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Prophets - Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses
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Quote rememberallah Replybullet Topic: And noah cursed.
    Posted: 09 August 2011 at 12:31pm
And noah cursed.

53:52 – “people of Noah were full of most unjust and most insolent transgressions”
29:14 – “he Tarried among them thousand yrs less fifty” {ie 950 yrs}
Why because
71:6 – “I have called to them so that you may forgive them” {this is the underlined spirit of every muslim and prophet, desiring paradise for the worst of people and have love for them, but we muslims of today completely lack}
26:116 – “they said if you desist not O Noah we will surely stone you to death”
Why because  
11:32 – “O Noah you have too much prolonged the dispute with us”
Then Allah revealed
11:36 – “We revealed to Noah that not a single one more will believe, so grieve not”
{the real believers grieve for the unbelievers and not feel proud over them, they are full of pain knowing that they will be in pain forever in hell, like Noah prophet Muhammad {pbut} too was so much filled with grief that Allah says in Quran “you will kill yourself grieving over them, grieve not so much” but our false scholars and hate mongerers curse unbelievers left right and centre, even in mosques that Allah destroy them, unlike prophets who fall in prostration seeking forgiveness for people whom Allah himself is destroying}
Prophets feel grieved and restless for unbelievers and fret over them in concern for them, they never curse, like they never fight…….never till total Fitna arrives.
11:36 – “we revealed to Noah that not a single one more will believe, so grieve not”
Knowing this situation Noah cried out
71:26 – “O lord leave not on earth a single one of unbelievers, FOR THEY WILL MISGUIDE YOUR SERVANTS” {as unbelievers had threatened them with stoning and would had made them recant & by barring people from path of Allah misguided them}
Now Noah was a muttaqee and muttaqee just have one criteria, does their action get anyone closer to paradise, does it take anyone away from hell.
Noah saw that it was a loss loss situation, ie the score of Allah can not increase as not a single more will believe, but Allah didn’t say a thing about no one from the believers will slip into unbelief….ie score of satan can not decrease but it can increase, but score of Allah can not increase but can decrease – not a single more will believe, but didn’t say that believers can not become unbelievers, infact Noah knew the faith of his believing people and said “they would misguide them”
If you observe carefully then this situation is exactly similar to the situation in 2:217-218 in which Allah talks about persecution {fitna} may cause people to loose faith and go to hell, and thus allowed fighting on total persecution.
So in this situation the wisdom of Noah spoke, not because he was threatened with stoning, prophets don’t curse anyone for stoning them but because “they will misguide your servants” {increase score of hell, while no chance of increase of score of paradise}
Imagine this is Islam making maximum number of people possible for paradise. Noah saw that in his time the score of paradise can not increase but score of paradise can decrease and he decided that the score may remain as it is. Anything else would be rebellion to Allah.
How callous are we, how careless are we to the God’s cause, that when score of Allah can increase yet we curse, when no news from Allah has come that not one more will believe in our times, yet we curse, and not only curse but go out to war!!!!
When we curse in our mosques after our prayers, one being enjoys it – satan…..for we are symbolically saying  “O Allah why are you giving them chance?? You know we wont do dawah?? Why should we?? We are going to paradise and they are going to hell!! So hasten it, why wait?? You want them in paradise why?? We want them in hell, are you not our God?? So do as we ask destroy them and put them in hell……satan would relish the site of us cursing – these fools Allah asked me to bow to.
May Allah give us the eyes of Noah to know his criterias.

The whole world is like Hazrat Umar but no one is like his sister and brother in law.
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