Do you know these 10 facts about Hajj and Kabah

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Hajj is the canonical pilgrimage in Islam that must be performed by Muslims, who are physically and financially capable, once in their life time. It is an exercise that believers embark upon for several days to rise above the routines of daily life to connect with a higher purpose of life. The pilgrims endure the trials of the journey by following in the footsteps of the Prophets to attain God Consciousness.

The rituals of Hajj are primarily rooted in the example of Prophet Abraham and his family.

Most of the time the Hajj rituals are performed as part of an obligatory practice that pilgrims learn about, from books, seminars, friends and family, etc. Following are some facts that you may or may not know about.

1. From which of the following places can a person perform the ritual prayer in any direction


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2. According to Islamic traditions the Kabah was FIRST built by

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3. How many Hajj did the Prophet Muhammad (s) do?

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4. Who rediscovered the well of Zamzam after it was filled up by the Jurhumites who inhabited Makkah before the Quraysh?

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5. Which of the following places is NOT part of the core Hajj locations

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6. Which of the following religious texts mentions the well of Zamzam

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7. According to Arab oral tradition who is buried in the Al-Hatim (The section in front of the Kaba separated by a curved wall)


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8. Why do men expose their right shoulder during tawaf (the circuits around the Kabah)

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9. How many times does the triliteral root ḥā jīm jīm (ح ج ج) occurs in the Quran

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10. In what Hijri year was the Hajj made obligatory

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