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Interfaith Dialogue
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Quote Israfil Replybullet Topic: Understanding Religion
    Posted: 06 April 2005 at 4:32pm
When I first engaged in the sudy of religion I became perplexed
by some of the ideas presented before me by great religions on
this planet. Majority of all religions that I've encountered
through study proclaim the belief in a higher power(s) and
believe in the welfare of humankind. Of course attached to this
are rules of controlling a civilized world and rules which man
has created to prevent civilization being corrupted through
freedom. when I mention freedom I mean in this sense of the
free act of rampaging and destroying what man has created.

More importantly there are religions such as the Abrahamic
faiths that proclaim the belief in the one and only God whom is
known by many names such as: Yehovah, Yahweh, Yeshua
(Jesus) Allah, Brahman, Dios, Apu, Khuda and many more. In
so many religious culture it appears that the remanats of such a
higher power has left more of a mark on these monotheistic
faiths than their polytheistic predecessors. However
remarkable religions may seem there is a dark history man has
created from religion which not only propelled mankind to do
great things in the name of religion, but has also caused man to
do evil things in the name of religion.

In modern times religion, inclduing its concept has change
among people. Since the enlightenment God has become an
anomaly which has caused people to dissuade themselves
believing in a higher being which cannot be comprehended
and even to a greater extent reject the belief in multiple deities.
Man has caused himself to dwell in the security of a non-
religious belief by adopting science as a major practice of
understanding a physical world.

From such cases we must understand or try to come to
understand is that for some of us who believe in God or a
Higher Being we must structure our minds in understanding
God. For example, I have seen people on here and outside
around my school who believe in God, but pick and choose
how God is understood based on their mind. Everything in life
has structure including some of the simplest elements in nature
has structure. Of course such an example does not entirely
explain why religion is important but it gives an indication that
religion doesn't have to sound as a controlling factor as those
of non-religious background believe.

Mankind with such a great mind has deveoped this world into
what it is today and if such minds can change such a great
world then such minds change the outlook of religion.
Religion(s) do not control man but only uses the doctrinal tools
to show man what he must do. Again rules only help us not
control us. The problem that I see in the world today is that we
allow religion to control us by confusing ourselves that religion
controls us. rather, we must be examples of our noble beliefs
by extending ourselves to others who are not aware.

Spirituality exist within every life form so why must religion by
so exclusive? Religion only rightfully expresses the beatific
imagry of life through Holy Doctrine (or Hymns). I believe in the
case with Judaism, Christianity and Islam the bridge is being
built but the construction workers are not working hard enough.
In so many cases I see people point out the false and negative
beliefs of others but not point out the positive. As one priest
puts it (with respect to adherents of both Catholics and
Muslims) we are "brothers and sisters in faith."

As the Qur'an puts it "to Allah belong the most beautiful names,"
sums up how one can create a bridge of belief, faith and
understanding to help another. As I have seen here I wish more
of the brothers and sisters can post more forums where we see
more of the positive aspects of both Judaism and Christianity
and Islam as 3 truths of God's existence. However we must alos
understand that not "all truth is God's truth" because there are
truths in this world that run contrary but it shouldn't be a
deterrent that keeps us from knowing God.

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Quote tawhid Replybullet Posted: 06 April 2005 at 5:22pm

that is a good post

however simply put my dear friend

to take that universalist approach such as "all paths lead to God"

simpley contradicts EACH of the 3

they are mutually exclusive as much as man and his inherent sinful, imperfect self wants to be...

again...they are mutually exclusive

and christianity believes that man was not created with a perfect quality as your first paragraph suggested...but we were born into a life of sin.........."no" you say?  well explain somebody"s first sin (anybody for that matter) no one told him to sin...he willfully, intentionally did it on his own...that is original sin my dear friend

good post, but i disagree

blessings to you and yours israfil


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Joined: 08 September 2003
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Quote Israfil Replybullet Posted: 07 April 2005 at 6:45pm
Tawhid, I never once said that "all paths lead to God" nor did I
ever mention in any of my saying that man was born perfect.
What I did mention was that the Abrahamic faiths rather use
argumentative speech by focusing on the negatives I
suggested using the positives (as the positives outweigh the
negatives) of each others religion to commence dialouge.
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Quote DavidC Replybullet Posted: 08 April 2005 at 7:39am
I believe the answer is in the Qu'ran - why did God make all men

David C
(pushed for time here - sorry about the brevity)
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