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Quote kim! Replybullet Topic: They’re at it again...
    Posted: 01 June 2005 at 8:06pm

Just heard this on the radio, so I thought I'd share. Apparently the US arrested this guy, claiming he was related to Al Qaeda. He was born in Syria, but is a Canadian citizen. The US told Canada they would send him back to Canada if Canada promised to charge him with something and put him in jail. Since the Canadians refused because he had done nothing wrong, the US deported him to Syria for a year, where he was tortured, but finally released because the Syrians said he had done nothing.




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Quote ummziba Replybullet Posted: 02 June 2005 at 4:45am

Yes, Maher Arar and his wife Monia Mazigh are rather considered great role models by many Canadain Muslims.  They have tried to pursue justice with such dignity, grace and intelligence. 

Maher Arar is not the only case like this either.  At lease one other man (whose name escapes me, sorry) was also sent to Syria by the Americans.

As well, many Canadian Muslims and landed immigrant Muslims are being held without charges in Canadian jails on the ridiculous "war on terror".  The only "terror" being perpetrated here is by the Canadian "intelligence" forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian government.

In the craziness after 9/11, Canadian police carried out many, many raids in the homes of Muslims.  They liked to do this just before dawn, when they knew they would catch families unawares and in their pajamas.  Qur'an's were strewn on the floor or seized as evidence.  Any Islamic books were seized as well as computers and any paper documents.

Even I have been "followed" by police cars while out for my daily walk.  Sometimes they just slow down and take a good long look, sometimes they circle the block numerous times until they are satisfied I am just an old lady out for a stroll.

I am quite sure that most Canadian Muslims phones and computers are spied upon.  I know their movements are certainly followed if they fly anywhere.  Border hassles for Muslims visiting the United States are beyond ridiculous (a border that pre-9/11 was crossed as easily as you cross your own street).

In Canada, any Muslim is suspect, but especially reverts, those who attend a masjid regularly, those who pray five times a day and those who dress "Islamically".

Harassing Muslims has become job one for Canadian police services.

As I said in another thread, it is probably only a matter of time before we are all rounded up and put into interment camps (like they did to those of Japanese ethnicity during World War ll).

The "other side" of the Arar story from the government point of view is supposed to come out today at the inquiry.  You can bet their story is different.  The lies will swirl around, but nothing will change the fact that Arar was sent to Syria by the United States to be tortured.  And that it appears the Canadian government let it happen.

May Allah heap blessings on Maher Arar and Monia Mazigh for their courage!

Peace, ummziba.


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