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Quote aamirla Replybullet Topic: what should be UMMA’s preference
    Posted: 30 August 2006 at 12:10pm


and Asalam-0-Alakum to all muslims brothers and sisters. my anme is Aamir and i am from pakistan and alhamdulillah i am a MUSLIM. But unfortunately like many others i am only a so called muslim (Muslim by name only). But with the grace of ALLAH SUBHANA TAALAH i want to cahnge and i am, this is my first Post to this Islamic city Forum.

Most of our AALIMS(plp who has the knowledge about ISLAM) mostly speaks about we muslims should PRAY, should fast, pay Zakat, any many of such topics but there is some equally Important along with all these things (PILLERS OF ISLAM) and that is our UNITY.

Our enimies are trying to seperate us by giving us the concept of motherland and country and also few of ISLAMIC states's moto has been changed accordingly too, ware as in ISLAM there is no concept of motherland or country for US (Muslims) our DEEN is most important then every thing, LETS GET UNITED SO THAT WE CAN BE KNOWN AS MUSLIMS insted of pakistani, indian or Aarb. We muslims have every thing it's only that we have to take towards the UNITY so that insted of fighting against our own brothers we can fight to defend our DEEN.


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Quote amlhabibi2000 Replybullet Posted: 09 September 2006 at 9:49pm
Salamu alikum,

The Ummah of Islam encompasses all Mankind of all Religions, Races and those somewhere in between and what the Ummah of Islam really needs is this...

The Ummah of Islam and the World really needs people/humanity to be empowered to be the best they can be.

The Ummah needs people to be educated and trained in some profession so they may provide for themselves and their families with dignity and respect.

The Ummah needs not just one person to lead but all of us to lead by setting good examples and where we are having challenges sort into groups sorted out, and learn better ways and skills in meeting our challenges with respect and dignity for everyone.

The Ummah needs excellence in education, counseling, consultation and medical care to assist people to rise to their station as messengers with a good message of peace and prosperity for all.

The Ummah needs people to stop looking for just one person to arise and solve all of the challenges. Let's face it; one person cannot do it all nor should they be expected to.

The Ummah needs governments and communities where faith can be built within it's community and nation that every or at least nearly all challenges can be dealt with grace and dignity.

The Ummah needs people to come together to address issues of poverty, violence and ignorance and find common ground from which to establish a firm foundation of guidance and knowledge from which we can receive information, training, education and counseling.

The Ummah needs individuals to acknowledge to themselves that they have erred in some things and sort into groups to find solutions to the challenges we are faced with on a daily basis.

The Ummah needs hope and we are that hope, each and everyone of us can be a bright light.

The Ummah has been working on many issues in many nations already but now we need the people of the Ummah to come together and see what they have done right and what they have done wrong and be educated, counseled and consulted in how to change bad habits or poor coping skills into more positive and productive skills and behaviors.

The Ummah needs people also to have patience as the Ummah is struggling to meet the billions of lives in their realms and find the technology, education, counseling and consultation personnel and agencies to meet the overwhelming needs of the populations.

The Ummah needs you to pass judgment on your life and if you are having challenges that are difficult to deal with turn to Community Infra structures and agencies that can help meet the demands of dealing with these challenges and provide you with the training, education, counseling you need.

The Ummah needs your voice, if in your community there is a lack of something like places to get affordable education then write to your government or community officials and suggest they get some assistance with creating these educational, counseling and consultation institutions or schools or agencies so you can receive the best of guidance to empower you to be a shining light in the Ummah of Islam.

The Ummah has faith in you, do you have Faith in yourself?

May Allah, God, The Creator guide your steps well so that you may have all the skills you need to meet all the challenges you will have over your life time, Inshallah may it be so!

Anne Marie Elderkin Habibi

Judgement day passes in the moment we decide something needs attention & we take positive action. Then there will be a great sorting out of people into groups, Inspired by Surah 99 Ayat 1-8
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