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Islamic Personalties
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Quote seekshidayath Replybullet Topic: Umar Ibn Sa’d, Allah be pleased with him
    Posted: 10 March 2007 at 4:54am

You may remember Sa'iid Ibn Aamir, the one steady worshipper who was forced by Umair Ibn Khattab raziallah ta'ala anhu to accept the govership of Syria and who renounced wordly pleasures- Umar Ibn Sa'd could greatly compare.

Umair Ibn Sa'd was a brother of his , more like a twin brother in terms of piety and elevation and greatness of soul.
                                  His father was Sa'id , the reciter raziallah ta'ala anhu. Sa'id stayed loyal to his Oath till he passed away in the Battle of Al-Qaadisiyah. He brought  his son with him to the
 Prophet Sallal lahu alaihi wasallam, to swear the oath of allegiance and to embrace Islam.

                               One would never see him in the front rows - except for in the rows of prayer - he stationed  himself in the front row to be granted the reward of the highest in faith - and in the rows of Jihad, he hastened to the front row, hoping to be one of the martyrs.

Umair Ibn Sa'd was a man of righteousness and piety. Allah ta'ala blessed him with his companions' love.  for him. He was the delight of their eyes and the darling of their hearts. This was because of his strong, firm belief, his pure soul, his calm nature, the scent of his good qualities and his beaming appearance. All that made him the joy and pleacure of all those who met and saw him.

Umar Ibn Khattab , the commander of faith, raziallah ta'ala anhu , chose his governors  cautiously. He always chose them from among the pious, honest and truthful ; those who escaped from power and authority and would not accept it unless forced  by the Commander of the Faithful to do so. Umair Ibn Sa'd was chosen to be a governor over Homs. Umair tried to freee himself  of that task  but was forced  to. Umair asked Allah ta'ala for proper guidance and went to carry out his duty and task.

In Homs, a whole year passed and no land tax reached Medinah,nor did a single message reach the Commander of the Faithful. The Commander of he faithful called his scribe and said. "Write to Umair ordering him to come here".

One day the roads of Al-Madinah witnesssed, a dusty shaggy man, covered by the hardship of travel and hardly pulling his feet out from the hot sandy ground due to  his long sufferings and the tremondous effort he spent. On his left shoulder there was a sack  and a wooden bowl. On his right shoulder there was a small waterskin filled with water. He supported his thin, weak and tired body with a stick. He turned to Umar's assembly with very slow, heavy steps "O Commander of the faithful , Peace be upon you"

Umar replied. Deeply afflicted by the scene of his weakness and over exertion. He  asked him , ''What's wrong with you, Umair?"
Umair said, " Can't you see , I'am healthy , possessing a pure conscience and possessing the whole world?"
Umar asked. " What do you have with ?"
Umair replied, "I Have a sack in which i carry my food, a  bowl in which i eat, My utensils for my ablution and drink, and a stick to lean on and fight an enemy if he crosses my way .By Allah ta'ala , the whole world is an obedient slave of my belongings".
Umar asked, "Did you  come walking on foot?"
Umair said, "Yes"
Umar asked, "Did n't you find anyone who would  give  you an animal to ride on?"
Umair said," They did n't offer and i did n't ask"
Umar asked. " What did you do with what we charged you with?"
Umair said, "I went to the country to which you sent me. There i gathered all its virtuos inhabitants and made them in charge of levying taxes, so when they did that i put the money there where it belongs. If anything had remained i would have sent it to you"
Umar said 'Did n't you bring us anything?"
Umair said "No"

Hereby Umar shouted amazed and happy "REAPPOINT UMAIR".

But Umair replied with complete  composure. "Those were old days. I won't work for you or anyone else!"
Umar raziallah ta'ala anhu always wished to have men like Umair to assist him in ruling the muslims.

Umair was fairly described by his companions as beiing the "Matchless". When this man was destined to face the test of power and authority, his piety was not afflicted. But it became more elevated, raised beaming and bright.

When he was Governor of Homs, he drew a picture of the tasks of a muslim ruler, "Islam is a well fortified wall and a firm gate. As for the wall thats justice; and the gate is truth . If the wall  is torn down and the gate is destroyed then islam loses its protective strength. Islam remains well-fortified s long as its reign cannot be realized by killing with swords or  by slashing with whips; rather by the fulfullment of truth and justice!"

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “All the descendants of Adam are sinners, and the best of sinners are those who repent."
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