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Stories - How I Became Muslim?
 IslamiCity Forum - Islamic Discussion Forum : Religion - Islam : Stories - How I Became Muslim?
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Quote Aisha79 Replybullet Topic: MY JOURNEY TO BECOME A MULIM
    Posted: 23 April 2007 at 5:06pm
Assalamu Alaikum warrahmutalahi wabarakatuhu

Ok I'll tell you alittle about myself ...

I'm a new muslim

I was born in N/Ireland {Londonderry} my mother was a protestant so is my older sister

My name is Aisha but my birth name was Emma {I changed it by de-pole}

My mother died in the year 2000 and my mothers twin sister died 44 days later.....

I got married to a non-Muslim because at the time I was a non-Muslim

My Ex husband done the dirty on me with my so called friend So I then moved from where I was living

And moved down to Swindon and it was while I was at Swindon that I saw my first Masjid {Mosque}

Wow it was breath taking some how I know that I should not walk into....

I found my birth-father there because he left me my mother and sister when I was 1 years old

Alot of things happened wont go into it.............

I had a very bad car crash on coming on the M4...

My car rolled and flipped over 6 times I thought my time was up........

When the car came to a stop I looked around the car and I was totally shocked that I'm still here

I was sitting waiting to see if I broken something or had any pain anywhere and I did not so I hoped out of the window.....

And waved down a car passing on the M4 and ask him if he could phone the police and tell them where I am because I had no idea where I was....

When the Police, ambulance and the fire brigade came they all said by just looking at the car they thought they were going to take a body

But Alhumduliliah I was fine.....

And it was that night that I knew something did not want me to die

I know about Islam/ Muslim's from the minimum that my school told us

1) worship Allah

2) pray 5 times a day

3) don't eat pork

And I think that was pretty much it from my high school

After I gotten over my crash I moved back to East Anglia I began to research Islam and what I found en-lighting and I still do

I found a Masjid in Norwich where I sent an e-mail saying

That I would like to learn more about Islam

About one week later I got talking to a sister and she was telling me about Islam and she welcomed me into her home

After we talked for a few hours and she was asking me questions to make sure I'm not just jumping into becoming a Muslim

She invited me to come to Masjid for Jumma and we talked about the Prophet {Sal-allahu-aleihi-wassallam}

And on the 24th of Feb 2006 I taken my shahadah and I have not looked back from that day

I'm the only Muslim in my family

I had a boyfriend and he was all fine about me becoming a Muslim but after I taken my shahadah I told him that we can no-longer go with each other
he did not take to well to this information and he pinned me down and batted me for days afterwards...

I begged him to move out but he never listened to me
he also done a unforgiving thing to me a few days after I taken my shahadah.....

I told a fellow sister and she said have arranged for a brother to pick you up and to move you out of your house and Alhumduliliah I moved to Yorkshire were I meet my husband...

I'm now married to my loving husband a we have a little girl we called her Fatima and Marsh'Allah I'm more happier now then I ever have been before Alhumduliliah

I look like this....

I wear a because I want to wear it and for my love of Allah

I have even got certificate of my shahadah from the Islamic council of london...

I have been told that you can't get a better shahadah certificate from anywhere else in the UK

Yes I have had a bad past.... {it was no bed of rose's}

But the way I see it is Allah {SWT} love's you more with the more hardship one has in his/her life time........

So I would not change anything what has happened to me in the past

If Allah {SWT} wanted us to keep looking into history { i.e one's hardship} then Allah {SWT} would have give us a set of eye's for the back of our head...........

The past is the past one can not do anything about it {no point in crying over split milk}............

And it was what Allah {SWT} has written for me so I'm not angry sad upset.....................

I'm very happy to be alive Marah'Allah.........

Jazakullah for the lovely comment's that you all have given me

wa alykum as-Salaam warahmatulahi wabarakatuh

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Quote seekshidayath Replybullet Posted: 24 April 2007 at 12:17am
As'salamualaikum sister,
Jazakallah for sharing your story with us which is very inspiring. Allah ta'ala has bestowed upon you that spirit of imaan which we as a muslims don't have it. Especially u wearing Hijab with face lift is very inspiring. That too u are practicising it at such place wherein Hijab is targeted. You are a very ideal for  the muslim women. The intention of you wearing it is Subhanallah. As u said u wear it because u like it for the sake of Allah. May Allah reward u to His best. Hope u enjoy your stay here and help us here by sharing your knowledge

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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “All the descendants of Adam are sinners, and the best of sinners are those who repent."
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Quote Audrey Replybullet Posted: 17 June 2007 at 11:43am


I' m working on conversion to islam in London, i'm writing a thesis in sociology. Would you accept to meet me and make an interview ? I'm sorry, i don't speak english very well.


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