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Abu Mujahid
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Quote Abu Mujahid Replybullet Topic: Bush’s Commute is Elite Justice!
    Posted: 03 July 2007 at 2:29pm

Assalamu alaikum

When I saw what this dubya did for his pal: Scooter libby, I remembered a palestinian man who has been in this country for 35 years up standing citizen without running into law enforcement. He never prayed nor cared about Islam. He was a player with his own color. Whenver we asked him to pray he laugh at us saying he will repent before he dies insha allah.

Then 9/11 drama began and was taken as hostage like many other innocent muslim happen to them. He ended up into Fed Jail in a matter of hrs . The Jew prosecutor has failed to produce anything except to score his own differences with palestinians back home. He used American judicial system for his own end in strange way. He shop around to find a Jew judge to do his dirty job. I and many fellow muslims stood helplessly with protest and attended his fake trial but every time there was a delay motion from prosecutors for not having all necessary national security information!!!.  A tatic widely used to deny the rights of muslims in this country. The good thing he got bail from another judge after his criminal judge denied under pretex of flight risk.

To break his neck, they'd frozen his accounts and seized his cars and two houses. They put him bracelet on his ankle with GPS to monitor his movements. Then they widen the net to intimidate anyone who who come to his aid. He lost his real estate and cars for payment deliquency. His wive and kids become suddenly homeless.

Whatever we collect for him was consumed by his Jew X public defender attorney which some of his relatives insisted to represent him. Although, he got bail, he lost weight, suffered sleepless nites and his business began to crumble. After a year and so, they held a Kangaroo trial show were they vetted heavily jury persons.  At the end, most of the jury make up was ex cops, US Navy personals and rest of law enforcement!!!. The trial lasted for 2 days with defense did horrible job . The Jury come back after 3 hrs deliberation with uninamous guilty verdict of all 7 counts. The brother broke down with tears and was sentenced later for 15 years to maximum facility. Since the case was a political witch hunt the Judge didn't care sentencing guidelines. The case is in appeal process.

Comparing to what this Libby did to that women/national security, the brother case was nothing but a prosecutorial misconduct. Now the Dubya comes and commutes the 30 month sentences of this man. Its elite club in justice department. As one presidential canadidate put it today, pardon business was like giving lollylops in Clintonians era.

Poor Muslims get the worst verdict with little reverse or relief in appellants courts even if they didn't commit a crime. Most cases are Muslim VS United States of America!! And the Washington elite get free commute because as dubya put it "its exccessive" sentencing.

American justice was/is and will be only for rich and high profiles. If you have money you can buy justice system. Paris Hilton has proven that last week in the best way under world cameras. Sandy Burger stole national security papers after stuffing it ......!!! He was chosen people and untouchable!!!. Even no Congress hearing was held.  His media cousins wilfully fainted with fake absentia mentality.  

But poor, minorities are groaning/abused in Fed/State/county filthy jails with public defenders that play golf with prosecutors. No real discoveries nor ability to challenge to what grand juries does behind boardrooms at will. Many-out of ignorance or lack of money- fell prey unjustice deals because prosecutor scare them he/she will ruin them without mercy had they go trial. For that many familes are broken and many kids end up streets.  Some of them are serving life for three strikes (after candy shoplifting) like that strange California statue.

Read brief hallucination of this American dreamer before dubya laughed at his chin.


Abu Mujahid


Libby Justice? (a poem)

Mimi Evans Winship

Justice is done.

Drive-bys may rejoice.


The righteous Judge Walton


Has made his choice.




Plame/Wilson fantasies


Now rule the day,


While Sandy Burgler


Scampers away.




Frozen assets Jefferson


Should be cowering,


But the Liberal media


Will not be harrowing




This victim of meanness


And unkind thought .


His  generous patronage


Is easily bought.




Have we been sold out,


Our faces rubbed in dirt?


Can our national fairness


Be so easily hurt?




Will the American people


Give in and surrender?


Will the President pardon


This non-offender?




Shall we let this slide,


Admit that they’ve won.


Is our system broken,


Has justice been done?




Mimi Evans Winship

Edited by Abu Mujahid
Islam need true muslims
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