Honesty, responsibility and sacrifice

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A short film by a 20 year old director, Sarah Zorik titled "The Other Pair" about honesty, responsibility and sacrifice between two young kids.

This six minute short film highlights the plight of the poor for whom the world is very fragile. They are connected to each and everything that belongs to them in such a way that it can break away from them at any moment. Taking something for granted is not known by them therefore they treasure what ever they get their hands on.

The short film involves around a little boy with one broken slipper which is nearly of no use to him, but he keeps it on because that is the only source by which he can have ease in walking without hurting his foot. Tired of the broken slipper, the boy sits down in order to try and fix it, when something unexpected happens.

The Other Pair, was Inspired by a true incident that involved Mahatma Gandhi.

Directed by : ٍSarah Rozik
Screenplay : Mohammed Maher
D.O.P : Haitham Nasser
Edited by : Eman Samir
Sound Engineer & Music : Mohamed Hassan Elhanafy
Art Director : Hassan Elplisy
Production Manger: Yasser Elfishawy
Actors : Ali Rozik & Omar Rozik

Academy of Arts - Higher Institute of Cinema (Cairo).

  Category: Featured, Life & Society, Videos  Values: Compassion, Honesty
Views: 2077

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