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Sawtul Khilafah
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Quote Sawtul Khilafah Replybullet Topic: The REAL reason why the US invaded Iraq!
    Posted: 28 January 2007 at 11:56am


So why did the USA invade Iraq ? Was it for oil ? Or was it a conspiracy similair to the Hezbushaytan conspiracy in Lebanon ?

The US did not invade Iraq for oil. Infact they have spent billions of dollars on this war and the most they could get out of Iraq's oil is to get their money back.

The truth is that just as Israel invaded Lebanon to make Hezbushaytan look like heroes, the US actually invaded Iraq to make Muqtada al-Sadr the hero of Iraq.

This time however, since Saddam's Government was destroyed by the US, Moqtada al-Sadr was actually meant to take over Iraq. This is why we see that the mainstream Media (which is controled by the same people who control the Governments) spoke against the war and so many controled oppositions and fake leftists were against this war...

The war on Afghanistan is silenced down by the media and the fake left who lead and set up the main protests pretty much ignore Afghanistan, concentrating almost entirely on Iraq instead.

We also saw how the Abu Ghurayb torture pictures came out and were spread in all the mainstream newspapers and the TV. These are the same newspapers and TV channels who censor 99% of the truth about world events and who cover up much of the crimes of the western Governments. But for some reason everyone suddenly seemed to turn against the Iraq war, including the fat cats and the members of secret societies and even the mainstream media.

We also saw how the US Government accused Iraq of having WMDs, but when they couldnt find any, they actually said so !

This is the same Government who covered up what really happened on 9/11. After the WTC attacks, the US Government immediately blamed the attacks on Al-Qaeda, and after Osama bin Laden denied responsiblity for the attacks the Government made numerous fake videos and audio tapes and all sorts of fake evidence to try and convince people that bin Laden was responsible for the attacks.

But again, when it came to Iraq, things were different. The US politicians just came out and admitted that they have found no WMDs, thus delibrately making the war unpopular.

Bush also accused Saddam of involvement in 9/11, but strange he later denied it. But why did he deny it ? If he had lied in the first place, why didnt he continue lying? If he had no evidence in the first place, why didnt he continue lying without any evidence ? Or could it be that he delibrately wants to be seen as a liar, thus making the Iraq war and the US right wing more unpopular.

The truth is that the US knew from day one that Iraq had no WMDs. Even Collin Powell admitted this when he first came to office. And the real question is, why was the US worried about Iraq's alleged Chemical and Biological bombs, when Iran was allegedly making NUCLEAR bombs ???

Surely Nuclear weapons should be a bigger concern... but strangely the US and the western media only turned their eyes towards Iran AFTER it was made clear to the whole world that Iraq did not have WMDs.

In other words, now that the US accuses Iran of making WMDs no one believes them because they had already lied about Iraq.

But the real question is Why didnt they invade Iran before Iraq ? This is while Iran is SUPPOSEDLY USA's biggest enemy in the middle east, and while Saddam was USA's former ally.

Iran was also a neighbour of Afghanistan, making it easier for the US to move it's forces from Iran to Afghanistan and from Afghanistan to Iran.

Now the media is trying to decieve us into thinking that the US wanted to invade Iran After Iraq... some going as far as claiming that the US wanted to "surround" Iran from the east and the west. This is rediculous though because it would have been much easier for the US to invade Iran in the first place, or at least right after Afghanistan.

No, the truth is something else. The US didnt invade Iran because they dont even want to invade Iran, and infact, as I have explained on another thread, Iran and USA are secretly working together: ;PN=1&TPN=1

Now consider that the US and Iran are only pretending to be enemies and then we can think about the real reason why the US invaded Iraq.

If you have a good memory, you may remember that when the US first invaded Iraq, a Shiah cleric by the name of Moqtada al-Sadr showed up, who claimed to have risen up to fight against the invaders and free Iraq.

The media suddenly concentrated on him, even though he and his forces had done very little and had killed very few if any American soldiers.

Moqtada al-Sadr's army, which he calls "the Mahdi Army", were seen as a serious force to be reckoned with... they were seen to be the "Hizbullah" of Iraq. Infact, they are closely allied to "Hezbullah" (Hezbushaytan) and they constantly praise Hasan Nasrallah.

I have no doubt that Moqtada al-Sadr was meant to be the Nasrallah of Iraq. In other words, the plan was that he would rise up against the US, and the US would then leave all of a sudden. Sadr would then be seen as the hero and saviour of Iraq, and with Saddam gone, he would take over Iraq and eventually hand it over to Iran.

This is why Ayad Allawi was at first installed as the president of Iraq. Although Allawi was born into a Shiah family he was not seen as a Shiah as he did not practice his religion in any way. He was seen as just another US puppet, and this was done to make the US occupation even more unpopular and increase support for Sadr.

This is also why the real number of American soldiers killed is not reported. Ofcourse in most wars Governments try to claim that fewer soldiers have been kill than the enemy claims, however in this war the USA has been minimising the casualty reports like no other. The Army of Rashideen (Jaysharrashedeen, one of the Islamic yet nationalist resistance groups in Iraq) made a documentary where they gave examples of how the US casualties were not reported, and even when the resistance filmed their attacks the mainstream media (and even aljazeera) tried their best not to tell the truth about the number of dead Americans. As an example there was one attack where the Army of Rashideen themselves killed 4 Americans, but the western media and even alJazeera claimed that only 1 soldier was killed !!

The resistance groups such as the Army of Rashideen claim that over 30,000 American soldiers have actually been killed and they see the numbers given by the US Government as a joke. In their documentary film the Army of Rashideen put forward an intresting question. They asked Bush how is he going to cover up so many deaths ? They found this cover up very strange as the US is actually claiming the number of American soldiers killed to be less than 10% than what it really is.

So why is this happening ? And why also does the mainstream media seem to completely ignore Afghanistan and hardly ever report the American casualties there ? Many people in the west are actually under the impression that very little is going on in Afghanistan, this is while American soldiers themselves say that the war in Afghanistan is far more serious and far deadlier than the war in Iraq.

What's happening is again part of the conspiracy. The US Government would eventually have to report the true number of casualties, or at least they would have to reveal more than 10%, but they have planned to do this only after Sadr rises up. In other words they plan that when Sadr rises up they would suddenly claim that 20 or 30 thousand American troops have been killed - supposedly all of them by Sadr's "Mahdi Army". Then when people in the west hear of this there would be an uproar and bigger protests. Bush would then have an excuse to pull out of Iraq, making it seem as if Sadr and his Army have suddenly risen up and gained an amazing victory.

The US would then claim that those American soldiers who were really killed in Afghanistan were actually transfered to Iraq and were killed there by the "mahdi army" ! The tens of thousands of soldiers who have been killed by al-Qaeda, Ansar Sunnah, Army of Rashideen and other Sunni resistance groups would all be attributed to Sadr.

In other words the plan is that Sadr and his army would rise up after the defeat of the Sunni resistance. Then the western Media and the Governments would claim that the "Mahdi Army" have gained amazing victories and have killed thousands of American soldiers in a short while, when in reality there would be very little real fighting.

The US would then pull out of Iraq, supposedly defeated by the Moqtada al-Sadr.


However one thing happened which the US was not predicting, and that wasthat religious Sunni Muslims formed their own groups which turned out to be far more powerfull than Sadr's "Mahdi army", even though the "Mahdi army" had more members.

Ofcourse the US knew very well that Sunnis are going to rise up, what they didnt predict was that they would be so strong and would hold up such a great resistance.

At first the US just tried to destroy these Sunni "insurgents" but their own forces suffered instead. The conspirators who had planned these wars were now terrified because if these Sunnis managed to defeat the US then they would be seen as the heroes of Iraq and all their plans would be ruined.

So then we saw how the Government of Iraq was changed and made to look more religious and Shiah clerics were included in the Government. The New Iraqi Government then became popular among many Shiahs in Iraq and so more people joined the "Iraqi National Army".

Now the US forces didnt have to worry about the Sunni "insurgents" defeating them, because the National Army were there to take some of the casualties.

In order to encourage more people to join the National Army, the US and the New Iraqi Government bombed civilian areas, murdering men women and children, and then blaming it on the Sunni "insurgents", especially al-Qaeda.

However, even al-Qaeda denied these charges but ofcourse their voice is hardly ever heard. The Shiah clerics such as "Ayatullah" Ali Sistani and even the Iranian Government repeated the lie of the Americans and the New Iraqi Government, accusing so called "Sunni extremists" and al-Qaeda for these attacks on mosques and schools.

Sistani even went as far as calling upon his followers to join the National Army to fight the "terrorists" and so many more people joined the National Army seeking to take "revenge" from the Sunnis "insurgency".

Things were now going well for the conspirators, but the Sunni "insurgents" had taken over some of the key locations in Iraq including Fallujah.

The conspirators wanted to completely destroy the Sunni "insurgents" and they were not willing to take any chances so they bombed Fallujah and other areas controled by Sunni resistance groups without mercy. They even use illegal Chemical bombs including White Phosphorus. These bombs killed off entire peoples and compltely destroyed some areas. Thousands and thousands of Sunni civilians were killed in these bombings which were meant to completely finish off the Sunni resistance and give way to Moqtada al-Sadr's "Mahdi army".

But instead of being annihilated, the "insurgents"/resistance simply went underground, as explained by the leader of Jaysh ar-Raashideen (one of the main resistance groups). He stated that afterwards the resistance became even stronged and harder to fight because now the US didnt know where they are while the resistance knew where the Americans are.

And so the Sunni resistance continued and Sadr was forced to tell his forces to stop fighting the Americans, and this is why: If you study what Moqtada al-Sadr has been doing, u will see that he has been constantly calling upon his followers to stop fighting the occupation. Every time his forces go into a battle with the Americans or the British or the Government, he immediately calls for a ceasefire.

Most of his followers have no idea what is going on. He is actually telling them to stop fighting because he wants the Americans to get rid of the Sunni resistance first. When their job is done, he is meant to come out and play the part of the hero.

However it was not enough for him to convince his followers not to fight the occupation, he even went as far as calling upon his followers to help the occupation!!! This he claimed was to fight against the "bigger enemy" which was al-Qaeda !!! This was because now the Government was handed over to religious Shiahs, so Sadr could claim that he is defending "Muslims" from "Nasibis" ("Nasibi" is a term Shiahs use against Sunnis whenever they want to fight against them).

The "Mahdi Army" then teamed up with the Iraqi National Army, fighting against the Sunni resistance groups !! They even protected the British forces in Basrah as reported by Peter Oborne in his documentary (Iraq Reckoning).

So what kind of "resistance force" are they ??? If you look at what these guys have been up to for the past 3 or 4 years, you will be amazed to see that the mainstream media still trie to portray them as an "insurgency" and how Moqtada al-Sadr still talks big as if he is USA's main enemy, when in reality he has been helping the occupation.

Strangely, Moqtada al-Sadr cant decide wether he supports the New Iraqi Government or not. One day he joins his forces with them, the next day he talks big about bringing down the Government.

The reason why he looks so st**id now is that he has been waiting for too long, and this is because the Americans have failed to destroy the Sunni resistance. He is meant to be an anti-Government anti-occupation religious hero, but his actions have proven the opposite.

He is still lying in wait for the time when his illuminati/Rosicrucian masters tell him to rise up against the occupation. Now that a religious Shiah government has been installed in Iraq part of the plan is already accomplished, except that the conspirators didnt want shiahs to look like American puppets, which is why they have kept Sadr.

But just incase the Sunni resistance continues to stand tall, they are going to have to stay content with a pro-American, yet "religious" Shiah Government (So long as Iran is allied to them, and so long as Iran is seen as a religious anti-American Government, the New Iraqi Government could also hope to be portrayed as anti-American one day. In other words they can later pretend to have sided with Iran rather than the USA, when in reality they have always been working with both Iran and the USA).

During the past few years many Sunni resistance groups have grown suspicious of Sadr. Some have even found proof that his men were working secretly with the Americans. No not just Al-Qaeda, but other Sunni resistance groups like Ansar-Sunnah and Jaysha Abi Bakr have arrested and executed close friends of Moqtada al-Sadr and high ranks in the "Mahdi Army", who were seen working closely with the Americans.

Also the leader of the Islamic Army of Iraq stated in an interview with al-Jazeera that the "Mahdi Army" should decide which side they are on (as they are sometimes working with the occupation).

The Ansar Sunnah also made a documentary film where they showed how the Americans attacked certain areas, destroyed every single household, except the Shiah ones.

In one particular village, there was one Shiah family living among many Sunni families. All Sunni families in that area were killed off by the Americans, but the Shiah family and their house were left untouched!! The Americans are obviously working for the same people who control Sadr, which is why they are ordered to destroy the Sunni population of Iraq thus increasing the Shiah percentage and thus giving the majority of Iraqis only two choices: New Iraqi Government or Sadr.


Recently Sadr has been trying to win over support by pretending to be a nationalist and thuse portraying himself as an opponent of Iran !!! Nothing can be further from the truth. Most if not all of Sadr's weapons have been given to him by Iran and infact Iran is even sending men to Iraq to join the "mahdi army" and also the pro-American "Badr brigade". The Sunni resistance group Ansar Sunnah even captured an Iranian member of Sadr's army after fighting and defeating a group of fighters from the "Mahdi army". The Iranian hostage had even been given equipment by Iran and was sent to Iraq by the Iranian Government itself.

As time is passing by the plans of the Kuffar are being exposed, because as Allah Subhana Ta'ala says:


"Although they plan, Allah also plans. And Allah is the Best of Planners." [Holy Qur'an 8:30]

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Quote Duende Replybullet Posted: 28 January 2007 at 2:22pm
Sawtul, at first I thought you'd misplaced this article and that it
should actually be under "Humour".

However, I don't think you're entirely wrong about Sadr, you just
have no idea about what's going on and so you paint it all in colours
you can recognize which are the colours of Sunni versus Shiia.
Everybody, even newcomers, know you are here to stir up distrust
and hatred among Moslems. In this way, you are serving well the
purpose of the Bush propaganda machine which aims to divide
Muslims everywhere: it's called 'divide and conquer' and we know
what you're up to.

There is no doubt the US forces are supporting Shiias, but this is only
going to last as long as it suits them. They can change colour quicker
than a chameleon as you would know if you read. Sadr is a haunted
and hunted man, he has no reason to trust either Iraqis or
Americans, and he is not st**id enough to expect the Americans to
support him come what may.

Your insistence on a secret 'complot' between Iran, the US, probably
Turkey and Israel, shows a profound ignorance of the political Grand
Game. Since you are dedicated to merely turning Moslem against
Moslem (along with most of the Western world, led by Bush and his
Neo-Zio-Con madhouse) this is as far as you can see. The truth is
actually far simpler: religion is being used as part of the weapon in
the arsenal of the Washington Cartel. All you are doing, as Whisper
has already diagnosed, is serving them.

You may find this interesting, by Mike Whitney, from the information
clearing house:

"The (predominantly) Shiite militias operating out of the Interior
Ministry were armed and trained by the CIA and were used to secretly
to carry out assassinations and torture of suspected “Sunni
insurgents.” In his recent article “The Battle of Baghdad”, Chris
Sanders expands on this point:

“Even more important is the fact that it has been the Americans in
the form of one Colonel James Steel, who, reporting to then
ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, oversaw the training of the
Shia death squads a.k.a. “security forces” that have been turned
loose on the Sunni population, a project called the “Salvador Option”.
This is not a civil war…so much as deliberate mayhem incited, aided
and abetted by the occupying power with the objective of forcing the
disintegration of the country.”

There’s nothing new in Sander’s observations although they are
scrupulously omitted in the mainstream press. The Bush
administration set out to apply its neoconservative theories in Iraq by
deliberately destroying the social fabric of Iraqi society so they could
rebuild the country according to their “free market” neoliberal
ideology. The neocon principle of “creative destruction” was used
with lethal precision and with devastating effects; the country is now
in a state of total ruin.

The Pentagon’s counterinsurgency strategy was developed long
before the mutilated bodies of Sunni men began showing up daily
bobbing along the Euphrates River. It’s part of a broader plan to
dominate the entire region through military force. The purpose is to
extend the Bush Caliphate--the “new world order”-- throughout the
entire Middle East.

Somewhere along the line, things went horribly wrong and the
Pentagon warlords lost control of their “brainchild” in the Interior
Ministry. Now the Shiite death squads operate independent of their
American overlords purging Baghdad of its Sunni population and
laying the foundation for a future Islamic state. Events are simply
beyond Bush’s control. As author William Lind said recently, “The
forces our invasion and destruction of the Iraqi state unleashed, far
overpower any army we can deploy to Iraq, surge or no surge.”
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Quote Angel Replybullet Posted: 28 January 2007 at 7:50pm
Originally posted by Sawtul Khilafah

No, the truth is something else. The US didnt invade Iran because they dont even want to invade Iran, and infact, as I have explained on another thread, Iran and USA are secretly working together:

Now consider that the US and Iran are only pretending to be enemies and then we can think about the real reason why the US invaded Iraq.

 working together, pretenfing to be enemies

"The US didn't invade Iran" ??? of course they didn't, they haven't (as yet)

Long post & still no answer as to why invade iraq  well except oil

~ Our feet are earthbound, but our hearts and our minds have wings ~
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Quote ak_m_f Replybullet Posted: 28 January 2007 at 9:20pm
sawtul shay'tan is a zionist agent; he is here to sow the seeds to sectarian violence & to divide muslim.

Its sad to see this talent getting wasted on IC, I will give her majesty a call right now; they can sure use his talent in Iraq & Afghanistan.
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Quote Sign*Reader Replybullet Posted: 28 January 2007 at 11:13pm
Originally posted by Duende

 The neocon principle of “creative destruction” was used
with lethal precision and with devastating effects; the country is now
in a state of total ruin.

This is straight out of prophet of politics Machiavelli's basic instructions, checkout "Prince"

Edited by Sign*Reader - 31 May 2008 at 1:06pm
Kismet Domino: Faith/Courage/Liberty/Abundance/Selfishness/Immorality/Apathy/Bondage or extinction.
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Sawtul Khilafah
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Quote Sawtul Khilafah Replybullet Posted: 03 February 2007 at 10:14am

Originally posted by Angel

Long post & still no answer as to why invade iraq  well except oil

Yes there is. I wrote:

"I have no doubt that Moqtada al-Sadr was meant to be the Nasrallah of Iraq. In other words, the plan was that he would rise up against the US, and the US would then leave all of a sudden. Sadr would then be seen as the hero and saviour of Iraq, and with Saddam gone, he would take over Iraq and eventually hand it over to Iran."


This is because they want to hand over the middle east to Iran, whom they control through their agents, the "ayatullahs".

For those of you who think Iran is a real enemy of the West, all you need to do is go to Iran and look around. You will see Israeli Zionist companies and products, including Coca Cola which "donates" 5 million dollars a year to Israel.

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Quote wafi Replybullet Posted: 03 February 2007 at 11:04am

No, the real enemy of menkind is not Iran, is not the US ...

but infact is intolerance, money and missionary of all kind of religions or ideologies. Why it should be impossible that everybody lives his life in the way he want to live, and to realize that this freedom ends when touching the freedom of the next?   

Tell me please ... where is the problem that Zionists live their life? Are you afraid of Coca Cola? Nobody ask you to drink it. Btw... I do not know why Coca Cola should be in contact with Zionists, but that does not matter because everybody can decide for himselfe if drinking Coke or not. So please tell me where the problem is?

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Daniel Dworsky
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Quote Daniel Dworsky Replybullet Posted: 03 February 2007 at 2:35pm
Hallooo Germany!!!

The 'problem' is when Zionism comes at the expense of the Palestinian
people. Israel is nice but I think that after the war we should have gotten a
nice chunk (if not all) of the Rhineland. Cheap shot - I know. I'm just
teasing! Hows the peace business going?
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