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Daniel Dworsky
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Quote Daniel Dworsky Replybullet Topic: Aid to Palestinian Family
    Posted: 23 October 2006 at 8:04am
It doesn't matter to these people whose fault it is:   If it makes any one
feel better. I did it. can we do something?

To: "Helping Ghalia" <[email protected]>
Subject: Help The Ghalia Family
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 23:16:53 +0200
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Dear Friends and Supporters,

For those who are receiving this call for help for the second time - I
apologize for double postings.
Although donations are slowly accumulating, the family's situation is still
dire both financially and healthwise. At least three children are in need of
surgery and treatment abroad, the rest of the injured rely on physical

Please don't hesitate to contact for further information.


If you cannot see this email properly, please click here

On June 9th, 2006, the Ghalia family was severely hit in an Israeli attack,
during a picnic on the Gaza beach. The incident received worldwide
attention mostly due to the horrifying video footage taken minutes later
of devastated Huda Ghalia (11 y.o.) next to the dead body of her father,
Ali (43 y.o.).

In the attack, 7 family members were killed (Ali 43, his wife Raisa 36,
their children: Haytham 8 months, Hanadi 2, Sabrin 7, Ilham 17, Alia 24)
and 7 more were injured (Hamida, Amane 22, Ayham 17.5, Adham 12,
Huda 10, Hadil 6, Latifa 4). The family has already been hit in the past as
result of the ongoing Israeli shelling into civilian neighbourhoods of the
densely populated Gaza strip. On January 4th, 2005, an Israeli shell killed
8 and injured 5 in the family's strawberry field. 9 of the 13 were members
of the family.

The family has literally lost everything: most of the working men are
either dead or injured, enormous amounts of money are being spent daily
on the medical treatment and on the special needs for the many wounded
and handicapped, and the family agricultural land is inaccessible due to
repeated bombings.

All of these are in addition to the general situation in Gaza, which include
constant closure by air, sea or land, lack of electricity during most of the
day, inadequate medical care and medical supplies, lack of food and

We urge you to help the family as the financial situation is desperate

Although the wide media attention around the beach catastrophe and a
great deal of promises for assistance from all over the world - up until
today no money at all was given. Not even to cover the ambulance
expenses for transferring the wounded to Israeli & Egyptian hospitals for
emergency life saving operations. The expenses are listed below.

How to Donate

By Checks:
Made payable to Yaacov Manor
P.O.Box 1335, Kfar Saba 44113, Israel

Bank Transfer:
Hapoalim Bank, Branch 679, Account 119442
Swift # Poalilit 000000119442

We'd appreciate it if you also notify
us by email when making a donation

For any question regarding donations, their purpose or getting in touch
with the family, please don't hesitate to contact by:
* [email protected]
( +972-52-3604814 (Ronnie)

a few words about us: We are close friends of Ramadan Ghalia and the
rest of the family. This call for donation is being passed across on behalf
of the family and by their request. The situation in Gaza does not allow
this initiative to be directly carried out from there.

Summary of expenses paid for by the family: 2500$ - Ambulance fees.
1000$ - Treatment in Egypt of 3 of the wounded. 100$/day per person -
Rehabilitation treatment for each of the wounded. Some are expected to
need over 6 months of treatment! Very high costs, amount unknown -
Further operations abroad. Living expenses for those who are unable to
work, their family members and the orphans.

Summary of the injured & their injuries:
Hamida, the family mother. Acute hand injury. Amani, 23 and mother of
2. One hand amputated and severe internal injury. Ayham, 17. Severe
injuries in legs, abdomen, shoulder and hand. Adham, 12. Facial,
abdomen and multiple knee injuries. Requires operation and
rehabilitation abroad on his injured leg. Huda, 10. Injured in leg. Hadil, 6.
Severe neck injury. Lost both her parents and staying with her step
mother and the remaining step brothers and sisters. Latifa, 4. Head and
leg injuries. Aysa, 13. Son of Ramadan Ghalia, injured during the 2005
attack. Both his legs were amputated, went through several operations
and long hospitalization in Gaza, Israel and Iran.

(All those severely injured require rehabilitation for prolonged periods of
time in order to get back some operational skills of the limbs. Most of
them will need further treatment including several operations abroad,
which needless to say are costly)

Further information:
The well known video footage on Al-Jazeera, shortly after the beach
An article by Gideon Levy, Haaretz
An article by
Physicians for Human Rights report: Collapse of the Palestinian Health

~ Thank You, Shukran!

"Last year, Jan 4th 2005, my son was hit by IDF shelling in a family
strawberry field. He was 12 years old at the time. Four of my nephews
were killed in this attack. Both of my son's legs were amputated. He's
been hospitalized for 17 days in Gaza, 2 more months in Jerusalem and 4
more months in Iran, where all attempts made to install prosthesis for
him have failed.

Recently, on June 9th 2006 the Gaza beach was shelled. My brother, his
wife and 5 of their children were killed. Among them were 7 wounded
family members, 4 of which are currently hospitalized in Egypt, 2 in Beer-
Sheva and one in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Ayham, my niece who is hospitalized
here in Tel-Aviv, is treated in the Intensive Care Unit since June 10th and
until this day.

Here I am at the Tel-Aviv hospital for the past 3 months, while my 12
children + 7 of my brother's children who have survived are in Gaza and
under my responsibility. I cannot stay here any longer after taking care of
Ayham for the past 3 months and there is no one who will take care of my
family and the ones dependent on me.

I have no water at home, no electricity, nothing. They have destroyed my
house, my family and my life."

Ramadan Ghalia (Abu Fathi)
8 Sep 2006

Ramadan is brother of the deceased Ali Ghalia and eldest remaining
brother of the family. He is now responsible for sustaining the lives of 3
families (his own, his brother's and his niece's)

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Female  Islam
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Quote ummziba Replybullet Posted: 23 October 2006 at 9:05am

Thanks so much, Daniel, for bringing this to our attention.  Ya Allah, the trials some have to suffer in this life!  No matter how bad off some of us sometimes think we are, there are always others in much more dire circumstances.  So many of us have no real reason to complain......


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words...they break my soul ~
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Quote ak_m_f Replybullet Posted: 23 October 2006 at 9:28am
I heard that CIA checks ur bank statement if you send large amount of money to middle east.. esp it true?
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Daniel Dworsky
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Joined: 17 March 2005
Location: Israel
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Posts: 777
Quote Daniel Dworsky Replybullet Posted: 23 October 2006 at 1:12pm
Originally posted by ak_m_f

I heard that CIA checks ur bank statement if you send
large amount of money to middle east.. esp it true?

Probably. One of the ways to get money to the needy in Palestine is
"kosher" channels. We are talking about small amounts here to private
accounts set up in Israeli banks. It's all pretty much transparent.

Also, there are any number of tunnels along the Egyptian and Jordanian
borders to Israel where guns drugs and money are smuggled through.
Militants and criminals have a historic connection. It almost always
insures that the next regime is more despicable than the last.

There's a saying in the southern United States "He may be a fool but he's
our fool." This explains why we are so often trapped in this rut of
oppressor and oppressed. Debts are incurred and loyalties are forged
with unsavory characters. The lines of good and evil are blurred beyond
recognition. When it's your family your life or your house or your
homeland it's hard to be holy. As I've recently had this pointed out to me.

I suppose that my "superior" morality is made possible by it's
affordability. For example, I wasn't in Biilin the other day getting gassed
and bullied with Uri. I was accompanying my students during their
recitals. There are hundreds of Israeli's who go every week.

Edited by Daniel Dworsky
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