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Quran & Sunnah
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Quote rememberallah Replybullet Topic: how to receive admonition
    Posted: 15 November 2010 at 8:20am

54:17- `We have made it easy to learn lessons from the Quran. IS THERE ANYONE WHO WOULD RECEIVE ADMONITION?’!!!
Labbaik, Allahhumma Labbaik.
Look at God, he is saying `is there anyone ‘, where will you run O Muslims, where will you run on the Day of Judgment.
Coming to topic, it is an often raised question, how to receive admonition and guidance from God? Ponder over the verse, you won’t have to ponder as much as you do on people’s comment about you, for unlike peoples comments, Quran the comment of Allah is easy. Allah himself says it.
 God asks to understand Quran. Admonition can be received by anyone who draws out lessons from Quran, that’s it, spread your wings and fly, use your mind, don’t waste it, no matter how much your elders may have asked you not to think, mind is the best part of you, it is what God called something of His spirit, for it made us Ashraful Maqhluq.
Whom do you trust? your parents who gave you birth or God? God who created you as well as your parents and their parents parents and gave you your parents?? If God is your answer then know He says,
`Quran is easy to understand, Is there anyone who tries to understand it?’ and adds `We help those who seek to understand us.’
You say with God’s help we can achieve such difficult things like defeat big armies etc. where is your faith when you have to understand an easy thing with the Help of God?? You truly are people who have no knowledge or people who are liars or hypocrites!! This is not a small thing, if you take it to be so, then you ignore not man but God and the next verse tells about. How God punished people of Ad who rejected the message;
(54:19-20)- `We sent a raging wind against them on a day of continuous calamity. It swept people away like trunks of uprooted palm tree!! How Dreadful was my punishment and My warning!
And then God again sandwiches it with the same verse as before it;
(554:22)- `We have made it easy to learn lessons from the Quran. Is there anyone who would receive Admonition?’
Recant, leave your way of rejecting Quran by excuses such as it is hard to understand, or I will be a witness against you that God you were true and they were wrong, I understood it in one reading. if you still persist in Satanic ways then let me tell you it doesn’t end there, God tells about punishments meted out to rejecters and then again say the same verse with even more emphasis; ` “ INDEED” We have made the Quran easy to learn lessons from. Is there anyone who would receive Admonition?’ God is calling, is there anyone who would come in My Team? Is there anyone who would believe Me and come in My cause? God is willing to give Admonition, coming to you knocking on your door but you don’t open the door for Him, you ignore Him this Day then don’t complain on that Day when He will ignore you. For God Again says;
(54:40)- `We have made it easy indeed to learn lessons from Quran. Is there anyone who will receive Admonition?’
The emphasis is even deeper than before as we are warned of punishment that came on Lot’s (PBUH) people. But we will not leave our ways and not receive Admonition. O World as for me I trust my creator and say; ` Quran is easy really easy to understand’ and `Anyone’ means anyone and everyone are capable of understanding it. You be the rejecters and go on rejecting God, saying `Quran is difficult to understand’ As for me I know it is sent for Mankind and God knew Mankind would wholly never learn Arabic.
You be rejecters but God you be witness that I say it is easy, no matter what language.
(54:54)- `The God conscious will find themselves in gardens and rivers, in the seat of truth with an all powerful sovereign’
NOTE: These verses come in a chapter that starts with prophecy of landing on Moon; God knew what would be the prevalent idea at that time.
(55:1-2)- `The Merciful, who taught the Quran’
(74:49)- `Then what is wrong with them that they turn away from Admonition like frightened Donkeys, fleeing from a lion?’

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