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Quote abuzuhri Replybullet Topic: Encounter With Shu Ming and Master Izi
    Posted: 01 December 2006 at 1:27am


Encounter With Mr.Shu Ming and Master Izi Anqaravi Insights


Dear Matrix Friends,


Last night 29 November 2006, we are blessed by Allah Taala to welcome a visit by Mr Shu Ming from Beijing, China. He got a twin pair of sons, one now studying Brisbane and another at England. Who brougt him to Master Izi Tea Hut in western Lake of Zhuhai ? How old is this seeker who dared to Travel on the Express Path or Rail that eventually lead him to a Lake ?. 'Master Izi, are you free tonight, we got a friend interested to talk about Buddhism, Sufism and Tao ?".


Just to flash back. Around Asar time, my little Ronin son Athaillah age 7 was despatched to Az-Zahra to sharpen his Sword of Manhood. Where ? In Big Bang Galaxy or Garden of the First Step  where many rich fuqara once tasted the White Rabea Jasmine Tea. It Was sold in Makkah and Madinah. Imagine if Mr Shu was caught by someone at the Putrajaya Mosque (Malaysia capital city) while following the Maghrib prayer just like Taiji movements. He did not even know surah Fatihah, neither he know about anything of Quran in arabic. Our architect friend Mr.Lua wanted to leave him at the mosque as-Souq walkway while we rushed to join the Maghrib prayer. The old 15 years Proton full of Sagacious Blue Cliff Records had to be parked at the Dataran Bourlevard facing majestically the Prime Minister Green domed office facing the northen direction. Do Mr Shu overhelmed by this unexpected sights ? He only twice to Malaysia many years ago, very short stopover at Kuala Lumpur and to Malacca visit the renowned Admiral ZhengHe muzium.


After doing the Purification by Water at the lower level, we quickly went up to join the prayer. We abandoned the idea of leaving Mr.Shu at the mosque entrance. He passed the Main Gate of Peace easily. Nobody checked him or us. Now he prayed between two friends in the gloriius company of the faithful believers. Even the residents of Putrajaya also not always willing took the long 3km detour around the lake to pray in this beautiful mosque, almost floating at the lakeside, shimmering in the early night. We just forgot to collect our Shoes which we left at the Right side of the mosque when wanted to Stream out after enjoying the cool lakeside view at the left wall of the mosque.


Master Izi commented-" Many seekers in haste to get enrolled at the Dailin Nur College forgot to wear the proper Shoes.Some still wear their expensive useless Bally or Culdini or Nike shoes..where the muddy Path to the college will teach them the first lesson in Humility. Walk in the Mud and Wet fields. Second lesson, dont carry a Big Bagge of your worldly belongings. Each student individual huts only measured 4 feet  x 8 feet ! Four in one of the chinese tonal meanings (SHI) is Death ! And another meaning of Eight (FATT) can also means- Blessed/Prosperous !.


 In all above mix of stories, characters and events, what STAND OUT as the most RADIANT PATH and PURE SOURCE OF OUR DRINK ? Master Izi insights into the 28th Letter of Shaykh Darqawi which the fortunate fuqara managed to jolt down two weeks ago are as follow :


a. How you will ever LEARN if you as students dont bring along your PEN and NOTES !


b. If you manage to remember all the bits of wisdom, how long you can HOLD IT ?


c. We dont talk about those fuqara who are LOST, ABSENCE or FEAR TO COME.


d. Shaykh Darqawi ask us to KNOCK on ONE DOOR, my questions are which TEA HOUSES and which DOORS to knock ? In Masjidil Haram in Makkah, there are about 30 DOORS or more, not even  the seasoned Hajjis and Hajjah can remember HALF of its NAMES. What more to enter or passing through.


e. Many seekers speak about Shuyukh and Awliya in the East and West, when a few passing by through our GARDENS and BACKYARDS, we cannot RECOGNIZE ! Those who RETREATED to the MOUNTAINS, dont ask me. Go, make your CLIMBS.


f. Many fuqara dig big HOLES, make NOISES and abandon it a FEW DAYS LATER.


g.Some of the students who sit with me many years are STILL UNRIPE. They afraid to EXPOSE to the sulights of TAO, I CHING, ZEN and CHUNG YUNG. They ask questions to expect easy and quick answers. How mistaken. My durian TREE still not yet flowering.


h. If people FIGHT you because of or over a NAME, POSITION, POWER or KNOWLEDGE, then throw all those THINGS into the LAKE. If they STILL want it, go take a PLUNGE.


i. At the end of this 28th Letter, it speak about DRINK and GIVING OUT DRINKS. If my students dont like TEA, why in the first place, they come to get ENROLLED ?


j. What happens to the ENCOUNTER of Mr. SHU MING and Mr.LUA that night.? We heard that he is GIVEN THREE BOOKS...for LIFE STUDY. Allahu akbar. We sang a VERSE of LAKAL HAMD and make DOA for him before Mr. Lua take him to the STATION to JOURNEY ONWARD and RETURN TO CHINA SOON.



Recorded and posted

by the advice of Abu Zhulixin

Attendant of Master Izi Anqaravi


abuzuhri shin
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Joined: 12 September 2006
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Quote abuzuhri Replybullet Posted: 20 April 2007 at 9:11am

Dear Mr Shuyumin, please ponder over a note of reflection on the Tao Te Ching as seen thru th islamic light. May the vibrations and restlessness in the seeker heart find no stillness except after complete submission to the Lord of Two East and West. Light of Heaven and Earth. He guide whom He wills to His Light.


Two prominent Chinese muslim scholars namely Imam Wang Daiyue and Shaykh Liu Chi completed this da’wah mission to the future Chinese generation by writing several Islamic books and comparative religion/sufic texts drawing heavily from Confucian, Buddhism and Tao principles. Here, a Chinese seeker take a relook at two chapter of Tao Te Ching with some sufic insights after several hundred years.


And Today 27 Mac 2007. to fill my precious time while traveling from Putrajaya on the ERL-KLIA Transit to KL Sentral, I opened an old book titled Lectures on The Tao The Ching by Professor Cheng Man Jan. Published in 1981 North Atlantic Books, California. Out the window, I could see the beautiful fields, lakes and orchards of University Putra, Serdang in the morning sun. Here are the tit bits for your cup of tea :


Page 157, Chapter 47 of Lao Tzu Sayings


“Without leaving his door, one can understand the world.

Without glancing out the window

One can see the Tao of Heaven.

The further one travels the less one knows.


That is why the Sage (a Sufi or Wali in Islamic tradition)

Does not travel and yet understands,

Does not look and yet (can) names (things)

Does not act and yet completes (the affairs).


Page 159 ,Chapter 48


In pursuing knowledge, one accumulates daily.

In practicing Tao, one loses daily.

Lose, lose and lose, until one reaches Wu-wei(Non-action)

Non-action, yet there is nothing left undone.

To win the world one must not act for gain.

If one acts for gain, one will able to win the world.


( a little commentary : in constrast, practitioners of Tao

Desire to reduce desire,’ lose and lose and lose’, until

They reach the state of Non-action..those who act

Rebel against the Tao. Those rebels against Tao

Lack the means to win over the world.


Wu wei can also means complete surrender or submission

of the self before the Overpowering Reality.

Total annihilation or fana and

After this event, came illumination of the spirit and

Divine unveilings to the blessed seeker. The nafs, lower desire,

The rebel force, nafs ammara and nafs lawwama had crushed.

What emerge is the light and wisdom of the serene self.

The seeker in another sense was being honored and elevated

To the alam malakut where he sees wonders of Unseen. He leaves

His body, intellect, will, power, opinions etc and fly without wings ! )


abuzuhri shin
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