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Quran & Sunnah
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Quote nadir Replybullet Topic: Ayat-ul-Kursi
    Posted: 27 April 2005 at 6:20am

Assalaamu Alaikum



I would be most grateful if some of you are able to offer me some alternative translations of Ayat-ul-Kursi, as I currently only have one translation (by Muhammad Muhsin Khan & Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali) at hand, & it goes as follows:


Allah! La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He), Al-Hayyul-Qayyuum (the Ever Living, the One Who sustains & protects all that exists). Neither slumber nor sleep overtakes Him. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Who is he that can intercede with Him except with His permission? He knows what will happen to them (His creatures) in this world, and what will happen to them in the Hereafter. And they will never encompass anything of His Knowledge except that which He wills. His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them. And He is the Most High, the Most Great.



May I also please ask if anyone can verify the following explanation given with the Ayat, in the copy of the Qur’an I posses:


(V.2:255). Kursi – literally a footstool or chair, and sometimes wrongly translated as Throne. The Kursi mentioned in this Verse should be distinguished from the ‘Arsh (Throne) mentioned in V.7:54, 10:3, 85:15 and elsewhere. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “The Kursi compared to the ‘Arsh is nothing but like a ring thrown out upon open space of desert.” If the Kursi extends over the entire universe, then how much greater is the ‘Arsh. Indeed Allah, the Creator of both the Kursi & the ’Arsh, is the Most Great.


Ibn Taimiyah said in the chapters:


a)      To believe in the Kursi

b)      To believe in the ‘Arsh (Throne)


It is narrated from Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah and from other religious scholars that the Kursi is in front of the ‘Arsh (Throne) and it is at the level of the feet. [Fatawa Ibn Taimiyah, Vol 5, Pages 54, 55].







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Quote Knowledge01 Replybullet Posted: 13 August 2005 at 5:27pm
**Bumping this topic up because this is a beautiful ayat**
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