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Stories - How I Became Muslim?
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Quote Ghazali Replybullet Topic: It was the Bible that told me to come to Islam
    Posted: 28 June 2017 at 1:33pm

I like to tell this story. I spent a good, slow but thorough year reading the entire Bible and it was when I got to the epistles of the author of such gems as "The Torah/Law was ordained by angels." "The Law is a curse." And I kid you not the ”cause" of sin. I simply don't understand how someone who has nothing but contempt for the legitimate Apostles, 12 in number and chosen by the Messiah (pbuh) himself, save the traitors replacement Matthias and the qualifications are actually laid out for being an Apostle by Luke, 3 or 4 things none of which a Herodian Benjaminite and Roman collaborator like Paul met and one other man (Barnabas, depending on the MS., sometimes just Justus/Saqiq/Zaddik) on earth did.

He never met Jesus (pbuh), taught it was ok to eat meat sacrificed to idols even though he'd given his word not to in Acts at the Council of Jerusalem with Yaqub/James the Just/Sadiq/Zaddik, said to be a decree of the Holy Spirit through the Cheif of the 12 Apostles, who Paul is extremely jealous of.

"They added nothing to me." Paul boasts as he freely admits his "gospel" IS HIS gospel and "learned from no man." Well I wonder who then. Honestly it's too obvious that he invented a fable about heavenly ascent and Luke tells 3 uncorroborated by Paul or anyone, accounts of Paul's Damascus road 'conversion' myth, also contradictory irreconcilably so. I honestly think Luke wanted people to see that he was penning a farce because he did and wasn't a dumb person just unfamiliar with Judahite tradition.

Paul announces they allegedly consented to his anti Mosaic Law doctrine of vicarious atonement when "(James) men are all zealous for the Law and have heard you teach Jews everywhere to abandon the traditions of their father and forsake Moses " is the truth before 400 some odd Roman soldiers whisk Paul away into what can be described as either house arrest in a palace or some kind of Neronian witness protection program, and dissappears...

He does write "I don't think I am the least bit inferior to the Chief Apostles." a few paragraphs later "they are false apostles, deceitful workers disguising themselves as Apostles of Christ and no wonder even satan disguises himself as an angel of light."

No Christian ever realizes Paul is even talking about the Companions of Isa (pbuh) and this is probably the most quoted from Paul passage in the Bible.

I would seriously have to write a book but factually speaking 2 things I think everyone should know. The New Testament is loaded with Isa (pbuh) denying he is God, "Of my own power I can do nothing " is enough to convince, should be at least, anyone​, that powerful as he is Jesus is not God according to Jesus (pbuh), and the Christian Greatest Commandment is:

"The Lord OUR God is ONE God worship HIM with ALL your heart."

"He who does not honor the 'son' does not honor the 'Father.'"

"Our Father, who is in Heaven..."

Is the "Lords prayer", so "Father" isn't exclusive to Jesus pbuh either, Lord, applied to Jesus (pjuisn't actually a Biblical synonym for God, Baal, Adon, (maybe Syriac Mar) are actually the Aramaic-Hebrew words and human titles in the Bible but YHVH nevertheless is translated "Lord" just to make Isa (pbuh) appear to have the same title as YHVH-Elohim.

Who is, regardless, "One God" according to Isa (pbuh) we should only "Worship HIM "

So that's what I do, why I am a Muslim. Salaam

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