to destroy one side. No military or diplomatic can bring peace for sure. "UNDERSTAND THE ROOTS OF THE PROBLEM" C YA

  65. Jamil Shah from Hong Kong

    I have one question to ask every body.

    If it is right to distroy a country because there are terrorists. Isn't it right to distroy the root cause of the terrorism (Israel)?

  66. Hassan J Zaidi from USA

    What is happening in Palestine is nothing but genocide of innocent people - peaople of One God - be they Jews, Muslims or Christians. Who is right and and who is wrong will be decided by Allah. However, He has given us the standard to judge between right and wrong. I have no doubt in my mind that today the Patestinians are the ones who are the victims of the wrost opperassion, just as the Jews were in Nazi Germany. Palestine was a place for everyone. It is Israel who was carved out for the Jews alone. From where they got this right, God knows. Ironically today the Jews reject the doctrine of return that they used when they made Israel. If today they have the might, they should not forget that the Most Gracious has the ultimate power. Opperassion will not last as it is God's promise. I feel deeply hurt that US Government is supporting Israeli terror while demanding Patestinians to surrender basic human dignity that God made sacred. Arrogance will come to an end no matter who practices it - be they be Muslims, Jews or Christians. Justice shall prevail in the end.

    We all need to live in harmony, peace and respect of each other. No nation has been able to subjugate others for ever. Leran from history and not repeat the mistakes of the past. Hitler tried to exterminate the Jews but he got exterminated. If the Israelis think they can exterminate the Patestinians, they only need to look 5o years back. Let us make this a better world for all of us - the Muslims, Christians, the Jews and others. Let us uphold good Justice and dondemn opperassion by any and all. We will all perish and will return to Allah as our source. Then, He will decide who was in error and that is what counts! Allah is the Greatest.

  67. Pidekso

    we ,muslim ,don't need america or american to give peace. We just rely on Allah and ourselves.

  68. Hafiz from Palestine


    I live in USA right now but am from Afghanistan and Palestine and Kashmir and Pakistan...I say we should not protest in any un-Islamic country/state to ask for their help to free us...How can we actually do this? USA is themselves helping forget Yahoodees...we Muslims have to pray to ALLAH to help us not non muslims...we hardly pray in USA or whatever so how can we actually whine to unislamic state first? just pray to all to reunite us and to help us to free ourselves and make an army by being unites and help ourselves no USA or anyone is match for us...ALLAh says...ALLAH will never let Yahoods have victory over Muslims...Pray and be nice and fight or your own right!!!


  69. Sho'aib Hussain from United Kingdom

    Assalam lai kum

    A good essay with a prominent message that is peace and liberty for all a message Muslims have the duty to proclaim in doing so getting the trust & respect of the of non-muslims. It is then that the Muslims can show the feelings & tribulations the other half of the world are suffering by a large in the control of unscrupulous power hungry people who think of only of their interests and not of the Country of which they hide in. Dear fellow people it is not the nation that is at fault but those that hide behind the garb of a nation.

    I believe there will come the time when ordinary people such as ourselves will look passed the reteric and mass propaganda waged by the same unprincipled people black mailing the US through congress leaders and feeding the Zionist state with 3.1 billion worth of arms. Just look at what the Israeli soilder is doing left of article. Pointing an American made M-16 rifle at an unarmed,defenceless innocent child as a threat by the looks of it. This is the sort of daily humiliation the Palestinians are living with. No occupation is without its humiliation stated by a refusnik Israeli soilder.

    How can America in its current state bring peace when it is clear that the Hawks within the Administration will never let the interests of Israel come before any others.

    Muslims must work hard as they have bought there way through for many years. It is not for Muslims to decieve there way through. God is with those that do good and forbid evil. We must alert these issues to our western neighbours so that can they can get some light on the ugly political reality of the inner sanctums American political elite.

  70. Ben Mohammed from USA

    With sophiscated weaponry,top of the line intelligence infrastructure ,Israeli Government were unable to stop "suicide Bombers"How can Arafat ?Its a state of mind fueled by ignoble occupation.Absolute withdrawal may not achieved absolute end to suicide bombing ,but remain the only alternative towards achieving absolute peace."Sacrifice=peace"

    Ben Mohammed

  71. Brian Daniel Lawlor from Canada

    Exodus22:20 there is a price to pay when you go against the Will of our GOD..iSLAM IS THE SWORD that knows not it is that sword but we know who weilds it. Not bad for a Roman Catholic eh....patience..the suffering we face now is but a breath of time to that eternity we each are a part of...

  72. famida abdalla from u.a.e

    the YEHUD are barbaric.ALLAH(s.w.t) will destroy them soon INSHALLAH.

  73. MM from Australia

    Thanks Islamicity, for exposing the news about the cruel murder of Suraida Saleh to the American public through NPR.

  74. zahir nadurath from arlington,tx usa


  75. Abdulsetar Aboubaker from Ethiopia

    How many inocent civiliance blood of the Palestinian people must be spiled for the greater American media and Administration to realize that their boold is just as red as those

    in Washington, Israil and Palestine. What happened to all that rubbish talk about even handed diplomacy and long term US interest throughout the mideast? We know US has interests and no friends except Israil. I just hope that this kind of back ward and narrow minded thinking on the so called Mediator does not back fire on them..May Allah grant the ultimate strength to the Mothers; fathers and brothers ands sisters of Palestine at this very troubling times..

  76. Abdul QAder Beckett from South Afrika Durban


    since the first day i heard about this killings in countries where there are more children than elder people i thought to my self but where is the treat is it in the eyes of a little child when he hangs on to his mother seeing her drowning in her own blood is trowing stones so deadly that the govements allows grown men to shoot those kid not knowing where is there children at that time how does a child respect his father after finding out his hero his dad kills kids just like him america the usa well its time they see who is to blame for all the hurt and pain and its time for them to see who are the terrorist who are the poison who are the ungodly well hey its the one and only USA and backing them up is there brouthers like the USSR & the UK war on terror well look at your streets in USA & UK & USSR and see the terror in the schools in the parks in the work places in the churches becourse why becourse now the same people who you are telling lies are seeing how rong you all are and yes the USA and all its friends can go to hell as fare as there own youth are concern white black all the races on earth are blinded by this media daily cnn and there friends they dont wanna tell the story like it is we have to see it on the internet by hearing about it by our brothers & sister on return from MECA my people there are people like Matula Shakur farakhan black panters and in south afrika there are even more we are growing we educating and INSHA-ALLAH we will make a point SOON!!!!!! so my brothers and sisters make dua for its the only weapon the usa uk ussr and there friend have no way of protecting them selfs from to all our sisters and children in turmoil hold on ALLAH knows best AMEEN!

  77. Rosie from USA

    Gandhi said "An eye for an eye only leads to more blindness." When will we learn that we are all God's children, and he meant for us to live in peace?

  78. Chris Anderson from USA

    I have a solution. It involves a complete restructuring of the middle east. I propose that a new place be created. It will be called "Abrham Land". It will be a division of the Holy Land into thirds. Muslims, Jews and Christians will operate it. It would be a type of place that people from all over the world can come to visit the birthplace of these cultures. It would be built and maintained by the 3 groups. It would promote peace and prosperity for the whole world.

    There would be great revenues from all the tourists needing to be fed, housed and entertained. I chalange the world to a new vision; one it's never seen before.