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Quote rabab_sunna Replybullet Topic: The Prophetic machine
    Posted: 20 May 2013 at 7:41pm
salam alaikoum wa rahmatullah i wa barakatu

video in arabic by sheikh Sharif Ali Dani who explain the prophetic machine Furqan :

bismillahi rahmani rahim

Mahdi is the saver of the populations in distress. It is announced to establish justice and to control the whole ground where only the religion of Allah will triumph. It is Allah which sent Its messenger with guided and the religion of the truth; so that it extends it to all the religions (Coran 9:33). With the end of time, Allah will overcome all Its enemies. We will overcome surely Me and My messengers (58:21). Mahdi will fight the Antichrist and believing them will dominate the world and will live finally in peace. We wanted to support those which one had oppressed on ground, and to make the Imam, and of to make the heirs and to establish them of them on the ground (28:5-6).

Mahdi comes at our scientific time to build a large machine. It is described through the hidden direction of Coran. Mahdi does not come to make bombs, wars, of the policy. It comes with true science from Coran. This science joins together all sciences, it is the science of creation. The first revealed verse refers to creation. Read in the name of your lord who created, which created the man of a clot of blood (96:1-2). It is an incentive to create alive beings. Some will say that only Allah creates. Let us not mislead there we. Allah is single in its way of creating. It creates from nothing. When Allah wants a thing, it is enough for Him to say: that is to say! So that at once it is (3:47). It is for that which one says that Allah is best creators (37:125). The man must create starting from the matter like the ground or the ores, and in time. But the non-believers make handling like the transgenic plants, the cloning and the future dreams. They never make creation. The devil had said to Allah that it would push people to destroy the creation of Allah. I will order to them and they will change the creation of Allah (4:119). Only the believing goods are able to create.

In Coran, the machine which creates alive beings is called Furkane. Furkane is not Coran as this verse shows it. Allah descended on you the Book [ Coran ] with truth as a confirmation of what was before him. And It descended the Torah and the Gospel as guided before for people It also descended Furkane (3:3-4). Furkane is thus neither the Torah, neither the Gospel, nor Coran. Furkane wants to say "what separates, divided". This machine separates the inseparable matters and links what is irreconcilable. Inside time turns mechanically. If one puts a stone inside, one can make pass more than one hundred years above in a day, the stone is then reduced powders some thanks to the rays of uranium atoms. This is why Furkane is called also time (Zaman) and Mahdi, the Master of Time (Sahib-e-Zaman). In Coran, the machine is called also the Hour. The Hour is thus not the end of the world, nor the day of the Last Judgement.

To build it, are needed very vast knowledge. There is really a science of the Hour (43:61). The goal through this machine is to lead to the Spirit of Allah, still called the Animal. We will make them leave ground an animal which will speak to them (27:82). This Spirit is also called the Animal. The last stage is in truth the animal (29:64). The Animal is the means of access to Allah. O believing them! Fear Allah and seek the means of reaching Him (5:35). Allah speaks to the men through the Animal and dictates Its laws. This Animal has extraordinary capacities. It will kill the devil, will destroy the government of the enemies of Allah and will establish justice on ground. By the Animal, believing them will reign on the world. Humanity will live in peace and happiness. The desert will flower and the blind men will see. The wolf will keep the herd of sheep. The child will play with the snake. The men will be brothers. It is all that which Coran tells. You will not know really what Coran tells only after a time (38:88).
The Hour is close (54:1).
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