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Interfaith Dialogue
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Quote Friendship Replybullet Calendar Event: Hold your breath President Obama!
    Posted: 21 September 2012 at 3:16pm
Assalamu alaikum.
Mr. President Obama and Western Leaders.
Think not that Muhammad is dead! He is dead biologically but is alive in the body of those few who believed in abiding by his actions. There is only one practical believer among his 1000 followers today. The West is not an enemy to Muhammad because there is no Muslim country with a Caliph- that is the one standing as the representative of Muhammad Rasulullah the West is not in alliance with. The definition of an Islamic State is well-known and cannot be changed today inspite of what is on ground.
Muhammad was abused in Makka by his cousins and nephews. This is by rejecting him and addressing him as a sorcerer, magician, sight-seer, madman. They were indirectly abusing Allah and not Muhammad. In Madina it was only the Banu Qurayza clan of Levi tribes that made some disparaging and insulting remarks to the holy Apostle. This was raised wwith the details never reported by Ali ibn Abi Talib after he was sent to their forts.  When he met the holy Apostle going to their forts he discouraged him. The holy Apsotle said, "Why? I think you must have heard them speaking ill of me", and when Ali said that that was so he added, 'If they saw me they would not talk in that fashion.' When the holy Apostle approached their fort he said, "You brothers of monkeys, has Allah disgraced you and brought His vengeance upon you?' They replied, 'O Abuu Qaasim, you are not a barbarous person.' When the Christians of Najran were going to Median the mule of their leader stumbled. One of them said, 'May Muhammad stamble also.' Their leader said, "No tribe or nation progress when it abuses its prophet. It will never live to see the growth of its children.'
Abusing Muhammad Rasulullah after the hijra evolves around refusing to obey him in following his actions. Is Muhammad Rasulullah obeyed today in any Muslim country? Therefore who among the assumed 1.6 billion fMuslims are not absuing the holy Apostle?
The West should draw their battle line by accusing his followers of abusing him since they do not follow his actions according to him inch by inch and measure by measure. This is not possible for the advisers of the Western leaders are from the Muslim world without a caliph. No one will expect any good from them according to the Qur'an 9:46, "And if they had intended to march out, certainly, they would have made some prepration for it; but Allah was averse to their being sent forth, so He made them lag behind, and it was said (to them), "Sit you among those who sit (at home.)'
President Obama should lead in demonstrating freedom of speech and expression by telling the truth on what is expected from a follower of Muhammad Rasulullah. He must have an independent source of reliable knowledge. It is not freedom of speech and expression to hide against falsehood. The teaching of Muhammad is general. I am advising President Obama to have the following books in his library:
1.  Muhammad Rasūlullah and the People of the Book.ww//
2. Reviving as-Şalāt of the Holy Apostle: The Gateway to Paradise. Necessitates and calls for the second ocuupation of Makka (Ka’ba).
3. The Sciences of Hadīth Literature. ISBN. 9781434987839
4. ‘Ilm-al-Uūl-al-Fiqh.
5. The Calamatous and lamentable Arab Spring.
6. A Contemporary Rational Examination of the Sciences of the holy Qur'an.
Muhammad never disallowed anyone from holding and reciting the Qur'an. Reading those books is equivalent to reading the holy Qur'an IF NOT MORE!

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