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Basics of Islam
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Quote abjad Replybullet Topic: Are we True Muslims
    Posted: 13 July 2012 at 10:00am

            Brother in Islam! Who are true Muslims? Let us see what Allah and his Messenger have to say about their lives and hearts:

            Say: My prayers and my sacrifices, and my living and my dying are for God alone, the Lord of all the worlds. No partner has He. Thus I have been commanded, and I am foremost among those who surrender [themselves unto him] (al-An’ am 6: 163-4).

            The same theme is elucidated by the Prophet, blessings and peace is on him:

            One who loves for the sake of Allah alone and hates for the sake of Allah alone; and whatever he gives, gives for the sake of Allah alone, and whatever he with holds, withholds for the sake of Allah alone indeed, he perfects his Iman (Adu Daud).

            The Qur’an makes clear what Allah demands of you. You should live for Him alone; you should die for Him alone. You, and the world around you, entirely belong to Allah; let nobody have a share in what belongs to Allah. That is to say, you should not server anyone but him, nor live or die for anyone but Him.

            The Prophet! Blessings and peace be on him, explains what the Qur’an has said. To be true believers you love and enmity for everything, all your affections, all relations and transactions in your lives, should have only one purpose: to seek Allah’s pleasure without this your Iman itself will not be complete; the possibility of rising higher in the sight of God does not arise. The greater the deficiency in this respect, the more defective the Iman.

            Some people think that these qualities are required only to reach higher spiritual stations and are not essentials to Iman and Islam. In the other words, even without these qualities a person can be a good Mumin and a Muslim. This mistaken notion has arisen because people in general do not differentiate between legal Islam and true Islam which alone is truly authentic in the sight of Allah.

Two types of Islam
Legal Islam

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Abu Loren
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Quote Abu Loren Replybullet Posted: 13 July 2012 at 12:31pm
As'alaamu Alaikkum

It was prophecied by Prophet Muhammed that religious knowledge would be lost and Muslims would apostate and deviate from the Straight Path. This is what's happening now, people do not even touch let alone read the Holy Qur'an. Muslims are inter-mingling with other faiths and are being influenced by them. For example, the majority of Muslims living in the West are far from true Muslims. To be a true Muslim, one must at least practise the five pillars of Islam. In the modern age not many Muslims are remembering Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala. Where has Dhikr gone?
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Quote rememberallah Replybullet Posted: 29 July 2012 at 12:08pm
@abu loren - brother agreeing with you and understanding your point.....i would add that pointing at muslims in the west is an easy option.
you said a true muslim at least should pracvtise 5 pillar5s of islam.....i come down to even more basic thing.....the first step of being a muslim is coming on God's cause, ie making Allah's mission our no muslim is a true muslim by that standard even if he fulfills the 5 pillatrs of islam
see topic "God's cause"
The whole world is like Hazrat Umar but no one is like his sister and brother in law.
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Female Islam

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Quote mariaxainub Replybullet Posted: 21 January 2013 at 10:28pm
I agree. I think we've to stay close to the very basics and that's the only way we can continue to be good Muslims.
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Quote Friendship Replybullet Posted: 22 January 2013 at 4:30am
Assalamau alaiki mariaxainub

If you want to be a true Muslim one has to stay guided by the hadith of the holy apostle reported by Huzaifa: Stay alone and go to the top of a mountain with your sheep and worship Allah alone. The attitude of the Muslim Umma is horrible and revolting.


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Quote islamicfreedom1 Replybullet Posted: 13 March 2013 at 8:59am
Everyone has the freedom to express what they really believe, everyone is different in so many ways just like on religious views.
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