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Quote aon Replybullet Topic: The Quran, the hadiths and sunnahs
    Posted: 16 September 2006 at 2:20pm

It says in these web pages :

Are there any other sacred sources?

Yes, the sunna, the practice and example of the Prophet, is the second authority for Muslims. A hadith is a reliably transmitted report of what the Prophet said, did, or approved. Belief in the sunna is part of the Islamic faith.


BUT is it mot true that Our Almighty Creator commands that QURAN, specifically QURAN, SHALL BE THE ONLY SOURCE of religious teachings.

Despite the clear commandments, why do the followers of Hadith & Sunna fail to uphold Quran ALONE?

The answer is provided in the same Sura following the commandment shown on Page 8. Verses 45 and 46 of Sura 17 inform us that those who refuse to believe God and heed His commandment to uphold Quran ALONE are deliberately isolated from Quran. These two crucial verses are shown below:

"When you read the Quran, we place between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter an invisible barrier. And we place shields on their hearts, to prevent them from understanding Quran, and deafness in their ears. Consequently, when you preach your Lord IN THE QURAN ALONE they run away in aversion." (17:4546)


God says that Quran is COMPLETE, PERFECT, & FULLY DETAILED, and that you shall not seek any other source:

"We did not leave anything out of this book, then all will be gathered before their Lord (for judgment). Those who do not believe our verses are deaf and dumb; in total darkness. God sends astray whomever He wills, and directs whomever He wills in the right path." (6:3839)


Shall I seek other than God as a source of law, when He revealed THIS BOOK FULLY DETAILED? (6:114)

"The word of your Lord is COMPLETE in truth & justice." (6:115)



As shown on Page 10, God says that Quran is COMPLETE, PERFECT, AND FULLY DETAILED.

His commandments are clear and strict that YOU SHALL NOT UPHOLD ANYTHING ELSE BESIDE QURAN as a source of religious guidance (see pages 7 & 8).

Now, you have the total freedom to decide to believe God, or to reject His statements, and ignore His commandments, provided you are willing (or unwilling) to accept the consequences.

You agree, no doubt, that refusing to believe God is a very serious offense. Just how serious is expressed in verse 40 of Sura 7:

"Surely, those who do not believe our revelations, and are too arrogant to heed them, the gates of the sky never open for them, nor will they ever enter Paradise until the camel passes through the needle's eye. We thus requite the guilty." (7:40)

Thus, it is A PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY for those who refuse to believe God to enter Paradise.


Can you explain why you say hat the hadiths and sunnas are other sacred sources when they are clearly not. and that believing the sunnas is part of islamic faith, when it is clearly not if you have read the Quran!


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Please PM me with your new name if you want to do so.

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Quote ummziba Replybullet Posted: 17 September 2006 at 4:38am


Here is a link to a thread that contains a link to very good information about ahadiths, you might do well to read through it all: ;PN=4

Happy reading!

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